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Those who move in the darkness

It was close to noon now, and people on the streets suddenly heard the megaphones of the Water Seven,

''This is an announcement. The Water Seven Weather Forecast Department has officially declared an Aqua Laguna warning for the entire island.''

Everyone was alarmed as they lifted their head from the newspapers that named 'Mizu Mizu Newspaper' they were reading,

''It's that time of the year already?!'' one of them asked in shock

''Yeah, we were all too distracted by Iceburg-san's assassination attempt!''

As the warning was repeating on another street,

''Heeeyy! Aqua Laguna is coming! Go and tell people who haven't heard about it! Take a break from work!'' this shouting get the attention of Sanji and Chopper, who's looking for Robin on the streets,

''...What?'' Chopper looked confused

''Aqua Laguna?'' Sanji was also looking confused before he walked towards some man to ask about what was that announcement about

''Ah, you must be travelers.'' The man concluded as it was impossible for someone from the city doesn't know, ''What a bad time to be here, eh? Aqua Laguna is what you would call a high tide.''

''High tide?'' Sanji asked with a frown, looking surprised

''Yeah! Make sure you get to a high place. This town's going to sink'' the man said as if nothing, shocking Sanji and Chopper.

''What?!'' They both yelled out in shock as Sanji also asked again, ''This town's gonna what?!''

''Well, it's not like it'll happen immediately, so don't worry!'' the man said, like it was an everyday occasion, looking too casual, ''It's usually happening at around midnight, after the warning.'' He turned his back as he held up his hand to wave with a big smile, ''It's like this every year! Take care!'' leaving behind Sanji and Chopper, who couldn't even say thanks because they were too shocked to say something.

They stand there in silence for a moment before they finally reacted,

''Wait... This place's gonna sink?!'' Chopper asked in shock as he turned to look up to Sanji, looking like he was asking if he heard it right

''...It seems that way...'' Sanji also turned to glance at Chopper, ''We have to hurry up and find Robin-chan!'' as he was looking more fired up from before.

Luffy and Nami were sailing up the canal when they finally arrived at Dock #1,

They could see the enormous crowd right outside the giant doors as all of them were trying to get in and ask whats going on while continuously taking photographs,

''Is there any change in Iceburg's condition?!''

''Is his life in safe hands?!''

''Tell us about how the investigation is going!''

Luffy and Nami looked at the crowd with surprised expressions for a moment,

''Wow... So many people...'' Nami talked as she stopped the Yagara Bull,

''We can't get into the shipyard either,'' Luffy said while frowning in worry as he was looking up and trying to see past all the heads. It really took a long time to get here as they were also looking for Robin and trying to get past the crowd that was everywhere ''We're gonna have to meet with ice-pops eventually.''

Nami also nodded before she pulled their Yagara up to the nearest person and asked if he could tell them how to get to the HQ.

''Yeah, but it's useless.'' the man said in trepidation, ''You have to go through Dock #1's door, but only selected reporters may enter. Everyone's here hoping to get any news first hand. They're just so worried.''

Nami looked disappointed a little, but she wasn't surprised as she thanked the man and pulled their Yagara Bull away,

''What a crowd... I don't think we can get any closer.'' She said as she stopped the Yagara Bull since they couldn't go far, ''Oh well, I guess we'll find out from the newspaper. Let's go and keep searching for Robin ourselves...''

Luffy also nodded in agreement, but before they could move, they heard a loud beat sounding off with a great rhythm to add to it.

''What the hell is going on here?!'' a question sounded, but everyone was too busy to hear the question since as soon as they hear the music, they were all began to freak out, staring around wildly for the source of it all.

Just then, the one who asked the question raised his voice, calling down from above, ''Hey guys, did you just call my name?!''

''No, we didn't! Go away!'' someone from the crowd yelled out,

''Where are they?!''

They were furiously looking around before someone finally found them and pointed out. Up above the crowd, all could see a large curtain held up and the forms of three people behind it. One shape was clearly a man, while the other two on each side of him was a woman.

''Don't be shy, ask!'' the man yelled behind the curtain, ''Ask my name!''

No one in the crowd wanted to, rather than that they were screaming up insults and threats up at him.

He sighed, ''Hey... Be quiet, idiots!'' he yelled out again, trying to shut the crowd down now, ''You're here, Straw Hat Luffy! Reveal yourself!'' he then threw the curtain away as he began to dance and sing...

''I'm this island's 'most super' man~!
Water Seven's other famous face~!
When people see me, they say, 'Wow'~!''

And spinning his arms around each other while hitting the ground along the way,


He leaned to one side and bent the knee on the same side. His other leg was straight and going in the opposite direction. He threw his head back, and his arms went over his head at lock together wrist-to-wrist. The two separate star tattoos push together to make one star, and they could see the explosion to go along behind him that moment.

He was a powerfully built man with a height of at least seven feet. His forearms were relatively enormous, while his biceps were comparably small. His chest was well-toned with large abs and pectoral muscles, and he had brightly-colored blue hair and blue star tattoos on his forearms. He also has an angular prosthetic nose made of iron with several rivets and jagged edges.

He was wearing an open, loud Hawaiian Aloha shirt with a large gold chain necklace around his neck. But moreover, he was wearing nothing but a speedo.

The two women with him both had long, pointed noses and square-shaped hairs. One of them was wearing a white fur collar with yellow goggles, a bikini top, slacks, and high heels. The other one had a lilac pearl necklace, pink cropped top, bikini bottom, gloves, and high heels. They were also posing in the same way as Franky.

All of the townspeople freaked out at the sight of him and began to leave the area in droves. Luffy and Nami, on the other hand, were looking baffled as they watched what's going on.

Franky moved his sunglasses up and began to stare down at the crowd. His eyes were red and filled with anger.

''Come out, Straw Hat!'' Franky yelled out in a challenge, searching for Luffy in the crowd

''What the hell is with that weirdo?'' Luffy asked as he looked up at Franky, looking completely lost

''Did he just say Franky?!'' Nami also asked. As much as she looked lost, she also had a hint of anger in her tone.

After hearing Nami, Luffy's confusion was replaced with anger in a matter of seconds as Usopp's image from yesterday suddenly came into his mind. ''It's him?!'' his hands curled up into fists as his eyes were just as red and angry as Franky's were as he was glaring up at him.

''Luffy?'' Nami suddenly called out for him with worry, but Luffy completely ignored her,

''Hey! Bikini guy!'' Luffy roared at him while Nami was trying to quiet him down

Franky glared down at Luffy after he heard of him, ''Huh?''

Luffy was also glaring up at him, ''I'm Luffy.''

''So, you're Straw Hat Luffy?!'' Franky screamed out, ''While I was away, you sure made a big mess, little guy!''

As Luffy didn't say anything at this and glared up at him, looking ready for a fight, Franky suddenly cracked his neck and started to dance with the two square-haired sisters on either side.

''When I came back, I couldn't believe what I saw~!
My house was completely demolished ~!
My men were beaten up, too~!
I~~~ Can't stand it~!
I probably won't be able to stop for a week~!
Until I turn you into a beat-up rag doll~!
This rage won't subside~!''

He finished his song and crossed his arms in front of him.

''Shut up!'' Nami suddenly yelled out, sounding too irritated and angry, ''What did you do with our money?! Our two hundred million!''

''Ah, that?'' Franky get out of his dance mode as he looked at Nami with a smirk, ''I already spent every penny!'' causing even Nami to looked ready to fight too as he went on, ''Where did you steal that money from?! Don't think you can just demand your money back when you're a pirate!''

''The money doesn't matter!'' Luffy shouted out, ''I won't stop until I send you flying far away with a kick!''

''I'm the one who won't stop until I've kicked your ass, bastard!'' Franky also shouted out as everyone around them were trying to run away, crying out that Franky was going berserk.

Franky suddenly started to breathe in deeply. ''Hey! Get down here!'' Luffy yelled at him as Franky was now looking like he was about to inflate himself,

''What is he doing?'' Nami asked in confusion, and after a moment later, she got her answer as a giant fireball burst out from Franky's mouth and went striking down towards them.

The Yagara Bull that Luffy and Nami were on freaked out as it back away and almost jetted across the water to avoid the fire.

''He is breathing fire!'' Luffy yelled out in shock as they dodged the fire,

''Yeah, I can see that much! What is he?!'' Nami screamed at him as Franky smirked at them,

''What's so...'' as a cloud of smoke escaped from his smirking lips, ''...amazing about fire breathing?!''

While Nami was guessing that maybe he had devil fruit powers, Luffy began to ask what kind of fruit that was, but like teasing them, Franky suddenly jumped right off the building into the water, causing a great splashing while shocking Luffy and Nami.

''He jumped into the water! If he ate a devil fruit, he'll drown!'' Luffy exclaimed at once,

''Maybe he slipped!'' Nami guessed as she thought that nobody would be that idiot to jumped into the water as a devil fruit user. ''He must have the devil fruit power of fire breath!'' she was actually hoping that they didn't need to be deal with him now.

But just after a moment later, Franky suddenly jumped out of the water just below them, holding up his one punch with such force that their boat's broken apart. The Yagara Bull streaked away as fast as it could as Luffy and Nami sent flying up.

''He can swim!'' Luffy stated the obvious fact as he looked down at Franky

''I didn't eat any devil fruit!'' Franky yelled as he floated in the water, next to the destroyed boat,

''Then how..?'' Nami was questioning as she was falling back to the water, ''Is he using something like Luna...?''

Her guess was wronged when she saw what happened next.

Luffy spun around in the air and tried to attack as Franky pulled himself up to part of the destroyed wreckage. As Luffy was about to throw a punch,

''I've heard about your ability...'' Franky aimed his right arm at him, ''Strong Right!'' his right fist launched forward with a chain, looking similar to Luffy's 'Gomu Gomu no Pistol,'

Luffy didn't even have time to dodge it, and as he was still in the air, Frank's fist hit him on the gut and sent him flying back into the giant steel doorway of Dock 1#, creating a crack there.

Nami gasped in shock as she tried to pull herself out of the water, and when Franky pulled his arm back, Luffy fell limply from the door and hit the ground.

''Luffy!'' Nami cried out in panic and some worry before she glared at Franky, ''How did he do that...?'' looking shocked,

''Ah... Don't you guys know?'' Franky asked as he also walked in where Nami and Luffy were, ''I'll tell you then...'' his tone was like he was about to give a big secret as he pulled his right arm off, showing the chain that was bounding his arm and his hand, ''I'm a cyborg!''

Luffy, who would be usually bright-eyed and excited at this, seemed ticked off as he pushed himself back up before both of them launch towards each other.

Meanwhile, inside of the HQ,

Kalifa just came outside of the room and told Paulie, Kaku, and Lulu that Iceburg had finally regained his consciousness with happy tears in her eyes. All three of them were smiling as they get inside the room.

''Iceburg-san!'' Paulie happily get inside the room as the rest also followed after him

''Ah... Nma... I made you worry...'' Iceburg hardly talked as he was lying in his bed with Lucci beside him

''I'm just glad you're not dead!'' Paulie sat on the chair beside his bed with a genuinely happy smile on his face, ''Better rest well now! We'll take care of the shipyard. So, don't worry about it.''

''Alright,'' Iceburg plainly said as his eyes were focused on the ceiling, ''By the way... Last night... The ones who came into my room,''

''Oh... We're still looking into that'' Paulie said as he looked down now,

''No... I remember.'' Iceburg said, shocking all of them there as he went on, ''There were two... One was a big man wearing a mask. The other one... A tall woman with black hair. Those sharp, blue eyes... It was probably... Nico Robin.''

As everyone was confused as to who that was, ''Koo-Koo! Iceburg-san!'' Lucci's pigeon, Hattori, suddenly talked as it was on his shoulder, ''According to the government officials, Nico Robin came to this island as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.''

''Nma... Is that so...'' Iceburg slightly frowned with deep eyes as he was still looking up at the ceiling,

''Then they are behind this...'' Kaku stated while he was standing with folded arms

''But why?'' Lulu asked, looking confused, ''Is it because we told them that their ship couldn't be repaired?''

As they were discussing this, the news of the Straw Hats was responsible for the assassin of Iceburg was making it's way to the reporters that were waiting on the outside.

Just then, a very large man burst into the room. He had brown hair tied in a ponytail on the back and a light-brown beard. There was a tattoo going from his chest near his shoulder to his arm with the kanji for 'shipwright,' He was wearing a pair of crimson elbow-pads, knee-long pants, and regular shoes.

''Hey! Something bad's happened!'' He shouted out as he looked like he was panicking

''You're too loud, Tilestone!'' Lulu also yelled out

''Mind your manners! Be quiet!'' Paulie yelled after them, causing silence to fell to the room for a moment before Tilestone finally noticed Iceburg,

''Ah! Iceburg-san!'' He happily laughed, ''You're awake, that's great! Wuoooo!''

As he was laughing and shouting happily, Paulie suddenly punched him off of the room, yelling at him while saying Iceburg is still sick while Tilestone was saying sorry before he got up and sat on the floor as he remembered the reason he came in the first place,

''By the way, bad news!'' he shouted out again, looking like he was about to go towards them,

''Talk over there.'' Paulie warned him with a sigh as if he was already used to this, ''Don't come any closer!''

''Right now, at Dock #1, the Straw Hat pirate that was there yesterday is fighting with Franky! And they are breaking everything in the shipyard! Wuoooo!'' Tilestone explained with his loud voice as even the one inside of the room clearly heard of him

''The Straw Hat?!'' The pigeon gasped in surprise before he turned towards the bed, ''Iceburg-san!''

''How dare he just barge in there and...'' Kaku trail off with a frown as all of them left hurriedly, leaving behind only Kalifa.

'I doubt it has anything to do with yesterday... Maybe their goal is that thing.' Iceburg mused as he seemed anxious from where he was lying, 'If that's so... Have they teamed up with the government? Or do they want it for themselves?'

He was deep in thoughts when Kalifa talked in a soft tone with a tender smile lingering on her lips, ''Please rest, Iceburg-san.'' She sat on the chair beside his bed, ''I'll stay here, right beside you.''

Luffy and Franky were really breaking everything.

They both were fighting the other on equal sides, and neither of them seemed to care what they hit so long as they were hitting the other. The fight was growing more and more violent with every passing second as they were destroying everything around them, and the fight moved inside the shipyard at some point.

Some of the half-finished ships that the shipwrights were working on were being torn apart or simply smashed along with the pieces of equipment. Both showed no sign of stopping, looking like they didn't even care if they would destroy the entire field.

People around them were yelling at them to stop as they were all decided to stay away from them.

Nami was also yelling, but it was different from the crowd, ''Luffy! Send that speedo wearing pervent flying!''

At some point, Nami began to cheer on Luffy.

Square-haired sisters were also cheering on Franky, ''Hey, bro!'' Mozu struck a pose with her sister

''You gotta put on a good show!'' Kiwi cheered right after her sister

Franky and Luffy were out of breath as they continued to glare at each other,

''I'm going to...'' Luffy talked as he was breathless, ''Kick you really far away!''

Franky laughed at this as he was also breathless, ''Let's see you try it! Your attacks are completely useless against me!'' as he held his left arm straight out in front with his palm facing Luffy. His arm then rotated inward, and his wrist opened like a door hinge. The hole in his left hand opened up to reveal a gun sight, aiming it at Luffy. ''Weapon Left!'' as he shot something like a cannonball.

Luffy moved to the left side and dodged Franky's attack before he stretched out his right leg and threw a kick towards Franky as he used 'Gum-Gum Whip,'

The moment Franky blocked Luffy's kick with his right arm, both of them suddenly throwback and fell,

''Who did that?!'' Luffy demanded as he immediately got up from the ground and glared around before he saw the shipwrights.

Paulie, Lucci, Kaku, Lulu, and Tilestone were standing there and glaring at Luffy. However, unlike yesterday, they didn't seem friendly at all. In fact, they all looked downright murderous.

''Making such a big mess...'' Paulie talked, looking at Luffy with a cold glare as all of them were looking ready for a fight, ''What are you trying to do here, Straw hat?!''

As Luffy looked confused, Franky was questioning what the Galley-La was wanting while the crowd was cheering them on for breaking up the fight.

''It's the shipwrights from yesterday!'' Nami sighed before she made a relieved expression and a smile ''They are on our side, right?!''

While Mozu and Kiwi were sighing and saying what a bother, ''Hey! You boys from Galley-La,'' Franky called them out as he also stood up, ''It's not nice to interrupt other people's fights, you know?''

''It's not your place to say such things.'' Kaku said, looking nothing but the polite man as before, ''We'd have come to stop you anyhow if you were messing with our company this much.''

''Woah!'' Tilestone yelled out loudly after Kaku, ''Yeah, Franky! How do you intend to fix this, huh?!''

''Just wait, Tilestone.'' Paulie said as he gave him a firm look as if telling him to calm down, ''We'll settle that later. There's something more important than that right now,'' he then turned to Luffy as he still had a menacing look, ''Hey, Straw Hat Luffy... You remember it, right? How dare you show your face around here?'' as he bit down the cigar in his mouth,

''...Why?'' Luffy asked in confusion, clearly not understood what they were talking about, ''We heard the news about Ice-pops and...''

At the mention of Iceburg, Paulie began to growl at him, and Luffy stopped talking, looking lost than ever as he could see that something was not right.

Franky, on the other hand, let a long sigh, ''You couldn't get enough with just my family, so you messed with Galley-La too... What are you? Some adolescent, who scars everything he touches?''

''We didn't do anything!'' Luffy shout at him with shark teets

However, Paulie's patience was over, ''If you're going to bluff,'' he yelled out furiously as he pulled out a rope from his sleeves, ''I'll just have to tie you up!'' and before Luffy could register what was going on, Paulie wrapped the rope around his neck, ''Rope Action, Half Knot!'' As the rope tied around Luffy's neck and began to choke him, Luffy was starting to turn blue and gasping while clawing at the rope, ''Air Dive!'' Paulie yelled out as he lifted Luffy up high before he slammed him right onto some of the destroyed pieces of wood.

''You bastards!'' Franky suddenly shouted out in anger, ''I said don't butt in on our fight! I'm the one who hates him!''

While Franky was looking like a child who throws a tantrum, all other remaining Galley-La carpenters also prepared to fight as they all pulled out their weapons or took their fighting stance. The crowd was also cheering upon them as Nami was now looking lost and panicking,

''What?! Why?! Why are the carpenters our enemies too?!'' For the life of her, she couldn't understand why the shipwrights were attacking at them

Luffy picked himself off the ground and looked at the shipwright in confusion, ''Wait! I still don't get why...'' Luffy was saying between his coughs, but he cut off by Lulu, who took out his double-barrel gun and shot at Luffy, which he was able to bounce off the bullets without trouble, only surprising Lulu for a moment as he noticed that Luffy was a devil fruit user. However, that didn't stop him as he launched at Luffy and suddenly kicked him hard in the face and sent him flying back.

''Hey, you...'' Franky called out as he seemed really ticked off now, ''Did you hear anything I said?!'' He twisted his left arm inwards without moving his left hand at all and exposed four small holes in his wrist, ''I'm saying he's mine!'' as he began to shoot rapid-fire explosive pellets at the shipwrights, like a machine gun.

However, as Franky was shooting at Paulie, who jumped out of the way to dodge Franky's attack, Kaku jumped up, soaring overhead, ''We don't have time to deal with you, Franky!'' he shouted down at him,

''Why you...'' Franky glared at him before he aimed his arm up towards him now, ''You monkey!''

Before Franky could even fire at him, ''You're in our way, Franky!'' Tilestone suddenly yelled out and hit him with a large log like a baseball bat, sending him flying this time, and Kaku, who's still in the air, grabbed him by his shirt before he harshly threw him back into the ground.

As Franky fell on his head, Luffy was trying to dodge Lucci's attack as he began to fight him a hand to hand. Luffy, who's already tired and doesn't even know why they were fighting, was struggling to keep up with him, but then Lucci hit him so hard that he went crashing once again.

Luffy coughed as he gasped for air, ''Haa... These guys are really strong,'' before he pushed himself back, ''Damn it!'' As he was looking frustrated, Luffy shouted out, ''What the hell?! At least tell me the reason!''

''We're the ones who want the reason!'' Paulie stepped forward as he came to stand next to Lucci, looking at Luffy dead serious.

Luffy glared at him with annoyance, but there was still confusion, clearly wondering just what he was talking about as Paulie was giving him an anger-filled look before he pointed out an accusing finger at him. ''You're the ones who snuck into the HQ and shot Iceburg-san!''

Luffy's eyes widen at this while Franky was questioning what he was talking about, not that anyone cared for him as the crowd was also shocked as well as Nami.

''What?!'' Luffy shouted out with a frown as he stared at him, ''Why would we do that?!''

''Iceburg-san remembered two people when he regained consciousness.'' Paulie didn't look swayed as he angrily spoke, ''One of them was a large, masked man...'' Luffy and Nami frowned at this as Paulie went on, ''And the other one... According to the government, she's one of you. Some chick with a price on her head named Nico Robin.''

Luffy and Nami's frowned eyebrows arched up by shock now.

''Robin?!'' Luffy asked in shock

Nami also seemed stunned with shock. They were looking for Robin all around, and they came here to ask help from them. This was the last thing they were waiting to hear.

''Whether you came for his life or you decided to after meeting him...'' Paulie went on as he had a dark expression, ''I don't know how pirates think, but we can't let you go now that we know!''

The crowd that was gathered around them also agreed with this,

''They shot Iceburg-san!''

''We can't forgive them!''

''Hey, hey!'' Franky called out again, ''So, Iceburg is dead?!'' Though one couldn't really notice, he actually sounded worried

''He wouldn't dare die by their hands!'' Paulie snapped at him before he turned to Luffy and glared at him darkly, ''It's because he's still alive... That's why we're gonna finish him off right now.'' he said with a murderous tone in his voice.

Just then, Kaku had thrown one of the tools he had at Luffy's head, but he moved in time and dodged as the tool only cut his cheek slightly before it deeply embedded in the wood behind him.

