First, this is the first time, and only one, that I will do something like this. Not a big fan of using this platform to speak with my viewers and subscribers. But I couldn't communicate with all of you, so I'm using this update to do so.

Before I start my new schedule, that will start this next weekend. I want to write a better description of the options I wrote in the last chapter. (Many of you asked for it.) It will help me see more opinions and such.

As well, there are some new options that I found while searching my old folders. And I believe some of you would like to see them.

A): Nazarick arrives during the War of Five Kings. Exactly the same as the Anime, Manga and Novel. Galadriel sees what is happening at the Twins and she and Sebas save Arya and Robb from the Red Wedding. Think of it, like what took place at Carne Village but with the Starks. They met with Galadriel and asked who she was. She asked them about magic, and learning that in fact, Magic was considered "Extinct" she took the mantle of a deity and whatever (Still not sure if she should call herself a "Old God" or something alike.) She takes this opportunity to conquer Westeros with the Starks as allies. Galadriel found in the Starks, a kindred spirit of Touch-me. And talking with Robb, she felt melancholy as she could see all that Touch-me believe in him. That's one of the few reasons she allied with them, to aid them.

(More details could be added, I only have 3 chapters done with this one. Also, since there are only 3 chapters, I can change things. So far this is the entire plot I have on it.)

B): Galadriel arrives alone when the Targaryen left Valyria. She saves them from a storm and helps them arrive at Dragonstone. She showed them her power and considered her new God. After that, she helped them to establish a set of operations in Dragonstone. And aid Aegon in his conquest of Westeros. The Targaryen worshipped, and during the conquest, Galadriel does a lot of "Cringing" and "Amusing" shows. While the Targaryen rain as rulers, she rains as the Supreme Empress of Westeros. (The Targaryen are kings, or something alike. They had the Iron Throne and all of that. They control Westeros in her name, while she explores and seeks Nazarick.) She had to deal with all the Targaryen foolishness for a while until Nazarick arrives. (I have 4 chapters done. Nazarick arrives around the Blackfyre rebellions in the middle of The Isle of Faces.)

I think I explained this rather well, but I wanted to add that. I'm thinking of making Nazarick arrive perhaps at the whole Harrehal fiasco. Also, I would like to portray Galadriel as a cranky god, who feels alone, since she hasn't truly found Nazarick. She would expand Westeros, and some of the free cities in her empire, and while she considered a god, well, she is still a demon empress. She felt so disconnected from humanity and couldn't careless about them killing each other. She tries to do her best creating a better world than her old one, but finds herself just not bothering so much.

Well, that's what I could write, but like I say, I could change details of this history. So you guys let me know.

C): Nazarick arrives, 10 years before Aegon's conquest in the North. They kill the Night King and experiment with him and all of that. The North now worships Galadriel and sees her as their new god and all of that. This is a practical, "Strong North" or "Independent North" trope. (Only 2 chapters done so far. More details can be added.)

I think this one could be different. They may not kill the Night King, yet. But I think Galadriel could take the mantel of an Old God coming to live, or something. Making the worship on her more real. I think, this option and (H) could be similar in some manners. Perhaps all. That's why I would like to change some details. Perhaps, like they not showing themselves until Aegon marched north with his army. And Galadriel offering her help to keep the North Independent. Like I say, she could act like an ancient gold and say things like "For Millenium I have seen my people fight each other. Spilling the blood of the first man and the children I left behind. No more. No false gods will claim the land of the Ancient Ones. The land I belong." Or something.

Then she would kill Balerion with an over the top and weak spell. And banish the Targaryen to never to return. Well, that's why I think it could go.

D):Nazarick arrives beyond the wall. They kill the Night King by accident and become the Greater Threat to the world. (Easily explained. Only 2 chapters are done.)

This one, it's a very hit and miss type of history. I think it could be change, like something greater. I think there are two variants I could write. One, Nazarick arrives around 100 years prior Aegon and kills the Night King, like a long time ago. But they make their kingdom all the way north and they had to deal with the Seven kingdoms and all of that since they are pratically a magical kingdom of sorts.

And the other one, it's that Galadriel arrives alone (again) during the Greyjoy rebellions. She becomes the Witch of the North by pure dumb luck. As she saves a family of Wildings. If you have read "The Difference One Man Can Make" by Joen1801, you will know what I'm trying to do.

