I'm going straight to Hell :)

From the moment they managed to shove past Judge Campbell's bedroom door, they were an absolute mess of wandering hands and dueling tongues. The offending wooden contraption fell shut with a loud slam as Laski kicked it, failing to peel his mouth away from the other judge for even a second.

He pushed Campbell flush against the wall, drawing a gasp from the man as his back hit the hard painted material behind him. He kept on kissing Laski, though, even as the balder judge opened up his suit jacket and began to untuck his tan silk shirt.

And as you can already probably gather, this wasn't the kind of kissing that'd go on when you go to greet your grandpa at Christmas dinner, and he leans just a little too far to the right on account of his bad back, kissing you square on the lips.


This was the 'I'm going to rearrange your guts with nothing more than my tongue' kind of kissing. It was the kind of kissing that you wanted nowhere near your family's dinner table.

Laski pulled away from Albert just long enough to undo the other judge's tie before pulling each one of his shirt buttons open in turn with deft, nimble fingers. He ran a hand over the now-exposed skin of Albert's upper chest that lie between the parted sides his half buttoned shirt, running through the soft beige down there with his fingertips.

Once he'd had his fill of gazing upon the other judge's partially bare form, Jonas put his mouth right back where it belonged, pressing hot, wet kisses to Albert's neck, causing the man to pant. He brought one hand around to hold the back of Laski's bald head, pressing him down harder against the hypersensitive expanse of skin, encouraging him.

Campbell moaned softly as Laski nipped at a particularly sensitive spot, near where his shoulder and his neck met. He stroked what was left of the man's hair with one hand, praising him further as he continued exploring his valued colleague's hot, bare skin with lavish excitement, and no intention of stopping anytime soon.

"God, Jonas..." he groaned breathlessly as Jonas brought his attention to the hollow of the man's throat, kissing his way down to the hollow dip that lie at the base of his neck. "You've got a rather colorful idea of a nightcap..."

"Trust me," Laski said lowly, bringing his head up slightly to murmur in Campbell's ear, his hot, damp breath causing the other man to shiver. "You taste better than anything I've got in my liquor cabinet."

Their lips collided once more in a rough, passionate kiss. Teeth clashed like daggers and noses brushed as Laski pushed his hands underneath the loose fabric of Albert's shirt, running them up and down his sides in a gentle caress. He raked his nails gently across his back in arbitrary little patterns as Albert pulled him closer, wrapping his arms around the bald judge, clutching his broad shoulders like a lifeline.

Campbell moaned into the kiss as Jonas gave a hot swipe over the roof of his mouth. He caressed the other judge's tongue with his own as the man continued to make quick work of his dress shirt, flicking the rest of the buttons open with ease.

Laski pulled away for a moment, pausing in ravaging the other man's mouth with his own. He turned Campbell around, pulling his shirt and jacket off in one tug, tossing it off to one side carelessly.

Then he wrapped the man in his arms, pulling him close. Jonas brought his hands around to pull at Albert's belt buckle, tugging one side free from the other as he kissed his neck from behind. He pushed one hand underneath the fabric of Albert's gray slacks, running it over the bulge in his briefs.

He turned the man back around then, pushing him so his bare back was pressed up against the wall. Hungrily, Jonas trailed more sloppy kisses down Campbell's bare chest, which heaved with each uneven breath he took.

He began to pant again with each and every touch of Jonas's lips against the large expanse of his sensitive skin. At a painfully slow pace, his mouth ventured lower to a spot just below his sternum, then to his stomach, until the other judge fell to his knees, tugging at the fabric of Albert's slacks to run his thumbs along his hips.

Laski found himself tugging down the other man's zipper before pulling the offending garment down, leaving only his briefs covering him. He brought his hand back to Campbell's bulging erection, rubbing his member through the thin fabric.

The other judge moaned softly at the contact, leaning closer to the wall to keep his weak knees from buckling. Laski hooked both his thumbs underneath the waistband of his briefs, pulling them down slowly, allowing his swollen length to spring free.

And Campbell's knees only grew weaker as Laski ran his tongue over the tip of his member, licking away the precome that'd gathered there as a result of the heated removal of his garments before he took all of him into his mouth. He brought his hands down to caress Laski's bald head, trying to control the fiery sensation between his legs as the short man continued, licking and sucking at his most sensitive spots.

"Jonas..." Albert whined, his eyes slamming shut as he was wracked by waves of pleasure. The now trembling judge soon found it even harder to remain standing as Jonas moaned around his arousal, the vibrations from his voice almost enough to finish him off on its own. He moved his hips against his mouth in fluid, measured thrusts, his body moving to its own accord in response to his companion's feverish efforts.

Despite the disappointed groan that left Albert's mouth as a result, Jonas took his mouth away from him once he'd pushed the senior judge just a little too close to the edge, standing once more to seize his lips in another passionate kiss. He brought one hand up to run his fingers through the soft beige hair on Albert's head while the other caressed his backside, groping at the firm muscle there.

"Judge Laski," Albert murmured against Jonas's lips once the kiss had broken as he held the man's bald head in both hands, gently tracing his ears with his fingertips. "I believe that you're somewhat overdressed for this particular party..."

