Mind Storm

"It Said That All Endings are Merely Beginnings Waiting to Be Born"-Mata-Nui the Legend Reborn

Part 1

The Beginning

Chapter one


"o come on that is the third time I lost on Fiery Mine," Someone shouted. He was playing BIONICLE HEROES for 30 minutes now, unknown what would happen when he'd beat the level. "Can I help you Storm?" someone asked. This voice always made Storm smile, but not today. "No Rose", he said to his twin sister, "I can do it myself Rose I am just stuck near the black contraption that requires Vezon okay?" "Okay Storm," she said and left but came back in when she heard him saying, "Rose come look at this!" She came running in just to see Brutaka warp near the Inika heroes. "Cool", she said. "All I need to do now is beat him and I'm one step closer to Hakaan", said Storm. "Can you go to the trophy room when you beat him?" Rose asked him. "Sure", he said and a few minutes later he went to the trophy room and saw this: 'Once he was a loyal guardian of the Matoran and Axonn's best friend, but now he has turned evil! Powerful enough to defeat six Toa with one blow of his double-bladed weapon, Brutaka alone is as great a threat as all the Piraka combined! He wears the Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Gates, which can be used to transport a target to another location or even into another dimension!' "Now that is cool", Rose said. "I know", said Storm. "Hey are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Storm asked. "YES I am Storm", Rose said. "Then Let's Do It Then!" he said. Soon they came up with a villain that had the same power as Brutaka named Halous and a hero named Jurassic with Axonn's weapon with 2 apprentices named Rose and Storm and where soon playing in their backyard. You see Rose and Storm have autism and ADHD and that equals one big imagination.

Chapter Two

A New Universe

"Prepare to be defeated Halous", Rose said acting like Jurassic to Storm. "Never Jurassic because-" "YOU ARE BOTH FOOLS!" shouted someone was not Storm. "Did you…" "Don't finish Rose" Storm intruded. "Ba, ha, ha, ha" said the mysterious voice. "Who are you?" Rose asked. "Who am I? You are the ones who created me for I am Halous, the master of darkness, dissented of Makuta Tredax Ma, Ha, Ha", the Voice said. Surprised of what Halous had said Rose summand all the courage she could find and asked him "How can you be here you shouldn't exist, you are just a figment of our imagination?" Halous chuckled and answered, "Good point Rose, but you see Rose your imagination along with Storm's is now another dimension that will keep on growing until you die and it will fade into oblivion and its inhabitants will die with it unless of course if the creators are trapped inside it, the creators will become immortal and live forever. But you see the inhabitants of the dimension cannot leave unless they are strong enough to do it, but I am the first one to do it thanks to you I can now travel between dimensions and as a token of my gratitude I am going to take over all universes and dimensions that exist and you can't stop me." Storm, now surprised, now started to protest, "If we made we can destroy-" his voice was cut off by Halous chuckling again "Tsk, tsk Storm always jumping to conclusions to fast and to make sure the both you don't interfere with my plans…" his mask started to glow and the sky started to black and the three of them started to float in midair, Rose and Storm floating uncontrolledly while Halous floated with ease. "What is happening?" Rose shouted, scared. Halous started laughing, saying, "You will soon see." As soon as he said that Rose and Storm passed out.

When Rose and Storm came to they were in their front yard. "What happened?" Rose asked. "I don't know Rose what is happ-Rose at the sky!" Storm said pointing to the sky. Rose turned to see what her twin brother meant and gasp. The sky was filled with millions and millions of stars. "It's so beautiful", she said amazed. "Oh how touching Rose", Halous said after landing 1 hour after they did. "Where did you take us Halous?" she asked. When she said Halous chuckled again and answered, "It may seem we have not moved but, as already you notice the sky, welcome to your universe." When Storm heard this he wanted to protest but couldn't do and all he said was, "Why did you bring us here?" "Because it is your destiny," Halous answered. "What do you mean Halous?" Storm asked. As soon as he said that Halous' face hardened and said, "There is prophecy that you both must fulfill and I will tell it to you 'A loving flower and a terrible force of nature will rule the dimensions with a connection to other dimensions and the force of nature will fly with wings and will have incredible strength and 2 giant fangs while the flower will have 2 non-identical claws and can make wheels of pure energy and release them and can make webs from the tips of its fingers and both of them will have powers beyond imagine' ." "So", Storm said, annoyed. "I translated it and it was meant for you two and I am going to make sure it will not be finished Ma, Ha, ha," Halous said very angrily. "If we made we can destroy you", Storm said, mad. "You can try but only you when you are fully trained you can, but right now you can barely harm me and I will take over all of the dimensions and you can't stop because you can't leave now, so goodbye," Halous said laughing and he vanished without a trace. "What are we going to do now Storm?" Rose asked, scared. "I don't know Rose, I don't know", he said, scared as well. 5 minutes later they fell asleep scared, and alone.

