Chapter 3: Office Complex

As the elevator brought Gordon up to the next level he reloaded his pistol and held it up ready for anything. The elevator stops and once the doors open he rushes out to survey the area around him. He finds himself in a hallway and he sees a hole in the ceiling where he spots the corpse of a scientist be pulled in by something. He then sees a sign that tells him to the left he'll find the Dev offices and storage halls, and to the left he'll find the executive lounge. Gordon looks to his left to see that water has spilled onto the floor and has been electrified by a swinging light cable and apparently two Headcrabs were electrocuted since Gordon found their bodies in the water.


Gordon sees a vent on the wall in front of him get blasted off. Taking the opportunity Gordon crawls into the vent, to his left he sees a dead end but to his right he could see an open passage that leads to another room. Gordon crawls to the right and finds himself in he lounge where he finds two scientists.

"Who's there?" One of them asks.

Suddenly the ceiling pieces above the second scientist fall off and latches around his neck and is pulled up. The first scientist hides behind some chairs and Gordon rushes to the spot the second scientist was in to find that he is already being eaten by a Barnacle. Knowing that the man was already Gordon decides to shoot the Barnacle so it couldn't cause anymore damage.

"You okay?" Gordon asked the scientist hiding behind the chairs.

"I'll be fine, I'll think I'll just hide in this room until the whole situation is over." The scientist says.

"I need to get to the offices but my path is being blocked by an electric hazard." Gordon says. "Is their anyway to turn it off?"

"Theirs a power switch in that closet." The scientist points to an open door. "Turn that off and your path should be clear."

"Thanks." Gordon says as he does what the scientist told him.

Gordon finds the door back to hallway and after making it pass the water and then another door he finds himself in a small lobby. A Headcrab jumps at him but he ducks and it crashes through a window into an office filled with electrified water. The alien is electrocuted as a result of its actions. Gordon goes behind the reception desk in the lobby and opens a door that leads to a storage area. In it he finds a zombie eating a dead scientist and not wanting it to become a threat later Gordon sneaks up on it and beats it to death with the crowbar. Looking around Gordon finds some spare ammunition and leaves the room.

Back in the lobby Gordon goes down a hallway and fights a few zombies. He finds a flare that he ignites and throws at one of the monsters. The fire kills it but causes the sprinklers to go one. After finishing off the remaining zombies he opens a double door and enters a maintenance area. The ladder down was out and across the room he sees a guard behind a cage.

"Hey." The guard calls out to Gordon. "One of these little…buggers latched onto my buddy's head, we gotta get that thing off before-"

An inhuman growling is heard and both see a zombified security guard approaching from a hallway. The guard was shocked but Gordon had learned through this ordeal not to be taken by surprise and shoots the Headcrab on the zombie killing it.

The guard breaks out of his shellshock and turns to Gordon. "Thanks, I owe you. Ah here let me get this open for you."

The guard opens the gate. "I got some supplies in the back, if you want you can go take a look to see if there's anything you need."

"Thanks." Gordon says as he goes down the tunnel and finds the supplies. He finds ammo for his Glock 17, as well as a Colt Python revolver and ammo for it. Taking what he needs and storing anything else with his Semblance Gordon walks out with the revolver in hand.

"You want to tag along?" Gordon asked.

"Let's do this." The guard responds.

The two walk out of the cage but are ambushed by alien soldiers, the ones that shoot lightning out of their hands, that teleport into the room. Gordon shoots the first one dead.

"Nice shot!" The guard commended.

The two humans see that two other alien soldiers are on the bottom level and begin shooting level. Gordon and the guard manage to get to cover and gun down the aliens. From what they've seen the alien soldiers need a few seconds to charge up their attacks giving the good guys the time they need to attack them at their most vulnerable.

Gordon and the guard return to the lobby and try to open the double doors in front of the reception desk. Finding the doors locked Gordon uses his Semblance to make an opening for them. After getting through the doors the two see a couple of Headccrabs fall from the ceiling.

"Alright doc let's tear some s*** up." The guard says as he and Gordon shoot the aliens.

Making their way through the hall way the two open a door that leads them to another maintenance access area and in their they find a few dead Headcrabs, a dead scientist, and a guard that was walking out from under a raised floor.

"What happened hear?" Gordon asked the second guard.

"The turret's friendly fire protocol was damaged." The second guard says. "It killed those monsters but that scientist as well."

"We have to get topside." Gordon says. "We need to go up the way you came here."

"I uh, I heard screams up ahead their." The guard said nervously. "You first."

Gordon gave no argument and confidently walked ahead of the two.

"Any idea of how many of our crew have died?" The first guard asked."

"We have to focus on the ones that can till be saved." Gordon says as the three of them walk up a couple of flights of stairs. The three then enter a lobby and find two Headcrabs that they quickly kill before a passing some double doors. They then hear screams coming from and office, Gordon enters it to see scientists, one male and the other female. The female was in a vent and her friends was pulling on her arms and whatever was pulling on her legs was making inhuman sounds.

"HELP! HELP" The female shouted. "DON'T LET GO OF ME."

"I got you! I got you!" The male shouted.

Before Gordon could help them both scientists are pulled into the vent. After a few seconds their severed limbs and body parts are dosed back out the vent.

