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Author's note: This is dedicated to Jenny X, Mika Toradah, Emma Z, Kara_Babe96, BabeofLove1A, Ludde Ölskugga, Jockä Bajs and Anne West.

Wanna be dark?

15 year old Bella Russo is in New Albion alone for the first time.

She has some money so she can buy something sweet.

With a cute smile, Bella enter a clothing store.

"Hello, young lady." says Amanda Thomsen, the owner of the store.

Amanda is a sweet old wizard who is nearly 400 years old, but look as if she was just 22, thanks to a spell that keep her beautiful and strong.

"I wanna buy a new magic dress." says Bella.

"Okay. What color do you love?" says Amanda.

"Pink and violet." says Bella.

Amanda show Bella a very beautiful rare magic dress that has protection enchantments on it so the person who wear it are safe from dark magic.

"Cute. How much?" says Bella.

"274 wizard pounds." says Amanda.

"Me only have 190." says Bella.

"Then I have something else for you, girl." says Amanda as she show Bella another dress.

Bella buy it.

When she get home, Bella put on her new dress.

"Nice. That dress look perfect on you." says Alex.

"Thanks, mom." says Bella.

Bella doesn't care that this dress, unlike the more expensive one, has no defense spell on it. She still love it.

2 days later.

Bella is home alone.

"Girl, follow me!" says a female demon as she appear.

"What...?" says Bella in fear.

Bella pull out her wand.

"Join me and be evil. I can get you money, boys and alcohol in umlimited amounts for free, as long as you become dark forever." says the demon.

"No! Mom's taught me to be good." says Bella.

"Are you sure? Your mother was once a horny little bitch!" says the demon.

"Don't dare to say such bad stuff about my amazing mommy!" says Bella in anger.

Bella try to use a spell to battle the demon, but the demon block it easy.

"Trekannetio avlaatez!" says Bella as she swing her wand.

Big blue fire fly from Bella's wand.

"Xampolu banderiea!" says the demon, casting a defense spell, blocking Bella's fire.

"Lucante empaneedios!" says Bella, casting a battle spell.

A white bolt of magic strike the demon.

The demon feel some pain, but not much.

"Ragentia erdiatus!" says Bella, casting a battle spell.

A violet bolt of magic strike the demon.

This attack does more damage.

"You'll pay for that, kid." says the demon, getting very angry.

"Ragentia erdiatus!" says Bella, casting the battle spell again.

A violet bolt of magic strike the demon.

It does some damage.

"Ylantium capadermia!" says the demon, casting a curse.

"Estradius kandaate!" says Bella, casting a defense spell.

Bella's spell block the demon's curse.

"How the shit can a kid block my magic?" says the demon.

"My cool mommy has taught me." says Bella.

"Your mom's a bimbo!" says the demon.

"Wrong! She's the best mommy ever." says Bella.

Bella cast a battle spell.

The spell hurt the demon.

"I'll kill you!" says the demon.

"Gernovia et clavius, de la exorendeto!" says Alex as she appear ina flash of white magic light.

Alex swing her wand and cast a blue fire spell, burning the demon to dust.

"Thanks, mommy!" says a happy Bella.

"Anything for my little girl." says Alex.

Bella gives Alex a sweet hug.

"I hope you're okay." says Alex.

"Me is fine, mommy." says Bella.

"Good." says Alex.

"Yay!" says Bella, all childish and cutie cute.

"Let's drink some tea." says Alex.

"Bevrium herbalis sumenta." says Bella, using magic to create tea.

"Very good." says Alex, happy that Bella has learned the tea-making spell.

"Thanks." says Bella.

The End.