''Dead or Alive. You know the meaning of these words.'' Kaku talked in a sinister tone as Luffy was now looking irritated. ''Pirates can't complain when they've been messed with. The laws of the world will not protect you.''

''Yeah, I know. We don't abide by the law. But you know what?'' Luffy talked as he was wiping the blood off his cheek with his thumb before he glared at them all, ''You don't know Robin as we do, so don't talk about her like that!'' he screamed out

''Luffy,'' Nami lowly said, she was watching it all as she had a shocked expression

''Let me see Ice-pops!'' Luffy pleaded, ''It's gotta be a mistake! It can't be Robin!''

She was taken away. Luffy didn't believe even a second that it was Robin.

''Yeah, like we're gonna let someone like you get close to Iceburg-san!'' Lulu retorted coldly as the crowd cheered behind them,

''Yeah! Tie 'em up!''

''They tried to kill our hero!''

''You can slit their throats for all we care!''

Some even grabbed Nami as they were saying that they saw her with Luffy earlier and they didn't let her go, no matter how much she yelled,

''Nami!'' Luffy yelled out as he saw what's going on,

''Give it up!'' Paulie shouted out, ''The news will spread throughout the island. You can't get away.'' he deadly glare at Luffy, ''We'll give them hell. All of them!''

''Damn...'' Luffy murmured as he looked around and saw that Nami was struggling to get free, ''Hey, stop it! We didn't do anything!''

''Yeah!'' Nami shouted out in the agreement, ''Robin didn't have any reason to target Iceburg anyway! She wasn't even in a condition to do something!''

Paulie didn't listen or believed anything they said, ''We don't care how long you plan to play your little game, but this for the two of you! Hurting that person means making Galley-La company your enemies!'' Paulie talked in anger, ''And this city, Water Seven also becomes your enemy!''

Luffy tried to talk again as he wanted to have a meeting with Iceburg, but Paulie was not even close to listen to them as the crowd was also cheering them to take the pirates down. And not waiting anymore, Paulie used his rope and tied it around Luffy's wrist as Kaku threw another tool, but Luffy jumped in the air to dodge it.

''What's wrong? Why don't you fight back?'' Paulie asked as he was still golding Luffy with his rope,

''I said, I don't have any reason to fight you!'' Luffy replied, yet, this time, other shipwrights also joined and began to attack Luffy all together, and Luffy was forced to dodge all of it as he released himself from the rope.

The crowd was cheering on the carpenters as they were wanted blood for their hero while holding the panicking Nami. There was also another man in the crowd, cheering with them.

''Yiaaay!'' Franky laughed as he was sitting around some wooden table,

''We're in a really great mood right now!'' Kiwi cheered beside him with a big smile

''Yeah! He can just go flying away for all I care!'' Franky shouted out as he also big smile, looking like he was having so much fun, ''This is just what we expect from our Galley-La Company!'' But then, he slowly got up while getting support from the table, ''No, no, no, but see... That Straw Hat midget's supposed to be hated by Frankies! And I was supposed to be the first one to fight him!'' as his smile slowly faded off, ''So, as I said, don't come stealing my prey, you bastards, right...''

Franky suddenly threw the table he was holding with a furious expression as the square sisters also joined him, ''So how many times are you gonna make me say it?!'' Seeing that he didn't get their attention, Franky shouted out again, ''Galley-La!''

''Just wait a bit,'' Kaku calmly but coldly talked as he didn't take his eyes away from where Luffy was, ''We'll take care of you when we're done with him.''

''I'm asking why are you takin' my prey?!'' Franky asked in fury before he let a sigh, ''You know what? Fine! I don't think you'll understand with words alone...''

The crowd began to yell at the carpenters at this, warning them to be careful, run, and Franky was about to do something bad, only confusing them.

''Connector set,'' Franky connected both of his arms together with a T-shaped pipe as the crowd was saying that he used this to break the enormous crane earlier. While the shipwrights were wondering if it was a cannon, ''Oh no, there won't be any bullets comin' outta this thing.'' he aimed the remaining end of the pipe at them, ''It's the 'Air Bullet' that's gonna fly... Although... It's way faster than a nice breeze.''

''Air?'' Paulie questioned in confusion as the crowd was yelling at them to run,

Franky let a battle cry before he sucked massive amounts of air into his abnormally large arms, making them grow even larger, and when he reached critical mass, ''Coup de Vent!'' he fired a blast of compressed air that traveled at the speed of sound at the shipwrights.

As they were hit by the massive wind pressure and blown away, the crowd was trying to run away since the crane was falling down on them,

Franky laughed loudly, ''Yeah, just go and be crushed.'' he was looking ecstatic before he shouted out, ''This shipyard should be destroyed!''

''Even the unfinished galleon!'' someone from the crowd shouted out with an unbelieving tone,

''The first dock is collapsing!'' another one also shouted out as they were watching dock #1 is falling apart

''A cyborg...'' Nami muttered in shock as she was also watching, ''Where did such a technique... What was that weird cannon thing?!'' She was completely stunned, ''Even though we did get away...''

Just then, Luffy ran over Nami, ''Nami! Run!''

''Luffy?!'' Nami looked at Luffy with a mix of shock and worry, ''You're alright?!''

''Like I'm getting screwed by that!'' Luffy said between his breaths, but he was looking serious, ''I don't get it. Let's just get to Ice-pops!''

''What?!'' Nami asked in shock, ''How can we go and see him in this uproar?!''

As soon as Nami asked that, someone in the crowd noticed them as he pointed out where they were and began to run towards there. Luffy took Nami before he stretched out his arm and grabbed somewhere on one of the building's roof, successfully running away while Nami was screaming all the while.

''They ran away...'' Kiwi talked with folded arms as they were calmly standing now, ''You're not going to chase them?''

''With my coup de vent, I'm all tapped out... Look at my hair.'' Franky calmly said as his upward hair now down, ''We were interrupted. I'll make him disappear after I refuel.'' He stated before he laughed loudly, ''So he really is worth one hundred million. He's gonna be tough.'' even though Franky said that he was looking like he couldn't wait for the second match.

Meanwhile, the carpenters were talking between themselves, trying to decide what they were going to do. After discussed for a while, they decided to have all the Galley-La employees spread throughout the island. And as they declared that they would get them before the dawn, the crowd was happily cheering on them.

Somewhere on the island,

''Did we stall them off?'' Usopp asked as he was trying to control his breaths

''They are stupid...'' Luna murmured as she looked at the street from the corner as they were hiding at some shadowed back alley now.

Luna and Usopp went to a hotel and put their gold and money into some room there. They were hiding the fact that their so-called things were actually all money and gold, and Luna had it hard because Usopp was too anxious and looking around as if someone would jump on him and took the money. She didn't say much about it though, since she thought that it was because of what happened yesterday. After they get off of the hotel, however, things quickly changed as they began to be hunted by the citizens, especially Luna, who's picture was in the newspaper.

''Stupid for what?'' Usopp asked as he was gazing at the newspaper in his hands.

''They are stupid because they think they can beat us. If we really wanted to, it wouldn't be that hard to get rid of these people.'' Luna stated as a matter of fact as her eyes were closed now,

''Well...'' Usopp glanced at Luna, looking at her like saying how could she even say that, ''Their mayor just got through an attempt of assassination, apparently by Robin on that. I don't think they're even thinking right...'' he also didn't think that he could get rid of them all.

''Doesn't change the fact that they are stupid...'' Luna casually shrugged, ''If we were the real culprits, we wouldn't be walking around like this. Especially if Iceburg is still alive.'' she opened her eyes as she also glanced at Usopp, ''Actually... if we would be the culprits, I don't think that Iceburg guy could even survive anyways,'' she talked as if it was the most natural thing. She really thought they were stupids or overconfident, but then again, it wasn't really their fault that things come to this point.

''Stop saying scary things like that!'' Usopp yelled out with shark teeth before he noticed that he yelled and shut his mouth, not wanting to get the attention of the citizens. His face wasn't on the news like others, who has bounty posters, but he also discovered since he had seen with Luna.

Luna ignored his yelling as she closed her eyes and tilted her head a little, focusing on her observation haki as she was trying to sense the people she noticed a little earlier.

''We had to hide somehow...'' Usopp murmured as he got over his nervousness and decided to ignore Luna's scary comments. He began to look around, ''We can't even search Robin like this,'' just then, he noticed the lines of clothes hanging between buildings and blinked a couple of times before he suddenly got enlightened.

He turned to Luna with a face like he had a brilliant idea, ''Hey, Luna!'' causing her to gaze at him, ''Let's take some of these clothes!'' as he pointed out the hanging clothes,

Luna glanced at the clothes before she closed her eyes again, ''You do that, I'm gonna go and do some cleaning.''

''...What?'' Usopp asked in confusion

''We're being watched.'' Luna muttered as she opened her eyes and darted them around, ''Probably these white guys from yesterday...'' As she thought that they were giving off that familiar feeling, and before Usopp could sink what he heard and say something about it, ''I'll be back soon, you get the clothes!'' and just like that, Luna fastly disappeared in the shadows as if a skillful assassin.

''Wait!'' Usopp's silent scream died in his throat as he had a horrified expression while he was looking at the empty spot that where Luna was just before, ''She left me alone...!''


Luna hid her presence as she moved in the shadows, a treat that came from experience. When she finally got close to the closest person in her range, she stared at the back of the man in white with an emotionless look, but cold and dark eyes.

''She must have still around here. She's wearing a casual black dress, and there is colorful malmhuf-''

Before the man could finish his report to the people at the other line of the snail, Luna's hand drifted to him and threw the mask as she closed his mouth from his back. In a matter of seconds, she forcibly made him dropped the snail and smashed it with her feet.

Luna looked at his face from the corner of her eyes. He had a look as if asking how she was even there. ''Did you actually thought that I wouldn't notice?'' she made a sinister smirk, ''Sorry kiddo, but you can't even imagine just how long I've trained as an assassin.'' Luna's other hand traveled to her hair to remove the hairpin that was holding half of her hair in a small bun as the man was struggling under the firm grip of Luna, ''Things could be different if we were to fight, but assassination is another case.''

In a matter of seconds, Luna stabbed the man from his neck with her hairpin, killing him in an instant. Luna wasn't an assassin just in her previous life, but she was also a one in this life of hers as she meant to be a shield and a weapon to her brother, a shadow. Luna knew these people, who shouldn't be there in the first place, were there because of her, and just as she decided before, she would deal with them herself before they cause trouble for everyone. With the way she knows.

She threw the man into the canal as blood was dripping from her black hairpin. She was on a narrow back street as she walked on the sidewalk beside the canal before she disappeared into the shadows once again.

Six more left.


Usopp looked at the clothes in his hands.

After Luna left, he used 'Octopakutsu', his suction shoes in the form of octopi, and climbed the walls of the building to reach the line of clothes.

He was complaining to himself how Luna left him like that while he was examining the colorful cloak in his hands. The moment he brought down his hands, however, a tremble passed over Usopp's body as he caught completely out of the guard. He let out a loud scream at the sight in front of him as he dropped the clothes to the ground.

A man in full of white was staring at him behind his blank white mask.

While the man was murmuring about he finally found after the connection cut off,

''Gyaaaa-...!'' Usopp's screams suddenly turned into a silent ones as his mouth was still hanging open and had a horrified look with tears.

He watched Luna suddenly came out of nowhere and stabbed the man in an instant -with a freaking hairpin- as if it was nothing before she threw the man into the canal like that was the most common thing to do.

''That was the last one...'' Luna let a tired sigh as she brushed her hair back with her bandaged slender fingers. For all she remembered, there were three left, but she couldn't find them anywhere, so she thought that either they were with the girl, or they were watching the others.

Luna and Usopp then began to look at each other in silence before Luna pursed her lips like trying not to laugh, ''...You scream like a girl.''

''Shut up!'' Usopp screamed at her with shark teeth as he got out of his scared mode while he still had some tears in his eyes. ''Don't just kill people and throw them into the canal!''

''It should be fine!'' Luna declared with a big smile, ''That Aqua Laguna thing people talking about will probably drag their bodies to the sea!'' clearly not getting Usopp's point as he didn't even know what to think

He wasn't sure who he should be scaring between the people from the government and Luna. He still felt he was safe with Luna though.

''Did you get the clothes?'' Luna asked as she changed the subject

Usopp shakingly glanced at the canal before he answered Luna, ''Yeah,'' he took the clothes that were dropped before and extended to Luna, ''We have to change it quickly and get the hell out of here before someone came to revenge for their friend!'' he quickly said as he had wide fearful eyes, clearly panicking

''No one's going to come for revenge...'' Luna said with a sigh as she glanced at Usopp as if he said something weird while taking the clothes.

''You can't know that!'' Usopp yelled at Luna as she went to the corner to change her clothes, ''Like the citizens are not enough... We will be killed by assassins...'' His vivid imagination suddenly began acting as his face was turning into a more terrified one every passing second

Luna shook her head as took off her simple black dress, leaving only her underclothes, ''Oh!'' She studied the short, light blue jacket in her hand, ''You really know me, Usopp!'' she was looking quite happy for Usopp's choice of clothes while Usopp was still in his own world...

Moments later,

''How do I look?'' Luna asked as she posed

''Hm...'' Usopp hummed, his hand on his chin with a thoughtful look, ''Like a back street gangster.''

Luna was wearing a white, tight tank top that was over her belly button along with very short, blue jean shorts that was around her hips and black laced boots over her ankles. Above all, however, she was wearing a light blue short jacket with a yellow east dragon on its behind. She folded the jacket's sleeves a little and removed some bandages on her body. She still had a lot of bandages though.

She also cleaned the blood on the hairpin with her old clothes and made a low messy bun with it. Her colorful mallet was on her back as her katana was on her waist, held up by her blue sash that had gold floral engravings, and her small, black throwing knife kept under her dragon bracelet that was on her left forearm like always.

''Gangster...'' Luna said slowly before a smile formed on her lips, ''Alright! How is this sound? The leader of the Golden Dragon Gang, Luo!'' she excitedly declared as she changed her pose, showing her back with a proud smile.

Usopp nodded his head in approval, ''That's okay,'' before he tilted his head with a thoughtful expression, ''Wait a moment...'' he began to search his bag for a while before he finally found the thing he was looking for ''Alright, wear this too! The complementary piece!''

Luna looked at the black sunglasses in Usopp's hand, ''I don't know... Sunglasses are not that neccasary...'' she said thoughtfully as she still took it. It wasn't even a day for sunglasses...

''Just wear it! I know it is!'' Usopp insisted, 'Besides her eyes are standing out way too much!' he would recognize Luna with just her eyes, and he wasn't sure if anyone else could do it too, but it was better not to take any risks.

''Fine,'' Luna gazed at the glasses that resembled a similar design she saw before as she suddenly straightened her back and began to wear it slowly, trying to look cool. ''We need guns,'' Luna spoke in a serious and calm tone as she looked ahead the moment she wore the glasses, ''Lots of guns.''

''I knew it!'' Usopp suddenly screamed out in horror, startling Luna as she slightly jumped,

''What?!'' Luna asked, panicking along with Usopp, ''What happened?! What did you know?!''

''You said we need guns! They are coming for revenge!''

All the panic Luna was going through just flew away as she suddenly looked at Usopp with a blank look while he was still panicking,

''We have to run away now!'' Usopp said in alarm before he looked at Luna and barked at her. ''Why the hell are you staring like that?! We have to go! Quickly!''

''I was just imitating someone.'' Luna dully replied

All the panic Usopp had also become quiet now, ''... Oh,'' he calmly said before he yelled at her as she was still looking at him in silence, ''How should I know that?! Who were you even imitating?!''

''Just some guy from...'' Luna trailed off before she shrugged it off, ''You know what, forget it.'' she said as she let a devastated sigh,

''What's that?! If I don't know, I can't understand!'' Usopp reasoned as this wasn't even the first time that no one actually understood Luna's weird jokes and such

''It's not funny anymore if you explain!'' Luna also yelled out

''It wasn't funny from the beginning! I was scared!'' Usopp shouted out, but before they could continue, they heard some group of people from the main street, looking at them, who's arguing at the narrow, empty side street

Both of them looked towards there with neutral expressions now,

''Oh, umm... I don't know why you two are fighting, but...'' the man on the front of the group talked, ''We are looking for the assassins of Iceburg-san. Two of them last seen around here, did you perhaps see them?'' the man asked as he had an unsure look on his face. He honestly didn't think they would be seeing anyone while they were arguing with each other.

People behind him were also looking disappointed that they were arguing while everyone was working hard for their hero or preparing for the Aqua Laguna.

After a moment of silence later,

''We didn't,'' Luna spoke with a sweatdrop

''Yeah, we didn't.'' Usopp seemed more confident, clearly believing their disguise worked perfectly

''Got it!'' the man loudly said before he led the group to somewhere else, ''You two should stop arguing and look for them too!'' as everyone agreed with him, talking about how the pirates never were forgiven.

Usopp gulped down at their remarks before he glanced over at Luna, ''Alright! They didn't recognize us! We can go now!'' looking quite proud,

Luna also gazed over at Usopp, particularly his bandaged nose 'The nose is the problem...' she thought she would recognize Usopp no matter what.

''Yeah, you also look like those fancy guys I saw yesterday,'' Luna stated as she patted Usopp on the back. He was wearing some colorful cloak and a gold-colored sun-like mask he found. 'That mask is looking awfully familiar...' Luna wondered if she had seen it yesterday or something before she shrugged off, ''Let's go and find Robin!''

After running from Dock #1, Luffy and Nami came to some roof across the Galley-La's headquarters to talk with Iceburg. Both didn't believe Robin would shot him, and Luffy was determined why he thought it was Robin.

Leaving Nami behind, Luffy was went smashing right through the large window of the headquarters, and now, he was running around while looking for Iceburg with people attacking and shooting at him from all sides.

He dodged several dozens of shipwrights there and began to run a seemingly empty hallway before he heard someone calls his name.

''It's you!'' Luffy gasped as he looked up at his left side and recognized Kalifa, who called out to him

Kalifa pushed her glasses up before she talked, ''This way. Apparently, Mr. Iceburg wants to see you.'' as they suddenly began to hear the yellings behind them, and it was growing louder, making clear that they were getting closer.

''Right,'' Luffy quickly said ''Thanks!'' as he stretched out his arms and grabbed the railing, and fastly went to the end of the hallway, right towards a pair of double doors.

Kalifa closed the door and wait in front of it, waiting for the mob coming down towards there to ask whereabouts Luffy, which she answered that no one had come that way.

Inside the room, Iceburg was sitting up in a bed as he was patting his pet mouse. He was covered with thick bandages and looked tired, yet he didn't seem concerned that an infamous pirate, captain of his attacker, was standing right in front of him.

''... Nma, you have some business with me?'' after a moment's silence later, he casually talked, ''Pirate twerp.''

''Yeah,'' Luffy said once he caught his breath, ''Thanks... for calling me.''

''It's highly unlikely that you came to kill me in this chaos.'' Iceburg calmly said,

''I want to hear the real story!'' Luffy exclaimed, totally opposite of the calm Iceburg

Iceburg didn't seem worried at all as he kept casually pat his pet mouse, ''Last night, I saw Nico Robin with my own eyes.'' causing Luffy's eyes to widen as he went on, ''She is one of you.''

''That's true.'' Luffy agreed without even waiting ''Are you sure it was Robin? She's-...'' as he began to come forward, Iceburg suddenly pulled a gun out from under his covers, causing Luffy to halt.

''Don't speak. Your words hold no power anymore.'' Iceburg hissed, sounding cold more than calm now. ''The reason I called you here is that because I have a favor to ask...'' he looked right into Luffy's eyes, with a dangerous and cold expression, ''Let me meet with Nico Robin one more time.''

Luffy looked at him in silence for a moment with a slightly surprised glint in his eyes, ''That's... Impossible.'' Luffy finally spoke, ''I don't know where she is...''

At this, Iceburg suddenly fired his gun, but Luffy didn't even have to dodge it as Iceburg missed him completely, and the bullet hit the floor. They glared at each other for only a second longer before Luffy went to the window. Iceburg was clear with his warning, there was no need to stay there more. He looked at Iceburg one last time,

''I don't know what's going on, but...'' as he glimpsed at him over his shoulder, ''Robin is taken by Piper Col, so be careful, Ice-pops.'' Luffy seriously warned him before he jumped off the window and went towards the rooftop, where Nami was waiting.

Iceburg was left perplexed, ''Piper... Col...?'' as he blankly watched the window that Luffy just jumped off.

Luffy, meanwhile, finally landed on the roof next to Nami, who immediately turned to him to ask what happened, as the people inside of the building were panicking at the gunshot voice.

''He really did see Robin...'' Luffy said as he sat down on the roof,

''But...'' Nami looked confused, ''...But, why would Robin do such a thing...?''

Luffy just looked ahead, his expression was still serious with a mix of anger, ''I won't believe it!'' he proclaimed before he added more calmly, ''That rope guy said that there was also a masked man.'' as he clearly believed that they were the same people who tried to kill Luna yesterday and believed that they were the ones who also tried to kill Iceburg. That was why Luffy warned him no matter what.

Nami seemed pensive with this. She was considering everything that was going on and trying to put the pieces together.

While the people on the streets were shouting out things like to go after pirates before the tide comes, and trying to find the ones with posters as they thought it would be easy to find the rest like that, Sanji and Chopper were looking at the schedule of the Sea Train.

''The sea train is still operational...'' Sanji murmured as he let a puff from his smoke, ''One train during the day, and one in the night... The weather is this bad, and they can still go to Enies Lobby at 11 pm... The Sea Train sure is amazing...'' He suddenly frowned then, ''Hopefully, they didn't get on the train with Robin.'' he looked at Chopper, who's on 'Walk Point' and looking at him questionably, ''It will be a hell of a lot of trouble. It's already hard enough searching in just Water Seven...''

''I wonder if she's okay...'' Chopper said worriedly, ''Luna said they wouldn't do anything yet, but...''

''There is nothing we can do except searching for her now...'' Sanji said as he looked frustrated. They were searching for a long time, and yet, they couldn't find her or the people from the government. They didn't even know how they were looking under those masks.

