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Chapter 6: Chasing Blazed Caresses, Part II

Catherine and Narcisse were preoccupied with their duties and were separated for most of the morning. But that didn't stop them from thinking of each other. Their respective companions observed the delighted aura they emanated.

Finally, it was time for them to meet at the throne room as the King ordered. Catherine was on her way when Narcisse caught a glimpse of his beautiful wife. A vision in royal amethyst embellished fit gown, the Queen Mother's skirts swept like a delicate wind on the floor.

Oh, how I admire your swaying hips when you walk. He took his time blessing his eyes with her Aphrodite presence before he caught up with her and pulled her aside.

He startled her with a hungry kiss by the blindspot between the castle's columns. "Stéphane! You daredevil of a husband! I thought we needed to keep this discreet!" She whispered but was secretly glad about his pleasant surprise.

"We are discreet and concealed. I missed you, mon amour. You played in my mind the entire morning. And you wearing this magnificently fit gown… makes me want to remove it from your glorious body." He smooched her once more.

"I know, mon amour. But we seriously need to be careful. Promise me you won't do this again and I will reward you greatly tonight. For now, we have to deal with whatever my son is up to." She rested her hands on his chest.

"Oh, you don't have to tell me twice." He let go of her and offered his hand. "Shall we, wife?" He enticingly whispered to her ear. It sent chills to her spine. She licked and bit her lips to suppress a moan. She gave him a peck on his cheek before taking his hand. "Let's get going, husband."

Then, the couple walked back to the hallway as if nothing transpired. They quickly let go of their hands as the Lord Chancellor immediately offered his arm for the Queen Mother and presented a more authoritarian image than a loving couple. They walked in a powerful stride that everyone who came across them trembled in a curtsy.

They finally arrived at the throne room wherein they saw the Privy Council, some notable nobles, and foreign dignitaries. Servants were all over the place with food and drinks in hand.

Catherine became instantly furious because she didn't know that there would be quite a gathering and no one even informed her. "What's the meaning of this!? Did you know about this?" She hissed at her husband who was also stunned by the busy room. "Before you get totally mad, look who just finished talking to your son."

Lo and behold, Admiral Coligny just had a conversation with His Highness but had an upset face as compared to the austere face of the King. Catherine and Narcisse shared a look and an idea.

I think a disappointing face suits Coligny, don't you think? Narcisse's mind was accompanied by his outshining smirk. He communicated well with Catherine.

Yes, with a hint of shame that will surely play to our advantage. Catherine's thought returned Narcisse a knowing smile. No words were spoken but they fully understood.

They moved forward and the Lord Chancellor greeted the man. "Admiral, what a pleasant surprise. We were not informed that a gathering would comprise this meeting." Catherine didn't give him a chance to reply immediately.

"Yes, I thought this summoning was just for the royal family. So I'm surprised to see everyone, and especially you, Admiral." She showed a sarcastic smile. But the Admiral was a contemporary and knew how to handle such remarks.

"Well, I share your shock, your Grace. I'm also surprised with the presence of the Lord Chancellor who is also not part of the royal family." The couple was astounded at the sheer audacity of the pompous prick. But Catherine was already fired up.

"Well, perhaps the good Admiral forgot that the Lord Chancellor is the father-in-law of my daughter, making him a part of this family." Narcisse was not really inclined to a tongue-lashing but Catherine beat him to it.

"Oh, but of course. How silly of me to forget. I usually disregard such corruption in the monarchy, selling your son just to gain leverage…" Narcisse was now furious and moved closer to the Admiral. Catherine didn't like where this was going.

"Gaspard. Let me remind you. I'm the most powerful noble in this country and I know how you move your pieces. So don't try to get on my bad side any further. As I see it, you are losing the King's favor and any movement from you might cost you greatly. So stop taunting me if you don't want your end to come faster on you like the plague."

