When Luigi was finally able to open his eyes, he saw that Violet's eyes had turned back to gray. Phantom Boo was there and he looked furious. That's when Luigi saw that they had teleported to an altar of some kind.

The wedding! I've got to stop this!

Phantom Boo huffed, "I have had enough of these delays! I will be taking what is mine now thank you!"

Luigi had tears in his eyes as he stated, "She's not yours! She never will be! She's mine!" He turned to Mia and added, "I'm not trying to compete with him. I just want you back, Vi."

Mia's eyes briefly turned green as Violet weakly told him, "I know..."

She sounds like she's in worse shape than I am! I've got to stop this!

The collar shocked Violet again, turning her eyes back to gray. Mia's outfit changed to a beautiful sparkly white dress that showed off her curves. Her gloves were still a white lace and her shoes were a white dress shoes. Phantom Boo floated near the altar as Mia was standing right next to him. Suddenly, a bunch of ghosts appeared in front of Luigi.



Meanwhile, away from the action, Mario and Mike were surrounded by mist. Mario frowned. He couldn't see anyone or anything in this mist.

Where were they?

Mike had a bad feeling that Violet and Luigi were danger. He shrugged off the Poltergest G-00.

Luigi... I have this bad feeling that you are in danger... Please... take this Poltergest and save my daughter! Save the world!

Mike placed the vacuum down, not realizing that his hands were glowing of a slight blue color. Mario was the first to notice it though.

Mario pointed out, "Mike! Your hands! They are glowing blue!"

Mike looked down at his hands and saw what Mario said was true.

The Aurora Nine?

Though Mike doubted it, he put his hands in front of him and started to concentrate.

Luigi! I can sense you... You're alive!

Luigi perked up as he started to look around. He could hear Mike but...

"Mike? Where are you?" He asked. He barely managed to dodge a ghost attacking him as he panted from fright. He added, "I could really use the Poltergest right about now!"

Mike was the one to perk up this time. While he couldn't explain it, it seemed clear to him that his new powers were causing this. He didn't know how to control it or what it even was. All he knew was that he needed to get the Poltergest from this place to where Luigi was.

Mario looked at Mike puzzled, "What is it?"

Mike answered, "I sense Luigi but I need to concentrate really hard."

Mario saw ghosts coming towards them. He activated his Firebrand. "I'll cover you."

Mike nodded, grateful. He closed his eyes and his blue light started to glow.

I don't know what this does but I hope this gets to Luigi...

Before too long, Mike saw that the Poltergest G-00 levitated off of the ground. It went deep into the mist.

Levitation powers? Awesome!


Back with Luigi, he got himself cornered on the other side of the mist. The ghosts were about to end his game when the Poltergest G-00 got to him. He quickly dodged the ghosts, slipping on the Poltergest.

He chuckled as Mr. L emerged, "Oh you're so screwed now!"

With the Stroboscope in his hand, Mr. L started to flash the ghosts. He then started to take them into the Poltergest. He started to ahead towards the altar.

Phantom Boo said, "And I do!" He turned to Mia and upped the voltage on the choker. He asked, "Do you, Mia?"

Mia struggled a bit, clearly in pain. Mr. L fired a thunder shot at Phantom Boo, gaining his attention.

Mr. L hissed, "I happen to know that weddings like these don't tend to end well."

Phantom Boo was furious as he and the bandit started to fight. Mia stayed at the altar, tiredly watching the fight. Her eyes turned back to green as she started to fall asleep (due to her injuries).

She whispered, "Luigi..."

Mr. L saw Violet fall to the ground. Luigi emerged back and activated his Thunderhand wings. He flew away from Phantom Boo and picked up the passed out Violet, bridal style.

"Gotcha!" He promised.

She was barely able to move but she did so restlessly. "The choker..." She pointed out.

Luigi knew that she was right. He pulled out a very small golden clock, freezing time for a few minutes. He put Violet down for a second. He decided to overload the choker, carefully. Activiating his Thunderhand, he started to overload it. Violet squirmed for a minute but Luigi was able to get it off. Mr. L emerged again to destroy it with his bare hands. Violet started to turn back to normal.

Mr. L stated, "You should be alright."

Violet weakly pointed out, "He won't stop until he has me..."

Mr. L perked up and asked, "Is that why you surrendered in the first place? To make sure we were safe?"

Violet could barely answer this time. She was so weak that her skin was paler than usual. She just nodded. She got to her feet but barely.

She's so weak yet she still wants to help...

Violet whispered, "There's got to be a way to defeat him."