Soon after, they began to ask some random people if they saw Robin, showing her picture in the newspaper. The only answer they got that if anyone happens to see her, they would go and tell the Galley-La since she is the assassin.

''We don't get to anywhere like this...'' Sanji let out a cloud of smoke, looking more frustrated as they were walking on some sidewalk.

''I wonder what happened to Luffy,'' Chopper asked as he was looking both thoughtful and worried.

''Luffy is fine.'' Sanji casually said as if he was sure so he could care less about him now. ''It's Nami-swan and Luna-cwan that I'm worried about.'' he looked around before he also added, ''This place looks so deserted now... The wind is getting stronger too. Everyone probably evacuated.''

Sanji, finding nothing to do now, began to shout out Robin's name, and, amid Sanji and Chopper's increasing worries, Chopper suddenly stopped and started to sniffle the air before a shocked expression made on his reindeer face as he found the source of the familiar scent.

''What?'' Sanji asked as he noticed Chopper's behavior, ''Cho-...'' he couldn't continue as he looked towards where Chopper was looking at and seemed to be the same with Chopper now.

There, just across the walk side of them, Robin was standing. The only thing between them was just the canal.



Sanji and Chopper called out with relieved and surprised mixed expressions.

''We were looking for you everywhere!'' Sanji shouted out, excitedly waving his arms in the air ''Everyone is worried about you! I'm so happy you're fine! Let's go back to the Merry! We can't talk here!'' he then made a big smile, clearly happy and relieved, ''Wait there! I'll come over to you!''

However, the moment Sanji took one step, Robin, who's silent until now, talked, ''No.'' causing Sanji to halt his movements. ''We're fine where we are.'' surprising Sanji as she had such a cold tone. ''I won't go back with you. Let's say our farewell here, in this town.''

''Wha...?'' Chopper stunned at what he heard, ''Robin?!''

''Eh...? What are you saying, Robin-chan?!'' Sanji asked in shock before he looked like he noticed something, ''Ah! Is this about the thing in the papers?! Don't worry! We don't believe it! We know about Ohara!'' startling Robin for a moment as her pupils enlarged, ''We know that Cipher Pol is here and they are after you because you can read Poneglyphs! Let's go back and meet with everyone so we can talk!''

Robin let out a short sigh as she tried to look calm, ''Seems like Luna talked about some unnecessary things.'' as there was no one could tell them this except Luna, ''It doesn't matter.'' Robin said with a frown as she looked much colder now. ''You're all were falsely accused of the crime, yet, for me, it is the truth. I did, in fact, infiltrate the mayor's office last night.'' shocking Sanji as she calmly went on. ''You said, you know? Then you should know that I'm shrouded in darkness and that darkness will eventually be the death of you.''

Sanji and Chopper looked at her with shocked expressions, yet Sanji also had a horrified look as he had a feeling where this was going as every word of Aokiji and Luna echo in his ears.

''Now... you will be my scapegoats for this incident.'' Robin spoke again, ''I'll leave soon, and the situation will worsen.''

''What are you talking about?!'' Sanji yelled out in haste, dropping his cigarette, ''Why are you...?!''

''Why am I doing this?'' Robin asked for him, ''There is no need to tell you all that.''

''Robin-chan! You're not making any sense!'' Sanji shouted out, ''Did something happen to you?! Did they do something?! Were they the ones who made you all this?!''

''Robin!'' Chopper also shouted out after Sanji, sounding desperate, ''Let's go back together!''

''I'm not forced to anything. This is all my own actions.'' Robin, opposite them, calmly speak, ''We haven't known each other for long, and after today, we won't see each other again.'' she looked at the stunned Sanji and Chopper. ''Say 'Hello' to everyone for me. In the time I've been with you, you have treated me well.'' Robin said, and just before she turned her back to leave them, she lastly added, ''Goodbye.''

Sanji and Chopper were stunned as to what they heard.

With the first step Robin took,

''Hey,'' Sanji whispered, ''I... I don't believe this...'' and he also took a step forward.

With the second step of Robin,

''What a minute! Robin-chan!'' Sanji called out after her, ''This isn't funny!'' and run towards her as his arms tried to reach her.

He stepped on the water as if he would be able to walk on it before he fell into it, and while Chopper was desperately crying after her, Sanji began to swim to reach her.

However, Robin didn't turn her back as she walked away from them.

''She's gone...'' Chopper gloomily said as they were now on the spot that Robin was before while Sanji was squeezing his wet shirt.

''Yeah...'' Sanji slowly said before he looked ahead with a determined look, ''Chopper.'' getting his attention, ''Find Luffy, tell him exactly what happened. Don't miss a single word and also tell him about Luna and Usopp left the Merry to search for Robin.''

''What about you, Sanji?'' Chopper asked in a mix of worry and confusion now,

''I have a plan,'' Sanji said in a solemn tone. ''Don't worry, I'll be fine.'' only confusing Chopper more.


After leaving Sanji and Chopper, Robin's neutral expression broke a little. Her hand moved towards the hostler she had on her right side and took the revolver she had been holding for years now.

''Now,'' her eyes that were traveling on the revolver looked ahead, ''Where should I met with her?'' she had to be quick as she still has to get into Iceburg's mansion tonight.

Luna and Usopp were walking around the streets for a while now.

As Usopp has extremely sharp eyesight, he was looking around for Robin while he was ranting about the importance of the masks because of Luna's grumblings.

Usopp made Luna wear some white mask that was covering over her mouth and nose because he was way too concerned about to found out. As if black sunglasses was not enough...

''Maybe you should also wear some hat or something too...'' Usopp talked, sounding thoughtful

''I should just wear some cloak too,'' Luna said with a sigh, already having enough while trying to sense Robin around with her haki.

''I'm just saying...'' Usopp said as he looked at her head with worry.

''I'm not the only white-haired person here!'' She barked at him. Some people thinking she was an old lady since all of her face was closed now, and she had a lot of bandages around her body that even her skin barely seen.

''Yeah, but...'' Usopp trialed off. Sure she wasn't, but he was anxious nonetheless, and what was wrong with her gold strands...?! Usopp was sure they were glimmering under the sun. Though the sun was nowhere to found now since the wind was getting stronger and that Aqua Laguna thing was probably closer now, his cowardice didn't let him take risks. Especially at a time like this...

Luna let a sigh as she could clearly sense Usopp's anxiety while she was searching for Robin. Soon, seeing the man walking towards them, ''How about that?'' Luna asked with a raised eyebrow,

Usopp looked at Luna, and even though he couldn't clearly say where she was looking at that moment, he instantly understood when he looked ahead, ''Oh...'' he nodded his head, ''Yeah, something like that could do.''

Luna gave him a sharp nod, and just after the man passed her, the cap that has a yellow front with some logo curved navy blue visor was on Luna's head instead of the man.

''Happy?'' she asked with a grin, not that Usopp could see it while he seemed surprised, not that Luna also could see it clearly due to his golden-colored mask,

''Was that a magic trick or what?!'' Usopp questioned in surprise as he glanced back at the man over his shoulder, the poor man looked like he didn't even notice his hat was gone

Luna cheekily laughed, ''I learned when I was a child.'' There were times she had to change her disguises while she was still walking on a street like this... she had to learn at some point.

Usopp let a sigh, ''No wonder you and Nami always go shopping together... thieves.'' he babbled while thinking about the times they come back with a lot of shopping bags, even when they had no money for them.

Luna ignored him as they kept searching for Robin.

After a short while later, Luna was now holding a small, black liquor hip flask she took it from some table on the outside of some cafe. ''What luck!'' she happily exclaimed as she took a gulp from the whiskey inside of it, ''Maybe something bad will happen because I might just use my whole day luck here!''

''That's not luck!'' Usopp argued back, ''It didn't come from somewhere out of luck, you stole it!'' he suddenly let a sigh in relief then, ''So, we're still safe'' the last thing he wanted would be some bad luck just because Luna stole some whiskey on some random table.

''It would look better if you had drawn some dragon on this...'' Luna thoughtfully said as her mind was drifted on this now.

''What if its owner doesn't like it?'' Usopp absentmindedly asked as he was looking around for Robin

Luna glared at him weirdly at this, ''What are you talking about?'' she asked, getting his attention, ''I love dragons, and I'm the owner.''

Usopp let another tired sigh at this, ''Yeah, yeah...'' as he didn't want to deal with this anymore...

''I thought a dragon drew by the 'Brave Warrior Usopp!' would be great!'' Luna excitedly stated as she really trusted his abilities before she let a disappointed sigh, ''Oh, well... If you don't want-...'' her words cut off by Usopp

''Hahahaha! You absolutely know who to trust!'' he exclaimed proudly, ''Alright! Leave it to me, Luna! This Usopp, the brave warrior, will draw the best dragon on it! I will even use my fifty years old perfect skills...''

As Luna was now happily nodding at Usopp's ranting about his skills, she took another gulp from the hip flask just before the eye that was on the wall close to them got her attention. The moment Luna's eyes met with the single eye, it turned its gaze towards some building as Luna also followed.

She made a smile, and the eye dissipated into petals. Luna suddenly grabbed Usopp's arm, starling him since he was still ranting about his painting skills,

''Let's go!'' Luna happily said as she dragged Usopp along with her

''What?! Where?!'' Usopp asked in surprise as he didn't understand what suddenly happened

''It's Ro! She's there!'' Luna said with a big smile that wasn't seen from the outside as she pointed out some long buildings rooftop.

Usopp looked at the sign there as he narrowed his eyes. He began to sweatdropped as he saw that the restaurant was looking like it was famous for its deserts while Luna was way too happy and now she was the one who's speaking non-stop about how she loves Robin and how she knows her as well as she couldn't wait.

When they finally arrived at the restaurant and stepped on the terrace of it, they saw just a couple of people before their eyes catch the woman in a dark green cloak with an elaborated golden pattern on the side of the railings and watching down the city.

As Usopp was going towards Robin's table, Luna pulled him to the table just behind it, confusing him a lot, but he just sat at the table anyway. Luna and Robin were facing their back as Usopp was sitting across Luna.

The moment they sat, ''You look quite wounded.'' Robin commented on their bandaged state as she ignored their weird disguise

''I didn't get through a good day...'' Usopp trialed off without getting in detail. It still felt hopeless...

''Oh, me too...'' Luna also trial off, ''I became a shish kebab.'' she talked as if it was an everyday thing

''Who's that girl?'' Robin asked as she continued their casual talk as she was sure that girl was the one who's responsible for Luna's wounds while she had no clue about Usopp

Usopp, understanding who Robin was asking, was saying she's Goddess of War, which surprising Robin as she also heard of that epithet, while his eyes were looking at the waitress that was coming towards them,

''You met her?'' Luna asked as she also watched the city, not really answering Robin's question

''She asked a bunch of questions,'' Robin answered as she calmly took a sip from the cup of coffee in front of her. She also noticed that Luna didn't say anything about the girl.

''Well, she's just here for me, so you don't have to worry about her.'' Luna talked with a sigh as she really didn't want to talk about that girl,

''Seems like Aokiji didn't say anything.'' Robin's eyes were pensive as she said this. She was also sure that Aokiji didn't believe any lie Luna told him, but he still didn't say anything. Robin never understood that man.

''Yeah, I figured out that much...'' Luna said before the waitress came to take orders,

Usopp didn't actually understand why they were sitting there and talking as if nothing wrong.

Unlike others, while Luna and Usopp were searching for Robin, Luna told him that the people yesterday didn't kill Luna and left before the fight really happen because two masked people came, and Luna was able to hear the words of 'Seven of them to get off this island safely.' and told him that something definitely happened with Robin but Luna wasn't entirely sure what happened, so they had to find Robin.

Despite every thought of him that they shouldn't be so relaxed like this, Usopp ordered fish and chips since he was actually quite hungry now as Luna ordered a big plate of chicken dish and a lot of strawberry chocolate cake along with a coffee for afterward.

After the waitress left, ''So... what happened?'' Luna asked as she finally got in the matter, ''They say you shot the mayor...''

''I have to,'' Robin casually said, though it wasn't her who shot at him. She was just there as it was supposed to be.

''Seven of them to get off this island safely,'' Luna repeated as Robin frowned on the back, ''Considering the fact that they offered a deal even to me... I'm guessing something similar happened to you,''

''It doesn't matter!'' Usopp silently screamed at their calm talk, ''Now we finally found you, we have to get the hell out of here!''

''I'm not coming with you anymore.'' Robin calmly said, as she took the revolver and put it on Luna and Usopp's table with the help of her powers, not even glancing back at them. ''I only wanted to meet to give this back.''

While Usopp was in shock at what Robin just said and trying to sink it, ''This is not what we promised.'' Luna talked with a distaste as she looked at the revolver with a frown. ''Everyone knows they are after you and why they want you. We can deal with them.''

''I can't take it to where I will be going after tonight,'' Robin said, causing Luna to frown as she went on, ''And I know. I have met with Sanji and Chopper and told them the same thing.''

As much as Robin didn't like it, she could relate to the circumstances and wasn't angry at Luna for telling them why they were after her. However, it didn't change anything for Robin. They might know why they want her and still want Robin back with them, but they had yet to meet with what they were facing. Her enemy was the world itself.

''Wait...'' Usopp suddenly talked as he finally sank what he heard, ''Are you saying, you're leaving the crew?!'' he asked in shock

''That's right,'' Robin calmly replied, causing Usopp's eyes to widen

Before Usopp could talk again, ''What the hell?!'' Luna asked in anger, ''I'm telling you we can deal with them!'' as she was frustrated. She really didn't want Robin to get through all of those things.

''A buster call will be ordered on the crew.'' Robin still didn't break her composure as she tried to make Luna understand the situation.

''What?!'' Usopp yelled/asked in shock, getting the few people's attention there. Alarmed by this, Usopp cleared his throat and tried to look calm as much as he could while he was extremely panicking inside.

'So it's really buster call...' as she already guessed, though she was angry at this. ''You don't have to do what they want. We can deal with a buster call,'' Luna talked with a scowl, a slight hint of anger in her tone as they used Robin's fear like this.

''We can?!'' Usopp asked in shock as the waitress came to put their orders

The moment the waitress left again, ''Sure,'' Luna said with a shrug, ''I can burn down the ships,'' as she pulled down the white mask to under her chin to eat the food. She wasn't entirely sure though, and Robin's next words just made every thought she was dismissing come to the surface.

''Burning down the ships wouldn't take care of ten thousand marine soldiers and five Vice- Admirals.'' Robin was calm, yet it was also cold and distant as her eyes had a faraway look. ''You're not a princess anymore. You can't deal with it with a snap of your finger.''

Luna felt a punch in her gut as she couldn't even take a bite from her food.

Luna was happy that she wasn't a princess, yet Robin was saying she wasn't strong enough just on herself, without the power of her country and it's people. Though she knew Robin really didn't mean it, it left a bad taste in her mouth.

Usopp looked at Luna in worry as his eyes darted between two women before he also spoke, ''We can run...?'' he suggested

Though he was scared, especially when he heard the count, he still believed maybe they could run if Luna burned their ship along with everyone's shared efforts to fight against the marines.

''Do you really think we can, with Merry's condition?'' Robin asked with her cold tone again.

This time, Usopp felt a punch in his gut at this.

Aqua Laguna was coming, and Merry was in no condition to sail on something like that. The only thing they have to do is to hold on until Aqua Laguna ends and run away from this island as Robin went with the Cipher Pol. This was the only way in Robin's mind, and she knew they would be fine in the end.

''Still, that doesn't mean that you have to go with them!'' Luna argued with her not gone frown, this wasn't right, ''You're literally sacrificing yourself!''

''That's right!'' Usopp also agreed with Luna, ''Let's just go and met with others, I'm sure we can find a way!'' he truly believed what he said

Robin closed her eyes. Cipher Pol, Goddess of War, and... a Buster Call. She already gave up when she heard Aokiji's name, who gave the permission of Buster Call to Cipher Pol. If she was alone and didn't care for any of them, she could run like always, but Robin didn't believe they could all run from this.

Robin stood up, ''As I said, I only met with you to gave that back, and since you would be the only one who could really find me, I wanted to make clear.'' Robin took a step as she didn't even look at them. ''Might you act reckless sometimes, but you surely know what this situation means. Also, you would be the one who understands the most. So, stop.''

Luna clearly understood Robin's words. Sure she knew what kind of situation they were in. Robin wanted them to stop coming after her and leave.

''Goodbye.'' and with that, Robin began to walk out of the restaurant

''Wha...?'' Usopp looked at the back of Robin with a dumbfounded expression as he also suddenly stood up, ''Wait...!'' he took a couple of steps after her before he looked back at Luna, who's looking towards the revolver at the table with an unreadable expression, ''Hey, Luna! Come on! We have to go after her!'' he even forgot his fears as he was trying to hurry up to go after Robin, who's disappearing every passing second.

''Sit down, Usopp.'' Luna talked in a flat tone, ''You're getting attention.''

Usopp scanned around to see the few people there were looking at them with curiosity, ''So what?!'' as he couldn't care less at the moment, ''We can't let her go like this! What's going to happen to her if she leaves?!''

''There is nothing we can do at the moment.'' Luna quietly said with her still flat tone before she finally broke her eyes from the revolver and stared at Usopp, ''Sit down.''

Usopp suddenly quieted down at Luna's serious tone but frowned as he really didn't understand, yet he went back to the table and sat back.

''Why are we sitting?!'' Usopp asked as soon as he sat on the chair

''What do you think would happen if Robin would come back to us right now?'' Luna asked as she took the fork.

''Buster Call will come? We have to fight with Cipher Pol?'' Usopp asked, and though he was scared, that didn't mean he would be happy about Robin being sacrifice just because they didn't have to face them and run away. He didn't even know what would happen to Robin, but he was sure it wasn't something good. ''So what?! We still can't let her go!''

''Sure we can't.'' Luna agreed with him with a nod, confusing Usopp as he thought then why they were sitting there, ''We just need to find the right time and place.'' Luna went on as she looked at the cake in her fork, ''Did you forget what's a buster call?''

Usopp looked at Luna as he thought everything from the beginning.

He didn't understand the reasons or thought about asking, but from what he understand, they made Robin shot the mayor, and she was working with them because they threaten her with a buster call on them. An attack that doesn't care what they were destroying.

'Right time and place.'

Usopp's eyes enlarged. Robin going back at them right now meant an attack on the island since they couldn't leave with Merry's condition. There was also Cipher Pol here, and Aqua Laguna was also coming, which meant that this island would be sinking.

He couldn't exactly imagine it, but Usopp was sure it would be all disaster.

He still didn't understand what was the right time and place as he looked at Luna and sweatdropped at the sight of her.

She was stuffing cake inside her mouth without even swallowing, looking like a squirrel with her filled cheeks. Though he couldn't see her eyes, she had a frown.

With a slight hesitation, ''Then when is the right time, where is the right place? What are we going to do?'' Usopp asked, getting clearly unsatisfied Luna's attention as she began to chew the cake in her mouth while she was pouring whiskey into her half-filled cup of coffee with her new hip flask.

Luna didn't really like the outcome since she didn't want Robin to go all through this, but she could understand her. Luna already knew the people who's after her. She was carefree because out of everyone who could pose the most problem was the emperors, and she was sure that an emperor wouldn't come to Paradise just for her. But if they would...

Yet, Robin's situation was still different.

Robin probably didn't care about this island like Luna, who cared because of Franky.

Nevertheless, Robin's way was still the only one they could deal with everything, so Luna decided not to change things.

At the moment, Luna didn't think they could actually fight with Cipher Pol because they weren't really ready for it. Not to mention the whole city was after them at the moment. If they would go and attack them now, it would create nothing but chaos because the members of Cipher Pol were trusted in the eyes of everyone in this city, and CP9 wouldn't hold back to use this to their advantage.

Later, when they revealed themselves was also not a good time. A serious fight with them would take time, and this city was not a proper place to a fight like that as it would be sinking. Aqua Laguna was arriving at a really bad time. Buster Call was also a problem. As much as the ships couldn't get close due to the Aqua Laguna, it could arrive the moment it's over, and Luna didn't believe they would be all prepared until that time. They also didn't have the ship to run in time, and Luna had no intention to let another one of their future crewmates home to got a buster call just because she changed things.

There was also Knight as she was calling herself like that now. As much as Luna didn't want to think about it, from the moment she woke up, she was thinking about how to beat her. She was unknown to all of this thing as Luna was also trying to think about the possible damages Knight could cause.

Luna swallowed before she casually took the cup of whiskey mixed coffee and sipped it before she answered Usopp's question, ''We will get in the Sea Train.''

Luffy and Nami decided to go back to the ship because Nami said that the sky and the town were gloomy. The wind was blowing hard, and the pressure was dropping. Nami guessed a typhoon might pass through that night, and as its fitting name, City of Water was vulnerable to any natural disasters on the seas.

It wasn't easy to even go back to their ship though. Everyone was after them, but they somehow managed to stay hidden, until they came across Zoro, who's followed by an angry crowd. Reunited with a weird situation, all three of them were running from the angry mob as they were all screaming furiously at them, brandishing long saws and other weapons...

Soon after, Luffy found a side street and get in that way, which Zoro went running right past them despite what Luffy said, and Nami followed right in that place. Luffy had to stretch out his arm and grab him so that they wouldn't lose him again like early on the day, as he also practically strangling him along the way.

After finding a bridge, with Nami suggesting, Luffy stretched out underneath it, gripping the sides with his hands and toes as Zoro and Nami sat on his stomach.

So, at the moment, they were listening to the angry crowds yelling about where they were gone. All three of them silently listened to the crowd talk between them about what they should do before they all decided that they must be hiding in one of the buildings or even on the roofs. They listened to them resolve to divide off into groups to go and look around.

''Is it... safe now...?'' Luffy croaked out, looking like he was in pain from holding on

''Not yet,'' Zoro whispered back with a serious tone as they all waited, wanting to be sure that everyone was gone before they come out. None of them actually wanted to run anymore.

They listened as they heard the footsteps, and slowly all their voices die down, and soon the only voice was the sound of the river below them.