His blue eyes were filled with rage but Coligny was not intimidated and retorted back. "Well, that was quite a threat, Lord Chancellor. But let me also remind you that I'm the most powerful man in this country's military force, the force that protects the country you rule. So get on my bad side and you'll rule nothing."

Thankfully, Catherine had a good hold on Narcisse before he ever moved to lunge onto the Admiral. She came in between the men and rested her hand on her husband's chest. "Don't let him win, Stéphane."

Then she faced Coligny with fiery anger. "This is what you want. A bad image of the Lord Chancellor in front of everyone. But you won't have it. I won't let you. Your influence over my son is well played, Admiral. But enjoy it while it lasts because, in my opinion, you don't have much time left."

"That's very wise advice, your Majesty. Then I shall not waste time." He looked at the couple suspiciously. "And so shall both of you. Treasure your time in each other's arms while you still can." Unexpectedly and in one swift motion, the Admiral held the Queen Mother's hand and brought it to his lips.

Catherine was so disconcerted that she didn't have a chance to move. But Narcisse was quick on reflex and fumingly swatted his arm. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER." He still managed to keep his voice's volume as low as possible with a terrifying tone.

But Coligny was not fazed, especially now that he has confirmed his hunch about their relationship. "Why, Stéphane? Am I not allowed to pay respects to my queen? Are you the only one allowed to kiss her hand?" He was testing his limits. The level of disrespect was beyond the couple's comprehension.

Narcisse could not stand him anymore. He was about to punch the hell out of the Admiral when Catherine fully turned to face Stéphane again. "HE'S NOT WORTH IT! DON'T DO IT!" She beggingly whispered with her telling eyes and curled hand on his chest. He was breathing heavily but didn't push through his attempt. No altercation happened but the tension was very palpable.

The whole exchange was not heard by the room but the semblance of their stances was attention-seeking. Luc, Claude, and Henri, who just arrived, went straight to them. Luc and Claude pulled their parents aside as Henri remained with the Admiral to halt any gesture of attack to the Lord Chancellor.

Narcisse was still breathing heavily as Catherine caressed his back to calm him down. "What happened, Father?" Luc inquired. "That son of a bitch thinks he can throw threats on me without consequences. Well, no one can attack my family and lives to tell the tale." He still eyed Admiral angrily.

Luc had never seen his father that furious. Claude was quite startled by his father-in-law. Catherine was confused. She didn't know if she felt concerned with her husband's anger management or irrationally aroused by his loyalty to their family through his words, which she swore she would have said the exact sentence.

The Queen Mother barked orders to the Duke and Duchess of Lorraine. "Luc, stay with your father. Claude, come with me." But before moving away, Catherine caressed Stéphane's face and gave him an encouraging smile and a meaningful look.

She didn't care if people looked and gossiped. All she cared about was her husband. "Keep calm. I'll be back." He wanted to kiss his wife so bad but he knew better and returned her warm smile.

Then, Catherine and Claude immediately went to the King's direction. The Queen Mother eyed on the Dauphin to come and follow her. He was still with Coligny. So, she also managed to glare at the arrogant man.

Finally, the Queen Mother gathered her children. "My goodness, Charles! Why was I not informed of this gathering? How come the privy council is here? And that imperious Admiral!?" Her irate voice was just within hearing so it didn't cause any commotion.

"I'm sorry if my order was not clear. What did Coligny do?" Charles was clueless. But at least now, it seemed he was willing to listen. Claude answered for her mother. "He is dangerous! He threatened our family! Can't you see he's manipulating you!?" Charles looked oblivious. Catherine carefully took the King's hands. "When I entered this room, he seemed upset by whatever you said. What did you tell him?"

"I expressed my disappointment in him. He was one of the people that suggested the Basque mission, which failed horribly. And now you tell me he threatened our family?" Charles was in disbelief. Finally, Henri had something to say. "Claude and I were not there to hear those threats but he recklessly defended his actions to me when I was left with him to make sure they won't cause a scene. He can't be trusted, Charles."