I don't want to copy his same history. But I have something like that in my mind. Perhaps you guys could advise me.

E): Galadriel is reincarnated as the twin sister of Eddard Stark. (Just like in my Harriet Potter: The Demon Empress series.) However, her skills aren't blocked. Only her form. She is still a level 100 Demon Empress, only in the body of a child. Her true form will be unlocked when she reaches 18 of age. She grows up in Winterfell and works hard to improve the North as a whole. Nazarick arrives just a few days after. (Hilarious ensues, as they think this is all her plan. Albedo and Shalltear are forbidden to be near her, by Sebas and Pandora's Actor.: V) Then, she gains the attention of everyone because of her beauty and intelligence and how much she has improved in the North. (With the Help of Nazarick, as they are working under the shadows for now.) (6 chapters done.)

This idea it's one of the most popular right now. Besides option "F". I think the family dynamics around the Starks would be interesting. But more interesting would be her interactions with the rest. Can you imagine Oberyn trying to flirt with her? Or, how Galadriel would love to speak about economics and investments with Tywin Lannister, as her brilliance in the topic would make the Lion mind go nuts? Or how Cersei would hate her guts because of Galadriel just being more beautiful than her and just good at anything, but Galadriel would consider her a good friend. Just like Jircniv relationship with Ainz. There is a lot I could write, but it's still under work. Tell me what you guys think.

F): Galadriel is reincarnated as the younger sibling of Rhaegar. Again, just like option (E) only the settings in which she was born are different. She hates her "father" and kills him the moment she hit her mother, Queen Rhaella. Shifting the entire plot. Rhaegar still does stupid things. Everyone does stupid things. King's Lading stinks of shit and Galadriel only wants to improve the quality of life. So she decides to play the Game of Thrones and become the Queen of Westeros, with the help of Nazarick. (Only 3 chapters done. More details can be added and change.)

Now, this one it's a more serious one. I think Galadriel would hate being a Targaryen. She would hate Aerys with every fiber of her body. And honestly, I don't think she or Rhaegar would be close. Since Rhaegar would spend most of his time brooding or something far away in Summerhall or Dragonstone, like in canon. Yet, I felt she would love Rhaella. It would be different from the Stark family. That would be certain. But there is certainly something intriguing about this.

G): Nazarick arrives somewhere in one of the Blackfyre Rebellions. They completely conquered Westeros with supreme firepower. The Targaryens are dethroned (But not killed; they become the lords paramount of the Crownlands), and Galadriel is now the Queen of Westeros. The history is set somewhere years later. During the whole Tourney of Harrenhal and such. (5 chapters done.)

This is another one highly popular. Galadriel and Nazarick decided after long years of planning to go full bananas in Westeros. They arrive just after the third Blackfyre rebellion in 219 and conquer the shit out of Westeros. Imagine Gargantua walking in the middle of a battlefield as soldiers from all the houses of every kingdom flee, or try to. Making the Field of Fire pale in comparison. This is fun to write, I will admit. Just seeing the complete difference in level. But also, how decades later, people kept on trying to play the Game of Thrones. Since Galadriel would keep expanding, they all will try to get in her good grace.

There are different plot points, I been thinking about that could make this history different.

One plot could that, it's because Galadriel announced publicly that she will crown a new king of Westeros. Since she found difficult to manage Westeros while expanding her empire. So, having a king acting as a puppet in her name in the Iron Throne would make things easier for her in the long run. Practically making Westeros into some kind of Death Match game. As everyone wants to be kings.

Another one would be that she is looking for a husband and wants to marry. Making the whole things even extreme. (This is an idea, only that. I know it certainly goes against my version of Momonga. My OC, yet it could be something fresh and hilarious. I don't know. Well, it could change, and be that Galadriel it's looking for a good husband or wife for her daughter, or perhaps son.)

Tell me what you think. Or perhaps tell something you would like to see.

H): Galadriel arrives alone in the North around 50 years before Aegon Conquest. She does some stuff and makes herself the new Queen of the North. The Starks become the High Lords of Winterfell and the North and her most loyal subjects. She defends the North against the Targaryen. Nazarick arrives around the Dance of Dragons or something like that. (3 Chapters done.) This is another "Strong North and Powerful North" fanfic.