Zoro and Nami sighed in relief as Luffy was literally shaking and sweating, clearly pushing himself to hold on. Just then, Chopper's face leaned over the edge and spotted them.

Luffy's eyes bulged out with shock at seeing him, and with a scream, he let go, causing all three of them to fell right into the river.

After another weird reunion, Zoro hauled Luffy out, and they all went to some rooftop to talk since that was the only place they could talk without chasing after.

All of them were gathered around each other and sat on the floor,

While Luffy was asking how Chopper found them and Chopper was answering with their smell,

''It's clear now,'' Zoro spoke as he made sure that they weren't followed now.

''Clear?!'' Nami snapped at him with this, glaring at him fiercely, ''This is all your fault! You were being chased by so many of them, and then you got us spotted too!''

''I couldn't help it!'' Zoro also snapped at her before he calmly went on, ''There's just so many... It's impossible to stay out of sight...''

Luffy, who's listening to them in silence, suddenly turned to Chopper, ''Ah! Where is Sanji?'' getting Chopper's attention.

Chopper, for his part, seemed upset as he looked down, ''Well, he's...'' he quietly answered before he decided to tell them everything from the beginning.

Chopper told them that they went to the ship to warn Luna and Usopp about something called Aqua Laguna, but they couldn't find them there. They found a note though, saying that Luna and Usopp took money to somewhere safe and go to search for Robin. Soon after they came back to the city, they came across Robin, and he told them everything they talked with her.

They all stared at Chopper with dumbstruck expressions at what they heard, except for Zoro, who had an unreadable expression.

''IS THAT FOR REAL?!'' Luffy suddenly shouted out as he instantly got over his shock, looking furious, ''THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! DID ROBIN REALLY SAID THAT?!''

Chopper nodded at this, looking ready to cry as Nami was looking too confused at what's going on.

''Is it really that surprising?'' Zoro coolly asked, getting their attention as they looked at him as if asking what is he talking about, ''They offered a deal to Luna, who they wanted to kill. What makes us think that they didn't do the same with Robin.''

''That doesn't make any sense!'' Nami suddenly talked with a frown, ''After everything they had caused to Robin all these years, she wouldn't left the crew to work with them!''

''There is still a lot of things we don't know about Robin,'' Zoro grimly stated. Robin's home was destroyed, and they wanted her because she could read Poneglyhps, but Robin was also a woman who survived for two decades on her own as she even worked with one of the Seven Warlords. ''We don't know what they may offer or not.'' Zoro was also didn't believe Robin would work with them just like that, but everyone had a weakness or something they wanted.

''It still doesn't make any sense,'' Nami insisted, ''Those guys from the shipyard said that Robin was with a large, masked man. I bet he's one of those Cipher Pol guys we saw that night when we found Luna!'' For the life of her, Nami couldn't understand why the government would want to kill the mayor. All she could think about it, for now, was because they want a crime to blame them. ''What if they're doing all of it to make us busy so that they can take Robin easily?''

Chopper also looked like he noticed something with this, ''Yeah, Sanji also asked something like that! They might have forced Robin!'' he then looked down, ''Though she said she's not forced to do anything...'' as he didn't even consider the fact that Robin would lie to them, even in a situation like this.

''That might not be true'' Nami said with a frown, ''Weapons are not something they wanted to be a public, right?'' Nami asked, getting their attention before she went on, ''What if they want a public excuse to catch Robin and get rid of us so that hiding everything would be an easy thing. It wouldn't be something they didn't have done before.'' as she thought about Robin's home.

''Why is Robin working with them then? You're the ones said that she has indeed seen with those assassins.'' Zoro asked as this didn't make any sense. Robin was supposed to be taken, but she was looking like she was working with them and practically told Chopper and Sanji she is leaving the crew.

''I told you! She could be forced!'' Nami insisted as Chopper also agreed with her

''Robin is someone who the government tried and failed to capture for twenty years.'' Zoro talked in a serious tone, ''I don't think they can easily forced her to something against her own will.'' causing Nami to frown as he turned to Chopper now, ''Besides, you also said that she said the situation will only get worse and we won't see her again after today, correct?''

''Yeah,'' Chopper nodded, not liking to remember

Zoro scowled a little as he looked thoughtful, trying to look at this from all sides. ''She said we won't ever meet after today... It sounds like she's announcing that she's going to do something to make things worse for us.''

The others looked at him. As Nami and Chopper looked shocked and horrified at his words, Luffy silently listened with a blank expression as Zoro went on,

''The attempt on the mayor's life has already caused this much of an uproar... if someone wants to make matters worse, there is only one way...''

''... This time, the successful assassination of the mayor.'' Nami completed for him as she looked grave and thoughtful

Zoro nodded before he continued, ''That's the natural thing for us to think. But now that we know she's framing us for the crime, this could be viewed as a trap to lead us to the crime scene...'' Zoro then frowned as he thought of everything, ''There are also those guys... We don't really know what they are trying to do except our guessings. The only thing we certainly know that they tried to kill Luna but left without success and took Robin to use her for the weapons... Now the mayor. Everyone is already after us, if we're found at the scene of a crime, then we'll automatically be framed. Luna is also open wide right now. They can use this chaos to go after her again... This all thing can be some big trap.''

''Wait a minute!'' Nami suddenly cut him off, ''You sound like you're already thinking of Robin as an enemy, and like she working with them even if it's means Luna's death! Robin might also say all of these things to warn us!'' looking actually angry as she glared at Zoro. She couldn't believe he was saying those words.

''I'm just talking about the possibilities.'' Zoro went on with a frown. He also had a hard time to think Robin would do that kind of thing after everything he knew, but he had to think about every possibility because they really didn't know everything.

''We should be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Whether to believe or not, if I get locked into a single line of thinking, it'll only slow me down.'' Zoro then flicked his sword out just so that they could see a little bit of the blade,

''If Robin somehow really forced to do this all and she is still our friend, I will be cutting those government bastards beside her.'' A deep frown made on his face before he went on, ''But, if she really accepted something from them, and working with them, I have to be ready to fight.'' Zoro re-sheathed the blade as if he's done. ''If something's gonna happens, it's gonna be tonight.'' he said as he turned to Luffy now, ''Do we go to the crime scene?''

''We go.'' Luffy didn't even think about it as he looked ahead with a serious expression.

''I don't mind if we go...'' Nami talked as she turned to Luffy, ''But we have to be prepared. We might come across these guys, and there were a lot of them. Not to mention they were strong enough to win against Luna,'' in her eyes, Luna was one of the strongest of the crew, and finding her in a condition like that was still a shock to Nami. ''We also don't know how they really look... What's even our goal with going there?''

''To catch Robin.'' Luffy said without hesitation, lowering his head so they couldn't see his eyes as they looked at him, ''Otherwise, we'll never know what's really going on.'' He put a hand on his hat as he slowly stood up

''Yeah...'' Zoro seemed to be agreed with Luffy, ''Just thinking about it like this is a waste of time.'' he then looked troubled a little, ''But let alone we don't know how those guys are looking, as I said, Robin is someone who's able to run from the government for twenty years...''

''Yes, but this the only way for us to find out the truth.'' Nami also agreed with Luffy,

''Alright! I will try my best too!'' Chopper declared with determination, sounding like he's ready for a fight

''What about Luna and Usopp?'' Nami asked as she remembered them. Sanji said he had a plan according to Chopper, but what were those two were doing... She also wondered what they had done with the money and the gold...

''Well, the note was saying they went after Robin, right?'' Zoro asked as he looked at Chopper

''Yeah!'' Chopper confirmed with a sharp nod,

''Luna's face is also on the papers... I'm sure she knows what's going on until now.'' Nami said with a thoughtful look as she thought that they would chase after her too like Luffy and Zoro. ''If she saw the papers, they might also come to look for Iceburg to find out what's going on...''

''We will be all meeting there then.'' Luffy said as all of their eyes fixed into the distance, to where Galley-La's headquarters were, ''Let's go.''

Like defying all of their crewmates thoughts, Luna and Usopp were in the Middle Town, in front of a bar named 'Blueno's Bar'

Usopp thought that they were going to the Blue Station, but Luna told him the train would be moving at 11 pm and they would be going close to that hour. Furthermore, Blue Station would be too crowded right now because a lot of people were getting off of the island due to Aqua Laguna. Usopp wanted to go back to Merry, but their ship was far away. If they would go back to the peninsula Merry docked, they could miss the train. They also didn't know where the rest of the crew was and searching for them while everyone was after them was a waste of time. Then Luna came up with the idea of a bar, saying that her whiskey finished, and so, they ended up coming to a bar close to the station.

Unknown to Usopp, Luna also wanted to keep an eye on Blueno so that she would know the time to move.

However, before they could get in the bar, they come across an angry Franky, who's getting out of the bar while yelling he's feeling cramped there, and it's time for him to go berserk again as two identical women were following behind him.

Luna immediately recognized him. 'Franky?!' as she was looking at his speedo's from the very beginning, 'What is he doing here?' her eyes finally traveled his face.

They all stared at each other in silence before Franky's eyes widen with realization as he saw Usopp's nose, ''You! You're that weakling long nose from that Straw Hat's crew!'' as he pointed out a finger at Usopp,

Usopp's eyes also widened from the moment he saw him, and hearing his voice just confirmed who he was, ''Gyaaa! You're Franky!'' Usopp also pointed out a finger at him before he gasped in shock ''You're wrong! I'm not him!'' as he remembered he was wearing a mask and a cloak.

''What?! I already know it's you!'' Franky shouted out in rage, ''Who the hell are you trying to fool?!''

''I said I'm not!'' Usopp yelled back at him, totally sure he could deceive him with his disguise

''Then who are you?'' Franky asked with a calm yet dangerous tone

''I-... I'm...'' Usopp stuttered for a moment before he suddenly struck a dramatic pose, ''I'M SOGEKING!''

Luna's jaw fell on the ground with shock, 'WHAT?!' this was the last thing she was waiting to hear since she was actually sure there wouldn't be a 'Sogeking' since there was no fight between Usopp and Luffy. 'I knew that mask was familiar!'

Luna wasn't the only one who's jaw on the ground. Franky, Kiwi, and Mozu's jaws were also on the ground because of the blatant lie.

'He is definitely that guy came to our house yesterday...' Kiwi thought with shock as she looked at the posing Usopp

'He's definitely that long-nosed guy...' Mozu also thought the same with her sister

Franky looked at him in silence before he collected his jaw and yelled out, ''I told you who the hell are you even trying to fool?!'' hovering his abnormally large arms in the air as he took a step towards Usopp,

''Gyaaaaaa!'' Usopp screamed out with his arms also in the air before he was suddenly got hid Luna's back

Franky's attention slide to Luna with this, ''Who the hell are you, little sis?! Are you also one of them?!'' he asked as he cracked his neck, clearly trying to intimidate Luna, ''I suggest you get out of the way, little sis... It's good timing... I was looking for something, and look! You came right in front of me!'' a dangerous smile creeped out on his face.

Though Luna's face was covered with sunglasses and a mask as the cap was also shadowing her face, she just blankly looked at Franky as she was thinking what to say. She didn't want to fight with Franky or cause trouble with him since there were already a lot of things going on, and he was one of their future crewmates.

So, in the end, Luna suddenly struck a dramatic pose, similar to Usopp.

She turned her back a little and showing the yellow dragon with her thumb, ''I'm the leader of the Golden Dragon Gang, Luo!'' Luna declared before she frowned and harshly added, ''Have a problem with my friend?''

As Usopp was proudly nodding at Luna's pose, Franky looked at the small girl with a weird expression before he yelled out, ''What's wrong with you two weirdos?!''

''Who are you calling a weirdo?! Look at yourself first!'' Luna immediately yelled back out of habit as she had done with Zoro whenever he called Luna a weirdo.

Usopp gasped at her, ''What are you doing?! You will make him angry!'' as he silently screamed out from Luna's back,

''Ah,'' Luna also gasped at Usopp's words, ''Habit...?'' as she sheepishly scratched the back of her head

Franky looked at them before he also suddenly struck his own pose, ''This outcome is supeeer~!'' getting Luna and Usopp's attention as they looked at his arms went over his head at lock together wrist-to-wrist. The two separate star tattoos push together to make one star, ''If I get you two...'' he looked at them as he fixed his sunglasses up with a smirk on his face, ''Straw-hat will surely come to save you, right? We can supeer~ continue our fight!''

''What?! Wait!'' Usopp shouted out with shock, ''Are you saying you're gonna kidnap us?!'' utterly ignoring everything else

''I don't know...'' Luna murmured after Usopp, ''Why would he tell us?'' getting Usopp's attention, ''I mean, if he didn't tell us maybe he could get us off guard, but now it's impossible...'' she had no intention to let Franky destroy her plans as she really wanted some drink

''Of course, I'm going to kidnap you!'' Franky confirmed, completely crushing Luna's speculations before he gazed far away and calmly talked, ''Our match has been interrupted... You completely destroyed my home... Franky house, and beat up most of my men...'' and then suddenly, he began to yell with bloodied eyes, ''How dare you to do such a thing! You assholes!'' as the two sisters came to hold him on while yelling at him to calm down,

''It wasn't us!'' Luna and Usopp shouted out with shark teeth, though they knew it was Luffy and others...

''What's wrong with him...?'' Usopp asked with a shock as he watched Franky calming down now

''Maybe we should just ignore him...'' Luna was speaking before Franky suddenly came and put a hand on Luna's shoulder,

''Alright, little sis!'' he said with a huge smile, ''Don't afraid! I'll just supeer~ take you and nothing else!''

'Technically, he is still not in the crew... And stole our money... There is also Usopp...' Luna reflected as she stared up at Franky, who's pretty big compared to her, and clenched her hand into a fist

''Umm... Lun-...Luo... what are you-...'' Usopp was sweating as he was gazing at Luna's fist, but before he could even finish his sentence

''You damn speedo!'' Luna held up her fist before she threw a punch right into Franky's face, ''I just want to go and drink some alcohol! Why are you interrupting us!?''

''Huh? A little girl's puncmft'' Franky was cockily saying just before the punch hit his face as he forced to back away a little, and his face turned over to another side with the force of the punch.

''Ouch!'' Luna held her hand as she got free from Franky grip, ''Hurts!''

Getting over his shock, ''Why did you even hit him with your injured hand?!'' Usopp yelled out as he pulled Luna back to his side for not wanting Franky to catch her off guard

''I forgot...'' Luna said as she had some tears in her eyes, ''Besides, he is harder than I thought...''

Usopp seemed to notice something with this, ''Yeah, now that I think about it... He stopped my attack as if nothing, and it seemed like it hit a metal wall...''

''Auw!'' Franky suddenly came back to the world and looked at them with a big smile as he heard their talk, ''That was a supeeer~! Punch for a little girl like you...'' He then looked at them with a menacing glint in his eyes, ''However, unfortunately for you, it doesn't work on me...'' He put a hand to his ear as if he was trying to hear something more clearly ''Are you asking why?'' and then, striking his dramatic pose, ''Because... I'm a supeer~~ Cyborg!''

Luna and Usopp stared at his declaration with blank expressions at first as he was posing.

''A cyborg...?'' Usopp asked in bewilderment as Luna was staring still blank since she already knew this, nonetheless, she was still impressed as to how her punch had a little effect on him. Even though she was injured, she still punched him with her sea stone skeleton bracelet.

''That's right! I'm the one who made this all remodeling!'' Franky replied with a proud expression as if showing off to the children ''Now, while I'm at it... I'll tell you more thing! My stomach is sensitive to cold. Why do you think?''

''How should I know?'' Usopp questioned in surprise, can't follow the change of the conversation's flow anymore

''Is this a riddle?'' Luna also questioned in wonder

Franky laughed at them before he suddenly opened the area where his intestines should be, ''Because I tuck a cola-chilling fridge in there!''

''Wow! That's so cool!'' Luna clapped as she suddenly sparkled, looking amused

''Wow! That's the best on a hot day!'' Usopp also clapped beside Luna, looking amused too

''Can you a put a whiskey there?!'' Luna asked in excitement, resembling a child who met with Santa

''The answer to that would be a supeeerr~!'' Franky spoke with a big smile as he closed his fridge while Luna was shinning more than ever, ''No!''

''No?!'' Luna and Usopp comically fell over before Luna instantly came back, ''Why not?!'' looking like she couldn't accept no as an answer

''Because cola is my fuel! I can't let myself fuel with something else or my functions would be useless~!'' He answered as he made a cool expression

''Didn't he just tell us something about his weakness right now?'' Usopp asked himself, blinking with a dumbfound expression

''Then do it to me!'' Luna, not even hearing Usopp, suddenly shouted out as she pointed out her stomach, ''Do a refrigerator on my stomach that can store whiskey!''

''Oh!'' Franky seemed amused, ''You're a brave little sis! Then-...''

Before Franky continued, however, Usopp interrupted, ''Wait a minute, Luna-... No, Luo!'' as he fixed the slip of tongue even if it was too late, Usopp crossed his arms in front of him, as if saying no, ''Building up a refrigerator in your body is a life-changing decision! You can't decide this kind of thing out of nowhere! You would be practically turning into a cyborg too!'' Usopp tried to reason her, ''Besides, out of anyone... You can't let an enemy build a refrigerator in your body!'' pointing out Franky with an accusing finger.

As soon as Usopp said those words, everyone, even Usopp himself, gasped in shock as they all remembered what they were doing just before.

''That's right!'' Franky abruptly shouted out, ''I'm going to kidnap you!'' as he suddenly held up his right arm and removed his skin, revealing his stell limb as he looked ready to deliver a punch

Usopp also held up his slingshot, looking ready to shot at him, ''Wait a minute!'' Luna suddenly shouted out as she was also looking like she took a karate position, ''I don't want to fight you! You're a cool cyborg, and I liked you! Why do you even have to kidnap us?!''

''You liked him?!'' Usopp asked in shock as his head snapped at her. Sure, a Cyborg was cool, but...

''Eh?'' Franky also put his guard downed before he blushed and sheepishly scratched the back of his head, ''You liked me?! I mean, of course, I'm cool!'' as he began to laugh,

Usopp sweatdropped at him before he gasped as he made a face like he remembered something, ''Wait a minute!'' getting their attention, ''What did you do with our money?! Where is our two hundred million?!''

''Oh, that?'' Franky changed his mode in an instant as he made a cool expression, fixing his sunglasses before he suddenly made another dramatic pose, ''I spent all of it!''

''You hooligan bastard!'' Usopp suddenly jumped forward, only to stopped by Luna,

''Wait, Usopp!'' Luna stopped him as she was suddenly in front of him and trying to hold him, ''There is nothing we can do if he spent it! We have to save our energy for the war!'' sending shivers to Usopp with what she said,

''War...'' he murmured as he looked calmed down before he made a terrified expression and yelled out, ''Don't put it like that! You're only making me nervous!''

''Then...'' Luna looked like she was thinking about what to say for a moment before she suddenly put her hands on his shoulders in a calm manner. ''Save your energy to operation saving Ro,'' causing Usopp to relax and looked determined before she also added, ''From the hands of the world.''

''I said stop it!'' Usopp yelled out as Franky, and two square-haired sisters were looking at them weirdly since they were left out now

''Why are you even angry?'' Franky suddenly asked, looking chill before he switched an angry in a matter of second, ''You guys also destroyed my house, which I'm still angry at you for that assholes!'' and then, he seemed relaxed again, ''So we can call it even.''

''No way!'' Usopp yelled out furiously, ''That money was for our ship! I won't forgive you!''

''Why not?!'' Franky asked with interest before he began to shook his hand, ''Ah, not that I'm asking forgiveness, but I heard there were four more cases. Can't you repair your ship with it?'' he wondered what was wrong with their ship. It shouldn't cause that much money, no matter what the problem was.

Luna and Usopp sighed at this, suddenly looking down.

''Oh... Our ship is...'' Usopp breathed with a dark cloud hovering over his head, ''Merry is...''

''... Can't be repaired.'' Luna completed for him as she also had a bitter aura around her

''You two look supeer~ dark!'' Franky stated something obvious, ''So, the problem is the keel?'' getting their attention as they slowly and shortly nodded their head, ''How about this?'' Franky spoke as he seemed like he suddenly came up with an excellent idea, ''You guys look like you love your ship... I'm ship-dismantler! Let me kidnap you two, and I will carefully scrap your ship!'' as he thumbs-up at them with a wink

Usopp and Luna's jaws fell on the ground with this ''WHAT?!'' both of them were staring at him as if they couldn't believe what he said,

''Are you out of your mind?! I reject both!'' Luna shouted at him as she couldn't believe the unreasonable deal offer

''That's right! We will never let her scrapped, you monster!'' Usopp also yelled at him in outrage

Franky seemed taken back from their reaction, ''What the hell?! If a ship can't sail, scrapping her is the right choice!'' as he also looked fierce now,

''She's not just a ship! She's a Klabautermann!'' Luna stated as Usopp also nodded at her,

''That's right! I don't care if you believe it or not, but she has a soul! We can't let her scrapped!'' Usopp yelled out after Luna as both of them were pointing out a finger at him with furious expressions, even though their faces were hidden under their disguise.

Franky, on the other hand, looked shocked, ''Klabautermann?'' it was the first time he has heard about it directly, and he didn't think they were lying from how passionate they were looking. However, before Franky could ask more about it, the door of the bar suddenly burst opened, revealing an old, drunk woman.

''Nagagagaga! What's this all screamings? I thought you already left Franky!''

All of them were now silent as they looked at the old woman. Just the moment Franky was about to bark at the woman, Luna and Usopp pointed out their finger at her now,

''You're that old lady from the light tower!'' Usopp claimed as he looked surprised

''You're old lady Kokoro!'' Luna also claimed at the same time with Usopp

''Oh..?!'' Kokoro finally seemed to notice Luna and Usopp. ''Oh my... Aren't you pirates who are looking for a shipwright for your ship?'' causing Usopp's jaw to fell as he was questioning how did she even recognize them, especially while she was looking drunk... again.

Franky also looked confused as he was questioning how they know each other while Luna was beyond happy, ''What a good coincidence! Hey, old lady Kokoro! Didn't you say that you would buy as a drink?!''