Charles let out a deep sigh and held on to his mother's hand tighter. "I'll make this right. I promise you." He looked at Catherine with remorse and conviction. Catherine was befuddled with her son's demeanor. You have never exuded an image of a good King. But now, without any help from the occult, you are finally seeing the truth. She was pleased. In a split second, Charles left his family and went to his throne.

Everyone's attention was now transferred to King Charles. The royal family gathered at the center of the room. Narcisse immediately went to Catherine's side. "What are we to expect now?" He anxiously whispered. "I think we could expect the best to happen." She positively smiled at him.

"Good day to everyone. I gathered you all today to share something of grave importance to our country and my family. I have finally decided to take a bride, a promise of an heir to the throne, an advantageous alliance for our country through marriage. This will bring our France hope and strength moving forward. All your candidates shall be evaluated by the Queen Mother and the Lord Chancellor." The King raised his goblet in the couple's direction. Coligny was bitter somewhere in the crowd.

"I trust that both of you will lead us to our ultimate goal. For the good of France!" King exclaimed and the crowd cheered.

The royal family was pleasantly surprised. Moreover, Catherine and Narcisse looked at each other in blissful amusement. This was a victory for them. The King finally approached his family. "I wanted it to be a surprise for you, Mother. It's me apologizing for not listening to you about the Basque and all the other advice you gave me." Catherine was overjoyed and embraced her son.

The rest of the family was beaming at the view that unfolded. It was a rare moment that no one can take away from them. After the embrace, Charles faced Narcisse. "And you think Henri and I won't find out?" A slight panic rolled through Stéphane. Henri continued his brother's statement. "You secretly helped us fix the disaster the Basques' created, despite you saying you won't be helping us at all. We are indebted to you."

Stéphane was relieved and acknowledged their gratitude while Catherine was astonished at the rapport his husband gained with her sons.

Charles immediately butted in. "As for Coligny, I would like to banish him from the court," Narcisse replied to his rushed decision. "I'm sorry, Majesty. But with all due respect, even if his banishment will please us greatly, I don't think it is wise to do such a thing."

King Charles curiously looked at his adviser. "We need to keep him close to know his intentions. Let him stay and be of service to you. We could still use him and his military force in case an uprising can happen. But we must be careful. He's a usurper lined in finery. We can't be deceived."

The King accepted Narcisse's very reasonable advice. "Alright, I'll heed your advice, Narcisse. Thank you once again." After that exchange, the young monarchs went on to mingle with the rest of the crowd.

Catherine and Narcisse were left and moved to the far end corner. She didn't take off her eyes on her husband. "If you don't stop staring, I might melt." He grinned at his wife. "I'm just so amazed by you. When did you help my sons?" She was giddy.

"Just yesterday, right before I caught you in my chamber with my journal." She giggled to the memories of his journal. "Why did you help them? I thought you also wanted them to fix their problems."

He sincerely looked at her eyes, "Yes, I wanted that for them and I think I did help them in that perspective. I didn't entirely do everything. I simply guided them to the right people and actions. If I didn't help in any way, it would jeopardize France and you know I can't let that happen." Stéphane sipped on his wine.

Then, he continued. "Also, I did all of it so you won't carry the burden. I know you. You are always true to your word. But it doesn't make it any less painful on a mother's heart to abandon her sons to chase their tails."

Catherine was incredibly smitten by Stéphane's efforts. Her eyes twinkled back at him. Oh, you have no idea how turned on I am right now.

"Catherine?" Then, he moved a little closer to softly ask, "Mon amour, are you alright?" she blushed at the gesture. "I just have to say that you truly are the best father my children needed."

Then the Queen placed her dainty hand on his chest and coyly played on his doublet. "And it is extremely arousing." Stéphane's eyes widened with a luscious grin to match. "A good father turns you on? That's so interesting, my Queen." Catherine suppressed a giggle as Stéphane discreetly tucked in a loose hair behind her ear. "Well, as you know, a loving husband and father is a rare find for me and you know I go crazy for rare finds like you."