Chapter 3

Jurassic Park

When Rose woke up she thought that she had weird dream that she was in a new world until she look up at the sky and realized it was not a dream but really did happen, but Rose noticed something that she didn't noticed before about the place. Their home or what seemed to their home was really a temple and what was really weird was that when Rose look closer she saw that her and Storm were on it. Startled she woke Storm up, who was sleeping in peace, who muttered, "I don't want to go to school today", and went back to sleep. Rolling her eyes Rose said, "Okay then Storm I am going to delete all the data on your memory card", Rose knew that always work on school days. As soon as Storm heard this he shot right up saying, "That does it Rose you are dead now and I am going to-um what happened to the sky, Rose?" As soon as Rose heard this and giggled and said "Don't you remember Storm?" Before Storm could answer they heard someone singing inside the temple and as soon as it started Rose and Storm knew what it was because it sounded like this:

"I recall the time when they found fossilized mosquitoes and before long they were cloning DNA. Now I'm being chased by some irate veloceraptors
Well, believe me... this has been one lousy day

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
Someone shut the fence off in the rain
I admit it's kinda eerie
But this proves my chaos theory
And I don't think I'll be coming back again
On no

I cannot approve of this attraction
'Cause getting disemboweled always makes me kinda mad
A huge tyrannosaurus ate our lawyer
Well, I suppose that proves... they're really not all bad

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
Someone let T. Rex out of his pen
I'm afraid those things'll harm me
'Cause they sure don't act like Barney
And they think that I'm their dinner, not their friend
Oh no

Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark
All the dinosaurs are running wild
What a crummy weekend this has been
Well, this sure ain't no E-ticket
Think I'll tell them where to stick it
'Cause I'm never coming back this way again
Oh no... oh no"

When the song ended Rose and Storm went inside the temple to check it out but were a little scared but when Storm saw something that look like an overgrown hawk was coming right at them they went in.

After navigating the twists and turns of the temple Rose and Storm found themselves in a shrine and that they were not alone for at an altar a warrior was kneeling and on the ground next to the warrior was a wicked looking ax. The warrior seem to be praying to something on the altar but Rose and Storm didn't get see what was on the altar because as they took a step forward to get a better look at it the warrior picked up the ax and threw it at them. Rose managed to duck just in time but Storm got hit by the ax and was hurled to the wall. Rose was about to scream for Storm to get up but when she was about to open her mouth the warrior grab her by her throat and held her in front of the warrior's eyes. Rose tried to loosen the warrior's grip but he was as stronger than a Constrictai's grip. Sensing this the warrior brought her close to his mask and made eye contact with her and said, "I can kill you right here, right now but usually no one enters my temple unless you want to die…" The warrior went on and on. 'is this how someone's last moments are?' Rose thought, loosing air. "Let Her Go!" Storm yelled, who recovered but was still pinned by the ax on the wall. "Quite human I have destroyed thousand before you and when she is dead you will soon join her." the warrior said. As soon as Storm heard this Storm was so mad that he managed to pick up the ax and charged at the warrior shouting, "YOU PUT ROSE DOWN RIGHT NOW!" But as soon as the warrior heard this he threw Rose to the ground, who was now knocked out, grabbed the ax and asked, "what did you say?" Surprised by what the warrior said he answered, "Put Rose down right now", and when he said this the warrior started laughing and said "You think that you can scare me by saying Ro-", his voice trailed off and he look at Rose laying on the floor and asked, "What did you say her name was?" When Storm heard this he answered, "Rose", As soon as he said this the warrior keeled before storm and said, "I thought you were dead but- wait a minute" It took two seconds for him to realized who they were and said, "I am sorry I did not know who you were but it looks like the prophecy will be fulfilled now." What the warrior said had confused Storm but Storm was wondering what his name was so he asked him, "Who are you?" "Uh oh sorry about that, I am Jurassic, decedent of Axonn, master of the ax and Halous' nemesis and the soon to be captain of guard to the Dimension Lords", said Jurassic. "Who are the Dimension Lords, Jurassic?" Rose asked, who had recovered and was listening to conversation. "You are", Jurassic said and he was about to say the prophecy when Storm said, "We already know it, Halous told us after he brought us here" "Okay then but you must go home you're not allowed know about this yet", Jurassic said a little bit mad. "We can't Jurassic, even if we could Halous would have ruled everything and would kill us on the spot, meaning we need your help Jurassic please help us," Rose said with an adorable kitten eyes look on her face. "Look, I want to help but I can't Rose because while I was training the original ones when Halous killed them right before my eyes and I still not forgive myself for it and I will never train anyone again," Jurassic said depressed. When Storm heard this he wanted to cheer up Jurassic but he didn't know what to say but Rose knew what to say and said, "What if you got a second chance, what if you did and you succeeded and Halous was stopped and you became the captain of the guard for the lords and you were forgiven, think about it Jurassic, come on Storm let's try go home," and they left. After they left, Jurassic began to remember the night of terror, or what he called it, he remembered that he vowed that he will train the true Dimension Lords even if it was the last thing he do. Reliving that Rose was right he pick up his ax and left the shrine saying, "If I die and Halous wins let my spirit either join my ancestors or haunt Halous forever." and he left.

