After delivering Dimentio to Queen Jaydes, whom imprisoned Dimentio in a jail she knew that he wouldn't escape out of, the gang headed to Flipside. The Odyssey touched down near Merlon's shop, gaining his attention. Both Mario and Luigi came out. Luigi had the Dark Prognosticus in his hands. Merlon was surprised to see them, especially with new friends.

Not saying a word, Luigi gave Merlon the dark tome. It had offered him everything he wanted. But he had everything that he wished for. Mario placed his hand on Luigi's shoulder. Luigi nodded and followed his brother back to the Odyssey. The brothers went back to the Odyssey, Mario walking a bit slower than usual.

The Odyssey took off and headed back to Mushroom Kingdom. Within a matter of a few hours, the Odyssey touched down. Peach, Tiara, and Toadsworth were all waiting for them. Imagine Peach's surprise when she got tackled down by Spettro. The Polterpup licked her silly, causing giggle fits to come from her. Before they knew it, the group came over. Though Mario was lagging behind a bit.

Luigi greeted, "Ciao, Princess!"

"Luigi!" Peach gushed, hugging her dearest friend.

Luigi returned the hug, a smile on his face. He missed being home.


After telling the entire story during lunch, Luigi turned his head to Mario. He noticed that his brother was sticking around him more than Peach. Luigi got worried and decided to get to the bottom of things. He pulled Mario to the side, gaining the man in red's attention. The two of them went to another part of the castle that was totally quiet. It was just the two of them, just like old times.

Luigi playfully teased, "You do realize I'm back by your side, right? I'm not going anywhere."

Mario sadly started, "Yeah... I know... it's just..." He paused for a moment, seeing Luigi's confused face. He sighed, "She denied my proposal..."

Luigi raised an eyebrow, "Why did you even propose to her? You know as well as I do that you two barely even had a relationship to begin with."

Mario rubbed the back of his neck and admitted, "Well now I do. I thought she liked me..."

Luigi groaned as Mr. L laughed a bit, still inside of Luigi and 100% okay. Luigi thought, 'Not funny...'

Mr. L pointed out, "Hey, it is to me."

Luigi rolled his eyes, turning to his hurting big brother. He wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

He commented, "You know that anyone would be lucky to be with you till your games be over?"

Mario nodded, "Yes but how do I know that they love me and not the fame...?"

Luigi teased, "You're asking me?"

To that, both brothers laughed heartily. Mario hugged his baby brother. Luigi returned it as they remained like that for the longest time. And to Mario, this couldn't have felt more right.

His brother was back. And this time, for good.


After a few weeks of relaxing, the brothers, Spettro, and Cappy were shopping in Toad Town. Violet had gone off to see Peach and Tiara. The Toads had still not recognized the man in green but it didn't seem to bother Luigi anymore. They had stopped at a jewelry store. They had a break in recently and someone stole a purple diamond.

The Toad police were working on it. So, Luigi had decided to buy a purple diamond with a green band for Violet. He wanted to propose to her soon.

"You sure about this Malleo? You sure this won't hurt you?" Luigi asked.

Mario nodded. "For the hundredth time Weegie... Yes I'm sure."

Cappy was in awe of the ring and admitted, "While it is no Binding Band, I will admit that it is beautiful..."

Luigi turned to Cappy as he replied, "Thanks Cappy. But I'm gonna need to get a bit more cash."

Mario responded, "I'm sure that some work will come up soon from Elvin."

Cappy had to agree. "Just got to be patient."

Luigi nodded in agreement. Though, he had to admit... He was nervous.

Mr. L stated, "Even I think you'll be fine."

Luigi thought teasingly, 'When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.'


Sooner or later, Violet returned back to Luigi's place. Luigi had hidden the ring in his top pocket, holding a letter addressed to them. Mario, Cappy, and Spettro looked at her.

She saw their looks and asked, "What? What is it?"

Luigi answered, pointing at the invite, "We've just been invited to the Last Resort. A free vacation! For everyone!"

Violet raised an eyebrow at the familiarity. "Do they really think we're gonna fall for that one? That's how Mario got kidnapped the first time around!"

Mario shivered. "Don't remind me."

Cappy pointed out, "But we can't ignore the invite... I mean, what if we're wrong?"

That's when Mr. L emerged, "Then we take down the king-of-marshmallows!"

Luigi returned back to the surface and rubbed his cheek. "Sorry." He apologized.

Mario stated, "At the very least, I think we should check it out."

Cappy agreed, "And we will be together this time."

Violet muttered, "Why doesn't that reassure me...?"

Spettro just panted, wagging his tail.


The next day, Violet had arrived at the castle. She brought the invitation to the princess and the young Bonnetton. Peach couldn't believe her eyes, not to mention her ears.

She commented, "I thought King Boo was locked away in the Boo Canister, though."

Violet admitted, "So have I. I've been trying to get in touch with Elvin but there's no answer at the lab in Evershade Valley."

Tiara stated, "Perhaps the boys have a point... Maybe we should go and investigate?"

Violet pointed out, "And what if it is a trap!? I can't have Luigi going up against King Boo for my sake! I just got him back!" She added quietly, "I couldn't even protect him from Dimentio... He didn't even need me..."

Peach started to rub her back and soothed, "There there... You and I have done a lot of fighting bad guys in the past. But the boys think that they need to protect us. I say: not this time!"

Tiara perked up as she asked, "So you are thinking of going as well?"

Peach nodded. "At least if it is a trap, I can use my Star Powers on whoever is around."

Violet sighed, "I just hope we are ready for this..."


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