This is just like option (C) but Galadriel is alone for the time being. I think Galadriel could arrive way earlier. Maybe 100 years early. I don't know. But I will use the same "I'm an Old God, and I'm here to save my people! And eat oreo cookies!" But it would help that Galadriel would honestly fall in love with the North and their people. A different view of sorts. So, after she helps the North defeat the South army who tried to invade again. They would crown her Queen or something. Then she would work to improve the North in everything she can, so when Aegon come to invade them. She would bitch slap him and sent him back.

There is a lot I could do, so tell me what do you think.

Now, here are few new ideas. They are mostly Reborn trope. So please hear me out first!

I): Galadriel is reborn, but as Daenerys Targaryen. I think there is potential here. Like I say, there is no to go around, but I could work with this easily.

J): Galadriel is reborn as Cersei child. But she is born with her white silver hair, making Cersei and Jaime believe she is Robert since they believe she has Targaryen blood on her. Everyone goes mad because of that, but after they see her unusual golden eyes, they kind of accepted it. Robert, it's not please, but since he is the only with blood dragon in his vein, he accepted it. This is an interesting concept, I think. The relationship between Cersei and Galadriel would be interesting to see. Tell me what you guys think.

K): Galadriel is born as Robb twin sister. A parallel of sorts, as she is still born a Stark in this history. Yet Nazarick will arrive later on. At the beginning of the War of Five Kings. Galadriel does her best to improve the North and brings the attention of people and all of that. It's the same as option (E) but in a different timeline. I think, this could be better than option (E) in my opinion, what you guys think?

L): Alright, this is a more orthodox option than the rest. Here, Galadriel arrives alone in Essos in Lyss more precisely. Her beauty brought the attention of pretty much everyone. Since she traveled trough Free Cities. Since she could use gold and magic, the wealth was not a problem. She was looking for Nazarick. And on her travels Steffon Baratheon brought her attention. This is when he was ordered to find a bride for Aerys son, Rhaegar. Since she was the most stunning woman in the world, with her white hair and golden eyes. Many thought she was perhaps of an ancient Valyrian house lost in time. Or whatever, Galadriel does not know what they are talking about.

Galadriel thinks that becoming the Queen of Westeros would be a good way to increase her name and popularity and bring the attention of Nazarick if they are somewhere which they are. So, a series of hilarious events emerged. Rhaegar falls in love with her and wants to marry her asap. All the ladies hate her and envy her. Aerys is mad because he could see magic in her and wants dragons back. Nazarick, it's losing their mind at their lady marrying a human. Albedo is depressed. Shalltear is depressed. Galadriel just wants Nazarick back, and does not want to sleep with Rhaegar and does stupid and amusing things to make herself look like an innocent, naive girl, while screeching inside her head.

Well, at the end of it all. Rhaegar is cuck by Albedo, and Shalltear… and all the Pleiades. Joking, or am I?

M): Instead of the Targaryen conquering Westeros, it's Nazarick. The Targaryen arrived later. Not much, but it's an intriguing idea.

N): Galadriel is reborn as Aegon, and he well, conquers Westeros and what not. But Nazarick arrives at the same time. And well, what would you think would happen when it does? I will admit, this is more of a Smut fanfic than anything else. Galadriel will enjoy her male body in everyone, but she could also change her body to her demon empress body. Like I say, this is shameless smut. But you know… some people like it. Perhaps I will write it as a smut fanfic in my other page Hentai foundry or Archive of Our Own. You know, I like smut, but I honestly feel as if this was more meh. (Ignored it please.)

This is the last history left. Perhaps more comedy and smut than not. But I wanted to tell you guys all the ideas I have. Like I say before. I could change some of these options completely when I choose the one that will replace my current Overlord x Game of Thrones Fanfic. That's why I want you guys to tell me what do you think.

Please, if you have any idea, or perhaps scenario in your mind tell me! Leave a review or send me a PM! I would love to take the best one! Help me decide!

Also in another irrelevant note. I love writing Smut.

I'm writing an Overlord x Harry Potter Smut with an incredible dose of culture. There will not be Galadriel here, sadly. But you guys are going to love it. Really, really, really much. Well, people of culture will enjoy it. But that's later. Also, there is another smut history in the making.

A Harry Potter x Game Of Thrones Smut fanfic. But like I say, that's for much later.

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