By the time Jurassic had got out of the temple he saw Rose and Storm trying to figure out how to get home and he called out, "There is only one way to left to leave here now and it is sealed in a black hole and the keys are scattered across this dimension and it won't be easy getting them." When Rose and Storm heard this they jumped because they did not why Jurassic was outside the temple and then they just ignored him. Surprised of this, Jurassic realized that he hurt their feelings and he said, trying to cheer them up, "If you want to get home you can either ask Brutaka or retrieve the keys to the black hole", when Rose and Storm heard this Storm said, "Why should we care, we're trapped here forever and you want us to try to go home why, Jurassic, why?" When Jurassic heard this he tried to cheer them up but failed. Giving up he said, "Look Rose said something in the shrine and after you left I thought about it and reliving that she was right and I remember my vows and I made a promise that I will fulfill it if it's the last thing I do so I am going to make sure the prophecy will be fulfilled and I mean it." This surprised Rose but she agreed with Jurassic and said, "Then let's do this", and stuck her fist out. Storm knew this hand gesture because he seen it from the movies they loved to watch and he too stuck his fist out to saying, "You to Jurassic," and as soon as he said that Jurassic joined in saying, "Let your training began," for Jurassic knew what this will do to the future and these twins that are with him now are the chosen ones and he will do anything to protect them, even if he needed to kill someone.

Chapter 4


2 hours later after the of them teamed up they found themselves on a planet known as Cybertron. "What are we doing here Jurassic?" Rose asked. Jurassic knew this was coming and he said, "One of the keys is here and in order to get to it we must talk to someone." "What is in the black hole Jurassic?" Storm asked Jurassic. Jurassic signed and said, "Armor that can pierce the walls around the dimensions and can be only worn by the Lords and they have the power of-" someone interrupted Jurassic shouted, "Attack those Autobots" Jurassic knew instantly knew who they were, Decepticons. "Run and don't look back", He shouted to Rose and Storm, just as the Decepticons opened fire at them. "Make sure they don't escape", Shouted the leader of the Decepticon pack whose name was Shockwave and began firing. One Blast managed to hit Rose's leg. "Help me please!" she shouted at Jurassic and Storm. When they heard this Storm wanted to help her but Jurassic grabbed his arm and said, "You can't help her Storm or you would either captured or killed" Storm turned to face Rose and then back at Jurassic and back at Rose again and he ran with Jurassic. "Wait no Storm come back please, please Storm", Rose said Crying. "Hold your fire!" Shockwave shouted. Shockwave turned to look at Rose and an evil plan came to him. Rose didn't know what the Cyclops known as Shockwave was thinking but she knew that he might torture her until she died. "alert Lord Megatron that we have ourselves a hostage", Shockwave said to a soldier, who answered, "Yes Sir." Shockwave approached Rose, saying, "You are coming with me" and he grabbed her and her world went black

Jurassic and Storm managed to get away from Shockwave but lost Rose in the process. This made Storm very mad so mad that he started cursing saying, "Why Did We Leave Rose Behind For Those (Put any sear word of your choice here) Decepticons To Either Capture And/or Kill Her So She Can Go To Hell Tell Me Jurassic, Tell ME!" Surprised of what Storm said Jurassic started yelling. "If I did let you get her the same fate that they are doing to her will happen to you as her, look I am sorry Storm I really am." When Storm heard this he said, "Apology accepted Jurassic." He was about to say more but someone interrupted him said, "Jurassic, I thought I forbid you to come here." The 2 of them turned and saw that they were trap in a circle by 200 robots but not like the ones from before and this time Storm, along with Jurassic, knew who they were, Autobots.

