h Sis, Sis!" a peeping voice came from an elf girl. Alexstrasza turned to look at her little sister.

"What is it, Ysera?" she asked sweetly.

"I made a friend!" Ysera smiled. A look in her eyes lit up, one Alex hadn't seen in years. Even now, though, it was different. Like her sister longed for even more than that.

"Who is he?" Alex smirked.

"He? Well, uh, it is a he, but, uh, I don't, it's not, sis, it's not like that!" Ysera stumbled.

"You know very well, I don't care, unless it's not a working relationship. Just tell me who it is." she said, trying her best to comfort Ysera. Ysera let out a long sigh.

"Okay. I'll invite him over tonight. Whats up with your life? Any boys yet for you?" Ysera asked. Alex frowned. There had been one. One of her lifelong friends. Who had helped her through dark and light. Helped with easy things, like homework, and helped with the hard stuff, like the bullying she'd been receiving since she had started declining parties for studying. Of course, it doesn't happen anymore, because nobody invited her anymore. Galakrond. Oh, Galakrond. I understand you want this, but we can't have it. I'm not worth your time. Alex was startled to hear the piece of their conversation about it that had broken her heart to say.

"Sis?" Ysera cut in. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. No, no boys for me. How is class going for you?" she lied.

Ysera seemed hesitant. "Good. You know I don't care, right? I feel the same way you do towards any of your possible relationships. If you're lying, you don't have to. Just maybe don't tell Nel." she laughed.

"Speaking of Nel, where is he? I thought he would be here to pick us up. Have you called him yet? We're really just waiting on him. Mal got home already, and Noz is doing something. Probably with Chromie." she giggled smartly.

"Oh, dang it! I never called him!" Ysera cried, pulling more laughing out of Alex.

"Well, best do that..." Alex muttered teasingly.

"Oh, okay. Like I didn't know that." Ysera snapped, rolling her eyes. "By the way, I think if you do have a love interest you should tell Nel. He deserves to know, too. Besides if he tries to stop you, I can just put him in the Dream!" Ysera smiled maliciously.

"Oh, Titans, Ysera, please don't, he will never forgive you for that." she laughed.