Jonas looked down at himself, seeing quite clearly that he was still clad from head to toe in his work clothes. He gave Albert a toothy, coy smile, gazing at him with glimmering coffee colored eyes.

"As you wish, Judge Campbell..." he purred, his voice as smooth as molten caramel, before his lips crashed against Albert's again in another rough, passionate kiss. Jonas pulled him away from the wall then, backing him towards the bed until the backs of his knees hit one side of it.

The beige haired judge sprawled out on his generously sized bed, sitting up a bit as he watched Jonas undress, slowly. First he knocked off his chestnut colored loafers, kicking them off to the side. Then his suit jacket, his tie, and his shirt. And by the time he'd finally managed to peel off his dark gray slacks, he'd become unable to control himself under Campbell's lustful gaze.

Laski climbed into bed with the man, covering him with his body, which was almost completely bare save for his boxers. The skin on skin contact made Campbell groan as Laski stole his lips, and his breath for that matter. He ground his hips against the judge beneath him, trying without fail to make him writhe in anticipation, desperate for their inevitable combination.

Tentatively, Laski pulled himself off of his lover, seeking out the small bottle of personal lubricant that, after so many of these little encounters, Campbell had taken to keeping on his nightstand. He brought himself back between the other judge's slightly spread legs, squeezing some of the slick fluid out onto his hand.

Albert moaned needily, spreading his legs even more as Jonas plunged a slick finger into him, hitting just the right spot inside of him. His legs twitched as the bald man teased his prostate, preparing him slowly with another finger.

The other judge's legs shook as he lost himself in the feeling of Laski's fingers, thrusting in and out of him, stretching him until he began to crave something else. Something bigger.

He brought his hands up to Jonas's boxers, pulling them down slowly, exposing his hot, thick length to the open air. The other man happily complied, pulling the thin garment off from his upper thighs, tossing it off the side of the bed haphazardly. Albert gazed at him, marveling at his generously sized length with smoldering blue eyes. He ran a hand over the bald judge's erection, reveling in the feeling of his searing hardness against his palm.

"Christ, Jonas..." Campbell sighed, his eyes still fixed on Laski's sizable length, running his thumb across the firm, sensitive tip. Laski gasped at the sudden attention to one of his most delicate parts, squirming in his spot as the beige haired man touched him, wiping the slick salty spent from his head.

"It's so big, I—...I don't think it's gonna fit..." he stammered, blushing as the other judge eyed him mischievously, giving him a smirk.

"Oh, it'll fit..." his blush darkened at the sound of Jonas's rich, deep voice as he reassured the man. His voice dropped down even lower as he continued. "It did last time."

Jonas's hand sought out that same little bottle of Astroglide, squeezing out another dollop onto himself. He stroked himself with the clear gel, distributing it evenly up and down the length of his swollen shaft before tossing the bottle off to the side, fixing himself back on top of the other man, covering him with his naked body.

Guiding himself with one hand, he rubbed the head of his turgid member against Campbell's twitching entrance, teasing the man, only making him squirm even more in anticipation. Jonas failed to enter him, even as he wrapped his legs tightly around his waist, desperately trying to draw him in closer, starving for the carnal union of flesh.

"Jonas...please..." Albert begged, his voice raising a couple octaves higher than usual. He clutched Jonas's shoulders, wrapped his legs tighter around the man's waist, locking him in a vice like grip, but the other man just wouldn't budge.

"Please what, Love?" Jonas purred into his ear, pushing him to his limits. He remained on his knees between Albert's legs as he pulled his arms from around his robust shoulders. He held both of Albert's hands on each side of the man's own shoulders, lacing their fingers together to keep him from leaving scratches on his back. Jonas was married, after all.

"There's no one else around but us, Albert. Go ahead and tell me..." He told the man when he didn't answer, gazing down at his crimson cheeks and perspiring forehead, feeling him tremble delightfully in wait for him to thrust into him with reckless abandon. The sensation of Jonas's member sliding against his entrance was still driving him crazy. Albert gazed right up at his colleague then, with every intention of swallowing his pride and telling him exactly what he wanted to hear...

"Take me, Jonas..." Albert whined, a sort of primal desire brimming from each piercing blue eye, the kind that turned his lover on almost more than the entire time they'd been working each other up, only to reduce each other to a pair of hot, perspiring bodies on damp sheets. "Just give it to me, please..."

His grip on Jonas's hands tightened significantly as the man entered him slowly, filling him with a low groan. He moved gently, too gently, probing him, reveling in the feeling of his muscles clenching around him. His thrusts grew so leisurely as to be fucking madness inducing.

Laski's arousal slid against his prostate at a tortuous pace, making him want to scream.

And after another solid 15 seconds of it, he did.

"Jonas, please!" It was just about all Campbell could get out, the only coherent phrase he could manage between his heavy breathing and the fiery sensation radiating in his groin, making even the depths of his stomach feel as if they were burning. He was shaking so much against Jonas that he was practically vibrating as he lost control of the situation at hand faster than the world had spiraled out of control from the beginning of 2020.

