The sun slowly crept over the mountains as its rays of light caressed the ground, each ray of light slowly finding its way through the nooks and crannies of the ray of light was in a race to beat the other to the next spot of Darkness. Not soon after the Rays broke over the top of the mountain they were finding their ways into the individual dens in the Valley of the Wolves. one in particular was not happy to see these rays of light.

Humphrey awoke to the feeling of warmth hitting his face, and he slowly began to open his eyes and readjust to the bright light that was in his eyes. After a few seconds of blinking rapidly trying to get rid of the blurriness that was his sight,he uncurled from the little ball that he had wound himself into the night previous. Standing up and letting out a small little yawn, he stretched out his body getting a few weird creaky noises and an audible pop. letting out a satisfied grin, from the pleasure he felt from that, he stood up and walked to the front of his den. He closed his eyes as the full brightness of the morning hit him in the face, like an invisible slap. Slowly letting his eye readjust to the outside light, he took in the sight around him.

A small breeze blew past humphrey, rattling some amber orange leaves in a tree next to him. He stared at the trees for a few seconds, watching as the leaves danced in the wind. Soon the breeze moved on to wake the rest of the trees in the valley. Humphrey turned his attention to the lake a little ways down from his den. Deciding that it was a nice morning for a bath, Humphrey made his way towards the lake. The sun had almost fully emerged from behind the mountains by now, causing the entire valley to glow in its radiance. The smell of the still wet grass from the dew that built on it the night previous, crawled its way into Humphrey's nose. He loved the smell of fresh grass.

After a short 10 min walk Humphrey had arrived at the lake, which showed no signs of life other than the ocatinal fish swimming by on the bank. Humphrey walked over to the edge of the water and looked down at his reflection. A dark silhouette stared back at him as he blankly sat and watched the image. A few moments had passed, with humphrey zoning out at his reflection, soon being brought back to reality when he heard a twig snapping and some soft footsteps. Perking his ears up he turned his attention to the now approaching animal. From the edge of the woods stepped salty, one of Humphrey's friends. He slowly made his way over to where Humphrey was sitting and sat beside him.

(Humphreys POV)

"Hey Humphrey," Salty said, making himself comfortable on the bank of the lake, turning to look over the landscape around us.

I turned my attention back to the lake, or more importantly my reflection. "Good morning Salty" I said with a small smile, as I watched a fish swim beneath my reflection as if to test the safety of my distance from it.

"Did you sleep ok, you seem kinda out of it?" Salty asked, focusing his attention more on me looking for a response. I decided that i wasn't going to answer that, as i slipped my way into the water to continue on with the plan of taking a bath. Salty didn't move, but instead kept his eyes on me, as I cut through the water, washing away the dirt and other debris in my fur.

"Are you going to see Kate this morning?" asked Salty, breaking the moment of silence between us. I paused for a second when he had said her name. It's been three days since we got married and avoided a pack war. But since then, she has been so busy with her alpha duties and new friends from the wedding, that i've barely even seen her. I mean her mom wont even let us stay in the same den. I broke my train of thought, knowing it was going nowhere. I looked over to Salty who was still looking at me, presumably waiting for a response.

"Do you think she has time for me?" I asked, making my way back to the bank and shaking the water from my fur. The ground turned to mud beneath me as the water left my fur and covered the dry dirt. I started to walk away, hearing Saltey get up to follow suit.

"You guys are married now, and you love each other right, nothing will stop you guys from seeing each other if you really want to." he said catching up to me and matching my pace.

"Have you met Eve?" i said in a playful but serious tone, causing both of us to let out a good laugh. We made our way to the main part of the valley, which now had a few dozen wolves moving around, getting ready for the day. We walked past the groups of wolves that were going about their daily lives. I could notice a few of them shooting me a glare or two, believing that I wouldn't see them doing it. I let out a small sigh but I guess Salty heard it.

"Hey man, don't worry about them, they're just jealous" he said, giving me a pat on the back. I gave a small smile trying to reassure him that I was fine.

After me and Kate got married a few wolves shifted their attitudes at me, saying that it wasn't right that a lowly omega like myself was with the top alpha of the pack, and the pack leader's daughter nonetheless. Sometimes I wondered if they might be right. As long as i can remember alphas and omegas could not marry or reproduce together, yet me and Kate did it. Most of the wolves were just upset because they liked Kate but she never noticed them. Kate was just way above the average female wolf, making her an idol of sorts.

I broke from my train of thought when I felt a paw touch my shoulder, causing me to turn my attention to it. I followed the paw back to its source and saw Lilly, Kate's sister. She had a cheerful smile and a bouncy radiance to her. The sun just illuminated her already pure white coat and made it shine. She was the only pure white wolf I've ever known, the only contrast on her was her eyes. They were the most vibrant violet i've seen, her white fur helped make her eyes pop more though. It's a shame she always hides one eye behind her hair, but at the same time it looked good on her, or maybe, I had just got used to the style on her. I couldn't think of another wolf that could pull that look off.

"Good morning Humphrey!" she said, moving forward and embracing me in a hug. I quietly decided to hug her back out of politeness. As I did, I could feel her soft fur rub against my more rugged fur. I had always wondered how she kept it so soft and fluffy. I pulled away from the hug and gave her my signature omega smile, which wasn't my favorite smile, but i could always put it on in any situation.

"Morning Lilly" I said, holding my smile, which felt genuine at the moment,which was rare for me these days. She looked over at Salty, who she wasn't very well acquainted with and nodded, with him doing the same back, to which she returned her gaze back to me as she sat down, tucking her tail around her feet.

"So last night i heard my mom talking to my dad about Kate" she began to speak, drawing my attention to her words. No matter my train of thought, Kate's name always seemed to bring me back to focus.

"They were talking about giving her some time off to spend with you, since you guys haven't had any time together lately, especially because you didn't get a honeymoon or anything." she said her voice full with excitement and joy.

Lilly was a good friend of mine, and always has been since we were pups. She has always been there with me, whether I was happy or sad or anything in between. She never hesitated to hold her emotions back to help with mine. She was irreplaceable in my life.

"That's great news Humphrey," Salty said, giving me a light punch in the shoulder. "I told you it would work out," he continued, as he stood up and turned to Lilly, who gave a nod and turned back to me. "Well good luck amigo, i've got to go find mooch. I'll talk to you later" he said, his voice full of energy and vigor.

I turned my attention back to Lilly who was still staring at me, a huge smile plastered to her face. I couldn't help but love that warm bouncy feeling she carried everywhere with her. It was like no matter what was wrong in her life, she would never be bogged down by it. I stared at her for a while longer, not saying anything but just observing. My eyes traced the details of her face and expression as if trying to figure out the trick to it.

"Do you know where Kate is?" I asked, figuring that I couldn't just stare at her all day. As if she was waiting on that exact question her whole life, she exploded out with energy.

"YES! Follow me" she exclaimed as she got up with a bounce, landing on her feet and walked past me headed in the direction of her parents den. This caused me to chuckle at the unusual behavior. As she walked by I noticed she smelled really nice but I couldn't identify the smell. It was like a flower of sorts, yet somehow different. I decided it wasn't worth struggling over something I didn't know, and just got up to follow her. I was excited, this would be the first time i've seen Kate in three days...the anticipation was killing me.