When Rose woke up she was strapped to a table in a room and even worse near her was tools for the use of torture. She tried to loosen herself free but just then Shockwave came in with someone else who Rose guessed was either Megatron or his second in command, Starscream. "Here is the Minicon we told you about Lord Megatron do you want me to start up the physic link sir?" Shockwave said. "No Shockwave because judging by its form it will not survive the link", Megatron answered. Shockwave asked Megatron, "Then What I going to use then Megatron?" "Use the energon cutters or anything you want to use and if the minicon is useless then let him deal with it, Shockwave" Megatron answered. "Yes Lord Megatron I will get started then", Shockwave said and Megatron left the room. As soon as Megatron left Shockwave turned to face Rose and said, "Ok then let's get started then." When he said this Rose started to tremble with fear.

After 1 hour of pain later Rose was bleeding; beaten, and shocked with energon and she felt like that she was going to die. "What are you hiding", Shockwave shouted at her. "I told you I know nothing how many times do I need to tell you", she yelled at him. Rose was starting to make Shockwave very angry and was about to blow her to smithereens when he remembered what Megatron said to do with her with she was useless to have her sent to him. "You're going meet someone very, very dangerous unless you tell me what your hiding", Shockwave said to Rose who answered "No!" "Fine Then have your way then", Shockwave said as he released Rose from the table and carried her to a very dark plains and he said, "Welcome to your doom."

Chapter 5

Constructicon Devastator

"You see Minicon those who disobey Megatron's orders are sent to him and will soon join them, so good-bye", and Shockwave threw Rose into the plains of doom. "Who dares disturb my lands is it Shockwave what does Megatron want with me," asked a dark voice. Shockwave knew this was coming and he answered, "An offering for he knows that you are going to be in slumber and he to have this" and threw Rose into the plains and left. As soon as Shockwave left, Rose felt the ground shake and the wind started to blow and Rose felt herself moving toward somewhere in the plains and the voice said, "Who dares disturb me tell me your name and you will suffer a painless death if you don't tell me your name you will suffer a terrible death." Rose took a deep breath and said "My name is Rose, twin sister of Storm I do not know my real parents or my true last name, but I think it is Saber, and what is your name?" Surprised by this it said, "I have a name young Rose but I no longer use it for it may bring fear to your heart." "I am not afraid if you tell me yours maybe I can help you because I have been tortured beyond imagines." "Ok then little one, I am Constructicon Devastator a Decepticon combiner so dangerous that I am feared by my fellow Decepticons so feared in fact that I am forced into stasis lock by Megatron himself for he fears that I will challenge him for leader and I will win for I am the destroyer and trust that one day the Lords will reawaken me and I will serve them till the end of time and I am very sorry for this but your time has come for your death has come and so good-bye forever," and with that Constructicon Devastator opened his mouth to activate his Vortex Grinder and Rose tried to run but she too hurt to try so she started yelling, "Wait didn't you hear me my name is Rose I am one of the Lords I have a twin brother named Storm please, please listen to me," and that was all it took to make Constructicon Devastator to shut down his Vortex Grinder and say, "What did you say?" A single tear rolled down Rose's face as she said, "I said my is Rose Saber I have a twin brother named Storm." When Devastator heard this he bowed and said, "I have been waiting for this day to come when the Lords will call me and make me a hero of all but I thought you would be older and more battle ready?" "Listen, Devastator, Halous trapped me here and Jurassic told us what must happened and in order to stop Halous, Storm and I need to reach our full potential and it will not be easy…" before she could finish Devastator interrupted and said, "I know what will happen but first let us get out of this place." and with that Devastator a raised from the ground reaching to 100 feet high, so high a lookout post saw him and yelled, "Alert Lord Megatron that Constructicon Devastator has risen and he's coming this way." As the message was sent out, the scout said to himself, "Please don't be the lords and what must be never happen", and he went to his battle station.

When Megatron heard this he ordered his loyalist warrior, Soundwave, to see what was going on out there. But what Megatron didn't know was that it was true, Constructicon Devastator has risen and has a rumored Dimension Lord with him and wants revenge. Wanting to see this for himself he said, "On second thought Soundwave I'll go see for myself but I may need the omega key to shut Devastator down for good just in case." When he said this Soundwave nodded and left the room and soon returned with a big key in his hands and gave it to Megatron. "Thank you, Soundwave if I don't return you will be in charge", And with this he transformed in to a jet and left the area.

"Sir Devastator has risen!" Someone yelled. "What? How is that possible Devastator was not to reactivate until after the war was over someone needs to tell Prime now or-" "Tell me what?" Someone asked. "LIGHTAMUS you're here oh never mind sir but Devastator has risen and is attacking the Decepticon prison keep and may have a Dimension Lord with him," said the lookout. "Are you sure about this Hot Shot?" LIGHTAMUS asked. "Yes Sir," hot shot answered. "Okay then, have someone get the prisoners here now they may know something about this," Lightamus said worried.

