In Japan, people gossip about a terrorist organization in the western chunk of the country. Many call it Shocker, and it has no resistance in the western half. Just a enslaved population, and an army!

Spider: Alright listen up, cause this is very important. I'm Spider and this is Bat and Cobra, the only thing we want to know about is the lot of you.

Scorpion: Hey guys. I'm Ippei Kaijo, but my codename is Scorpion.

Sarracenia: Yo, what's up? I'm Ryuuta Shinmei, and my codename is Sarracenia.

Mantis: Ryuji Mogami, codename Mantis.

Chameleon: Hiromu Esumi, codename Chameleon.

Bee: Yoko Sutou, codename Bee.

Condor: Shouhei Dachi, codename Condor.

Gecko: Sho Enari, codename Gecko.

Lizard: Daita Nangou, Codename Lizard.

Cobra: We just got word from another handful of our operatives, they've looted a jewel store.

Spider: Codenames?

Cobra: Cactus, Starfish, Crab, Moth, Piranha, Flying Squirrel, Mushroom, and the Piranha/Dinosaur hybrid.

Spider: Perfect, and I just heard that a third wave of agents stormed the local bank.

Bat: Who were those guys?

Spider: Antlion, Centipede, Mole, Jellyfish, Trilobite, Anteater, Flower, Armadillo, Toad, Ant, and Stingray.

Cobra: We're getting another call, you might wanna hear this.

Jaguar: This is Tatsuya Shiina, codename Jaguar checking in with an update on the gold depository assault.

Cobra: Squad codenames?

Jaguar: Sea Snake, Cockroach, Butterfly, Earthworm, Frilled Lizard, Ground Spider, Owl, and Hedgehog.

Cobra: Perfect.

See, no one knows these cyborgs exist. Which is why they conquered the western chunk of this country so easily, and why no one can stop them. Will there be any resistance, any heroes? Shocker highly doubts that question, and it certainly doesn't think it can be stopped!