''Oh, You remember?!'' Kokoro asked, but she didn't look surprised as she had a big smile, ''Nagagagaga! Well, this might be a fateful encounter! Alright! Get in!''

''Woah! This is absolutely a lucky day!'' Luna said with a laugh, ''Maybe something truly bad will happen in the end! Wahahaha!''

''Stop saying that!'' Usopp shouted after Luna as she began to walk towards the bar, ''You will jinx us!''

''Ah!'' just then, a little girl came out of the bar, causing Luna to ignore Usopp, ''Pirate big sister!'' Chimney waved her hand at Luna with a big smile,

''How they even recognized us?!'' Usopp was in shock as Luna was questioning why Chimney was in a bar, but she let go when she heard she was drinking juice. Seeing that they were getting inside, Usopp gasped with realization, ''Don't leave me again!'' as he ran after them.

Franky blankly stared at the door as they were already inside now.


Franky roared out as he burst inside the bar once again with his two sister following behind him.


Franky's plan on kidnapping Luna and Usopp have forgotten long ago as they were all sitting around a table, drinking and crying.

'' ~~Uya, Uyau, Au...'' Franky had overflowing tears as he was sniffling while trying to wipe his tears, ''What a story!''

''Ennn!'' Mozu agreed with his big brother as she was sobbing,

''She is such a brave ship!'' Kiwi also said as she was crying her eyes out,

''Merry-chan!'' Chimney also cried along with Kokoro,

''Such a moving story! You kids came a long way!'' As she gulped down her bottle of rum with tears in her eyes

''Yeah,'' Usopp was also crying along with them, ''That's why we won't scrap her!'' as he glared at Franky,

''Auw! Don't worry bro!'' Franky said as he cried more, ''After hearing such a story... I wholeheartedly agree to your's way!'' implying their decision on how to say goodbye to Merry.

After Franky followed them inside, he asked about Klabautermann at some point, and Usopp decided to talk about it from the beginning when they first met with Merry in his hometown at East Blue. He exaggerated the story at some points though...

As if he was carrying in him all the time, Usopp seemed relieved after telling Merry's story, especially on the part when they first saw her on the sky island. Franky also cried more when he heard that how they got the gold, but he had no regrets to stole it because he spent it for his dream, which only made Usopp angrier as he didn't care about their thief's dream at that moment and Luna had to hold him back again.

''He is crying so from the heart...'' Luna talked as he stared at Franky, ''I wonder if I can learn a couple of things from him...?'' as her tears were just silently flowing down on her cheeks

''You will only get weirder...'' Usopp replied between his tears,

''Hey! What are you talking about!'' Franky suddenly asked loudly, ''Idiot! I'm not crying, idiot!'' denying his weeping by hiding his face, ''Although, I'm supeeer~ touched by your story! I'm not crying! No one is!'' as her sisters also joined him and tried to hide their tears,

''There is no need to deny! Nagagaga!'' Kokoro said with a laugh as she still had tears

''Grandma, you look scary!'' Chiney stated as she looked at Kokoro's smile and tears mixed expression causing Kokoro to yell at her to shut up before she took a gulp from her bottle while Chimney also began to laugh,

''But...'' Kokoro suddenly spoke, getting their attention, ''Is it okay? The Aqua Laguna is coming... it's a high tide... Is Merry-chan will be fine?''

''Well, since she's docked at the Rocky Cape, she should be fine...'' Usopp said with an unsure tone, ''I wanted to go and check up on her, but... we have some problems and didn't have time go there and come back...''

''Right...'' Luna agreed with Usopp, also looking upset, ''We have another friend to save!'' as she seemed fired up now

''Ah!'' Franky gasped amidst his tears, ''So you can't go to her because of a friend to save?!'' pulling out a guitar, ''I have to sing of this cruel, tragic feeling... 'For a friend'...'' as he sobbed and played with his guitar for a moment while Kiwi and Mozu was cheering on him,

''He is so good to express his feelings... So heartily!'' Luna stated as she stared at Franky in awe

''That's not what you should be focusing on!'' Usopp snapped at her before he also turned Franky and yelled at him to stop too. He was doing this song thing whenever he touched by something throughout the story.

''Then...'' Franky suddenly talked as he somehow had a proud expression, ''I'll take care of it!'' causing Luna and Usopp to looked at him with confusion as he went on, ''I'm supeeer~ touched, and I liked the two of you! For now, I will delay my match against the straw hat! This suuper big brother~ will take the little Merry somewhere safe for now!''

''Woah! Really?!'' Usopp looked shocked before he made a big smile and cheered on him as Franky was doing some dance with his hands on his waist and shaking his hips

''Woah! Even with his weird dance, he looks dependable...'' Luna said as she was still staring at Franky in awed mode while Chimney and the sisters were saying that Franky was cool.

''Oh!'' Franky suddenly stopped his dance, ''I just got a supeer~~ idea!'' causing all of them to look at him with curiosity now, ''Since I gave up on kidnapping you, I will tell Straw Hat I kidnapped his ship! He would come, right?!''

Luna and Usopp looked at Franky with blank expressions before both of them simultaneously yelled out with shark teeth, ''What's wrong with you?! We told you we have things to do!''

''You got it wrong!'' Franky defended himself, ''I can wait until you guys are done with whatever you're doing!'' as he really didn't understand what they meant about saving a friend. He only knew that they hunted by everyone because of Iceburg's assassination attempt, but he was sure they weren't the culprits until now. ''Just tell him that I kidnapped the Merry!'' as he did his pose, ''Auw! Then we can finally finish our fight!''

As Luna and Usopp stared at him in silence with sweatdrops, ''He really wants to fight with Luffy...'' Usopp muttered beside Luna,

''Yeah...'' Luna talked in a low tone as she agreed with him, ''Oh, well... Let's just pretend like we didn't hear of him. He'll take care of Merry in the end.'' she said with a shrug as she knew they wouldn't fight, or even if they fought, it wouldn't be a serious one.

Usopp seemed like he was debating for a moment before he nodded his head, ''Right... I'm sure Luffy can take care of himself!''

''Right?!'' Luna agreed with what he said as both of them began to laugh at each other,

''They're somehow emitting an ominous aura...'' Franky murmured as Kokoro laughed since even though Luna and Usopp talked silently, she was able to hear of them

Soon after, Franky left as he informed them that he would be going to the old street of Water Seven and took the Merry to the bridge in front of the North Eastern Garbage Processing Plant. Apparently, there was a warehouse under the bridge, Franky's secret base. Franky had a pleasant expression when he was leaving as he thought that he could still get to Luffy since he learned that he cared about Merry too.

The ones who left behind inside the bar, on the other hand, were now literally loafing.

Usopp was painting Luna's flaming dragon on her new black hip flask along with GDL letters, getting in a painter mode as if they were not going to fight with the world government agents just a little later.

Luna was comfortably sitting as she stretched her legs on the table and crossed them. She also took Usopp's mask as she became sure that no one knew Usopp's face and was drawing some doodles in her style. Chimney also joined her and drawing some doodles like Luna on Luna's bandages while Gonbe, the cat but rabbit, was on top of Luna's head and watching them paint as if that was the most important thing at the moment.

Kokoro was sitting and gulping down bottles of rums non-stop as she was talking with Luna and Usopp about random things. As if Aqua Laguna, which was engulfing the lower part of the city with an enormous wave, causing a tremendous flood, was not just about to come.

As they spent hours like that, Blueno, a tall man with big lips, a black beard, and black hair in which his hairstyle was resembling the horns of a bull, finally came to tell them the bar was going to closed because Aqua Laguna was closer as he was observing them until now, giving the signal to Luna as she was waiting for this moment.

'So, he's saying their plan is about to start...' Luna thought as they all got up,

Usopp was happy the drinks were paid for by Kokoro since he was actually afraid that Nami might have killed them for spending too much money they took from the case before they left the hotel.

Saying goodbyes to Kokoro and Chimney, who decided to sit on the roof of the bar, Luna and Usopp gazed over the city,

''Woah... the island is really sinking...'' Usopp breathed in surprise as he saw some sidewalks were already underwater as the sky was dark.

''Yeah...'' Luna also observed around the city as she thought that this city could turn into Atlantis if this would go on... ''And it's fastly increasing.''

''Let's hurry up!'' Usopp said, dragging Luna along

So, as the darkness finally fell upon the City of Water, and it slowly began to sink, the two disguised mummies finally rushed towards the Blue Station, where the Sea Train was waiting.

Zoro and Nami were running through a large hallway in a hurry.

Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper were waiting up in a tree for the right time as the headquarters were heavily guarded by the Galley-La workers. Soon after they were waiting, a big explosion voice heard through, and a chaos envelope all around the area and Luffy disappeared in that chaos, shocking the three of them.

Assuming that Luffy's recklessness might be useful to them as everyone would be following him, they began to charge at the building to find Robin. However, when they jumped over the fence, Luffy was nowhere to found as the heavy-armed shipwrights were waiting for them, ready to fight as they were shocked.

They were complaining about Luffy as they were running from the shipwrights. For a while later, Zoro, having enough of running, decided to get rid of all of them while using the back of his blades to hit them. He still caused a lot of damage to the shipwrights though.

After Zoro lost his way a few times and corrected by Nami and Chopper and they running through the hallway inside the building,

''There!'' Nami suddenly pointed out a big, two-winged door just across them as there were a lot of people lying unconscious on the floors, ''That door in front of us has to be it!''

''There is a lot of people lying in front of it!'' Chopper said in shock as he wondered if they were dead already and wondered if the assassins were the ones who did this.

''Now! Go straight!'' Nami shouted out at Zoro as she pointed out the door, ''We'll crash through the door!''

''Don't order me around!'' Zoro yelled back at her before he unsheathed his two swords and looked at the door with a dangerous glint in his eyes.


After the explosion, Luffy, who couldn't wait anymore, rocketed himself towards the building, only to ended up got stuck between buildings due to his poor aiming skills. Struggling there for a while, he was able to pull himself out before he rocketed himself once again, ending up crashing right through the wall of the headquarters' building's third floor as he got stuck halfway in the wall.

What he found there were two masked men, who are stunned by his sudden appearance. One of them was wearing a skull mask, as the other was wearing a bull mask. Moreover, the person who's lying on the floor in a wounded state and bleeding a lot was Paulie.

While Luffy was questioning what happened to Paulie and asking if he was okay while ignoring the fact that he stuck into the wall, Luffy finally realized the two masked men and instantly come to a conclusion about them being the ones who tried to kill Luna and took Robin as he began to yell at them.

While Luffy was trying to get out of the wall, the one with the skull mask kicked the wall with glint like blades, much like flaying slashes made by his kick as Luffy finally pulled himself out of the hole and avoided the attack at the last second. However, with the sudden and fast attack from the bull masked man that was behind Luffy, he restained to the floor with several curled spikes.

In a matter of seconds, Luffy has trapped before he could even understand what happened as the skull masked man did the same with Paulie while they were talking about they had no time to deal with them.

Left behind just like that, Luffy and Paulie began to talk as they were lying limb on the floor. While Paulie was saying sorry as he thought they were the culprits, Luffy was talking about he won't forgive them because they tried to kill one of his crewmembers while taken away the other.

Getting fired up more as he listened to Paulie's screams about he won't let Iceburg, a man he saw as a master and admired, to get killed by people he doesn't even know, Luffy tried to pull himself out of the spikes.

Struggling for a while, being a rubber man, he was able to get free and helped Paulie before they both run off the room to find the mask people and Iceburg before they do anything to him.

''Hey! Straw Hat!'' Paulie yelled at Luffy, who charged right through the wrong wall and got inside some room with a battle yell, ''Moron! It's not this room!'' pointing to the room beside them, ''It's the one next door!''

''It's the next one?'' Luffy asked as he stared towards the wall before he went charging there, ready to burst through the wall as Paulie was right behind him this time.

Inside the room, the Straw Hats were trying to reach were the masked people who were roaming around the headquarters.

After they learned the ones in the hands of Paulie was fake, everyone gathered inside the room that was Robin, Iceburg, and a bear masked man in.

Iceburg, who's already injured, also got shot from his shoulder by the bear masked man once again as he was sitting on the floor.

''Go home!'' Iceburg talked between his hard breaths with his croaked voice, ''I have nothing to give you!''

''That's the problem...'' The one with a bull mask talked as the pigeon, Hattori, came flying before he settled down on the shoulder of the bull masked man, confusing Iceburg for a moment, ''What shall we discuss first...'' as his hands moved to his mask and pulled it out, ''... with you?''

''Wha-...!'' Iceburg couldn't talk at the sigh in front of him. There, the man under the bull mask was none other than one of his trusted workers. ''Lucci?!''

''I'm disappointed in you.'' Lucci talked while he was wearing his black top hat with a sepia band as she was wearing a two-piece black suit.

''It's all your fault...'' The one with the skull mask talked this time as he also put off his mask,

Iceburg only got shaken more as his eyes enlarged, ''Kaku!''

''This is what you get for not handing it over, while the government was still requesting it of you nicely.'' Kaku talked as he glared down at Iceburg, looking nothing from that polite man now

''We really wished to make this town a memory...'' the one with a musketeer mask also revealed herself, ''...Without having to harm you.'' as he adjusted her glasses

''...Kalifa!'' Iceburg talked in shock as he couldn't believe what he was seeing

''You have your master's resolve.'' Finally, the large man with a bear mask revealed himself too,

''Blueno..!'' Iceburg panted as he stared up at them all with a complete shock before he breathed out, ''You were all... with the government...''

''That's right.'' Lucci confirmed him as if he was talking about an everyday matter, ''Concealing ourselves was easy as pie... But, I'm so amazed by the depth of your forethought. I'm totally speechless.'' as he didn't actually seem amazed while glaring down at Iceburg with dark eyes, ''The blueprints for the ancient weapon 'Pluton' Please tell us its whereabouts.'' he requested with a calm but cold and menacing aura around him, ''Before there are any more victims.''

As Iceburg was still looking at them with an unbelieving expression in his was and was panting, Lucci calmly went on, saying that they were concealing themselves for five years. And as if he was trying to make Iceburg relieved, he said that they had done their jobs properly. Furthermore, as much as Lucci could understand his discouragement, the time had given them for this case has approached its limit as he also revealed that they were the agents of Cipher Pol unit 9. The one that shouldn't exist because of the privilege they had in the name of 'justice' To kill any citizen who doesn't cooperate with them. Their existence couldn't be known to the world.

As Lucci spoke, no matter what he said, he looked utterly cold and dark.

Iceburg also came to himself as Lucci talked, looking cold and angry as he was still having a hard time to breath with his blood-soaked shirt.

Lucci told Iceburg that the government has changed their opinions, and rather than fear the resurrection of the weapons, they decided to awaken it and put an end to the age of pirates, made them become the power of justice.

However, Iceburg denied handing over the blueprints of the weapon as he believed the world would fight over it and greatly suffer from it while he was saying he knew the nature of humans. The moment Iceburg finished his talk, Lucci kicked him on the face with a high speed, causing him the fell flat on the floor before Lucci ordered Kaku to check his pulse.

As Kaku was checking Iceburg's pulse so that they would know if their theory was correct from his blood pressure, Lucci began to talk about the fake blueprints that Iceburg tried to deceive them.

''Here is the problem; You presumed that the criminals were government officials and showed the fake, but if it were only the work of people who hold a grudge against you, and had come to kill you off, the real blueprint would lose its proprietor, and no one would remain to pass it down.'' Lucci talked in a calm manner, speaking every speculation they had,

''You're not so foolish as to have not thought of that. You knew that, and you still didn't try to hand it over to anyone. Unless... you've already entrusted it to someone. Or at least, you no longer have it. It's possible to still think that. Of course... There's no proof. Even in the range of our five years of investigation, we know nothing from your actions. This person that you'd entrust with the blueprint must have a certain amount of skill.''

As Lucci talked, Iceburg grit his teeth and began to sweat while he was still getting a hard time controlling his breaths. He tried to take his arm back, but the grip Kaku had on his wrist was firm for him to get away from him.

''Let's continue with my theory. The fun part is here,'' Lucci went on as he pulled out the fake blueprints, ''Just now, the blueprints we have... If you look at them carefully, the designers' signatures are on there.'' getting Iceburg's full attention now as he opened up the rolled-up papers and began to read, ''Tom, Iceburg, Cutty Flam, and finally, the company name; Tom's Workers.''

It would be a scrap for anyone who tried to steal the blueprints just recently, yet, they were living on this island for five years, and they knew this name.

Lucci then began to talk about the legendary shipwright Tom and his company Tom's Workers that had many mysteries. They were supposedly on that island, but there were no registrations, and according to the government, Tom had two disciples that one had been confirmed dead in an accident eight years ago.

But that was only supposedly,

''I remember this name, Cutty Flam.'' Lucci calmly declared as he slowly began to took a couple of steps, ''This was four years ago. A man entered through the gates of Galley-La Company and came to see you.'' causing Iceburg's heartbeat to increase, ''He named himself only once.''

''I remember as well,'' Kalifa confirmed as she was also looking calm and cold as Kaku also verified he heard it too.

''Which means, Tom's other disciple, Cutty Flam, is still alive... Still in this city...'' Lucci went on as Kaku tighten his grip on Iceburg's wrist since he shakily tried to pull his arm. Iceburg had fear in his eyes as Lucci said the name. ''Under the name of Franky.''

''There is no mistaking it...'' Kaku talked as Iceburg was still lying on the floor, ''Who'd have thought there was such a relationship between you two.''

''Franky was a man who didn't have an origin, however hard we tried to find out, we didn't think much of him aside from him being a dismantler and a hoodlum.'' Lucci smoothly talked before he began to talk about it would make sense to entrust the blueprints to his only fellow disciple aside from anyone and told him that the pulse in his veins already confirmed everything. ''It's not your fault being unable to hide your emotions on a night where so much happened. It's proof that you're a warm-blooded human.''

''Thank you for all that you've done for me before this.'' Kaku talked with a stoic expression, ''You've done all you can.''

''Then you are going to search for Cutty Flam now?''

Everyone turned to the melodic voice as they heard the question.

A girl with white armor was calmly sitting on one of the window stills. Her white cape along with her free hair, under the helmet that was covering half of her head, waving with the harsh wind blowing behind her.

''Knight-san?!'' Kaku asked in a surprised tone, ''Since when you were there?''

''She was there from the beginning. Didn't you notice?'' Lucci calmly stated as he gazed at Kaku before he turned towards the girl, ''Knight, why are you here? This is our mission.''

Up until now, Knight was silently listening to everything as she just sat there, and only Lucci and Robin noticed her.

''I have nothing to do.'' Knight responded with a small smile and a soft shrug, ''Besides, our missions have some connections.'' as much as she couldn't act for her mission, the girl didn't want to miss Luna, and she believed she would come for Nico Robin.

Kalifa adjusted her glasses silently and averted her gaze, ''Let's hurry up and find Franky.'' as she was also didn't notice the girl, ''We lost enough time, and we don't know where he is.''

''I might know where he is,'' Blueno spoke after Kalifa as he remembered the talk inside his bar, ''If he is still there...''

''Then while you are busy, I will be escorting her,'' Knight said as her light amber-colored gaze drifted on Robin.

''Wait, bastards..!'' Iceburg suddenly yelled out of breath as he got over his surprise from the other person he didn't recognize,

Just a second after Iceburg yelled out, one of the walls began to crack as the door cut off with two slashes,

Through the wall bursting through, ''Where is Robin?!'' Luffy furiously screamed out

''Luffy?!'' Robin spun around and stared at him in shock

Through the door slashed, ''Luffy!'' Zoro also called out Luffy's name in shock.

As the entire room seemed to shake with the impact of the two monstrous entrance,

''A hindrance.'' Lucci darkly murmured as he gazed at Luffy

''Robin!'' Luffy called out as soon as he spotted her in the room, ''I finally found you!''

Robin didn't say anything as she coldly glared at Luffy with a slight hint of anger in her eyes,

Zoro, on the other hand, ''Hey, Luffy!'' yelled at Luffy as he was still angry about his sudden disappearance, ''Where've you been all this time!?''

Chopper, opposite to Zoro, seemed relieved but also close to crying ''Robin! I'm so glad to see you again!''

Meanwhile, Nami's attention was on the situation inside the room, ''Wha...?! What's going on here?!''

''Ah, jeez...'' Lucci indifferently let a sigh, like he really didn't want to deal with this all

Iceburg groaned softly from the floor before he slowly raised his head up to look at them, ''Paulie...'' he weakly croaked out, ''Straw Hat...''

However, Paulie was stunned at the sight in front of him. ''Iceburg-san... What...?'' He whispered as his eyes were bloodied and so wide that it looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. ''What in the world is going on?!'' as he hardly breathed,

''...Paulie, why didn't you... run away?!'' Iceburg hissed out, trying to hold back the intense pain he felt,

Paulie didn't hear of him as his eyes traveled on the people inside the room and the masks on the floor, ''What... is this?! It's like...'' he choked out as he didn't seem to be able to have his thoughts completely together, ''Why are you guys dressed like the criminals who're after Iceburg-san's life?!'' he yelled out as if he couldn't accept what he was seeing right that moment, ''Hey! Kalifa! Blueno! Kaku! Lucci! Enough with the jokes!''

No one did say anything to him as they just stared at him with emotionless expressions before Luffy also seemed like he finally recognized them, ''Oh, yeah! Those are the shipwrights you were with earlier! It's the pigeon guy! Right?!'' he turned to look at Paulie for confirmation as Paulie was still in shock.

''Hey, I recognize the square nose,'' Zoro said as he looked at him with narrowed eyes, ''He came to Merry yesterday.''

Luffy then seemed to realize another thing as he turned back to the shipwrights, ''But why are they here?! I thought we would be finding Piper Col guys!''

''It's Cipher Pol!'' Nami suddenly shouted at him as she corrected him before she turned towards them with a frowned expression, ''So, they were inside all this time.''