He whispered, "Well, maybe we could do something about that..." His slinky hands landed on her hips, out of sight from the rest, to guide them out of the throne room. But from their peripheral view, Lord Barbeau was coming their way and made the couple turn in a trained diplomatic appearance. "Your Majesty, my Lord. I hope I'm not a bother but I…"

In irritation, Narcisse let out his dismay. "Not entirely but you are here already so," then he just drank his remaining wine. Catherine frowned at him. Narcisse shrugged it out. "Oh my apologies, maybe I'll come back later…"

But the Queen raised her hand to halt him. "It's alright, Lord Barbeau. What is this about?" The noble eagerly smiled and was about to continue when another noble went to address the Queen and the Lord Chancellor.

"I think it will be more efficient of us if I talk to Lord Barbeau, and you talk to Lord Janvier. Don't you think so, Lord Narcisse?" Catherine was radiant. The two gentlemen's attention was on Narcisse. "Of course, your Grace." The Queen affirmed. "Very well then. I'll be seeing you tonight, Lord Narcisse." Then, the Queen immediately turned her back and followed the noble's direction. Her husband followed her by gaze.

As if she felt him poking her through a mere stare, she turned to his direction and caught him staring. In true Catherine's flirtatious nature, his wife winked at him, briefly bit her decadent red lips, and devilishly smiled at him before moving away. Narcisse was caught off guard that the noble had to call his name twice to get his attention back.

Oh, you're not ready for me tonight, Stéphane was all Catherine thought while carrying out business for the crown.

I can't wait to give you my surprise tonight, Catherine was what Stéphane held on to survive his tedious day job.

After a long day at court and a separate dinner from his wife, Stéphane was so excited to be with his Catherine. He lovingly adored the necklace he made for her and rolled the art Lucille painted for them. Everything was placed in his pocket.

While on his way to her chambers, a messenger caught upon him. "My Lord, this is an urgent message from the Queen Mother." Then, he handed Narcisse a parchment with Catherine's seal and went on his way.

Narcisse smiled at it and softly uttered. "I guess, I'm not the only one with surprise, mon amour?" He felt the satisfaction of breaking her wax seal and was welcomed by an unexpected message.

Enclosed was a lavender flower and written on the paper was:

Claim your prize for a job well done, Lord Chancellor. You know what to do. Come find me and don't make me wait, mon amour.

Your Catherine.

Narcisse wickedly grinned and immediately went out of the castle. He was very discreet in his moves that the guards never saw him. He knew exactly where he was going. I wonder why you chose this venue. Probably because you thought I had sex in it. He chuckled at his thought as he came close to the lavender house by the lake.

He was by the door when he felt butterflies in his stomach. He imagined how beautiful Catherine would look once he opened the door. But before his judgment got intoxicated with the beauty of his wife, he remembered what she wrote on the paper.

'You know what to do.'

He knocked on the door and asked "I'm here to claim my prize?" Stéphane managed to control his snicker. He figured he can't simply call on her name or call her by his endearment for her. He had to make sure it was his wife that was inside and not somebody else.

Their relationship was a dangerous liaison, even if it was built with pure love and devotion. So they need to be mindful beyond precautionary measures.

She grinned at the door upon hearing her husband's distinct baritone voice. I'm so lucky to finally be married to a smart man. She thanked the heavens. She cleared her throat before answering. "Yes, you may."

Upon hearing her distinct deep sultry voice, Stéphane entered the lavender house and locked the door. The vision in front of him was beyond his imagination. Catherine was facing the glass window where the moon eclipsed her beauty and illuminated her face.

As Stéphane moved forward and faced a window to view what she was looking at outside, Catherine took the chance to gaze and admire his form. Just like the vision she portrayed to him moments ago, Stéphane was the most gorgeous man she ever laid her eyes on.