At last, the top gave into his instincts, laying into Albert, his thrusts getting harder and faster with each and every one. Moans and groans of appreciation filled the room, increasing in volume and frequency as Jonas sped up.

"Fuck, Jonas..." he whimpered, close to the edge as Laski pounded into him harder, causing his wooden bed frame to rock and creak with each fluid motion. Campbell pulled him as close to his own naked body as he could, his legs wrapped tightly around him, crashing Laski to him, claiming him. In that moment, his bald, dark eyed, forbidden lover was his. All his, and no one else's.

If only for that one night.

Albert repeated his name like a plea as Jonas rocked him closer and closer to oblivion. The two syllables soon became garbled, then mixed into a strangled cry as he came hard, his sweet release erupting onto Jonas's abdomen.

Despite what the other man thought possible, Laski sped up even more, growing close himself as he continued to drive himself in and out of his tight entrance.

"Don't pull out..." Albert gasped as he was taken right to the edge with along his brawny lover before his body could even process his initial release, desperate to come again at Jonas's hand.

"Don't pull out Jonas!" He shouted into his dimly lit bedroom as he came again, the sheer rush of pleasure causing his vision to dull slightly as he shook. Laski couldn't help but sink his teeth into the crook of his colleague's neck as he spilled himself deep inside of him, yelling out in carnal ecstasy against Campbell's bare skin.

Jonas collapsed on top of him, panting heavily from his exertions, his head filled with their combined scent and the feeling of their still-connected flesh and now weakly linked hands.

He pulled out of the man after a few moments, his hot white seed oozing out of Campbell's entrance. Jonas held the man's hand, mirroring his position now of lying on his back, staring at the ceiling as he tried to catch his breath his head reeling from it all. The "nightcap", the kissing, the...

"We've gotta stop doing this..." Albert stated breathlessly, giving Jonas's hand a squeeze.

Jonas turned his head away from where he was gazing at a random spot on the man's ceiling to look at him, meeting his smoldering baby blues. Albert's lovely features were soft from the warm afterglow of their intense lovemaking.

His heart skipped a beat as he took in Campbell's appearance. Tousled, feathery hair colored in soft light generated from the tall lamp by his side of the bed, perspiration still covering his head in a sheen as he gazed at him, the fondness in those beautiful blue eyes contradicting his words completely. Jonas's eyes wandered from his red, kiss swollen lips down to his bare chest, and lower, down to where the silvery satin sheets covering the both of them just barely covered his subdued manhood.

He brought his eyes back up to meet Albert's once more, leaning closer to him again as he captured the man's lips again that evening. It was a sweet kiss, though; not rough and ravenous like before. And the strange feeling in Jonas's chest only intensified because of it.

"We shouldn't be doing this, Jonas..." he whispered as the kiss broke. They both lay on their side now, facing one another, their foreheads just barely touching as they took it all in. Blue eyes searched brown, the feeling of their combined heat only making the point Albert was trying to make less and less desirable.

"You've got a wife, and I..." he trailed off, internally recounting, yet again, every damn reason why it's a bad idea for them to have become lovers.

"I don't want to stop." Jonas stated simply, giving the man what could only be described as puppy eyes. Albert reached out, caressing the man's face lovingly as he continued to gaze into those cocoa colored orbs.

"I didn't say we're going to. Just that...we should..." Albert murmured, stroking his cheek with a light touch, causing his eyes to slowly flutter shut on account of his growing exhaustion. He decided to switch the subject.

"What time do you have to be home?" He asked the bald judge, who was practically melting into his soft touch.

"I don't. The wife's under the impression that I'm out on business for a while..." Jonas informed the man without opening his eyes.

"Good. No rush, then." Albert noted simply, his head beginning to feel heavier where it lay on the goose down pillow beneath him. His companion's tiredness felt as if it were contagious, and the beige haired judge's eyes threatened to close as he continued to look at him.

"Hmmm..." the bald man acknowledged him with a soft hum. Albert pulled him closer, rolling on his back again, letting Jonas rest his head on his bare chest. He wrapped his arms around the man, draping an arm over Albert's stomach as he continued to doze.

Campbell just ran a hand over Laski's big bald head, petting him as sleep threatened to overtake him at last. He wrapped his other arm around him, holding him close as he shut his eyes for the night.

"I love you." Jonas murmured into the man's chest, curling up closer to Albert. It was quiet, and barely even coherent, and Jonas probably didn't even know he'd even said it. But why?

Why did it make Albert's chest feel so heavy?

"I love you, too." The response was almost mechanical. He found himself unable to not return the phrase to his prized colleague, especially as he lay, cuddled up to him in his bed after granting him some of the best sex he'd ever had in his life.

And sure, he couldn't have Jonas all to himself. Not now, maybe not ever. But this one night, along with the others, no matter how few and far between meant the world to him.

Just one night to spend with his lover, to fall asleep in his arms and wake up next to in the morning, only to fall into another graceless act of passion with the man before he could start the day.

That, he thought, was worth everything he had.