A few days later Link was standing with his Father who was brushing the King's horse. Beside it stood the horse that belonged to the captain of the guard, Ganon's father. An absolute monster of a steed. The story that Link had been told was that the horse was a gift from the Gerudo after the man had been accepted as one of their own.

He was not declared their kind mind you, however he was granted safe passage between the two lands without issue. This was the reason that King Daphnes had given the man such a prestigious title. In fact the duo had been planning a long term trip to the Gerudo Desert in order to open a dialog about opening trade between the two peoples.

From what Ganon had told Link the Gerudo were excellent craftsman. While the Hylians had all of the materials they could ever need, none of them matched the sheer skill of a Gerudo who had spent years training to become the very best smith, tailor, or architect she possibly could.

That last part always seemed to bother Link. A culture consisting of nothing but women always seemed like a weird thing. Where did the babies come from if they didn't have fathers?

"Lad, hurry up." Arn said noticing Link was stuck in his own mind when he should've been packing the saddle bags.

"No need to rush." King Daphnes came into the stable in a set of riding leathers, leaving his crown behind for this journey. His large muscular frame was only slightly hidden behind the large cloak that he was wearing. "Groose, hurry up." Daphnes turned as Ganon's father entered the room.

"Sire, I have to warn you, this is an unwise journey." Groose reasoned petting his massive horse. "The Gerudo will not welcome you."

"They welcomed you didn't they?" The King pointed out checking the saddle on his horse even though it was perfect.

"Yes sire, but it is not the same." Groose argued. "Please reconsider."

"No." Daphnes pulled himself up onto his horse. "I have heard your argument time and time again, and now I am going." He had the horse walk to the exit of the stable. "And besides, if we left now Arn and Link would've prepared us for the road for nothing."

The two peasants perked up at their names being mentioned but Groose did not look to them. "Yes Sire." He grumbled before putting his foot in the stirrup before pulling himself onto the back of the beast.

Without another word the two road off out of Castle Town and Link turned to his father. "What if something bad happens?"

"Like what?" Arn asked going back to work, tending for the remaining horses.

"Captain Groose seemed really worried." Link grabbed a brush before handing it to his father.

"It's the Captain's job to worry." The rancher smiled as he ran a brush along the horses fur. "And it's the King's to decide if that worry is warranted or not."

Link nodded in understanding before there was a knock at the door. Both of the ranchers turned their heads to see Ganondorf standing at the entrance. "Can I borrow Link?"

The young boy looked to his father who nodded his head. "We're nearly finished here. Go on, I can handle the rest, just try to be home for dinner."

"I will." Link said putting the brush back where it belonged and followed after Ganon who was already walking out of the stable.

"Wait up." Link said running after his friend.


The two boys used their usual method of sneaking into the castle and making it to the garden where Zelda was already waiting. Normally at night the guard rotations are at a minimum, but during the day they are a little more observant. Something that upset Link.

"Good, you're both here." Zelda looked between the two boys. "I've called you here for a very specific reason."

"You did?" Link asked. "I thought we were just playing again."

"This is no time for play." Zelda said in a serious tone. "As you both know my father and Ganon's have travelled to the Gerudo Desert to try and begin a trade relation with them. What you don't know however is that I have had a dream."

Link quirked an eyebrow. "A dream?"

"Shh." Ganon hushed the boy. "Please, go on Princess."

"Thank you." Zelda nodded in an attempt to seem as regal as she possibly could.

"In my dream I saw the ruin of Hyrule at the hands of the Gerudo. I do not believe they can be trusted, and my father as so easily turned his nose up at the idea, and even ignored the recommendations of Captain Groose." She hung her head for a moment. "I fear he may have gotten ahead of himself and does not quite understand the severity of the danger that he has placed himself in."

"What's going to happen?" Link cocked his head to the side.

"I don't know." Zelda said with a sigh. "That's what we're going to find out. My father has ordered his men to stay here to defend Castle Town, but none of us are his men." She grinned. "No one is stopping us from travelling to Gerudo Desert."

"I like it." Ganon crossed his arms with a smile. "Gives us our chance to finally show everyone what we're made of."

"Thank you." Zelda nodded to Ganondorf. "Link, I know you don't have any connection to our fathers, but I request you join us on our journey." She stepped down from her platform so that she was at eye level with the boy. She reached out to take his hand, part of her pleading that he would go with them, but she knew she was going either way.

Link looked between his two friends; both watching him and waiting to hear an answer. "I'll do it. We have to go after nightfall though, otherwise my Father will tell people and try to stop us."

Zelda didn't think, she threw her arms around the young boy and held him tight. "Thank you Link." She said excitedly while Ganon averted his eyes.

"We should begin our preparations for our journey as soon as we are able." Ganon argued. "Link, do you have any equipment for battle?"

The boy scratched the back of his head. "Aside from a pitchfork or two, no."

"I'll bring my spare." The large boy patted his sword before turning to Zelda. "You must leave any and all finery behind Princess."

"I'm aware Ganon." She stood apart from the other two. "Thank you, both of you. We'll leave after nightfall and begin our journey on horseback."

Link nodded in understanding before Link was walked back out of the castle grounds and went home.


That night Link sat silently at the dinner table with his father who did the same. Neither of them said much of anything, partly because Arn was a noticeably quiet man, and partly because Link felt guilty about what he had planned to do. How could he not? His only friends ever asked one thing from him, there was no way that he was going to let them down like this.

"I see you're getting along with the Captain's boy." Arn pointed out between bites of his bread and lamb.

"I am. Ganon is really nice and we enjoy playing together." Link replied earning a smile from his father.

"I'm glad. One of the things I was most worried about back on the Ranch was that you didn't have many friends." He said sadly. "I was worried you'd grow up alone."

"It's ok Pa." Link reasoned. "Now it's all ok. We have a much better home here in town and you're the Stablemaster!" He offered a big smile.

"Thank you, Lad." The man reached out and held his son's head in an affectionate way.


After dinner Link went to his room while is Pa read in the sitting room. The boy cinched up some travelling clothes before stopping. He looked over at the Green Tunic he had become accustomed to wearing and quickly disrobed before pulling it on and checking that his boots were tight. Once he was ready he put a pack full of bread on his shoulders and then waited.

It only took an hour before Zelda appeared in Link's window. "Are you ready?" She eyed the boy, noticing that he was wearing his green tunic again. Maybe he was the Hero? She wondered to herself, but she did not have time to worry about that, right now she needed to focus on the clear and present danger.

"I am." Link stood up and pulled his backpack on over his shoulder before jumping out of the window with the Princess.

Ganon was standing and waiting, wearing his sword on his hip and handing one to Link right away. "Tie this onto your belt in case we need it. I'll handle any fighting we may have, but if need be, you'll have something."

Link tied the sword to his belt and then looked to the other two. Some of Zelda's enthusiasm had faded and it was replaced by a look of trepidation. Ganon seemed to be in a hardened stare, the gravity of their decisions finally starting to weigh on him.

Link walked ahead of the other two towards the exit of town. "Come on, we don't want to lose any more time than we need to." He didn't look back, trusting that the others would be willing to follow behind him without needing to ask.