Author's Note: If you were unlucky as I was to not notice until years after. I first watched Pardon My Past. This small story focuses on the short life of Gordon Johnson the 2nd. Penny's little brother. You can find a little bit of info about him on the Charmed Wiki/Wikia website.


Siblings two individuals or more tied together through the blood of one parent. Sometimes two even through adoption. Siblings can be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy. They can be the first one there to defend you and the last to leave your side. They can also be the only one to frustrate and nag you to no end. Each sibling dynamic is different but neither more important than the other. Take the Johnson siblings, they very different from most of the children in San Fransisco. Over at 1329 Prescott Street. Upstairs in the playroom, we have thirteen-year-old Penny and a three-month-year-old Gordon Johnson the 2nd. Little Penny age 13. is wearing her long grey cotton dress with a pleated collar and saddle shoes. Her long brown hair almost reached her lower back.

The playroom, while spacious wasn't the best environment for young Penelope. she had played with the old wooden toys many, many times. The dolls to were no longer suitable as she now saw herself as a woman, not some small girl. And she has read the books on the bookshelf countless times. She would much prefer being the attic learning more of the craft and further develop her telekinetic-abilities.

"That's right Gordie, you're flying, " Penny said gently. While holding out he left hand channelling her gift of Telekinesis one of the three powers passed down from Melinda Warren the founder of her line. Penny has long since come to the conclusion that she would not be a Charmed One. One of the three most powerful and strongest witches to ever live. Which her bloodline is supposed to bring into this world. But that didn't mean she was happy not being a Charmed One. She remembers fondly all the stories of her ancestors fighting the forces of evil leaving spells recorded down for their descendants. Some spells specifically designed to be performed by the Charmed Ones and them alone. How she wished to be strong enough to perform great acts of magic to be respected by all those in the magical community. As the Charmed Ones would be treated like one day. Penny is careful to make sure while levitating baby Gordon in the air not to go too high or too fast. She didn't want the three-month-old baby to be harmed.

"PENELOPE!" A voice snapped from behind the young girl. Penny shocked loses concentration dropping her hand making Gordon fall. Quickly reacting she used her telekinesis once more to stop Gordon from falling make him floor a few inches off the floor. The young witch turns to find her mother standing at the playroom door with her arms crossed unimpressed.

"Mother," Penny says her voice quivering from being caught.

"What have I told you about using your magic recklessly? You could have dropped him, he could have cracked his head open!" scolded.

"I wouldn't have let that happen, mother. It's the only thing that stops him from crying when you're not in the room. He's a right mommy's boy," Penny replies.

"Well, that may be so, Penelope. But that doesn't excuse your actions. You will just have to find another way. What if it wasn't me to find you up here using your powers to make Gordon levitate. It could have been one of your mortal friends. Or mine. You know they don't always knock." pointed out.

"I would have cast a spell to alter their memories," Penny replied.

"And what about the possibility of a backfire, you could erase all of their memories," pointed out before walking over to her youngest grabbing hold of him. Allowing Penny to release her telekinetic hold. then walked over to the crib at the left corner of the room and carefully place the baby init.

"Mother, how do you know father will return home?" Penny asked she hated that her father had been called up to serve in the army. sighed, she had prayed she would never be asked this question. The older witch walked over to a small couch that rests against the right wall of the playroom and signalled for Penny to follow which the younger witch did. Both now sitting down. takes her daughter's hands into her own looking her daughter directly in the eyes.

"Sweetie, did I ever explain Melinda Warren's third power? The power of premonition." asked. Penny nodded.

"You did a little," Penny answered.

"Well, the gift of premonition is a power that is highly desirable and wanted by beings of all sides. Those with can take a glimpse into the future. But very few can glimpse back into the past. It's not like most other powers as most of its users can't willingly use it. They have to rely on special energy. Psychic energy ..." started to explain.

"You've already told me this mother," Penny interrupted.

"What have I told you about interrupting your elders Penelope it's disrespectful," scolded her daughter once again.

"Sorry," Penny apologised.

"This power can be present even in the womb. Like little Gordie over there. Not long after your father left to fight one of the letters he sent us. Gave Gordon a premonition which I received I saw your father coming home safe and well.

"But the future is ever-changing how can you be sure. That his premonition will come to pass?" Penny asks.

"Faith, we have to have trust in your father and destiny that he will come home. And when he comes home do you think he be happy to know how reckless you were with your gift," Penny said. Penny hung her head down looking at her lap.

"No," Penny responded.

End of chapter.