Mr. L pointed out, "Well even if there was, what makes you think I'm letting you near the action?"

Violet replied, "It's not like I can go anywhere else." That's when she noticed the Poltergest on his back. She started to ask, "Wait how did you..."

Just then, the clocks time ran out. Time started again. Phantom Boo appeared near them and launched a long range attack on them. Mr. L protected Violet as the two of them were blown to a ravine. Mr. L turned back into Luigi. Phantom Boo floated near Violet again. She saw the brother of King Boo and knew he was furious. She paled.

Phantom Boo told her, "As you were saying before we were so rudely interrupted..."

Violet got to her feet. She looked over Luigi, whom was knocked out. She looked at Phantom Boo and floated up. She used her Aurora Nine to kick Phantom Boo unexpectedly in the face. Her powers weren't even active. She was able to surprise him. Striking a fighting pose, she kept fighting back at him. Luigi woke up a bit and saw that Violet was taking Phantom Boo all alone. No powers, no Poltergest... It was breathtaking to the man in the green.

Phantom Boo was trying to fight back. But Violet kept fighting back. Making sure that he didn't have an inch to fight back. Luigi just watched her in amazed awe. Violet kicked Phantom Boo towards him. Reacting quickly, Luigi vacuumed up Phantom Boo. The only thing left of him was his purple diamond. Violet took up the purple diamond and tossed it at Luigi.

Luigi started to say, "Violet..." The mist started to lift and Violet collapsed yet again. Luigi caught her again. He breathed, "Vi! Hold on!"

Activating his Thunderhand wings again, Luigi took to the skies to find a way to the hospital.


Weeks had passed and everyone knew of Violet's amazing victory over Phantom Boo. Everyone was treating her like a super star after she had recovered. She never let it get to her head. She just kept Luigi close. Luigi blushed. It wasn't like he minded. It was quite clear to everyone that the girls just as much as a heroes like anyone of the boys were.

Mike had gotten Luigi's old house as a place to stay. He trained everyday with his Psymanna. Violet trained with him constantly.

"Can't let you have all of the fun." Mike teased.

Violet raised an eyebrow as she half teased, "You call that fun? I call that torture."

Mike decided to approach a sensitive subject. "What did happen while you were up in the Master Suite?"

Violet shook her head. That was one subject that she wasn't able to talk about.

Not now. And definitely not later.


Back at the castle, Mario and Cappy had decided to visit Peach and Tiara. Daisy had gone on home for the time being. She was getting ready for her own wedding to Peasley after all. Cappy and Tiara had went off into the game room. Tiara had finally figured out how to play pool and wanted to teach her brother. It left the two of them all alone and it was awkward to the man in red. He was about to say something to her when she spoke first.

She softly stated, "I'm sorry..."

Mario almost did a double take on that one. "Wait... sorry for what?"

Peach raised an eyebrow. "Do I have to be specific here?"

Mario shook his head, "No..." He looked at her and added, "Look, I know that you are sorry. I am too. But maybe we can start again on this whole relationship thing?"

Peach frowned, "The entire relationship?"

Mario nodded, "Yeah, just start from scratch. And this time: we mean everything we say. And we tell each other the truth."

Peach had to admit that was a better idea than just rushing into a bad marriage.

She asked him, "But how do we start this over?"

Mario put up one finger, turning his back to her for a moment. He turned back around and pretended that he was meeting her for the first time.

He teased, "Hello, I'm Mario Gregory Manfredi Junior. And I like you."

Peach giggled as she added, "Greetings to you Mario. I'm Princess Peach Blossom Toadstool. And I like you."

To that, Mario smiled wide.


Luigi was with Elvin. He had just finished everything. The valley was secured yet again and all of the ghosts that everyone had captured at some point was locked away in a super safe. Spettro and Calico were with Luigi.

Spettro asked, (How does it feel? Being on this side rather than that one?)

Calico answered, {I rather like being on this side. It has many good friends.}

Spettro smiled at Calico. He liked having a friend around.

Elvin told Luigi, "This place will be under guard 24/7. There's no way they can get out ever again."

Luigi felt his Thunderhand activating as he saw Phantom Boo. Luigi calmed himself down a bit, deactivating it.

"For Violet's sake... let's hope not." Luigi stated.


That evening, Luigi and Violet were alone. Luigi borrowed back his ring and got down on one knee.

He brought out the engagement ring and asked her properly, "Will you marry me?"

Violet smiled as she answered, "Yes! Yes I will!"

Luigi got to his feet as he placed the ring onto her finger. He kissed her embraced and kissed her happily.


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