5 minutes later an Autobot named Bulkhead came in the room with Jurassic and Storm, both in chains. When they came in, LIGHTAMUS had them unchained but locked the door. After these things were done Jurassic asked LIGHTAMUS, "What do you LIGHTAMUS?" "Funny you should ask Jurassic because 5 minutes ago our scanners showed that Constructicon Devastator had been sited attacking an enemy prison with a possible Dimension Lord with him. What do you know about this?" LIGHTAMUS said. Jurassic was about to say something but Storm interrupted him saying, "That would be my sister, Rose Saber, the main reason we're here is to get the omega key so we can get the armor in the black hole so we can stop Halous okay so can we go now?" When LIGHTAMUS heard this he was confused but he knew what Storm meant by the black hole and what was in it and he said to them, "I can't help you because I don't have the Omega Key the Decepticons stole it 5 years ago but if Devastator gets it before we do he will become unstoppable and may destroy all of Cybertron and you will die with it, so good bye", and LIGHTAMUS left the room locking the door behind him. "But Wait What About Us Don't Leave Us Here", Storm shouted but it was too late for the lock clicked behind LIGHTAMUS leaving them trap in the room.

Meanwhile, Devastator and Rose were attacking the decepticon prison hold and by the way things were going the 2 of them were winning. ''Devastator what if the key is not here where will it be?'' Rose ask. ''It would either be in Kaon, the Decepticon capital, or Trypticon station where do you think Rose?'', Devastator said. "I would think Trypticon Station because it is heavily guarded there.'' she answered. "Good thinking Rose'' and they left, leaving the prison in ruins, heading for Trypticon Station.

Chapter 6

Trypticon Station

Soon Devastator and Rose arrived at the Trypticon Station. Rose took a step and relived that Devastator was not with her, she turned around to see Devastator shaking with fear. When she saw him she said, ''Why do you worry Devastator we're here and all we need to do is get in grab the key and get out how hard can it be?" "Have you heard of Trypticon, it is a beast I made him and I can't stop him and it will not easy to-Rose Look Out Behind You!" Devastator shouted. Rose turned to see the station transform in to a giant metal beast which Devastator and Rose knew very well, Trypticon. "Trypticon will destroy intruders that try to get key from Trypticon'', said Trypticon and he opened fire at them.

If storming the prison keep was easy, fighting Trypticon was very hard when the target is bigger than you and is armed with heavy artillery firing at all at once. One blast hit Rose in the leg and fell to the ground hurt. "Devastator help I'm hurt badly", she yelled at Devastator who was still scared to fight Trypticon. When he heard this, he saw Trypticon raising his foot to step on Rose saying, "You Will Die Minicon!" This made Devastator very mad, so mad that he charged Trypticon saying, "I will not let you harm her", and with this he triggered his Vortex Grinder causing Rose to move to him. As soon as Rose was away from Trypticon Devastator triggered something in his chest saying, "Get in Rose you will be safe in here", and Rose did what he said and as soon as she was inside Devastator closed his chest. when Rose went inside Devastator's chest she felt like Devastator was absorbing her and it was hurting her "Devastator what are you doing to me?" she said in pain. Devastator didn't hear her for he was about to fight Trypticon but he knew what was going on inside him he said, "Trypticon give me the omega key now and I will let you live but if you don't I will have no choice but to destroy you." "Never", Trypticon yelled. "Then I have no choice but to destroy you", Devastator said angrily.

Part 2

The Hunt



My world just went crazy when I went inside Constructicon Devastator's chest and I realized that I was in his spark chamber and that I was being drawn to his spark. "Devastator what are doing to me?'' I asked again this time with fear along with pain. "I am helping you unlock some of your power so you can become one of the Dimension Lords", he said and he threw a punch at Trypticon's face, who screamed in rage. "You will pay for that Devastator", Trypticon said and shot Devastator with a missile, which missed, and let me tell you something being inside the chest of your favorite transformer is crazy, trust me it's crazy. "Die Devastator", roared Trypticon and hit Devastator with his tail, knocking Devastator off-balance causing me to trip and fall down, knocking the wind out of my lungs. "Rose, you okay?'' Devastator asked me. "Yeah I'm fine", I answered but I didn't really feel fine on the inside but didn't want to tell Devastator at the moment because he was busy fighting Trypticon at the moment.