Catherine gaped and fully turned to his direction as the moonlight touched his face. "The night is so beautiful." He finally spoke. "Yes, so gorgeous." She referred to him as her night.

Stéphane turned to her. This time, he was the one who gaped at the view he never saw coming. Not only did Catherine fully reveal what she was wearing, but also what was underneath the garment.

His eyes lingered to every inch of her, from head to toe. Her strawberry blond curls were down but well quaffed in a way that it framed her face flawlessly. Her eyes were dazzling. Her lips were enticing. Her neck was inviting. The Queen was wearing a sheer fabric translucent white robe that looked like a second layer of porcelain on her supple skin and nothing else. Her bosoms were heaving. Her nipples were poking through the cloth. Her dainty hands were held together in the middle of her body while playing the ruby ring he gave.

Her nakedness was not that visible in the darkness but the moonlight hovered in the right places. The slit in the middle of the robe revealed Catherine's perfect calf as one leg was in front of the other. Stéphane couldn't comprehend the overwhelming emotions of adoration and devotion he has for this woman. He was drowning in her divine but he never wanted to be rescued.

Oh my God, Catherine. His mind couldn't think so he just repeated what his mind could manage to say. "Catherine…" was all he uttered. She wittingly replied, "I prefer 'wife'…" Then, coyly smiled. "...or prize" She winked at him and that was all it took for him to lunge over his seraphic wife.

They kissed passionately as he wrapped his arms around her, embracing her like it would be their last seconds on earth. Her hands serpentined between them and started removing all his garments. With a kiss that seemed eternal, layer per layer was removed. On the final layer, they slowly ceased the kiss to catch some air. He was now bare feet with his shirt and pants.

"I'm glad you didn't catch a cold with this rather…" He eyed her body as she was unlacing his shirt. "...very pleasing yet dangerous garment." She smirked at his insight, "Dangerous? How? I don't drip this with poison." She pulled his shirt over his head then he chuckled. "Of course. Not this one." She tittered back. "Oh, you know me so well." Her hands were on his pants.

"That's because I'm dangerously in love with you." In one swift motion, Catherine pushed his pants down and let his member bound into action between them. She simply answered, "You're lucky 'cause the feeling is mutual." He stepped out of his pants and in another rapid moment, he pulled her closer by the lace holding her robe together. The lace became undone and finally opened the thin fabric hindrance to her glorious body.

Once more, he immersed himself in her divine. He captured her face and declared his intentions. "I wish to scream that to the world." She was going adrift to his ocean eyes and his undying commitment to her but her wits saved her. "Is that so? I can't wait for that to happen."

Stéphane dubiously looked at his wife. Did I hear a hint of mockery in that statement? Don't you believe I can do that? His thought pushed him towards his next action. In retaliation, he glided his hand from her inner thigh to her very wet center and teased her clit in one brief stroke. It elicited the most tantalizing moan Catherine could create with a frustrated undertone.

"But tonight, I'll make you scream my name." His arm circled her waist while letting the robe fall behind her and just looked at her. She became very impatient, given that he teased her already. "Then shut up and kiss me already, husband." She pouted like a petulant child and pulled his head closer to hers. He chuckled heartily to her restlessness before he gave in to her order.

It started from a tender kiss until it became fervent and feverish. Their naked forms were intertwined along with their tongues. They were hungry for each other but Catherine was wanting more. She was pulling them to a corner where she turned Stéphane and made his body rest in between two windows. He was surprised at the strength of this minx goddess he called wife but was ultimately blissful at the direction she was taking him. She kissed the corners of his mouth then nipped on his neck and collarbone. She left burning kisses on his chest as she journeyed down his body.

