Okay, he was so done with being a hero. Mario Gregory Manfredi Junior had just returned home from the Moon Kingdom. The man in red and King Bowser had tried to propose to her. However, she turned them both down flat. The Odyssey touched the ground of the Mushroom Kingdom. Not a moment later, Princess Peach Toadstool left the Odyssey with Tiara in tow. Peach didn't even look back. Tiara did, worried about her brother Cappy. Cappy gave her a wave, letting her go with her new friend. Tiara smiled as she followed the princess.

Mario didn't even notice that they had left. He was too disappointed in his failed attempt. He thought, 'Of course she didn't want to get married... She made it loud and clear she didn't want a relationship... Why else would she give me kisses on the nose? Or cake for no reason...'

"I'm so sorry Mario..." Cappy finally spoke.

Mario glanced at the Bonnetton and sighed. "It's not your fault... It's mine for thinking she wanted more... I guess I have not much else to do except maybe..." That's when an idea dawned on him. He turned to Cappy, "Can this thing fly to Evershade Valley?"

Cappy started to answer, "Well I'm sure that it could..."

Mario was at the door of the Odyssey when he ran into someone (literally). He wounded up on the floor. The person who he ran into landed on their butt. Or rather hers.

"Ow..." A familiar female voice complained.

Mario perked up, seeing that it was Violet that he bumped into. She was the same age as Mario. She was a bit taller than him, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, wearing a silver necklace. She was currently wearing a purple short sleeved blouse and her cleavage was showing. She was wearing black pants with a white pattern sown in at the bottom. Her sneakers were a dark purple color.

"Violet!" He gushed.

The man in red got to his feet, helping her up.

"Violet?" Cappy repeated, a bit confused.

Mario turned to the Bonnetton and introduced, "Oh yeah, this is Violet Cain, Luigi's girlfriend and my best friend!" He turned to Violet and added, "This is Cappy, he's my new friend!"

"Hello." Cappy greeted.

Violet waved, "Hey." She turned to Mario as she joked, "Geese Mario, gone for two weeks and already you have a new friend."

Mario rubbed the back of his head as he stated, "Well... I have so much to tell you and Luigi..." That's when he trailed off, noticing her long face. He asked, "Wait where is Weegie anyhow...?"

Violet was quiet a moment. Mario felt like he was waiting a forever for an answer.

She finally told him, "He's been missing for the past two weeks."

He blurted out, "What?!"

Cappy questioned, "What happened?"

Violet explained, "Well Luigi had heard that Bowser had abducted the princess." She paused for a moment and added sadly, "You know your brother... he always wants to help..." Mario looked down sadly. He was starting to feel super guilty. She further added, "Even though we were in Evershade Valley, Elvin managed to transport us there via the Pixelator. We had arrived in the Luncheon Kingdom when Bowser was there to steal the Stupendous Stew. But that time, the volcano started to erupt. We saw you and Cappy for a brief moment but I guess you didn't see us."

"I guess we didn't..." Cappy admitted sadly. Mario nodded sadly.

Violet continued, "So Luigi and I decided to follow. But the eruption was right behind us. Luigi pushed me ahead and..." She paused, tears in her eyes. Mario got her a tissue. She wiped her eyes. "Thanks..." She mumbled.

"And that's how you two got separated?" Mario asked.

She nodded sadly. "I was trying to get your attention since you were a bit further away... But..."

Mario's heart stopped cold. How come he didn't see them? His brother is not hard to miss.

And yet... like everyone in the kingdom... I missed him... Again...

Mario felt like punching something. Something hard. But he knew that it wasn't going to help the situation. Not when Violet needed him.

"I only waited this long because I knew it takes awhile to get home after saving Peach..." Violet told him.

"Wish it didn't..." Mario grumbled.

He had made a fist while they were talking and it was shaking badly. So badly that his Firebrand started up.

"Mario..." Cappy breathed, sounding worried.

Mario tried to calm down. "We've got to find him... We've got to find my bro."

"And Bowser won't be an issue?" Violet asked worried.

Cappy saw Mario's hurt face and decided to answer for him. "Peach ditched him in the Moon Kingdom. He won't be coming back anytime soon."

"Go Peach." Violet slightly teased. When she saw Mario glaring at her, she quickly changed subjects. "Uh... Can we go find Luigi now please?"

"Yes we can!" Mario stated. He turned to Cappy and pleaded, "Cappy, will you come with us?"

"Don't have to ask me twice!" Cappy replied. "I'll fire up the Odyssey!"

He flew outside to the globe and started it up. Mario and Violet briefly lost their balance but just like that, they were off.

I will find you Luigi. I swear that I will not rest until you are home again. I swear on our parents graves...

From a distance, Peach and Tiara saw the Odyssey taking off again. Tiara got worried. She felt a vibration in her soul. Like something was wrong.

"Where are they headed?" Tiara asked aloud.

Peach huffed, "Typical Mario! Can't even sit still after saving me again!"

Just as Tiara was going to say something, Toadsworth came up to them.

He saw the Odyssey in the sky and said, "Grambi be with you Master Violet. May you find Master Luigi safe and sound."

Peach raised an eyebrow. Tiara got curious and asked, "Violet? Luigi? Aren't they your friends?"

To that, the princess nodded and turned to Toadsworth. "You better tell me everything..."

Toadsworth stated, "Don't I always..."


Wishmaker1028: Well there we go! A quick start to this fanfiction. This is an alternate universe where Luigi and Violet stayed in Evershade Valley with Professor E. Gadd and Polterpup (Spettro.) Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!