''He meant CP9?'' Iceburg groaned as he coughed while Lucci was now talking with Paulie,

''Paulie... We're actually government intelligence operatives.'' Lucci bluntly said with an emotionless expression. ''You'll forgive me if I apologize, right? We're companions. We built ships day in and day out. If it's too sudden for you to believe, would you like me to step on Iceburg's face?''

Paulie's eyes widen in rage, ''Shut up!'' his hands curled into tight fists, clenching so much that veins popped out, ''This is too much! The voice I heard earlier of the bull mask matched yours... Dammit... Bastards...'' he looked up furiously, ''You can speak properly! You made fools out of all of us!''

As Iceburg shouted at Paulie to stop it, Paulie ran forward at Lucci. He pulled another set of ropes from his sleeves, but these had several knives attacked every few feet along with it. Like a whip, he charged at Lucci and swung it out. However, before the attack could hit, Lucci disappeared, and in an instant, he was just in front of Paulie.

''Finger Pistol!'' With his single index finger, he was able to pierce right through Paulie's chest like a dagger. ''You still don't get it, Paulie?'' Lucci neutrally asked as Paulie stumbled back with a hole in his chest, dropping the rope in his hand.

As Paulie was trying to stay on his feet, ''Hey, Rope guy!'' Luffy called out in worry,

''Why...'' Paulie muttered before he finally fell to his knees, ''You guys...'' he growled before his knees crumbled

''Don't bother resisting.'' Lucci said darkly as the pigeon fluttered into the room and landed on his master's shoulders, ''We've mastered skills that soar far above those humans. We've spent countless hours training in a martial art that makes the body equal to a weapon.'' He held up his hand as the blood of Paulie could be seen on his single finger. ''Six Powers. The strength of one who has mastered it is equal to a hundred men.''

Paulie was breathing hard, trying to hold back the pain, but still, he was trying to force himself up. ''Why would you...'' he croaked out,

''Doesn't matter.'' Lucci indifferently spoke as he grabbed Paulie's shoulder and held him there, ''Your life will expire either way... Though we were friends...'' There was no emotion in his tone as he held up his hand and prepared for the finishing attack

''Lucci! You bastard!'' Iceburg yelled out in panic, but just then, Luffy stepped in,

''Stop it!'' Luffy screamed out as he stretched his foot to kick Lucci.

At the attack, Lucci completely forgot about Paulie, and he used the hand he held up to attack Paulie to stop Luffy's foot from hitting his face. Not caring about the fact that he had blocked, Luffy snapped forwards and began to go at him with Gatling Gun.

''Iron Body!'' Lucci muttered in almost a hissing sound and didn't move an inch as Luffy began to hit him as hard and as fast as he could.

Noticing Lucci didn't even flinch, Luffy stopped in mid-attack as some steam was emanating from Lucci's body after all of those attacks.

''This is annoying.'' Lucci glared at him in deep aggravation, ''Shave!'' and just like that, he vanished again, surprising Luffy before Lucci suddenly appeared just right in front of him in a matter of seconds and tried to use a Finger Pistol right at Luffy's neck.

Having rubbery skin prevented him from being spiked through, but the impact of the attack was still so great that Luffy sent flying back and crashed into a wall before he slid to the floor.

''Luffy!'' Zoro yelled out in worry as Luffy lay on his back, grasping his neck as he coughed and gasped for air. ''Those moves looks so much like Six Powers.'' Zoro frowned as his hands moved to hold his katana's hilts.

''If you'd had a normal neck, you'd now have a hole in it,'' Lucci calmly stated, ''and would've died instantly, rubberman.''

Luffy quickly recovered and stretched out his arm to grab Paulie by the collar of his shirt and pulled him away from CP9.

Lucci didn't even move to stop him as he merely watched what Luffy was doing. ''What are you doing, Straw Hat?'' he asked, and for the first time, there was slightly curiosity in his tone,

''You're planning to kill him!'' Luffy angrily yelled out, stating the obvious fact, ''Weren't you shipwright friends just yesterday?!''

As Lucci was calmly saying, ''Until a moment ago, yes... But it's different now.''

''It doesn't matter!'' Luffy snapped back and got to his feet, ''I promised this guy that we'd beat the crap out of the guys who tried to kill Ice-pops!''

Both Iceburg and Paulie stared at him with this, looking surprised as others glared at him, ''Why do you side with Paulie?'' Kaku asked as the rest also wondered the answer,

''Because I got business with you too!'' Luffy stated angrily, ''You guys tried to kill Luna and take away Robin!''

''You seem to misunderstand something.'' Lucci calmly spoke at Luffy's claims, causing Luffy to frown as he didn't understand what he was stating as Lucci went on, ''We, the Cipher Pol 9, are not the ones who had ordered to kill De Luna. We have no information on that matter. So, if it's revenge what you are seeking, you're angry at the wrong person.''

''What are you talking about?!'' Luffy asked with a frown, ''You were there last night!'' as much as he didn't look at the people around Luna at that time, he knew there were a bunch of masked people there, just like these guys.

''That's right!'' Nami also spoke as she didn't understand what he was saying, ''Weren't you, Cipher Pol, there last night?!''

''As we said, it wasn't CP9,'' Kaku talked as he gazed at them, looking nothing like the polite man they had met yesterday, ''The one ordered to kill De Luna was Cipher Pol Aigis Zero.''

'CP-0?' Robin's eyes momently enlarged before she looked calm and cold once again as her eyes slid to the girl in white armor, who's still sitting and calmly watching everything.

''As much as we're under the same organization, we are different units.'' Kaku calmly went on as he bluntly explained, ''They work directly as enforcers for the World Nobles. If she's ordered to kill by them, that means-...''

''That is enough.'' Kaku's words cut off by the young girl's melodic voice that sounded calm, getting their attention as the Straw Hats has just realized the girl, ''If you are not going to kill them, you should not give any further information.''

''World Nobles?'' Nami asked with a frown as her voice sounded like a whisper. They still didn't know who exactly were they as they didn't ask about them after seeing Luna's reaction to Aokiji. They thought if Luna wanted to, she would tell them.

Before anyone can say anything,

''And as for Nico Robin,'' Lucci talked once again as he had an emotionless expression, ''We didn't take her away. She's here on her own will.''

''What are you talking about?!'' Luffy looked angry, but he didn't seem like he was asking anything as he turned to Robin and stared at her directly in the eye and demanded, ''Hey, Robin! What are you doing with these guys?!''

''Yeah! They are government agents!'' Nami yelled out as she looked at Robin with confusion, ''Why?!''

Robin stared at each one of them in silence for a moment. Years of keeping a mask on her face, Robin was able to look at each one of them as if they were enemies or strangers that weren't even worth her time, ''You people don't seem to listen very well.'' as Robin finally talked, there was slight anger in her voice. ''I told the cook and doctor goodbye. Didn't they tell you?'' as she didn't even call their names now.

''I did!'' Chopper cried out at once at Robin's question. ''But, I don't get it either! Why, Robin?!''

After another brief of silence later, ''To make my wish come true.'' Robin confessed, ''A wish that can't happen so long as we're together.'' as the Straw Hats stared at her in shock at what she was saying, Robin finished speaking, ''To accomplish my wish, I will sacrifice anything.''

Robin knew if they knew what she was doing, they wouldn't let her. She trusted Luna wouldn't say anything to them, and she chose to believe she wouldn't do anything because she knew the reason and could understand. Though she wasn't sure what Luna and Usopp were doing, Robin was relieved Luna wasn't there, and she felt happy for her decision the moment she heard the words of CP-0.

Robin believed that this truly saved them as it was the only thing she could do for them. Just the idea of seeing Buster Call on the people she cared about again... Robin really didn't think of any other way to get out of this, and she didn't want them to face this because of her. But, above all... Robin didn't want them to face this because of the mere thought of that one day, they too...

''So... That's why you're able to frame your crewmates as assassins and work with the people who tried to kill your friend without hesitating?'' Zoro asked sharply, ''What's this wish of yours?''

''I don't have to tell you,'' hiding all of her thoughts, Robin answered back sharply and coldly

''Don't try to understand her...! She's-...'' Iceburg croaked from the floor he was lying before he began to yell as much as he could, ''Are you crazy, Nico Robin?! Do you understand what you're trying to do!''

''You no longer have the right to say anything.'' Robin said as she angrily glared down at him, ''Keep your mouth shut!'' as several hands appeared on Iceburg's body. A loud cracking voice could be heard as she twisted him before she coldly declared, ''I will not let anyone interfere!''

As Iceburg was moaning in pain, Paulie screamed out in panic and fear, ''Iceburg-san!''

''Robin!'' Luffy yelled out at her with a mix of fury and shock, ''What are you doing! Are you serious?!''

''What's wrong with you, Robin?!'' Chopper screamed out like he was having a bad dream as tears began to form in the corners of his eyes, ''You're our friend, right?! Please, come back!''

Lucci slowly stepped in front of Robin as they couldn't see her now, ''I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to stop you right now.'' not looking really sorry at all, ''We have to find a pretty important person after this, so we're in a hurry. We have no more business in this mansion, and we don't have business with you lot either.''

Lucci then turned Kalifa to ask how much time they had left before she let him know that they had about two minutes before they had to leave. ''This is sudden, but in two minutes, this mansion will be engulfed in flames.'' Lucci casually informed them as everyone looked at him in surprise,

''What?!'' Luffy yelled at him with widened eyes as he still had anger,

''Fire is a very convenient way of destroying evidence.'' Lucci casually went on, ''If you do not wish to burn to death, I suggest you evacuate quickly. That is... If you can.''

At Lucci's words, Kalifa, Kaku, and Blueno went forward and stood in front of Lucci and Robin as the Knight softly hopped off from where she was sitting and took a couple of steps towards them,

''It looks like they mean to eliminate us.'' Zoro said as he began to unsheathe his swords while the rest of them were looking like they guarded up, ready to fight, ''Robin seems to want to stay on the other side... Luffy, are you okay with Robin leaving the crew and going with them?''

Nami and Chopper glanced at Luffy with this as if afraid of what he might say next, but they didn't need to, ''Hell no!'' Luffy declared loudly

''So noisy,'' Lucci let an indifferent sigh, ''The flames will rise from numbers of rooms on the first floor soon. But the culprits were pirates... These things happen.''

''You bastards!'' Paulie growled as he stared at Lucci

Nami glared at them all before she yelled, ''You use masks of other people to get away with whatever you like.'' before she held up her Clima-Tact with an angry expression, ''Talk about rude!''

''They're already tainted masks.'' Blueno casually talked with his deep voice, ''I see no problems with that.''

Iceburg was still struggling on the floor for breath, and the clock on the wall was showing that there was only one minute left...

''Well,'' the melodic voice of Knight heard as she was beside Robin now, ''I think we will take our leave now.''

While Robin was pulling the hood up over her head after these words, ''Yes, we will be meeting there after we took that.'' Lucci casually said,

Seeing this, ''Wait!'' Luffy shouted out at once, ''Robin! I won't accept it! You're still one of us!''

That's why she had to do this. Robin has already convinced herself that this was the only way for them to survive, and that's why Robin turned her back at Luffy,


As Nami and Chopper were calling out her name, ''Don't let her go...'' Iceburg weakly spoke with whatever strength he had left, ''Don't let Nico Robin.''

He didn't have to say anything though, as Luffy ran towards her, ''Where are you going now! We just found you!''

However, Luffy's running cut in midway as suddenly dozens of swords appeared, floating in the air and aiming at Straw Hats, ''Wha-...?!'' Luffy swiftly stopped himself as he pulled back a little, a line of blood was dripping from the thin cut on his cheek,

''Before we take our leave,'' Knight talked with a cold tone as everyone stayed still since even though the swords were aimed at Straw Hats, they were floating everywhere inside of the room,

''What?!'' Nami gazed around in shock along with Chopper and Paulie while Zoro was looking at the swords with narrowed eyes as his hands were tightly gripping his swords...

''I thought she would be already here... Since you are the captain, do you perhaps know where she is?'' Knight went on and noticing Luffy's confused expression, she added, ''I mean Luna.''

''I don't know,'' Luffy responded without even thinking as he also thought that Luna would be there along with Usopp, ''Who are you?!'' he looked angry now as he was stopped while wiping the blood on his cheek,

Knight ignored his question as she turned her head away with thoughtful glints in her eyes,

''She is obviously that Goddess of War!'' Nami yelled at Luffy, answering his question. She didn't recognize her at the beginning since she was looking different from the last night, but Nami remembered what Luna said about her, and if these floating swords were not divine control over weapons, Nami didn't know what it could be,

''So, she is the one? That CP-0?'' Nami asked herself, looking like trying not to move as she was glancing at the swords with a fear-filled gaze. Luna said that this girl was here to kill her and these guys from CP9 just said it was CP-0 who ordered to kill Luna, which meant that this girl was from CP-0, and they were all looking like they were working together.

''What?!'' Chopper asked in shock as he heard of Nami, ''So, she is the one who tried to kill Luna?!'' as he was trying to stay away from the sword that was just in front of his face,

''Don't tell me she ran and disappeared again...'' Knight murmured to herself. She couldn't take the risk to lose her. Just earlier today, Luna has killed her seven useless men, and the other three that were still remaining were watching the rest of the crew, and Luna never appeared with them.

''Wha..?'' Luffy asked with surprise as he heard what the girl was murmuring to herself while he was also trying to find a way to get off of the swords encircling around him, but Knight kept ignoring him,

''No... She would have done that in Alabasta...'' as much as Knight could wait for anything from Luna, she didn't believe she would run after all this time.

'Where is Robin?!'

Luna's threatening voice and face flashed for a moment before she turned to look at Robin, ''Let's go, Nico Robin.'' she held down her hand, causing all of the swords to disappeared before she moved towards the window that she was sitting on just earlier. She was sure Luna would appear at some point.

''What?! Wait!'' Luffy looked baffled, but he was quick to come back as he saw Robin was following the girl, ''Robin!'' as he started to run towards her again, but he stopped once again as Blueno suddenly appeared right in front of him, getting frustrated, Luffy tried to kick him,

''Iron Body!'' Blueno murmured with his deep voice before Luffy's kick landed on him, and Luffy felt like he was hitting at the wall once again,

With no shred of humbleness, ''Our bodies are trained to the point of mimicking an iron shell. We can heighten our resistance.'' Blueno casually spoke as Luffy got more frustrated and began to try and punch him with Gatling Gun, however, Blueno began to sway around, reminding Luffy of Enel, and Luna from their training, different but similar.

As Blueno was swaying back and forth at a rapid speed as if he were made of paper and avoiding Luffy's punches, Luffy suddenly stopped himself as he noticed that Robin was almost at the window, ''Robin, wait!'' as he tried to go after her, but no matter what he did, Blueno was always one step ahead of him,

Luffy stretched out his arm to hit him, Blueno suddenly disappeared before he appeared behind Luffy, and when Luffy tried to hit him again, Blueano jumped up into the air and was actually walking in the air,

''He is walking in the air!'' Chopper gasped in shock, though he heard of this from Luna, it was the first time he really saw it.

While Blueno had Luffy distracted, Kalifa and Kaku dashed forward as they were ready to attack, and at the same time, both of them threw kicks towards Luffy's abdomen as the shadow of a blade coming from their feet could be seen.

Luffy froze in the air for just a brief moment, ''That's...!'' Zoro's eyes widened before he yelled at Nami and Chopper to get down.

Nami and Chopper were confused, but they still did what they told, and just they got down and covered themselves, a huge slash went over them, and Luffy sent blasting from the room as the wall left with deep slices.

''Luffy!'' Chopper screamed out in fear,

''They really send flying slashes just with their kicks!'' Nami cried out as she stared at the damage. Hearing and seeing were entirely different

''We call it Tempest Kick.'' Kalia casually stated, ''If you have the speed to create a 'Sickle Wind' then it's possible.''

Meanwhile, Zoro, who lost his temper, went running at Kaku, as he blocked Zoro's two swords with two carving tools he pulled out.

''We met on the ship, Roronoa.'' Kaku recognized him as he casually stated,

''You're not a shipwright! So your inspection at the time...'' Zoro trialed off as their weapons were still connected and pushing each other,

''Unfortunately for you... I was serious when I appraised it.'' Kaku answered as he understood what Zoro was asking, and that was enough for Zoro as he broke the connection before they began to get in a fight so hard that only flashes of light could be seen,

Luffy suddenly leaped back from where he fell as a trail of blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth. He stared at Robin, who's just in front of the window, waiting for her turn as the Knight was about to jump off, ''Don't go, Robin! I'm not done talking to you!'' Luffy frantically screamed

''No, I'm done.'' Robin said as she coldly turned to them for the last time, ''We will never meet again.''

As Nami called her name in desperation, Zoro, who couldn't take it anymore, cut through Kaku's two carving tools right in half, ''Luffy! Hurry up and catch Robin!''

Luffy went running straight for Robin after this as Kaku spoke to Zoro ''Roronoa,'' while he was standing on his one hand, ''You have got guts to look away.'' and with that, he used the Finger Pistol before Zoro could even have the chance to dodge, creating three deep holes in his chest.

As Zoro coughed blood and fell on his knees, Robin climbed up onto the windowsill, ready to go and follow the girl as her cloak was blowing wildly in the wind. Luffy was almost there before Lucci stepped in and grabbed him by his face, holding him back.

Luffy's voice muffled as his face trapped in his grasp while he was struggling to get out as even his feet were no longer on the ground, trying to punch him but failing,

''Go, Nico Robin.'' Lucci firmly ordered

Robin's step halted for just a brief of a moment before she shut her eyes, and without a second thought, she stepped outside, falling straight down and out of sight.

Chopper screamed out Robin's name, but it was too late as she wasn't there anymore.

Nami looked at Luffy, who got caught so easily before Lucci tossed him to the ground, crashing into the wall as Zoro lay on the floor, bleeding as he was trying to get up. Nami called out their names as she stared at them with shocked eyes, ''I knew they would be strong, but..'' seeing both of them like this just seemed impossible to her,

Paulie wasn't also so different from Nami, ''Who the hell are you?'' as he seemed to he can't believe what he was seeing,

''Our surroundings have changed.'' Lucci darkly answered as he looked at them all like they were not even significant, ''We, CP9, have been prepared to give our lives for the government. We've trained our bodies to great extremes since we were young. Thus, we've gained the superhuman strength, Six Powers. I think it has finally sunk into your hearts.'' As he especially glanced at Paulie for a moment, ''Us, four are assigned by the government to extreme missions. And, you lowly pirates can see the huge difference in our combat power.''

Luffy and Zoro glared at him as blood was dripping from the sides of their mouths while panting for breath, Lucci darkly added, ''This incident is of the utmost secrecy. It's not something you can touch.

Just then, the clock on the wall struck ten as Kalifa immediately informed Lucci that it was the time for the fire to start and they should hurry,

''But such a pity.'' Lucci talked as he didn't seem concerned before he turned to the Straw Hats, ''I think... I'll show you something interesting.''

And then, Lucci began to transform. His eyes began to glow an eerie green, his shoulders were bursting out as he grew taller, fur spread all over his body as his arms grew large and muscular with claws at the end of each finger. His fur was golden yellow, and black spots were covering his body. His hair turned wild and ran down his back as a sinister grin spread over his lips, and eyes filled with malice.

Paulie cried out in shock at seeing Lucci as everyone was looking at him in shock as Lucci truly looked terrifying while towering all of them with his half leopard form, and as smoke began to fill the room, he only looked much more terrifying.

''Lucci...!'' Paulie gasped in horror, looking close to freak out, ''What the heck are you...?!''

''Gyaaaa! Gyaaaa!'' Chopper screamed out with tears in his eyes as he was literally panicking now,

''It seems the fire has begun to spread.'' Lucci talked calmly, a slight purring in his voice as he glanced at the smoke filling the room,

''A devil fruit..?!'' Nami cried out, shocked to see that the man who's already powerful also had devil fruit powers,

''Which fruit is it?!'' Luffy also asked with shock from where he is sitting,

''Cat Cat Fruit, Model; Leopard,'' Lucci answered with his deep purring voice,

''A leopard man, eh...?!'' Zoro looked unnerved as he glared up at Lucci

''He's huge!'' Luffy exclaimed in shock,

''This is bad!'' Chopper yelled out, panting and sweating, looking terrified as he stared at Lucci in horror, ''A carnivorous Zoan is a lot more violent!''

''Logia, Zoan, Paramecia... There are many unique abilities... But for Zoan, it's a special quality to strengthen ourselves physically.'' Lucci explained as he kept darkly glared down at them, ''Our powers increase the more we train. Zoan is the strongest kind in close combat.''

''What the hell... is this...!'' Paulie hissed as he forced himself to get back up, causing Iceburg to gave him an angry but concerned look,

Just then, noticing the faint shoutings and screams that were just below them and coming close, Kalifa turned to Lucci and warned him about the other shipwright were coming up, causing Lucci to let out a single kick at the wall.

As the wall cut through, the mansion shook with the monstrous power displayed as the building completely began to collapse around them, including the roof over their heads breaking in.

Zoro shouted out at Nami and Chopper, who's close to the collapsing parts, causing them to run towards him, however, as they were running from the collapsing parts of the building, a large chunk of the ceiling gave out, and Nami was just right underneath.

''Nami!'' Chopper came charging out of nowhere as he saw it, and in a matter of seconds, he rammed her right out of the way as the ceiling fell on top of him.

Nami fell as she slid on the floor before she turned towards Chopper in terror, ''Chopper!'' in horror, Nami tried to go there to find Chopper and save him under the huge chunk of wall.

Crashing continued around them, more rubble was continuing to fall as Paulie ran around the debris to where Iceburg was lying. And ignoring Iceburg's words that were telling him to let him go, Paulie wrapped an arm around his shoulders to help him up.

''I'm getting you out of here!'' Paulie talked, and it was a statement, a promise as he kept ignore Iceburg's stubborn words about he can't because of his wounds. But the thing he should be worrying about was not his wounds,

''Give up, Paulie.'' Kalifa coldly talked as she and others blocked them.

Kaku, Kalifa, Blueno, and especially Lucci were standing right in their way as the two of them looked so small in front of them.