Little did I know that Devastator was really losing to Trypticon because Trypticon was more heavily armed than Devastator and because of this Devastator may die and this made me scared "Devastator you need to fight back use your Vortex Grinder or something", I yelled. "Rose if I do that I may cause damage to the Omega Key or you and I can't let that happen-" "Devastator stand down or be destroyed", someone interrupted. Devastator turned, so did Trypticon, to see LIGHTAMUS Prime aiming an ion cannon at both of them "I am going to say this once so listen carefully I want the both of you to stand down or I will use this on you both, so make your choice", he said with a bit of venom. "Prime you are making a mistake doing because you know that the Lords need the Omega Key to get the armor to stop Halous from ruling all of the dimensions and you know this", said Devastator, who by the sound of it knew what he was doing. "Devastator you're the one who is making a mistake, Fire," LIGHTAMUS yelled firing the ion cannon at Devastator. When the blast was about to hit Devastator something in me snapped like I didn't want Devastator destroyed and made me mad, so mad it made me yell, "No!," causing his spark chamber to open all by its self without Devastator triggering it. "What the," LIGHTAMUS asked confused as I walked out of Devastator's spark chamber. "LIGHTAMUS Prime", I said, "By the power of the Dimension Lords you are to stand down or you will cease to exist." "Shoot her down", LIGHTAMUS said, scared. When they fired the cannon again it was about to hit me I held my hand out and the blast stop in midair and I said, "Prime you really think that you can harm me for I am Rose Saber, one of the Dimension Lords, the loving flower and you will stand down," and with this I sent the blast right back at them. "You will die minicon", Trypticon roared. When I heard this I turned to Trypticon saying, "Trypticon you will give me and Devastator the Omega Key or you will be destroyed." "Never", Trypticon yelled and tried to attack me but missed "Very well then," I said and held out my hand causing Trypticon to float. "Rose stop don't destroy him," Devastator said with panic in his voice "Why should I?" I asked sarcastically. "Because if you kill him it will haunt you forever," he said "How do you know?" I snapped at him. "Because I have killed before and I'm use it, but you have never killed someone before and I want it to stay like that," he said. I looked him in the eyes and can see that he was afraid of something and I realized that he was afraid of me and let's just say it work and I said, "Fine but how are we going to get the key from…" before I could finish an idea came to my head and I started to shake Trypticon. "Rose what are you doing didn't you hear what I said," Devastator said confused. "I did hear you, I'm just getting the key," I said, and as soon I said that, something fell from Trypticon's chest and I put Trypticon, far away from the object, and went to pick it up. "Rose I don't think that's a good idea," Devastator said, but I didn't listen. When I got to the object I realized that it was a weird looking key so I picked it up, planning to give it to Devastator, but I blacked out, but before I blacked out I heard Devastator yell, "No, Not Rose!"



When I'd blacked out I think that I had a weird dream or something because I saw Storm wearing what looked like a mask on his face and had wings, not like a regular bird wings but retractable wings, on his back and a crown on his head. I was about talk to him when I saw that I had 2 non-identical claws for my hands and then I started to hear music, but not regular music but peaceful music, and I saw many more but before I could see what was going on something shocked me and someone yelled, "Clear!" and with that I came back to reality and I was in a weird room with medical stuff on a table next to me. 'Please don't be another Decepticon torture chamber' I thought to myself. "She's awake," someone said and I heard a door open and someone yelling "I don't care if she's hurt or not I just want to see my sister!" and right away I figured out it was Storm trying to get in, but what can I say we were inseparable since we were born so you get the picture. "Storm I don't think that's a good idea," Someone, who I think was a medic said. "I don't care, Ratchet I just want to see Rose," said Storm and I think Ratchet was going to say something but someone else said, "its ok Ratchet let him in." "Fine but she has suffered what seems to be a massive energon exposer and I the combiner did it", said Ratchet. "Hey I did not do it, Shockwave did", Someone yelled, who I knew was Devastator, I could tell by his voice. This made Ratchet say, "Whatever," and he opened the door and that's when I realized that something was wrong.

