Walking through most of the night Zelda waves the other two down. The trio now stood in the middle of Hyrule field, the sun beginning to rise to the east. "Can we stop and rest for just a few minutes?"

Ganon looked to the sun to gauge the time before looking around himself to figure out how far they have travelled. "We can take thirty minutes for breakfast." He sat down in the grass followed by Link and Zelda who nearly collapsed between the two.

"Why did no one tell me that travelling for so long is so exhausting?" She breathed heavily looking over at the horses to the side that were grazing while the others rested.

Link reached into his pack and handed the others each a piece of bread. Ganon silently chewed on it but Zelda made a face showing her displeasure for the food. "Did you bring any jam or honey?"

"No." Link said through his mouthful of bread. "Should I have?" He swallowed the bread hard.

"The Princess is not accustomed to bland meals." Ganondorf said with a sigh. "I apologize princess, but when travelling many fineries are left behind. Even something as simple as salt may be left when trying to travel with speed as we are now."

"Salt?" Zelda asked with big eyes. "We won't even salt our food?"

"I packed salted meats." Ganon pointed to his saddle bag. "That will have some flavor, but I fear you still will not enjoy it."

"Can I try some of that?" Link whispered.

"At lunch." Ganon whispered back as Zelda forced herself to stomach the mostly stale bread she had been left with.

"What about hunting for fresh meat?" She looked between the two.

"I don't know how." Link replied.

"And we do not have the time required to track, kill, skin and then cook our food." Ganondorf put the last of his bread into his mouth before leaning back in the tall grass around them. He looked up at the clouds rolling past, he was close to the desert again. It was only a matter of time before he'd feel the warm sand between his toes once again.

The time seemed to pass quicker than Ganon wished but he looked down to see Link had wandered over to a tree. He held his sword in his hand rather awkwardly and without any grace to speak of. "Look." Ganon spoke to Zelda who turned her head away from the countryside and looked at Link who stumbled around with the sword in his hand.

Walking over Ganon watched as Link attempted to perform a parry with an invisible enemy but the boy tripped and fell. "Link, what hand do you write with?" Ganon crossed his arms.

The Ranch Boy stood up and raised his free hand earning a laugh from Zelda and a groan from Ganon. "You're left handed." The red haired boy spoke. "Why are you using a sword in your right hand if you're left handed?"

"That's how everyone uses a sword." Link held up the sword in his right hand. "I didn't know I could hold it in my other one." He put the sword in his left hand and held it up before smiling. The sword was short by normal standards but for a boy his size it fit him perfectly. "Oh." Link said swinging the sword a few times. "Thanks." He blushed before Ganon drew his own sword.

"Let me show you how to use it." Ganon stepped across from Link and held his sword out. "Touch blades." He spoke calmly and with authority.

Link moved his sword into position causing his blade to smack into Ganon's. Neither boy flinched at the slight spark but Zelda watched in awe. Her jaw dropped at seeing an image that for some reason seemed eerily familiar. She didn't fully understand it either.

"Follow my motions." Ganon told Link before moving his sword slowly and methodically so that the other boy could easily mimic the motions that he was seeing.

Flashes of battle came to Zelda as she saw both now soaked in blood glaring at one another. A battle yet to come, or one long past?

After a few more minutes after Link had learned some more movements the trio all mounted their horses and continued their trek westward to the Gerudo desert.


A couple days passed before the trio now looked onward past themselves to the rising and falling dunes of sand. "We'll leave the horses here." Ganon pointed to a nearby stable. "I brought enough money for each horse to be stabled." He dismounted and walked the beast over.

Link and Zelda did the same, with the Princess taking extra care to make sure that her face was hidden from all of the bystanders who may be able to recognize her where they were. Link noticed and made sure to stay close to her just in case.

Ganondorf bargained with the stablemaster and took the horses away. Link looked past them and noticed that the stable wasn't as nice as the one that his father had back in Castle Town, granted that one was technically the King's stable, they just worked in it. "We'll have to make the rest of the journey on foot." Ganon grumbled stepping towards the desert followed by the other children.

"How did you know about this?" Zelda asked stepping in line with Ganon as best she could, but he had a much easier time walking in the sand than either of the other children.

Link gasped for air. "I thought that we were only a day or two away from Castle Town, how could it be this hot out here?" He looked towards Ganondorf who seemed to be entranced by the desert ahead of him. Nothing else mattering except his own thoughts.


The heat was oppressive, but the water that the little boy sat in felt great to his skin. The air around him was so dry, and the water was so refreshing that he never wanted to get out. "Ganondorf, it is time to go." A woman's voice shouted from outside of the bed chambers.

"A few more minutes." The child replied before dunking his head under the water and testing how long he could hold his breath in the tub.

Only another moment passed before he looked up and saw a massive woman with long red hair and a pointed nose looking down at him from above the water. Crossing her arms she waited to see how long it would take for the boy to run out of air, and it wasn't long before he broke the water's surface inhaling as much as he could. "Are you finished?" She walked over to the side of the room and grabbed hold of a long robe.

"Do I have to go?" He asked looking up at the woman. "It makes me sad to go there."

"You owe it to him." The woman helped the small boy out of the tub and dried him off with a towel. "Can you be a big boy for me?" She knelt down and was still taller than the young boy.

"Alright." Ganon nodded his head. "I can try to be good, for you." He said before getting a smile from the woman. "But do I have to see Grandmas today too?"

"Yes." The woman sighed. "And I won't hear anything else about it do you hear me?"

"Yes mother." Ganon hung his head as he was quickly dressed in traditional clothes for the Gerudo, only the male adjustments had already been made.

The woman walked the little boy through the enormous palace. The Gerudo women they passed along the way kneeling in respect of their young king. The boy didn't really like the attention, but he knew why he received it and understood that it needed to happen.

