Editing things out to be more clear. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.

Editing things out to be more clear. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.

Chapter 1

Princess Elia Nymeros Martell was running in the halls of Maegor's Holdfast, afraid of what would happen. Her face showed tears of sorrow and anger for the lives of her children because they were in danger. There was nothing she could do to stop those who wished them dead but to run from this cursed place.

"All of this because of what, Rhaegar? For a flint? A romantic song that he could have sung in years to come? Or that stupid prophecy?" Elia thought.

Elia still remembers when her father told her about the king agreeing to the match. It overjoyed her to no end. Who wouldn't be; it was Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, the silver prince, the most handsome men in the seven kingdoms, the men who every woman wanted to wed. And she was the one to marry him.

Elia was, like countless other women, in love with him.

"Such an innocent petty girl I was, I didn't see the madness on his eyes, he blinded us all by his songs of love, poor innocent girl who fell in love with someone she didn't know," she thought in grief.

The seven kingdoms loved the prince. They sang songs about him and the future he would bring; they cherished him like no other, not even his so-called friend, Ser Arthur, could see the actual person he was. The true prince was someone different. No one realized that behind that mask of gentleness and soft nature a man obsessed with destiny and prophecies was lurking underneath, Rhaegar believed that his destiny was more important than the realm, that his own family. Ever since the day he was born, in that horrible tragedy at Summerhall, he thought he would be the one responsible to bring the dragons of old Valyria back to life.

"The dragon must have three heads, Elia, you need to understand, the prophecy said it must have three heads," it was what Rhaegar told her, and when she gave birth to Rhaenys, he kept whispering about, the prince that was promised, about a dragon head born from ice and fire.

Elia didn't understand what he was talking about. She wanted to know, but he refused to tell her, believing she wouldn't understand how important his fate was.

After Aegon was born, she could not birth to another child. That broke Elia's heart, but Rhaegar had a mission and nothing would stop him.

"My Aegon needs her Visenya, Elia, I hope you understand, I hope one day you forgive me," that was the last thing he told her, before kidnapping the Stark girl a year ago.

Elia was not stupid, like the rest of the seven kingdoms, she knew that he did not kidnap the Stark girl. The Stark girl was in love with the silver prince, he and those songs blinded the Stark girl.

Just like Elia when she met him years ago and now because of them, the seven kingdoms bleed. Elia wondered how did the Stark girl react when she learned the news that the Mad King killed her older brother and father. About her father being burned alive and her brother strangled to death, while the mad king laugh in front of them.

Did she cry for them, did she blame the king, did she even know? Or did she wake up from that fantasy of hers and realize what she has done? To reap what she sowed.

For Elia at the very least, the irony didn't end there, that's the worst part of it all. She remembered the day when she met the Stark girl, the day before the tourney at Harrenhal, how she looked at the southern people with displeasure, how she mocked the knights of the reach, the way she acted when she saw her betrothed, Robert Baratheon, how she ranted at his lifestyle, calling him a whoremonger and barbarous man.

And then she left with a married man and started a war, Elia believed now, that the gods have a sense of humor.

Still, Elia didn't blame her, at least not as much as she blames her stupid husband. Rhaegar was the one who started all of this; he was the one who took her away; the one who put the seven kingdoms in chaos.

If he wanted to have a mistress, he could have one. If he wanted the Stark girl to bore him a child, he could have been more direct about it. He could have told her the truth, he could have demanded her hand, she knows that lord Stark would have accepted since he wanted to have more strong ties to the south, and what better way to do it, than having her become the future king mistress.

Elia would have hated her, yes, and she would've been shamed even more if that happens, that's true. Perhaps even Robert Baratheon would have demanded a combat or something for the hand of the Stark girl.

But at least it would be only that, not a blow-up rebellion with thousands of lives lost and a target of her children's lives.

Elia's tears were running on her cheeks because no matter how much she hated Rhaegar now, she cared for him, Elia loved him at one point, she bore his children who she loves with all her heart.

But it doesn't matter now, his dead, along with her uncle and thousands of Dornish men at the Trident and she must find a way out before the rebels forces or worst yet, the Lannisters arrive.

She was not a fool; she knows that Tywin Lannister has been waiting to choose the winning side, Elia bet that he was just waiting for the results of the battle to see who wins.

And now that he knows who is victorious, King's landing was a dead city, Tywin Lannister will sack the city to make sure they remember who the golden lion was, Elia was sure of it.

And the worst, when the mad king hear that his son lost and die at the Trident, he lost his mind if that was even possible.

She heard what he was planning, to burn the city and everyone on it. And now that the Lannister forces are at the gate, she knows that her time was running out.

Elia ran to get her children when she heard shouts and scream from the city.

"Tywin Lannister, that men would do anything to get what he wants," she said, running faster as the city was being sacked. When Elia reached her room, she could already hear her little Aegon crying.

"Shh, it's okay, mommy is here," she whispered.

"Mommy?" the voice of a scared Rhaenys caused pain to Elias's heart.

"Rhaenys, come here, we need to go," Elia said while grabbing a little of clothes for Aegon.

"Where is a father?" Rhaenys asks, sobbing.

Elia's heart clenched as she cursed Rhaegar on her mind.