His eyes followed her as he panted to her lips' actions. When she reached her destination, she knelt in position and looked at him. "Dear husband. You claim I'll scream your name. But how will I do that if there's something in my mouth?" His eyes widened and without warning, she sucked his cock in one smooth go. "Oh my... Catherine." She started to do it excruciating slow as he tried his best to maintain his balance. Then, she built a pace that made his knees weak. She combined her mouth with her hands in pleasuring his full girth.

He was trying to grab on to anything because he didn't know how long he could manage to stand properly. Catherine, without stopping her every movement, grabbed his hands and placed them on her head. That stabilized him while it encouraged her to go deeper into him and suck the life out of him. He was so close to the edge when she held on to his buttocks to steady him for his imminent release.

"Catherine, I think I can't hold it any longer…" and that was her goal. She hastened the pace until "CATHERINE…" was blurted out by him with no idea how loud he reached his ecstasy. His hearing was muffled as his haze and pure pleasure took over his body. He rested his body by the windows as Catherine stood up, kissed him, and sexily wiped the remains of his juices on her mouth. She lustfully smiled at his panting.

"Did they not feed you enough for supper? You seemed hungry, mon amour." She laughed as he enveloped her from the back and they rested on the windows. "Yes, I was not fed enough. How about you? Are you not hungry?" She drew circles on his hands around her waist and asked innocently. He rested his chin on her shoulder and whispered, "Oh, I didn't eat dessert. Would you feed me my favorite?" She turned around and devilishly smiled. "And what dessert might that be?"

He seductively grinned while his hand roamed around her body and let his finger slip in her slick. "This scrumptious one. Would you let me have a taste?" He then proceeded to flick her lovebud until he heard the moan he was waiting for. "Just a taste? Have a feast. I don't ever want my husband to be famished."

To Catherine's shock, Stéphane lifted her that automatically made her legs clung to his body. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him intensely. He transferred them by the wall and rested her body. He surprised Catherine once more. He broke their kiss and lifted her further. Her legs were now on his shoulder and her snatch was instantly by his mouth.

"Oh my God, Stéphane," was all she had as his tongue came in contact with his dessert. He added more pressure on her when he pressed her further to the wall. Her eyes were closed and just imagined how Stéphane found the strength to carry and eat her like that. Just like his hands to her head moments ago, her hands encouraged his head to make her forget everything and take her to the zenith.

She was dripping wet that her juices were running on his chest. He felt the heat of her center and sped up on his effort. She was trembling in pleasure until "STÉPHANE..." was all she could say in her climax. He gently stopped and carefully brought her down. He didn't let her land on her foot and carried her bridal style to the nearest table in the area. They kissed as he laid her there.

They were both out of breath but it felt like they couldn't get enough of each other. He plunged into her and immediately brought them beyond the lavender house. She craved for him as her walls adjusted to his size. When everything fit the way they should, Stéphane lowered his head and purred to his wife, "I love you so much and I'm going to fuck the hell out of you."

Catherine was so aroused that she collided her lips to his in an instant. She hauled him deeper by her legs. They started moving like the sex they were accustomed to. Their moans were filling every space the lavender house had. But her words were becoming inaudible with every thrust.

"Mon amour, tell me what you want. SAY IT FOR ME." He removed himself from her abruptly which made her stand and grasped his hair roughly. "Fuck me as if it's the only thing that keeps you alive." Their eyes were darkened with lust and that enchanted him to turn her and fucked her from behind. His wife liked that very much.

Her moans became more carnal. His thrusts became more animalistic. It was rough but it felt like home. It was their dark paradise of lust and love combined. But Stéphane hit the gear to the next level. He turned her once more and hoisted her. While standing up, he still entered her with ease as he carried her with no walls or tables supporting their bodies. It was a position they never tried before that excited every ounce of blood in their body. With his arms around her waist, her arms around his neck, they screwed each other while standing. They screamed each other's names endlessly. They kissed as they felt themselves becoming undone. As their pace became erratic, they trained their eyes to never lose each other in the cloud of rapture.