"Holy crap!" The first guard exclaimed.


The three humans see green lightning appear in the printing room and from it came three alien soldiers. The fired at them and successfully manage to kill one of the soldiers but one of them manages to kill the first guard. Gordon and the remaining guard take cover and shoot the second alien. Gordon switches from his revolver to his pistol and shoots the other alien in the eye killing it. After reloading they continue through the printing room but another soldier teleports in and zaps the second guard killing him. Gordon rushes in with his crowbar and kills the soldier with it. With the battle over Gordon grabs pistol and revolver ammo off of his dead companions and looks for a way to leave the office.

Gordon comes across a ladder leading up into the ceiling. Curious he climbs it and finds a way into the ventilation and enters it. He crawls around it and finds his way into the elevator shaft. In it he finds wooden boards in a sign that the maintenance crew were working in here.


Gordon looks up to see that the elevator is coming down. Spotting another ventilation shaft above him but on the other side Gordon quickly climbs up a ladder to the wooden boards above him. The elevator stops but Gordon knew it wouldn't be forever and quickly gets into the vent just as the elevator came crashing down to the bottom of the shaft.


The elevator makes it to the bottom making a loud sound. Not wanting to stick around Gordon crawls through the vent and ends up in another maintenance access area. He sees a pair of double doors to his left and walks through it ending up in a hallway before turning to his right to see an open door. On the other side he saw a zombie so he sneaks up behind it and strikes it down with the crowbar before switching to his revolver. Finding himself in a different maintenance access area he sees that at the end of the hall he will have to turn left. Getting close to the left wall he cautiously walks forward and once he's close enough he peers ahead to see what was on the other side. He spots two alien soldiers, taking the opportunity he shoots one but the other manages to zap Freeman with it's lightning pushing him onto the round..

"Aura monitor at 73%." Said the HEV suit.

Gordon grits his teeth and fires again. The alien staggers from the shot but Gordon shoots it again, this time killing it. Continuing forward he makes it through a door and comes across a security guard.

"Hey, what are you still doing down here get topside." The guard says. "I hear troops are coming in to save us."

This was a surprise to Gordon, if the military was here then maybe they can get this whole thing under control.

"Then let's get to them before these aliens get us." Gordon says as he reloads his revolver before switching to his pistol.

"Roger that, let's run like hell." The guard says in agreement.

They run out of the maintenance access area and find themselves in a room in front of the cafeteria where they find some zombies feasting on dead members of the Black Mesa team and are quickly joined by some Headcrabs.

"Fan-frickin-tastic." The guard says as he gets his gun ready.

Maintaining a distance from the monsters both Gordon and the guard manage to kill their adversaries and leapt out of the way if a Headcrab got to close to them.

"Nice shooting their doc." The guard said as both him and Gordon reloaded their guns.

Gordon follows the guard to a door that he tries to open but couldn't as it was locked.

"Now what?" The guard asked.

"Why not get those two to open it for us?" Gordon asked as he pointed to a scientist and a guard that was picking up ammunition from another dead security office. Gordon knocks on the door getting the attention of the two with the scientist quickly opening the door for them.

"Freeman!" The scientist says. "Good heavens you gave me quite a scare."

"Don't count on the cavalry finding us down here doc." The second security guard said as he finished picking up ammo. "We got to head for he surface."

"But all of the elevators are out of order." The scientist countered.

"We can still climb." The second guard said.

The group makes it up two flights of stairs before they end up in a lobby room where they come across a few zombies.

"Aim for the head!" The scientist says as he gets to cover. Gordon and the security guards fired upon the zombies. One of the guards didn't aim for the head of a zombie and it's body fell as the Headcrab let got and tried to leap at the humans. Gordon sees it and shoots it causing it to fall to the floor. As they were finishing off the zombies a alien soldier teleports in and fires it's lightning at them. The first security guards is hit in the left arm but was still alive and Gordon and the other security guard take out the alien. The group walks to the elevator entrance to see that the ladder they had to climbs was on the other side of the shaft.

"There's no way I can make that jump across that shaft," the scientist explains, "I failed physical education."

"And my left arm is to hurt to grab on to the ladder." The first guard says.

"Guess that means I'm playing babysitter." The second guard says before turning to Gordon. "You're gonna have to reach the surface on your own Dr. Freeman."

"Right." Gordon says before backing up. Taking a deep breath he activates his suit's sprint mode and runs for the door. Using the extra speed he jumps and grabs onto the ladder and climbs up. As he reaches the top he sees a scientist fall down the shaft and hit the bottom with a loud thud.

Ignoring what he just saw Gordon pulls himself up onto the ledge and then walks across some boards to reach a flight of stairs. Getting to the top of the stairs he sees another ladder so he sprints and jumps onto it and climbs up. Gordon then sees the elevator come down and stops above him. He manages to get on top of it and gets inside. The buttons for the lower levels below the floor he's on are too damage to take him down and since the panel on the previous level he was on is broken this elevator can't take him down any further. Gordon looks at the panel for the top floors and pushes a button. The elevator begins taking him up.

"I have to get help." Gordon says to himself. "With the military's help everyone will be saved and this nightmare will end."