It was then I realized that I could not see very well. At first I thought it was my eyes trying to adjust to the light but when the door opened I realized that I was blind. As Storm got closer I started to panic until I heard Storm say, "Rose are you ok?" "Where are you?" I asked. "Wait what," Storm said, "I'm right here." This worried me. "Storm where are you I can hear you but I can't see you", I said. It took 2 seconds for Storm to put two and two together "What your blind How?!" He yelled and by what I hear he was about to attack Ratchet when someone, I think Jurassic, said, "I think the reason why she is blind is due to not only by energon exposer but also prolong exposer to Devastator's spark chamber." "For the record Jurassic I had to do it because if I didn't Trypticon would have killed her," Devastator answered. "Fine but you know that you weren't suppose do that unless it's an emergency ok?" Jurassic asked. "Ok Jurassic but you now have one of the keys to the armor's resting place," Devastator replied. When he said this, this confused me and Storm causing us both to say, "What," at the same time. "Wait a minute you didn't tell them, Jurassic?" Devastator asked when he heard us. 'Why does this always happen' I thought to myself. "Hey you know we're right here," Storm said, "So why not tell us Jurassic?" When Jurassic heard this he said something we could not understand in a different language, I think a spell, and said to us "Rose, Storm I cannot tell you that but can show you what happened" and this confused me and I said "How can I see what you are going to do when I'm blind?" "Rose you are really wrong about that because you were really temporary blind and it has worn off so all you have to do is open your eyes,'' Jurassic replied when he heard me. When I heard this scared me but did what he and opened my eyes and voilà I could see Devastator, Jurassic, and Storm right beside me. "Now that you can see Rose I can show you what happened", Jurassic said and with that his mask began to glow. "Not again", Storm said, a little bit scared. "My mask power is different than Halous's mask power because I wear the Kanohi Zen, the mask of battle and knowledge," Jurassic replied when he heard Storm. The last thing me and Storm heard was Jurassic saying, "It began a long time," because after that Me and Storm blacked out.



When Rose and I woke up I realized that we were not in the Autobot medical room any more. "Rose, are you ok?" I asked Rose. "Yeah I'm fine" Rose replied but by the look of her face, she was trying not laugh. "What's so funny Rose?" I asked her and she lost it. She started laughing and pointed at me saying, "Storm, why are you wearing a skirt?" When I heard this confused me and I looked down at myself and saw that she was right. "Rose", I yelled at her, "It is not funny." "Actually it is a little bit funny but it isn't a skirt but it is actually a kilt that warriors wear Rose," someone said. When Rose and I heard this, we turned around to see Jurassic with us. "Where are we?" I asked Jurassic. When Jurassic heard this chuckled and said, "We are still in the medical room but you must know what happened." "So why didn't you tell us what happened?" I asked Jurassic. "Storm, the reason why I can't tell you is because of your father", Jurassic said with disgrace. "Wait you knew our true dad?" I asked. "Yes, I knew your biological father", Jurassic replied with even more disgrace. "Can tell us his name Jurassic?" Rose asked. When Jurassic heard this he sighed and said, "Rose, your father didn't want me to tell you his name because you already know his name and when the time comes you will figure out his name and call for him and he come and protect you." When Jurassic said this it confused me and I asked, "Jurassic what do you mean we already know his name?" When Jurassic heard this he signed and said, "You know him because of your birthmarks, which are symbols of great power."