"I fucking love you, Catherine." He was on the verge of his climax and she felt that. "Then don't fucking stop. I love you so much too, Stéphane. Come with me." With a few more hard thrusts, they reached their most explosive climax together. Thankfully, there was a chair nearby and Stéphane fell on it safely as his knees melted in the heat of their sex.

They were completely out of breath. He released himself from her so she could sit properly on him. Catherine rested her head on his shoulder as Stéphane planted a kiss on her head. "I told you. I made you scream my name." She giggled and playfully slapped his chest. She kissed the affected area and murmured on it, "You have no idea how much I love you, do you?"

Catherine lifted her head to face his sudden angelic face. He frankly replied, "Honestly, I don't know. I'm already grateful that you already love me. By how much? That doesn't matter to me. What matters to me are your love, safety, happiness, and everything in between." She was so touched and embraced him in gratitude. They rested on each other's forehead as their noses touched.

"I do have a question, mon amour. I hope you don't mind me asking, but why here?" She let out a boisterous laugh. "You mean, why one of your sex dungeons? I chose this venue 'cause it's not that far away but it's secluded enough for wild sex." She smirked and traced her finger on the butterfly-shaped birthmark of the greatest lover of the French Court.

Now, he returned the laugh. "I lied. I never had sex in this lavender house. And sex dungeons? Where do people get these stories?" Catherine looked at him skeptically then stood up to gather their clothes.

"You lied? Why would you do that? What did you gain from lying about having sex here?" She handed him his shirt and pants.

"I had the pleasure of probing if you will indeed entertain Christian or not. And I'm lucky you did not make that mistake." He smiled as he wore his shirt.

"In the hopes that it's you I entertain?" She smiled at her husband as she wore the robe. "Your words, mon amour. Not mine." He teased her while he wore his pants. His fingers felt the rolled parchment in his pockets which reminded him to give his wedding gifts. He reached out his arm to lure her back to the chair that now faced the windows.

"But how come you know about the windows? Look, they are fogged." She gave her hand and didn't bother closing her robe. "Because sex creates heat. Then, in turn, causes fogs on glass windows. I came to know that fact in my chambers and not in this lavender house. Besides, we are so hot together. Don't be surprised we could do that." He smirked at the facts and pulled her closer.

"But you must be bluffing with the sex dungeons. You are claimed to be the greatest lover of France, at least according to that sex journal. You must have tons of places where you take all the ladies to heaven." She quirked at him.

He chortled at the mention of that journal. "I was exaggeratedly written in that journal. I did fuck around but I don't have sex dungeons. You make it sound like I sex slaves." He tied her robe securely and pulled her to sit on his lap as she laughed at his statement.

"Contrary to what people think, I don't always play it rough. I like the comfort of my chambers and my abilities. Perhaps, the reason I'm their best lover is that I make sure the lady is satisfied before my release like a true gentleman." He kissed her tenderly.

"And yet you play rough with me?" Catherine was throwing shades at him. "But did I initiate that? I'm just doing my best to match your incomparable sexual prowess." Stéphane had nothing but the truth in his mouth.

"So being handled brings you so much pleasure because it rarely happens?" Catherine was poking fun at him while she was amazed by the new shade of Narcisse that unfolded for her. Stéphane nodded in agreement.

"I thought you just like the hunt and the adventure that comes with it. I never thought you also liked to be the prey." Her fingers returned to his birthmark once more.

"To be your prey in particular is one of my best desires. Now, that you have bagged me, isn't it logical to say that you are the greatest lover of France and not me?" He rested his chin on her shoulders.

"Yes, that's a very good point. Should I add myself to the sex journal? Oh, I could write 'Dethroning the former best lover with a real crown'," They found that hilarious that they started to tear up while laughing so hard.

"My God, I love you so much. I hope I don't bore you to death since I'm not the best lover of France anymore." Stéphane humorously said on her skin. Catherine faced him and played with his hair. "And I love you too. Don't worry. As long as you let me annoy you for the rest of our lives, I don't think we'll ever be bored."