"Father... It's not coming back, sweetie... I-I will explain everything we must go," Elia said.

She was preparing to leave when she heard a voice from the hallway. Elia paled as she knew that there was no way out.

"Over here, Clegane," Elia felt her soul leaving her body, after hearing that name The mountain that rides the mad dog of Tywin Lannister.

She gave Aegon to Rhaenys and told her to hide under the bed. The poor girl was trembling with fear but refused to cry.

"If I had to die to save them, I will... Please gods, save my children, I beg you," Elia prayed to all the gods she knew, old and new.

But when they cracked the door open, none of them answer.

"Here she is, quite the beauty, eh?" Elia paled at the lustful voice of the men who look like a pig more than a person. She felt his gaze upon her, and it made her felt sick.

"Want to have a few rounds with her first? She a Dornish slut and a princess. How many can have that privilege?" the pigman said.

"Get here bitch!" Ser Clegane rushed to her, hitting her hard in the stomach, making Elia dropped to the ground in pain and with no air enough to scream.

Ser Clegane took her clothes off without caring too much for anything else. She wanted to fight him, to push him away, but it was an impossible task.

"Where is the little dragon bitch?!" the pigman yelled, breaking everything around, curtains, dressing table, every place where a child could hide.

"Stop moving, you fucking slut!" Elia felt his hand trying to open her legs, trying to defile her. She heard the scream of her daughter as the pigman dragged her from underneath the bed.

"No! Leave her! Leave her!" Elia screamed with all her strength.

Elia begged for the gods to save her child, but they didn't answer. Aegon was crying more loudly as he was being left on the floor, while his sister was trying to break free from the pigman hold.

"Say goodbye to your bitch daughter!" Elia didn't care about the Mountain getting ready to rape her. All she could think of was of her children. As she saw the dagger approach Rhaeny's throat, something froze the man pig.

Then, out of nowhere, a big purple-black circle appeared in the room. Everyone in there was looking at it, it was like a portal. Then from it, an old man came out. His hair and bear say as much.

But it was his gaze and body that told another history, Elia knew that that was not the body of a fragile old man.

"I apologize for the interruption, but I must ask to leave them alone," his voice was hard as steel, it makes Elia shiver.

"Who the fuck are you?!" the pig of a man yelled while he left the poor sobbing girl in the ground.

"No one you should worry about... But I didn't know pigs could talk," the anger was visible on the face of the fat man.

"I will kill you!" he said.

And that was the last words he would ever speak. The old man's fist shattered the body of the pigman with one hit. Blood was everywhere, and everyone could only stare in disbelief.

Elia didn't know what she just witnessed. A man just explodes in front of her.

"Now, what about you?" the old man said with a bored look on his face.

Ser Clegane stood up with a sword in hand. Both of them look almost of the same size, but the difference was that it was Clegane, the one wearing armor.

Elia didn't waste time and leap to her children, bringing Aegon and Rhaenys to her chest. As she saw the old man standing in front of her, with no fear or worry.

"I will kill you!" Clegane yelled.

Swinging his gigantic sword at him with one hand, Elia gasps as she saw the attack getting close to her savior.

But the old man didn't move at all, he just stood there and when the sword came down, he just grabbed it with his fingers. Elia didn't believe it. She must be dreaming. How it's that possible?

"That is an awful sword," the old man said as he just broke it as they made it off glass.

That paralyzed Clegane. He was bewildered and confused, but anger brought him back to the state of killing he was known for, as he is about to squeeze the man's brain. But the old man brought him at his knees when his fist broke his armor like nothing.

Everything inside Clegane exploded like some put a bomb inside of his massive body. But all of that was thanks to the fist of the old man. As blood was pouring from his mouth, Clegane looked up and saw red eyes looking at him, like he was nothing. He, the mountain that rides, the strongest man in the seven kingdoms, was afraid.

"A rabid dog needs to be killed," and with a kick, the rest of Clegane's body disappears.

His intestines were all over the floor and walls, and Elia didn't know how to react. Here she was, in front of a man who just kills one of the strongest people in the seven kingdoms if not the world, with a kick. She looked at him for a few seconds, trying to think what was about to happen until she hears him talk.

"I have accomplished my mission, my lady," he said.

Elia was looking at him confuse and baffle because she couldn't understand to whom he was speaking.

"I see, as expected of you, my lady," he said and turn around to face Elia and her children. She stiffed, trying to say anything, but words just couldn't come out.

"My name is Sebas Tian, you are safe now," those words did the job, and made her feel like a heavy lift was out of her shoulders. She started sobbing slowly, looking at her savior with nothing but gratefulness.

"Thank you, ser Sebas, I own you my life and the life of my children," Seba's smile was so gentle, so warm that it made Elia feel protected more than ever. It is then when she heard the shouting and screams that she found the strength to stoop up again.

"I need to leave, please ser, I will give you anything if you save us, I begged you," Seba's look for a few moments then smiled again.

"Saving someone in trouble is common sense, but worry need not appear in your face, my lady. For they have sent me to save you. There is nothing to worry about, now, if you please," he said, and once more that black portal circle appears in the room.

Sabas walk to it and holding his hand up, he looks at Elia with a smile. She stood there for a second until she took the hand and leave with him. To only left behind a bloody scene to everyone who found it out.