The doors to the chamber opened and Ganondorf looked ahead and saw his father sitting on a couch. His body wasn't bruised or broken, but it was clear that his heart had been. However all of that faded when he saw the little boy looking up at him. "Ganon." The man stood to his feet before kneeling and holding his arms out for the child to hug him.

"Go ahead." The woman nodded nudging the boy forward.

Slowly walking forward Ganon approached the man who looked with a smile. "It's ok little man, I won't hurt ya." Once the boy was close enough the man slowly touched the boy's face to make sure he was ok. He looked more than ok, he was healthy and beautiful. "Are they treating you right?"

The boy nodded his head nervously. "Yes, mom treats me well." He glanced back at the woman straining to hold back the smile on her face. "Grandma Rova is a little mean, but she says she's just trying to teach me right."

The man wiped a tear from his eyes. "I'm glad." He glanced back at the woman. "He'll be safe right?"

"Of course." She said feeling the lump growing in her throat.

"What's wrong?" Ganon asked looking between the two adults. "Is everything ok?"

"It will be." The man replied nodding his head. "I'm gonna have to go away for a while now Ganondorf. I need you to be strong for me alright?" He closed his eyes tightly trying to hide the tears.

"Why do you have to go?" Ganon looked behind himself to his mother. "You don't have to go, I'll be good I swear it."

"No, no." The mother spoke up. "This isn't because of you my king. This is because this isn't where your father belongs. I've kept him here as long as I could. There was nothing else that I could do."

"There is one thing." Groose looked up to his Gerudo mate.

"No." Her eyes went hard and cold. "That can never happen. Hurry with your goodbyes Voe." She crossed her arms waiting.

"Alright." Groose hung his head. "We can hurry up." He turned his attention back to Ganondorf who was fighting tears in his eyes. "Why the tears? I thought you didn't like me."

"I don't." Ganon lied wiping the tears from his eyes. "I'm just upset they're letting you off so easy."

"Trust me." Groose whispered. "This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do." He wrapped the boy up in a tight hug that threatened to squeeze the boy too hard.


Ganon stared at the city ahead of them. The night had fallen and Zelda and Link were shivering from the cold, but it didn't bother him. It just reminded him of his childhood. Looking around he never noticed any signs of Zelda's or his fathers but if they had made it into the city they likely wouldn't be able to tell.

Link tried to rub his chest to stay warm before Ganon turned to look at him. "Sorry, but you'll have to wear this." He handed the small boy a dress from his satchel.

"You're joking right?" Link looked up. "I'm going to look ridiculous."

"You are Voe." Ganon said simply. "If we tried to bring you into the city they'd kill you or all of us."

"What's Voe?" Zelda asked cutting Link off before he could argue.

"A male." Ganon replied.

"You're a boy." Link held the dress in his fists.

"I'm…" He froze looking to Zelda who watched with apt interest. "You're right." He nodded his head. "I have a different idea. I'll wait out here, while you two go and investigate."

"No, you wear the dress." Link held the outfit out but Ganon didn't reach for it.

"It won't fit me. I got it in the right size for you." Ganondorf rolled his eyes. "Now stop arguing, because I can't go, and if you don't go then Zelda will have to go alone."

Link gasped looking to Zelda who was watching their argument but blinked when she was brought up. "I can handle myself." She crossed her arms and huffed.

"Even if you can, I'd rather you have someone watching your back. Besides Link isn't exactly the most skilled in a fight either. You two are going in to scout, nothing more."

Link nodded his head before he started pulling the loose fitting dress on over his tunic. It did fit him, even with his clothes on underneath. Once it was on he looked to the other two. "Is this good enough?"

"Not quite." Ganondorf smirked before pulling a bit of blush out of Zelda's pack. "Just a hint to make you look more like a girl."

Gritting his teeth Link put his arms to his sides and held his breath as Ganon quickly applied the makeup. Zelda giggled before walking over and adjusting what was there before backing away, all the while giggling. "There you go Linkle." She laughed to her friend who was clearly angry.

"Can we just get this over with." Link balled his fists but made sure to hide them in his now longer sleeves.

"Let's go." Zelda smiled before the two left Ganon behind and walked towards the city gate.

Ganondorf let out a breath and watched. His greatest fear coming true. He hadn't thought that coming here again would be this upsetting.


Ganondorf sat alone in his regal room. His father had left earlier in the day. Grandma Rova was already in bed and mother had also made her way to her own room. Leaving the little boy totally alone, something that he used to enjoy. But now the mere thought that he would never see his father again resonated deep inside of himself.

Before the boy could react a grappling hook appeared in his window sill and a large man pulled himself through. "Shh." The man held his finger over where his mouth would be slowly pulling a hood back revealing Groose. "Father?" Ganondorf whispered. "What are you doing here?"

"I can't leave you here without asking you." Groose knelt in front of the boy. "I know I'm not giving you a lot of time to think about this boy, but I can't just leave you without giving you a choice. Would you rather return to Hyrule with me, or stay here with your mother and grandmother?"

Ganon gasped looking from side to side for some kind of help, but he was alone. There was no one there to make this decision for him. He would have to decide himself, would he give up the entire world he's ever known and run away with his father? Or would he lose his father forever, never to see the man again? "What if I want to come back someday?" Ganon asked nervously.

"You can make that decision then." Groose gently put his hands on the boys arms. "But you have to know that after tonight I don't think I'll ever be allowed back here. The only reason I've been able to stay this long is because of you." He rubbed the boy's hairless face with a gentle hand.


Ganon sighed as he lost track of the two who seemed to have entered the city unmolested. Hopefully they'd be able to find the King and Groose without any issue. And then the trio could come up with a plan to move forward.