''I thought...'' Paulie's eyes were hidden for a moment, breathing hard and shaking before he lifted his head and looked right into their eyes with tears welling up, ''I really thought that we were friends!''

''Only you thought that.'' Lucci cold said as he held up his massive arm, his sharp nails glinted, ready to strike down, but just at that moment, Luffy's fist came flying out of nowhere and slugged Lucci right in the face.

''Pigeon jerk!'' Luffy furiously screamed as he was ready for another attack,

''Straw Hat!'' Paulie yelled as he saw him there, but before anyone had time for anything,

Lucci held up a single finger, sharp nail glittered, and Luffy's eyes got widen as he saw the attack, however, before he had any time to move, farter than blinking, Lucci's finger pierced through Luffy chest.

Luffy's face held shock as blood was flowing, and for what felt like forever, Lucci finally let Luffy go as Luffy tried to stay on his feet, pressing onto the hole in his guy as blood was flowing,

''Luffy!'' Zoro shouted out in horror, going for his swords as Nami screamed in terror,

Luffy let out a choking sound, barely able to stand as Lucci held up the blood-stained finger and licked the blood, and before Zoro could rush there, Lucci grabbed Luffy by his head and lifted him off the floor,

''I'll send you,'' Lucci slowly said as he revved up Luffy, ''Off this island!'' and with great power, he tossed Luffy, sending him crashing through the wall as Luffy went sending flying away,

Nami screamed out his name in terror as Zoro launch at him with fury. Despite Lucci was facing his back at Zoro, Zoro's sword blocked by Lucci's arm as he used Iron Body, and turned his back with such speed, Zoro couldn't even dodge as he also sent flying, just like Luffy.

Lucci next turned towards the terrified Nami, ''You too,'' as he walked towards Nami,

Nami shook with fear before everything went blank with sharp pain.

The sky was darker. With no warning, total darkness prevailed as clouds thickened and the sky was stricken, blotting out the moonlight and stars. The wind arose to push the still waters to choppy, which morphed into mountains of angry waves. The ocean seemed to have disappeared into the darkness as the rain was pouring down on the city.

The wind slammed the rain into their faces like tiny stones and pushed the hood back that Usopp was wearing,

''Dammit! You're the worse sword rider ever!'' Usopp screamed out in horror as he held tightly onto Luna for the life of him, it was difficult to hang on for him.

''I'm the only sword rider!'' Luna yelled back at him as she tried to balance her speed, ''And I just learned this! I will get better!'' as the speed of the sword suddenly increased,

''Gyaaaa!'' Usopp screamed in fear as he hugged Luna more tightly, ''I'm sorry! Don't get angry! You're just losing control!'' His head was popping out from the right side of Luna as the head of her mallet could be seen on her left side.

While Usopp and Luna were rushing at the Blue Station, all of the streets on their path were almost sank, so noticing they would be only getting slower by foot, Luna used her Reverse Gravity. So, at the moment, Luna and Usopp were standing on Naraka as Usopp was on the back, hugging Luna from the back. He was practically strangling her as he was scared way too much because Luna was either so slow or incredibly fast, and they were pretty high up that they could see all over the city.

''I wonder how everyone is doing...'' Usopp murmured as his eyes suddenly glanced at the certain building that was engulfed with fire. ''I hope they are not there...'' he had fearful eyes,

Even though it was quite far away for them, he could see the fire in the darkness that shined with all its glory.

''They are fine,'' Luna stated as she looked ahead, not turning to look at where Dock #1 was before as she already could guess what happened there. ''I'm sure they will also come after Ro.''

''How do you know? Are they close? Can you sense them?!'' Usopp asked non-stop, looking actually relieved that they are far away from that fire that was looking like even the rain wasn't enough the put it out,

''Nah,'' Luna waved her hand as the salty air washed her face, ''I can't sense them at all, so they probably not in my range.'' crushing Usopp's theory,

Usopp was about to yell at Luna before he suddenly pointed out the place below them that was just a little bit far away, ''There! The entrance to Blue Station!''

Luna looked towards where he was pointing at before she made a big smile and increased the speed of her katana, ''Alright! Let's go!''

''Gyaaaa!'' Usopp let out another terrified screamed as they suddenly dive towards the big building, ''You don't have to hurry up this much!''

The shipwrights were trying to control the fire, which was not easy as they were losing to the wind. They were worried about the safety of Iceburg, and the three leaders, Paulie, Kaku, and Lucci, not aware of anything.

Just as they were worried, someone found a girl fell from the upper floor, and she was none other than Nami, who's left lying on the ground, unconscious with some injures on her. Shipwrights were waiting around her, for her to wake up so that they could learn where the other members were.

However, not long later, a reindeer came from the flames with two familiar men on his back and a katana in his mouth, looking like he was at the brick of collapsing any given moment. The reindeer saved Iceburg, and Paulie's life was the pet of Straw Hats as the shipwrights recognized, and Chopper lost his consciousness after the one-step he took towards Nami as he wanted to heal her.

Shipwrights ran towards Iceburg and Paulie as they were hurt badly, and they tried to save the life of Chopper as he was the one who saved them, yet they had no idea what to do with Nami.

Soon, Iceburg woke up, and Nami was just after him.

She was confused as numerous shipwrights were surrounding her and trying to decide what to do with her when Iceburg suddenly came towards there and wanted to talk with Nami, alone.

The fire was swallowing the building as the harsh wind blowing mercilessly as the shipwrights were running around, trying to put out the fire and save the people that might still be inside and alive,

Nami and Iceburg sit a little far from everyone,

''First.. Nma... I'm sorry...'' Iceburg began to talk, even it was little, his wounds were taken care of, but he still didn't look good, ''I accused you of a horrible crime. I'll take care of it somehow, later...'' then speak point-blank, ''It's about Nico Robin.''

''Do you know something?'' Nami asked, looking interested now

''You believed she had been taken away, right?'' Iceburg asked, causing Nami to nod her head, ''Why did you think that? How much do you know?''

''We know that the world government wants Robin for something, and we thought that they had taken her for that.'' Not saying anything about the weapons, Nami began to tell what she knew, ''We were even coming to ask help from you as we thought that maybe it would be easier to find her, but then suddenly she became the assassin of you. We thought there was something suspicious about it as we didn't believe it, so we came to found you. Then when my friends found her, she said she wasn't coming back.''

As Iceburg listening to her quietly, Nami suddenly looked down with a deep frown, ''We thought she was forced all of this, but she said she didn't, we really didn't understand whats going on, so we came here to ask Robin why she had to leave...''

'To make my wish come true... A wish that won't be granted if I stay with you.'

As Robin's voice echoed in Nami's ears, ''What's the wish that won't be granted if she stays with us?''

Iceburg stared at the girl in front of him, who's looking down as she looked at the ground, ''I'll tell you what I know...'' Iceburg began to talk about his thoughts on the government's plans started to the moment they first came to the town, ''Of course there is a reason for her actions but before that... Do you know the reason why the government wants her?'' causing Nami to lift her head and look directly in the eye

'She knows.' Iceburg could see the eyes of Nami that were looking at him, the knowing eyes and the determined look that made clear she wouldn't talk. He wasn't sure as to what extend she knew, ''I see... Nico Robin and I have the ability to awaken a weapon that has the power to destroy the world.''

''The world?!'' Nami asked in surprise. She knew the weapons had the power to cause mass destruction and apparently had enough powers to end the pirate age, but they didn't know what these weapons were or what they were actually capable of, and she didn't really want to know. Nami then blinked, ''Wait...! You too?!'' as she asked in shock,

''That's right,'' Iceburg confirmed her as he thought about the talk he had with Robin. He told Nami that once he had the blueprints of one of the weapons that have the power to destroy the world, and the very first and the original one was built up on Water 7 centuries ago as the blueprints of it passed down for generations.

Iceburg wanted to get rid of them, but the mere thought of someone who has evil intentions awaken the weapon, another one might be needed to stop it. This thought alone always prevented him.

Nami frowned at him with a thoughtful glint in her eyes as Iceburg went on, ''For years, I had two people I scared. One was a king rumored to have the knowledge of weapons who had already died a year ago, and the other was Nico Robin, who's the only one left who has the power to awaken the weapons.''

'A king who died a year ago?' Nami thought's drifted on Luna and her father for a moment as she silently listened to Iceburg's story, ''That was why I was able to recognize Nico Robin. She seemed so hateful towards the government, and when I asked about then why she was helping them, she told me because she wanted her to wish to be granted, even if she had to throw everything away.''

Nami looked at her with curiosity now, waiting to hear what is it, ''She said CP9 gave her two conditions.'' Iceburg went on with a slight frown, ''First, to arrange for the assassination to blame on you, then she would give herself over to the government, and obey them.''

''But... why would Robin do that?'' Nami asked with a frown. From the beginning, Nami was utterly confused at everything going on,

''I asked the same,'' Iceburg calmly responded, closing his eyes for a moment, ''She said the CP9 has the permission to put the buster call in motion, only once, as Admiral Aokiji gave permission, and It was against you.'' Nami's eyes got widen as Iceburg went on, ''If she didn't agree, you would get the buster call.''

''Robin's wish...'' Nami's voice sounded like a whisper,

''Her wish is for the seven straw hats, excluding her, to get off this island safely. She didn't care if she had to resurrect the weapon and cause the destruction of the world. I wanted to shot at her,'' Iceburg said as he remembered the moment he pointed his pistol at her, ''I couldn't pull the trigger. Of all the things, she chose you seven... over the lives of all the people in the world.''

'For us...!' Nami seemed shocked with her enlarged eyes

''Even when I'm about to have the blueprint taken...'' Iceburg said with a sigh, looking down, not noticing Nami's situation, ''I've got no right to blame her...''

Nami let out a long sigh as she suddenly collapsed on the ground,

''Hey!'' Iceburg called out her in worry, ''What's wrong?!'' but the opposite is thoughts, Nami was fine, even better.

''I'm so glad...'' Nami let out a relieved sigh, ''So, Robin really didn't betray us...'' a smile made on her lips.

After listening to Iceburg, all the pieces she missed on the puzzle were completed now.

Why they left yesterday night even with the order to kill Luna,

Why they didn't even try to fight with them,

Why they attempted assassination on Iceburg,

Why Robin worked with the people she clearly hated,

Why she said her wish can't come true with staying with them,

Nami suddenly got back on her feet, ''I have to tell everyone! Thank you, Iceburg-san!'' she shouted out with an energic tone as she began to run towards Chopper to wake him up,

She stopped on midway though, as Iceburg told her that Luffy and others were done for and what they could do after all this.

However, Nami seemed offended by this. ''After all?'' as she glanced at Iceburg as if asking what he was even asking, ''You mean from on! Luffy's okay! He won't die from just that! We're going to get Robin back! Everyone becomes weak when they're undecided...'' Nami then made a huge smile as she had burning eyes, ''When they find out that they can save her, their strength will have no limit!''

Leaving behind an astounded Iceburg, Nami went on to run towards Chopper.

Sanji hid behind one of the huge columns of the entrance of the Blue Station as he gazed at the crowd of people around there from the shadows.

'Government officials, some marines... And Robin-chan...' he glared at the official that was ordering around Robin to hurry up and get on the train as he was cocky about Robin's surrendering was only natural.

''Now... how do I get on board...'' Sanji took a drag from his cigarette and exhaled the smoke as he thought about the conversation he had with Robin earlier that day. ''No matter how you look at it, it seems like she's just being taken away...'' he looked thoughtful, ''If those people are the only enemies, she should be able to get away easily... I don't think the assassins also could be able to really catch her... Is she aiming at something...? Or does she have a reason for not running away...?''

As Sanji kept thinking about Robin, he suddenly got into his pink world, where he saved Robin on his white horse as Robin returned his love, saying she was waiting for him, for her only prince, ''Is it because you want to save by me? Buh hoo hoo~~'' Sanji's face morphed into a weird smile with a scarlet blush as he fell on his knees with a creepy laugh,

That was when he heard the familiar voices,

''Hey, I hear some voices... It's somehow creeping me out...'' a familiar teens shaky voice heard, ''Maybe my disease acting up... You know... I will die if I get on that train...''

''Wasn't that supposed to be an island...?'' The voice of another familiar was the one that made Sanji jumped on his feet and furiously search for the source of the voice, ''Besides... the source of that creepy voice feels familiar...''

Sanji's love detector acted up as his eyes fixed on the column just beside his. The first thing he saw was a long nose before Usopp completely could be seen. He was wearing some colorful cloak along with a golden-colored sun-like mask with some doddles painted on it.

Sanji completely ignored Usopp as the next one was the one who made his heart pound. Luna, who's wearing some black sunglasses, some white mask, and a yellow-blue cap that showed only a little of her white hair, came out. Her bandages around her body were painted with a lot of colorful doodles, looking like a child's work. There was a revolver that Robin was carrying on her, and a hip flask with her red dragon drawn on it as they were tucked into her sash.

All three of them gasped at seeing each other,

Sanji gasped as his eyes turned into hearts in a matter of seconds as his love powered eyes were able to see right through Luna's disguise, ''Lu-...''

Luna and Usopp gasped with a mix of surprise and happiness before it turned into horror as they saw the hearts on his eyes. Knowing what's coming, in a matter of seconds, Luna and Usopp were on top of Sanji, covering his mouth and shushing him for not to be found after all this time.

''You're going to expose us, you idiot!'' Usopp silently screamed at him

''Yeah! We'll find out!'' Luna also silently screamed at Sanji as Sanji was beyond happy that Luna was close to him as she was covering his mouth,

Just then, they heard the astonished murmurs,

''Kougi-san! It's Knight-san and CP9!'' one of the government officials shout out at his superior who's beside Robin, causing Luna, Usopp, and Sanji, who came back to the world and glanced towards there.

''Whaa... It's Knight...''

''Such strength and fame at this age...''

''I heard she's only seventeen...''

''And she is already a CP-0 member...''

''And... is that Rob Lucci...?''

''Yeah... I heard he is too strong...''

''So that's the CP9...''

As the marines were lined up and talking themselves,

''Who's she?'' Usopp asked after seeing the first person who came walking in,

''She is that Goddess of War... Known as Knight.'' Luna calmly answered, opposite how she was feeling

''She is the Goddess of War?!'' Sanji silently screamed as his eyes turned into hearts.

The girl, who's named Knight, was now wearing a short, white dress with tight, long sleeves that were showing her collarbones along with white high heels. Her soft-looking light brown hair that was coming over to her waist was free. She had nothing to cover her face now, showing her delicate features as she looked graceful more than ever.

Sanji, who's lying on the ground on his face, clutched his hands that were squished between his body and on the ground, onto his chest as he was literally having a heart attack. His hearted eyes were on the girl as he could feel Luna's body on top of him, clutching his vest in her fist.

Luna, who's lying on top of Sanji's back, grasped at the fabric on the back of Sanji's black vest over an orange, pinstriped shirt as every wound on her body throbbed for a moment as soon as she saw the girl. She glared at Knight as she focused on hiding her presence from her. It was the first time Luna clearly saw her face since they had come across again on this island.

Usopp, who's lying on top of Luna's back, gripped Luna's jacket with shaky hands at the sight in front of him. He was too scared to get on that train as he wasn't even sure if he could do anything to help. However, as his eyes sild to Robin, who's walking inside the station, towards the train, with government men surrounding her, he made his resolve.

With the next ones they saw,

''Hey!'' Usopp let out a silent shocked noise, ''They are the shipwrights I saw yesterday! So, they were the assassins?!''

''Seems like they were inside all this time...'' Sanji mumbled as he looked at the CP9 members, ''They don't look like shipwrights at all...Hm?!'' Sanji's eyes enlarged before they transformed into hearts again at the sight of Kalifa

''That's Rob Lucci...'' Luna gazed at Lucci for the first time, ''He is the one who mastered all of the Six Powers that I talked about before...'' shocking Usopp as Luna went on with a murmuring, ''He is looking good...'' causing Sanji to come back to the world with broken-hearted eyes, unable to utter a word as he furiously stared at Lucci,

However, their intense gaze broke with the fury shouting they heard,

''Let go, dammit! Let go!''

The person who's made of literally a package and tied around while carried over Blueno's shoulder was non-other than Franky.

As Franky was furiously yelling and trying to get off of Blueno's holding,

Luna and Usopp gasped in shock,


They silently screamed in shock, causing Sanji to also gasp,


Sanji silently screamed in anger as he still saw him as an enemy,

Sanji's hands clutch into fists in anger this time. 'So, this thug with a punk hairstyle is Franky?!' Sanji then made a face as if he realized something before he looked like the world just collapsed on him as he thought about Luna's shocked voice calling his name. The voice reached his ears sounded upset and concerned, 'Wait...! How Luna-cwan knows that punk?!'

Luna's hands clutch into fists in a mix of shock and anger. 'I can't believe it...' she looked devastated as she noticed that her mind entirely ignored Franky's kidnapping as she was focusing on Robin, Knight, and CP9 all this time. She felt sorry to forget about their future crewmate's kidnapping like this as she was also angry at herself, 'Shit...! I'm such a bad friend!'

Usopp's hands clutch into fists in a mix of surprise that turned into a huge shock, 'How...? Why...?' He was surprised the owner of the bar was also an assassin as he was questioning how Fanky got caught as he thought he was really strong and trying to understand why they would want to catch him. However, his confusion disappeared the second he remembered what Franky was doing, 'Wait...! What happened to Merry?!'

In the midst of their thoughts, everyone was finally inside of the station as Luna, Usopp, and Sanji get out from the behind of the column and gaze towards the middle entrance that leading to the stairs down to the train.

''Due to the impending Aqua Laguna, we will be moving the schedule forward. We will be departing soon.''

The trio frowned at the announcement they heard,

''Shit,'' Sanji let a puff from his smoke out of frustration, ''It's leaving already...''

''Yeah...'' Usopp murmured, ''I wonder how the others are faring...''

''I don't think anyone can make it here in time...'' Luna said with a thoughtful expression,

''The final train will leave soon.''

Hearing the announcement again, the three of them glance at each other before they began to run towards the entrance at the same time.

As soon as they got inside of the station, they saw all of the government officials get on the train already as the train was getting ready to leave any given moment now.

''We should give some information for the rest...'' Sanji murmured as he glanced around,

''Usopp,'' Luna turned to Usopp, ''Give the transponder snail,'' as she reached her hand,

''Oh, okay!'' as Usopp began to search for his bag for Luna's transponder snail they took before they left the ship, Sanji was writing something to the papers he pulled out, ''What are you gonna do with it?''

''I'm gonna leave for others so that we can call them later on...'' Luna said as Usopp finally found the snail and give it Luna,

''Luna-cwan!'' Sanji twirled around Luna before he extended the papers to her, ''This is for you!'' giving one of the papers separately, ''And this is for Nami-swan! I will make sure Nami-swan finds these, so if there is something you want to add, I'm leaving to you~~!''

''Oh...'' Luna eyed at the love letters before she made a smile, ''Thanks, Sanji!''

''Anything for you~~!'' before he ran towards some wall with a big smile and hearted eyes,

Luna ignored Sanji's love letter to Nami as she tucked hers into her sash without even reading as she wasn't even sure how did he write this fast before she studied what other he wrote. Sanji said the three of them getting on the train as Robin was on it along with the thug with a punk hairstyle. Also, he said they would be leaving Luna's snail, and when they found a transporter snail onboard the Sea Train, they could contact them as soon as possible as there were a couple of other love confessions between the lines.

''It looks perfect, Sanji!'' Luna spoke with a big smile as she folded the letters and looked towards Sanji and Usopp before she sweatdropped,

One of the columns now had a redpointing mark on it with the large words over the wall that was saying, 'Nami-swan~ Read this!' along with a lot of hearts and a little note that said, 'People who are not Nami don't read it, you idiots!'

Sanji, who's looking annoyed at Usopp as he was hitting him because of Sanji's absurd warning on the wall, seemed happy to take Luna's approval.

With the steam whistle of the sea train, they all turned to each other and with a fast pace, they put the letter and the snail just in front of the column, under the large, red, pointing mark before they run towards the Sea Train.

The back streets of Water Seven were now almost completely bare of water as the rain was heavily pouring down now from the dark sky. The ground seemed to shook, and the people of Water Seven knew this rumble well enough to know what it could be... Aqua Laguna has finally arrived.

Nami was running and jumping across the rooftops as she tried to be fast. She couldn't catch the train in time and only found the letter and the snail, while Chopper couldn't find either Luffy or Zoro in time, even with the help of the shipwrights.

It wasn't until the last moment both Nami and Chopper found Luffy and Zoro.

The streets below Nami were empty as if there had suddenly been a drought. The ocean couldn't be seen clearly, but in the distance, shipwrights who had been helping them until now could see the form of the ocean and knew that it could be coming any moment now.

They tried to stop Nami and Chopper, but they didn't listen to them as one ran towards Luffy and the other towards Zoro.

Nami finally came as close as she can and stand on top of the roof, breathing hard and gulping down air as she looked ahead of her. Right between two tall bıildings, there was a crevice, so thin that no one could hope to slip through... However, jammed right in that small space was a familiar figure.

Nami looked at trapped Luffy as his head turned around the other side. He was clearly conscious, struggling to move around and trying to find some way to get free. Seeing him wiggling around there, unable to move, made her only angry.

Nami took a deep breath before she screamed out at the top of her lungs, ''LUFFY!'' Luffy stopped moving at the sound of Nami, ''YOU MORON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?!''

Luffy tried to move around to see her but couldn't, so instead, he yelled back in a muffled tone, ''Nya... Nyomi?! You behin' me?!'' as his face was squashed together, it was really hard to really understand his words, ''Jeez, hey, pleash lissen t' me! I was flung 'ay dat pigeon guy... An' sho I flew an' kin'a got shtuck in thish conven'nt plashe...!'' he continued to cough and grunt as he tried to pull himself free again.

