It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad was driving the gang to The Last Resort. Mario and Peach were sitting together. Behind them were Cappy and Tiara. Behind them were Luigi and Violet. Luigi was fiddling with the ring in his pocket, hoping that his attempt at proposing was better than his brother's attempt.

Spettro popped out of Luigi's baggage, spooking the man in green. Violet couldn't help but chuckle, petting the Polterpup's belly. Spettro happily barked. Luigi took out the invitation, seeing The Last Resort coming into view.

Finally after a good while, the group had arrived at the hotel. Toad had parked the bus. Mario walked with Peach, allowing her to get off first. He was trying to be a gentleman, of course. This just felt awkward to him. Cappy and Tiara were the next to come off, helping Peach with her ton of suitcases. Though they were having trouble since they were so heavy.

Mario went to the side of the bus and got his suitcase. Violet was the next to get off, carrying her suitcase. Luigi followed her, with Spettro running around him, barking happily. Luigi took a deep breath, turned around, and looked up at the hotel.

"Wowie zozie!" He breathed, seeing how beautiful it was.

With that, the gang went inside. Spettro went past Luigi and Violet. Luigi smiled at the Polterpup. They looked around and saw that the staff was wearing masks. This didn't help to settle Violet down.

She whispered to Luigi, "This clearly is a trap... King Boo is after us again..."

Toad overheard her and asked, "You mean after Luigi again?"

Luigi started to lecture, "Toad..."

Violet just walked away, a bit hurt by that. Luigi sighed. He thought, 'Yeah... I don't blame her for her reaction.'

Mr. L stated, "This is not helping our current situation, though. We need to keep focus and wait until night to investigate."

Luigi frowned. While he didn't like it, he knew Mr. L was right. Mario came over to his brother.

He asked, "Well, what do you think?"

Luigi honestly answered, "I won't be able to investigate right now. I rather wait till everyone is asleep."

Mario nodded in agreement. Peach was over by the concierge, checking them in.

Steward told them, "Welcome guests to The Last Resort! Are you ready to check in?"

Peach started to answer when they heard a voice speaking.

They all looked up and saw a woman up on the balcony. She greeted, "Guests! Welcome to The Last Resort!" She introduced herself, "My name is Hellen Gravely! I'm the owner of this hotel. I am absolutely delighted that you decided to accept my invitation." She went downstairs and got in front of Violet specifically. Violet felt her Aurora Nine tensing up. She didn't like it. Hellen added, "You all must be very tired. Come! Let me show you to your rooms."

Cappy stated, "Well I am feeling a bit sleepy..."

Tiara asked, "But what about the luggage?"

Hellen answered, "Oh, no need to worry about your luggage. Our exceptional staff will take them to your rooms." She pointed to Steward, whom was taking the luggage upstairs. Hellen took out her powder, which made Luigi sneeze. She added, "Please follow me to your rooms."

The gang followed Hellen to the elevator. Everyone got in. Before the doors closed, Hellen smirked darkly. They arrived on the fifth floor. Hellen got out first. She instructed, pointing right, "Cappy, Tiara, Toad... your rooms are this way." She then pointed left and added, "Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Violet... your rooms are this way."

Everyone wished each other goodnight. Peach's room was first, Mario's was second, Luigi's was thirds, and Violet's was last.

"I'll see you in a couple hours to check things out?" Luigi asked her softly.

"Yes, you will." Violet agreed.

That's when she entered her room. She laid down on her bed, trying her hardest not to cry. Why couldn't she be more like them? Why couldn't she be a hero too? She helped the first time around! Sure, she was stuck in the painting the second time but... She wiped her eyes. Even if this was a trap, there was no way she could cry now. She needed to be ready for anything.

She yawned a bit.

Sleep sounded good right now.

Violet fluffed her pillow, got comfy in her bed, and closed her eyes.



Violet got up in a shot, hearing her boyfriend yelling. She grabbed her flashlight and headed out the door. She saw that the golden floor started to disappear and made the hallway super creepy. She ran to Luigi's room, opening up the door. To her horror, Luigi and Spettro weren't there. And the entire room was dark now. She shivered.

"Weegie?" She called out, looking around for her boyfriend.

But when she didn't see anything, she frowned.

Maybe he's in Mario's room?

Leaving her boyfriend's room, she went to the next door down the hallway. She opened Mario's room. There were several empty pizza boxes but no Mario. There was still some warm pizza slices.

He left recently. Maybe he went to Peach's room?

She left the man in red's room and went further down the hallway. She opened Peach's room. All of her luggage was here and it was obvious she was doing her makeup.

But where did they all go?

Having a bad feeling, Violet went out of Peach's room. She heard the elevator ding. She went to investigate and saw Hellen Gravely there.

Was she see-threw?

She got a bit larger and commented, "Well, well, well... What do we have here? My second most esteemed VIP!"

Violet stood her ground as she shook a bit. "W - what is the meaning of this?! Where is Luigi and my friends?!"

Hellen laughed evilly. "My dear... They are resting quite comfortably. Thanks to a friend of mine. The reason we are here!"

She moved to the side and there was a rather large Boo. While it looked like King Boo, its hands seemed to be melting off of its body and its teeth were a red color. On his head was a purple gem in a top hat. He had dark red eyes looked at the terrified violet ice wielder. Violet, like her powers, felt cold.

Who was he?!

The Boo praised, "Thank you Hellen for bringing the threats to my brother's power here..."

Hellen replied, "It was my honor, boss."

Violet finally managed to find her voice, "B - Boss?"

The Boo looked at her and introduced, "Oh yes we haven't been formally introduced yet. I'm the leader of the phantoms and the younger brother to King Boo: Phantom Boo." He floated over to Violet and her knees were knocking in fear. He told her, "Ever since the last time your boyfriend and that annoying scientist, I've been watching you all from afar. I set this trap, knowing that you would all come. It was just a matter of time before we could move in."

Violet shivered as she hissed, "What have you done to them?!"

Phantom Boo laughed evilly. It was just as horrifying as his brother's.

Oh Grambi...

That's when he brought forth several paintings: Cappy, Tiara, Toad, Mario in a red frame, Peach in a pink one... and last but not least... in a green frame was Luigi himself. Time around Violet froze.

He did the one thing his brother never could. He caught Luigi.

Violet breathed, "Luigi..." She reached out to her boyfriend but the paintings disappeared. She turned to Phantom Boo and demanded, "Let them go!"

Phantom Boo chuckled as if he was amused by her demand. "Oh at the very least I'm supposed to be scared of you. Not happening sacred violet ice!"

Haunted by that phrase, Violet quickly activated her Aurora Nine. She thew an icicle at Phantom Boo. While it did absolutely nothing, it did give her a head start. She ran back the other way, not realizing it was a dead end until she got there.


She turned back around, seeing that Phantom Boo had summoned a purple frame for her. Seeing a dumbwaiter in front of her, she had no choice but to fire another icicle. Again, it did nothing but it was enough for her to open up the dumbwaiter and fall down the shaft.


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