Scissors Jaguar: Scissors Jaguar checking in with Chainsaw Lizard, and a squad of others. Go ahead, introduce yourselves.

Turtle Bazooka: Turtle Bazooka!

Squid Fire: Squid Fire!

TV Fly: TV Fly!

Machine Gun Snake: Machine Gun Snake!

Hammer Jellyfish: Hammer Jellyfish!

Knife Armadillo: Knife Armadillo!

Lens Ant: Lens Ant!

Razor Sea Star: Razor Sea Star!

Pickel Shark: Pickel Shark!

Drill Mole: Drill Mole!

Magnet Boar: Magnet Boar!

Toad Boiler: And Toad Boiler!

Spider: Ah, you seem to have confidence. Why?

Chainsaw Lizard: We just robbed a gold depository, feeling pretty good about it.

Machine Corps: Yeah!

Scissors Jaguar: And we'll continue until all of Japan is in ruins!

Machine Corps: Yeah!I

Scissors Jaguar: Charge!