When Rose heard this she asked, "Wait a minute Jurassic you mean our birthmarks are singles. I tried to get my tattooed for my birthday once and the stylist said no when he saw it," and with this Rose rip off her dress's right sleeve, revealing a faded birthmark on her shoulder. after she did that, Rose grabbed my shirt and tore off the right side of it revealing my birthmark on my chest. "Rose", I yelled at her when she did it, "what was that for?" "Sorry Storm", Rose said, depressed. "Are you ok Rose?" Jurassic asked Rose. "Yeah," she replied. "What's wrong?" Jurassic asked. "It's family Jurassic," I said. "What do you mean Storm?" Jurassic asked me. When Jurassic said that I signed and said, "Jurassic, Rose is very emotional when it comes to family because she thinks that our parents abounded us when we were born because up until now we were it the foster care system moving from family to family because we always got in trouble." When Jurassic heard this he said, "Oh, now I get", and he turned to Rose and said to her, "Listen, Rose your parents didn't abandon you it's just that your father couldn't be with you because if the three of you were together dangerous beasts and villains would attack you nonstop so Mat- I mean your father had to leave you because of that ok Rose." When Rose heard this, she turned to Jurassic and said, "Thanks Jurassic." "Don't mention it", Jurassic said. "Wait hold on Jurassic," I said to him, "You almost said someone's name but why…" It took me a minute to figure it out "Oh man you mean our father is Mata-Nui?!" When Jurassic heard this he muttered something in a different language and this time, as if by chance, I understand it. "You just spoke Matoran didn't you Jurassic?" I asked him. When Jurassic heard me he signed and said, "Yes Storm, your father is Mata-Nui so meaning you will have great powers." "Jurassic, hate to interrupt but where are we?" Rose said. When Jurassic heard this he chuckled and said, "I thought you would never ask this is your imagination before you're even born." "What did you say Jurassic?" asked Rose in confusion. "Oh, I forgot you're new to this," Jurassic said, "You see Rose your father and his brother, Makuta Tredax, sealed away a dangerous threat if unnoticed would have destroyed all of reality." "Jurassic," I interrupted, "out of curiosity what was the threat?" Saying this caused Jurassic to speak in Matoran again and said in English, "Storm, I would not want to say its name because of unmentionable things but for you I will," and with this Jurassic's eyes changed color and continued with the story, "This threat that they sealed away is known as Shade, the shadow lord, a warrior so powerful he could control darkness. You see Shade wanted to rule reality but in order to do that he had to take over Spheres Manga but it wasn't an easy thing to do. When Shade attacked he accidently awoken Mata-Nui and Tredax and when they awoke they fought Shade, nearly destroying all of reality in the process, and sealed him away in a dark dimension, stop him. But it wouldn't last for Mata-Nui foresaw Shade escaping his prison, destroying the very fabric of reality. Mata-Nui tried to warn Tredax, to prepare for battle, but Tredax didn't listen and he told Mata-Nui, 'If Shade does escape from his prison, Mata-Nui there is nothing we can do' and with this Tredax vanished without a trace. When Tredax abandoned Mata-Nui, he started panic, you see Mata-Nui tried everything to keep Shade down but failed and when he thought all was lost he came across the prophecy of the Dimension Lords. Mata-Nui read the prophecy realizing that he must have children in order to stop Shade, but for a price, you see in order for you to be the Dimension Lords you could not be born in the real world because it will make you human but if you are born in a dimension you are dimensional sensitive meaning you can jump from dimension to dimension or you can summon inhabitants of a dimension." He would have went on if it wasn't for Rose, who usually falls asleep when someone tells a story, asking Jurassic weird questions but this time she said, "Wait a minute Jurassic, your saying that me and Storm are aliens?" I think Rose is starting to annoy Jurassic right now because judging by the looks of his face he wanted to behead her with his ax. "Rose," I warned, "I think that is not a good idea" but Jurassic stop me and said, "Yes and no Rose you are not aliens but hybrids." When Jurassic said this I said, "Wait minute Jurassic you're saying that Rose and I have wings or something?" When I said that, the whole place shook that caused me, Rose and Jurassic to loss some balance or just me and Rose because Jurassic used his ax to steady himself. "What was that, Jurassic?" I asked. "I don't know but we're about to find out," he answered and the three of us blacked out.



When Rose and I woke up we were back in the medical center but something was wrong. Just then something hit the medical center, destroying it, and if it wasn't for Jurassic I'd be dead. "What was that?" Rose yelled, panicking. "That was a missile," I guested, looking at the shrapnel. Furious Jurassic slammed his fist on an intercom and yelled into it, "Prime what's going on?" There was no response but then someone's voice came on the speakers saying, "Jurassic, you have to get out of here, Decepticons are storming Iacon and by the looks of it, Halous is ordering them." When Rose heard this she asked, with more panic in her voice than before, "What about Devastator?" The voice replied, "Devastator left he's scouting for the next key for you, Jurassic you need take them to Iruni for training you got that?" "Got it," Jurassic replied. "What's going on Jurassic?" I asked. I shouldn't have asked. When Jurassic heard me, he look like he was going to throw his ax at me, he said, "I'll tell you later and get on my back." When he said this Rose and I look at each other in confusion and then Rose shrug her shoulders and jumped on Jurassic's back. When she did that I muttered something about how girls are always role models and jumped on. "Hang on Tight," Jurassic said and with this he leaped into the air. I don't know what happened after that because I fainted.

When I woke up Rose was 2 inches my face which scared me to death. "Rose," I yelled at her, "what was that for.?" As soon as I said that I heard 2 people laughing. I got up and look around and saw Jurassic talking to someone who I never seen before but they were acting like old friends. "Where are we?" I asked. When Jurassic heard this he smiled and said, "We are in the training grounds of dimension jumping controlled by Iruni, here you learn how to jump from dimension to dimension." "Ok," I said confused. Just then the stranger, Iruni I think, said, "Here you will learn how to get to other dimensions." "What?" I asked him. When Rose heard me she laughed and said, "Storm, here you learn how to travel through dimensions." When she said this I just growled at her and she hissed back at me, it's really just a tick me and Rose developed when we were younger. "All right you two knock it off," Jurassic said with a bit of command in its tone. When me and Rose stop he continued saying, "Listen you 2 in order for you to reach your true potential you must master traveling though the dimensional barriers that surrounds all dimensions and even the real world but only a few people in the real world as gone into their own realm and have never return." "Come again?" I asked. "You know the poet, Edgar Allen Poe right, they say he vanished without a trace but he really went into the dimension he made because he was that strong to do it" he said. "Strange but cool" Rose said. We both nodded in agreement, but what I was really was thinking: What is going on here.