Nami wasn't happy to hear his excuses though. Her eyes filled with tears but also narrowed before she furiously screamed out, ''Don't joke at a time like this! While you were screwing around, Robin's been taken away!'' causing Luffy to froze as Nami panted for breath under the heavy rain, ''For all of us, Robin...!'' as more tears were streaming down her face, Nami screamed loudly, ''She is going to die for us!'' as she began to cry with loud sobbings,

''Robin sacrificed herself for us! She protected us from being attacked by the government!'' Nami shouted again, her voice was broke from her sobbings, ''Even with knowing she might be killed!''

Nami knew the sacrifice for the loved ones as she had done that for years for her family and people in her home. She couldn't let Robin do that for themselves.

As Nami continued to cry under the heavy rain and harsh wind, ''So, Robin... Was really lying after all...'' Luffy asked with his barely heard voice,

''Yes!'' Nami answered between her sobbings

''Thank goodness..!'' Luffy's voice heard again as it sounded like he was smiling.

But just then, the arrival that everyone was waiting for began to come. The ocean was coming back. A tidal wave, surrounding the entire island that looked big enough to sink half of the island. It rose up until it was over their heads, ready to crash down on them.

''Don't worry!'' Luffy suddenly shouted out as his hands were pressing on either side of them. ''I won't let Robin die!''


''You won't come out!'' Chopper yelled out in worry as he had tears in his eyes, ''How would you get in there, Zoro?!'' as he looked at Zoro's legs since he was stuck into a chimney up and down, looking like a sea anemone's coming out of the chimney.

''Ouch! Owowow!'' Zoro made painful sounds as Chopper was pulling his legs in his 'Heavy Point', ''You're tearing them off!''

''What should I do!'' as his tears were flowing down more, ''The tidal waved are already coming!''

''Guh! What should I do, you ask...'' Zoro talked as he tried to move before he suddenly felt something familiar, ''Wait a second! By any chance... Are you carrying my Kitetsu?''

''Eh? This katana?'' Chopper seemed surprised at the sudden question as his hand moved towards the katana behind his back, ''I've got it! How did you know that?''

''I understand... That's the only one... It's a cursed sword after all.'' Zoro said as he furiously began to wave his squished hand, ''Thanks for holding onto it. Put it in my hand! Hurry!''


There was a strange aura around Luffy as the tidal wave continued to rise up and come in closer by every passing second.

Luffy continued to press against the two buildings on either side of him, and finally, it began to shake as Nami looked at the tidal wave hovering over them with a fear-filled expression.

The sounds of the buildings over crashing water could be heard, they seemed to tremble as if a giant was walking around and shaking the ground. With a loud battle cry, Luffy's muscles stood out on his arms, and with a great heave, he was finally able to push so hard that the two buildings he trapped between pushed right over the sides, cracking and breaking apart until they burst open.

At the same time, another destructive sound could have been heard as another building with a tall chimney was cut clean in half.

Just the moment of their freedom, Aqua Laguna had arrived. The waves were right over their heads, and they were all feeling fear in the pits of their stomachs at the sight of it. Sometimes, even the strongest had no chance against Mother Nature like that all at once.

Luffy spun around in midair as the two buildings crumbled to dust and fell to the ground as his eyes were gained back the glint of fire. He stretched one of his arms out to grab Nami as the other grabbed one of the taller buildings before he pulled her and himself up to the building. They had barely touched down as Luffy jumped and began to cross the other buildings.

When they were just neat the stairs, the wave crashed around them, so violent that the entire island shook. The ground was shaking as the buildings and the back streets were all crumbling from the waves.

Luffy was forced to hold onto one of the buildings and could feel the building was quaking and slowly move. But Luffy didn't give up. As Nami desperately clung to him with terror, he gritted his teeth and held onto the building as the waves continued to rise up around them. For a brief of a moment of chance, Luffy sent himself forwards over the building and was forced to keep running and jumping around from building to building as the roaring waves were just after them, destroying everything on its way.

With a last stretched out to the large bridge, they fell to the ground in exhaustion just as Chopper and Zoro came out of nowhere and crashed right beside them.

As they were sitting on there, gasping for breath, citizens that helped Nami and Chopper until now were all screaming in joy, cheering for them, and crying out how amazing they were.

Nami and Chopper looked at each other with big smiles on their face, looking proud and relieved that they found Luffy and Zoro. But their happiness was short-lived as another wave rose up like a mountain just up above them.

Before they got even a time to reacted, the enormous wave that was hovering over them, mercilessly crashed on them.

For a moment, all four straw hats could see was dark waters. All could they hear was the muffled sounds of the waves, yet, as soon as it came, it was over.

All four of them were suddenly pulled by the ropes around them, all the way outside on the stairs.

Paulie was on the stairs with ropes coming out of his sleeves, each one wrapped around the straw hats as he pulled them out as a fisherman would. All of them were gasping for air and coughing, but there wasn't time for them to catch their breath. The water was receding, but it was coming back.

They were all forced to run as fast as they could. The stairs beneath their feet were starting to crumble and fall apart. Luffy heaved Nami over his shoulder, and Chopper was clinging onto Zoro's face, frozen with fear as Zoro looked stuffed.

Every single second seemed to take an eternity as they ran with a huge wave just behind them. Just as it crashed, they all jumped to the safe ground. The water nipped at their heels as it practically exploded behind them, completely destroying the bridge and the stairs.

The rain continued to fall as they all gasped on the ground. Luffy was panting as he lay on his back. Nami was on her knees, still shaking from the fright. Zoro, on the other hand, was struggling to pull Chopper out of his face before he dies with the lack of air.

Paulie pulled out one of his many cigars as he was trying to find his lighter, ''You're all crazy!'' he hissed as he finally found his lighter but utterly gave up since it was way too wet to light up, ''You're lucky to be alive. The Aqua Laguna is abnormally strong this year.''

''Even I was scared for you!'' suddenly a familiar voice of a drunk woman heard, ''You're very lucky to have survived that...'' she talked as she gulped down a bottle of rum in one go.

''Ah!'' Luffy looked at the voice and saw Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe walking towards them, ''Monster Grany! You're here too?''

''Of course! If I would stay at sea, I'd have drowned and become fish bait already, Nagagagaga!'' Kokoro laugh as Chimney came running up to stand next to her, saying he was so cool as Gonbe yowled happily next to her

Just then, they suddenly heard Zoro's voice, ''I almost suffocated!'' he finally pulled Chopper out of his face, gasping for air before he yelled at Chopper in his hands, ''You idiot! Don't grab onto my head and then pass out!''

''Ah, Zoro!?'' Luffy looked at him as if he just realized, ''Why were you swallowed by the wave? Were you down there too?'' looking mildly curious

Zoro suddenly seemed awkward, ''Ah... Not exactly...'' he clumsily began, as if he didn't want to answer this,

However, Chopper was woke up just at that time and innocently said that Zoro was stuck in a chimney. As Zoro began to strangle Chopper, Luffy was laughing his ass off while Nami was yelling at him that he was no better.

''But, where are the white-haired pirate big sister and pirate long nose brother?!'' Chimney scanned around as if she could see them any moment now,

''Hm?'' Kokoro also looked around, ''That's right... Didn't you kids have a friend to save? What were you doing, almost dying like that?''

''Eh?!'' Luffy looked at them in surprise, ''How did you know?''

''We were at the bar, and pirate big sister said they would save a friend, and we draw doddles!'' Chiney excitedly said with her arms in the air, looking happy,

Luffy looked confused at Chimney's words as he blinked a couple of times before he suddenly gasped in shock, ''Right!'' he turned to Nami, ''Where is Luna, Usopp, and Sanji?!''

Zoro had another problem though, ''Bar?! They were gone to drinking at a time like this?!'' actually looking like he was sad that he wasn't there as Chopper was now hitting Zoro's arm as he tried to get him to let go,

Nami suddenly hit him on the head, causing him to let go of Chopper, ''They went after Robin!'' she yelled before she suddenly looked calm, ''Oh, yeah... I have to tell you everything... You should all listen.''

As four of them huddled together, Nami told them everything she heard from Iceburg, and then how Paulie informed the other about them not being the real assassins and how they all looked around for them. She then told them how she missed the train but found Sanji's letter saying that three of them get on the train as they left a snail to call them later.

The other three didn't say anything as they listened to Nami in silence, and as soon as Nami finished, Luffy got up and was standing in front of the wall that was overlooking the back streets.

''So it was buster call...'' Zoro murmured with a slight frown

''Yeah...'' Nami somberly said, looking like she was in a mix of anger and sadness, ''That thing must be a nightmare for Robin... No wonder she did this.''

''And the cook, Luna, and Usopp are also on the train with her, huh?'' Zoro said before turning towards Luffy, ''Well, what should we do, captain?''

''What's there to think about?!'' Luffy slammed a fist into his palm, ''Let's set sail and go after them!'' causing all of them to stand up, ready to go

The waves continued to crash the city behind them as Luffy turned to Paulie and asked him if he could lend a boat or if there was another Sea Train. Paulie gave him a hard stare before he told him that the Puffing Tom was the only Sea Train in the world, and it's a miracle that the legendary carpenters spent ten years in cooperation to create.

Luffy then asked for a ship, the strongest and the fastest one, only making Paulie angry as he yelled at them that can't they see how rough the sea is as others also agreed with him. He then looked calmer as he explained that it was the roughest Aqua Launa ever, and even with the biggest warship they would give to them, it'll shatter into pieces against those monstrous waves.

He wouldn't give them a ship just so they could die out there. So, he told them to wait till morning, and once the tides subside, he would give them a ship as he also told the rest of the shipwrights to go to the shelters.

However, Straw Hat's couldn't wait.

''If we wait until morning, won't it be too late?'' Nami spoke up, causing all of them to turned to her, ''I know what kind of place Enies Lobby is. I remember you'd say that it's the government's island. Isn't that where the 'Gate Of Justice' is?''

Nami's question startled both Paulie and Kokoro, ''What's that?'' Zoro asked, looking confused along with Luffy

''The judicial island of the government, Enies Lobby, is where the infamous criminal court is'' Nami explained, looking serious, ''The fact that someone is being taken to Enies Lobby is evidence enough for the crime. The accused would simply be taken through an empty courthouse to a giant, cold, iron gate. After the criminal passes through that 'Gate Of Justice' they will never again see the light of day because there are only two places that you can go to from that island.''

Nami sounded serious, yet upset as she explained, ''One is the heart of 'Justice' The Marine Headquarters. The other is an island covered with interrogation chambers and an execution room, housing all kinds of dangerous criminals from all over the world. The great underwater prison, Impel Down.'' Nami then stared right into their eyes, ''Enies Lobby has no sympathy for criminals. They're sent directly to jail. It's a place that's judicial in name alone! Am I right?!''

Nami demanded, and seeing Paulie was just silently looking at her, Nami's eyes hardened as her hands curled up into fists while the other three had emotionless expressions, ''Robin is a wanted criminal! No matter where she's taken, only hell awaits her! While we're wasting time here, she's getting closer and closer to the gate of Justice! How can we possibly wait until morning?!''

As everyone was silent for a moment, ''If you're finished, let me remind you of something...'' Paulie calmly said, ''Even if the sea calms down long enough for you to sail away... You shouldn't go there! Don't forget that you're pirates yourselves!'' as he suddenly looked serious, Paulie went on, ''Enies Lobby is the front door to the center of the world government. There have to be very strong military forces defending it. No matter what kind of pirates you are... There is no way you can go and get your friends out of there successfully... Knowing what will definitely happen if you go... ''

Paulie seemed to be having a hard time controlling his anger and stepped forward and looked at their emotionless faces before he shouted at them, ''Do you still plan to wage war in the center of the world government?!''

The rest of the shipwrights behind him also began to back him up, each saying similar things about Paulie being right,

Luffy's eyes shadowed as he stood in front of Paulie in silence for a moment. Nami, seeing him silently standing there, anxiously called his name at the same time one of the shipwrights was saying they would never make it.

''In that case...'' Luffy suddenly stepped forward, ''We'll take the ship by force! We're leaving now! Our friends are waiting for us! Don't get in our way!''

At those words, a massive wave hit just close to them, a wave strong enough to sent the men near to the side to fly into the air. Luffy's eyes were looking angry with a deep frown as he looked ready to fight with any one of them.

As several others were on the ground and shaking with fear, ''Even the waves are angry!'' Chimney cried out behind Kokoro, and for the first time, both Chimney and Gonbe looked scared. Kokoro gulped down her bottle as she merely watched them, almost looking serious.

''Fine.'' Paulie pulled his ropes out of his sleeves, looking annoyed as he was ready to fight, ''Then you'll have to get through me first.''

Shipwrights looked shocked as they called his name in worry as all of the straw hats looked ready to fight, each holding their weapons or getting into position to fight, but just then,

''Hold it there!'' Kokoro yelled out as she stepped forward, and despite her dazed expression and red face, her eyes didn't seem drunk as they clearly stared at the straw hats, ''Paulie is right. You're not thinking straight, Straw Hats.''

''Shut up, Granny!'' Luffy yelled at him with an annoyed expression, ''It's not like you know-...''

However, Kokoro's words cut him off, ''You think I don't know?'' her eyes shadowed with her hat, ''You should hear me out first. If we let you go like this, you'll just end up dead in a flash.'' She let out a short laugh before she firmly talked, ''Listen carefully, is there's anything that can survive this unprecedented Aqua Laguna, it's the Sea Train made by in the legend.''

''Yeah,'' Luffy angrily said as Kokoro turned her back, ''But we can't do anything about that! It's already left! We have to use a ship...''

''If you're determined to put your lives on the line for this...'' Kokoro looked at him over her shoulder, ''Then follow me. I'll start the sea train for you.'' before she turned around again and drank the whole bottle in one gulp.

The Sea Train, The Puffing Tom, passed over the tracks on the surface of the sea despite the harsh waves, moving towards its destination, Enies Lobby.

The sharp wind was still blowing, as the waves were smashing the sides of the train while the three straw hats were at the back of the train, huddled together on the little spot at the end of the train, just in front of the door.

''So, should I just burned down the train...?'' Luna asked, staring at the door with a slight frown on her face,

''If you burned down the train... What are we gonna do? Can you carry us all?'' Usopp asked as he was trying to get dry as Luna was unsheathed her sword just a little and giving off some heat for them since they were all drenched with cold, salty seawater.

''I don't mind Luna-cwan~~'' Sanji said with hearted eyes as he was stuck to Luna with the excuse to get dry, ''You can burn them all~~ Let's just take Robin-chan any we three can fly away~~~'' as he was imagining a soft ride between Luna and Robin on top of a sword, that would be clearly cramped. Sanji loved this idea.

''What about me?!'' Usopp hit him in annoyance, ''There is also Franky... We have to find him and ask what happened to Merry...''

''I can't believe you let him take care of Merry...'' Sanji said as he pulled out a cigarette. Usopp and Luna shortly informed Sanji as to what they were doing until now as well as their talk with Robin too,

''Well...'' Usopp made a weird face, not that they could clearly see due to his mask, ''I told you we somehow become friends... He is not that bad.''

''He is a cool cyborg,'' Luna said with a big smile, not showed as she still had her disguise, as she sparked a little flame for Sanji to lit his cigarette as his lighter didn't work.

''Cyborg... huh? It's still unbelieving, but I guess it's not impossible...'' Sanji murmured as he finally took a calming drag from his smoke,

''Maybe I can let a part of the train, and we can use it as a boat...'' Luna said with a thoughtful look,

''But we still don't have a log pose or eternal pose...'' Usopp also talked with a thoughtful look,

''We can follow the tracks...?'' Luna suggested as she glanced at the tacks from the railing around them,

''In this weather...?'' Usopp asked, sounding unsure, ''This could be the bad luck you jinxed us. We would be capsized or lost in the storm.''

''So...'' Sanji let out a cloud of smoke, ''Should we sneak in, or barge in?''

Just the moment Luna and Usopp were about to open their mouth to talk, the door in front of them suddenly opened, revealing a government official in a suit,

''Oh man,'' he held the hat he was wearing so that it wouldn't be blown away with the wind, ''There's a mean storm outside...!''

As soon as he talked, four of their eyes met each other and looked at each other in shocked silence, and in a matter of second,

''Collier,'' Sanji held up his right leg,

''Luna Super,'' Luna held up her right punch,

''Metallic,'' Usopp help up his slingshot,

As startled as they were, the poor man came at the wrong time,

''Shoot!'' Sanji's powerful kick landed on the man's neck, snapping it,

''Puch!'' Luna's sea stone supported punch landed on his ribs, breaking them,

''Star!'' Usopp's lead ball bearing shot right into his forehead, cracking it,

The man flew all the way through the last, seventh, wagon of the train and fell after he hit the wall, bleeding dangerously as he seemed like he was at the brick of dead,

Everyone in the wagon got up, startled before they looked towards the door, ''Who are you, assholes!'' one of them shouted out as he pointed out a pistol at the three of them, causing everyone to also do the same as all of them pulled out their weapons,

Luna looked at the crowded wagon that had contained at least thirty or more men, ''Guess we happen to be barged in!''

''Well... done is done,'' Sanji shrugged as he puffed a smoke,

''Nooo!'' Usopp seemed to be this wasn't his choice, ''We are so done now!'' as he held his head in fear as if he just didn't do anything.

As the fight was about to broke in the seventh wagon, Franky was struggling to et free at the sixth wagon as he began to hear the yellings.


At the first wagon of the train were two people were sitting,

Robin looked out of the window in silence as her eyes seemed to be they were looking far away. She briefly saw the happy moments while she was with the people she trusted and cared about more than her own life as her heart ached at remembering the moment she turned her back to them. It was already too late.

''Seems like we will have an interesting time while we are here.'' Knight suddenly spoke as she was sitting a little far away from Robin while facing with her, calmy drink some tea in a white porcelain cup.

Robin's emotionless, yet, cold eyes turned to her as Knight's amber-colored eyes also turned to her, ''You do know that, the deal you have, made between you and the Cipher Pol 9, not me, right?'' causing Robin to slightly frown. ''I have no interest in the weapons, you or the rest of that pirate crew of yours... No matter what they promised you, I have nothing to bound me.''

Robin silently stared at her for a moment as she clearly understood what she was implying, ''Then why didn't you do anything at Water Seven and stop that night?''

''I do not want to kill Luna.'' Knight talked as she took a sip from her tea with a lingering small smile on her lips

Robin eyed at her warily, she could never be too careful, ''Do you want me to believe this?''

Knight stayed silent for a moment as if pondering on something. She even took the chance to sip her tea before she placed her teacup down its saucer, which she was holding with her other hand. A smile curled on her lips as she chuckled with a melodic sound, ''Oh, I don't. At least, not before I show her my own hell.''

At the inner garbage disposal area of Water Seven, Straw Hats were at the brick warehouse.

There was a large gray locomotive with a large shark's head on the front, and unlike the many wagons attached behind like the Puffing Tom, this had only one. The other Sea Train, Rocketman.

Rocketman was a Sea Train that couldn't control no matter what, and waiting in the darkness for years, yet, Iceburg prepared it for them way before. It has water and coal, and it was gathering steam now as it looked ready to leave any moment now.

The Rocketman wasn't the only one ready to go. Luffy and Zoro ate and drank the meats and sakes Nami brought as she also stored some chocolate and whiskey as she guessed that they could be needed for later. Just they were about to get on the train, the doors burst open all the way, and Franky Family came bursting through, looking soaked from all the rain,

''Straw Hat!'' Zambai shouted out as he in front of all of the others as they were all looking beaten up pretty bad.

''These guys...'' with a mouth full of meat, Luffy gazed at them with narrowed eyes,

''The Franky Family?!'' Nami gasped as she thought that it wasn't a good time to deal with them,

And as if speaking Nami's thought aloud, ''At a time like this...?'' Zoro talked with an aggravated look on his face,

However, the Franky Family were not just looking beaten up, but they were looking scared and desperate, like they were close to broke into crying at any moment, and then unexpected to anyone there, ''Please! Take us with you!'' Zambai suddenly pleaded with tears flowing down from his eyes, ''We heard from the guys at Galley-La that bro's going to Enies Lobby! He is being escorted by the government! We want to go after them, but... We can't get past Aqua Laguna!''

''You would be going against the world government though...'' Kokoto casually informed him from the window of the train

''We don't care who it is!'' Zambai shouted out as he stepped forward

''We're getting our bro back!'' Another member cried out as he also stepped in

''We'd throw our lives away for our bro!'' Kiwi shouted, standing beside her sister Mozu as she also pleaded along with her

Luffy didn't say anything as he listened to their pleaded, just looking at them blankly as Nami suddenly stepped in, ''You've gotta be joking! Do you realize what you have done to us?!'' as she was still angry at them for what they had done to Usopp and stole their money.

Zambai shook like a leaf as he fell onto his knees, ''We're begging you!'' tears flowed down on his cheeks as he bowed down his head, ''We want to save bro!''

Luffy didn't say anything as he casually turned his back and went up the stairs without even looking back. Franky Family looked scared as all of the hope they had were fading off from them before Luffy suddenly turned towards them with a serious expression, ''Get on!'' as he jerked his thumb to the wagon, ''Hurry!''

Franky Family looked stunned for a moment before all of them broke into tears, ''Straw Hat!'' As they all sobbed,

''Hey, Luffy!'' Nami barked at him with an angry face, but Luffy just laughed and said it's cool.

Zambai, getting over his crying, slammed his forehead on to the ground again, ''Thank you! We'll remember this!'' After that, he suddenly got up, and fastly explained that they didn't have to get on as they would be just following them by using their King Bull. They just need to get it attached to the back of the train.

With a last heartily thank you later, Franky Family left with happy faces and fired up eyes now.

As the last preparations were ready and the steam was built to full, ''Nagagagaga! Then, let's go!'' Kokoro laughed from inside of the engine room, causing Luffy to beamed as he stretched out and jumped on top of the train, standing right onto the very front as the others were aboard.

As the train began to move, the wheels cracked, still covered with rust and moss from the years that it had been left down there, but still moved forwards. ''You pirates better no get thrown off!'' Kokoro's voice was heard just before she eagerly blew the whistle.

Luffy widely opened his arms and cheered from the front, ''Yeah! Full speed!'' he screamed out along with the whistle, punching the air as the train was picking up speed while the wind was blowing around wildly. ''We're gonna get everything back!''

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