Stéphane caressed her face and repeated her words. "The rest of our lives… That is music to my ears, Catherine." Catherine encapsulated his feelings with a soft kiss then rested her head on his shoulders.

"I wish we could always treasure our moments like this forever." Her eyes were closed when she uttered her wish. "Your wish is my command." Catherine immediately straightened up while Stéphane was gently reaching for the parchment in his pockets.

"I have no idea how it didn't crumple upon your assault on my pants earlier on but Lucille must have prayed over it or something." She was amused by his antics. He finally got it and gave it to his precious wife.

"Stéphane… I… I have no words. This is beautiful." Stéphane commissioned Lucille to paint their wedding. Both of them, together with Damien within the veil. She delicately ran her fingers on the painting, especially on her son's face. The beauty of it was enhanced by the moonlight.

"I'm glad you like my first wedding gift," as he reached back on his pocket. "There's another one? That's not fair. Why are you giving me two gifts while I only gave you Arion?" Catherine was being sarcastic but she did blush to the thoughtfulness of her husband.

"Oh, you're so adorable my sweet wife. No worries, Arion is equal worth with this other gift." Stéphane raised the necklace with an extraordinary pendant.

It's a hollow glass sphere vial, enclosed in the silver casing with half-sunrays, half-crescent moon design. Stéphane purposely raised it by the window so that the unique beauty of that pendant would shine.

The full moon fitted inside the view of the sphere. The moonlight illuminated the painted words on the glass' periphery. Catherine was mesmerized as she read the words.

Le Soleil de Mes Jours, La Lune de Mes Nuits.

"These words seem to come from a fairytale. I thought I just believe in them because I loved blindly and knew nothing." She sincerely told her husband. "But as my heart grew stronger through the years, I learned that I will believe in those words if I say them to a worthy person."

She held his face. "And for the first time, I give credence to them and trust that I have said them to the worthiest person. To you, Stéphane. My equal." Catherine looked at her husband the way she promised forever at the altar the night before.

"More importantly, to have it dedicated back to me makes me hold on to a stronger heart that beats for us."

Stéphane kissed Catherine for blessing him with a promising life ahead. "Our hearts beat for us. Best believe that, Catherine. Your strong heart will never be alone." He kissed her forehead and wore the necklace on her. They lovingly looked at it as they held on the remembrance of their wedding.

"My queen, I hope you don't find it offensive that our honeymoon is nothing like your first one... with your unworthy ex-husband." She sneered at the mention of that honeymoon. "Well, thank heavens. That was the longest week of my life. I never wanted to relive that anyways." She clung to him tighter as she was comfortable on his lap.

"I understand. But I mean, I wanted us to have a little vacation, away from the castle, by the countryside." Before Catherine could challenge his statement, Stéphane continued. "But I was skeptical to just whisk you away from the castle. I know you won't like that. So, I thought maybe an official business mixed with fun won't sound terrible to your ears?"

Catherine's eyes slowly widened as Stéphane revealed his plan. "Janvier offered to use his large estate in Provence to entertain any possible candidate for the King's hand. In that way…" Catherine continued his sentence with gusto. "... we could entertain an heir from the Holy Roman Empire without the influence of this court. Oh that is perfect, Stéphane!"

"I'm sorry, did I hear that right? The Holy Roman Empire?" Queen incessantly nodded at him. "Yes. Barbeau is not that useless after all." She smiled widely to his astonished face. But his fire was ignited once more. "We are the force that keeps this kingdom alive. And nothing awakens my fire like great minds thinking alike." He was already pulling the lace of his robe once more.

Catherine laughingly shook her head. "Why did we put back our clothes if you are just going to remove them again?" He ridiculously answered, "So, our second foreplay won't be boring." Their eyes and minds met and they knew, they were chasing blazed caresses once more and they have no plans of putting out the fire.

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