Things can be different when you like stories that involve superheroes.

Just recently my Great uncle Robert died a few days ago and I miss him so much. Then Grandfather handed me some things that once belonged to him, a sword and a gold mask. He said to me, "Great Uncle Robert would want you to have these Justine, that way he will be close to you at heart." I started to get upset and hugged Grandfather and he said, "I miss him too sweetie, so does your father and your grandmother. You know exploring the yard will help cheer you up."

I said, "Thanks Grandfather, I'll give it a try." I then went outside the yard for some walking.

What I like from my great uncle are the stories about supers. He knows that I like supers. I have a collection of the superhero books in my bedroom. I even have the rare action figures of them.

I will never forget those stories that he used to tell me. Then I saw something that is confusing me. I looked at the sword and the mask of my great uncle and they were both glowing.

I don't understand at all. What's going on?

Before I knew what is happening, a flash of light surrounded me and I had to brace myself. When the light dimmed, I looked around and saw that I'm in a city. Wait a minute, what city is this?

I have a feeling that I'm not at home anymore. I must be in a different city or something.