Alex and Ysera had been picked up only 20 minutes late, and Neltharion was blowing his head off about it. "I told you to call me immediately! First thing!" he snapped. "Why didn't you?"

"I- I'm going to invite my friend over for dinner... we were, uh, planning." Ysera peeped up.

"We were!" Alex nodded frantically.

Neltharion's black scales cooled down. "Fine. I'll let you go on this one. This once. Don't be late again."

"We won't, bro! Chill!" Alex teased.

Neltharion grunted. "And you. I left you in charge of my youngest sibling and you didn't remind her? Why?"

Alex winced. "I forgot too, Nel. Sorry. But, uh, I think I might go for a walk. Maybe visit Galakrond. I don't know." she said absentmindedly. But the meaning was deeper than that. She needed to talk with him, maybe they could, maybe it was possible for them to get their mutual desire, and neither would be chastised. Maybe, possibly. Oh, she wished. It was in her deepest interest.

"Okay. Just... be back before we go out for dinner. It's Friday after all." he said, doubt and worry clinging to his voice.

"Oh. Okay!" she said, trying to make it cheerful. She walked out the door, and as soon as she was out of view of her brother, she started speeding towards Galakrond's house. Oh, Titans, please I need you right now, my love.

As she knocked on the door, her heart beat with hopefulness, regret, and sorrow. Did he think that she didn't want them? Maybe he thought that she really wasn't worth his time. Fear. It was pure fear as he opened the door and saw her face.

"Alex." Galakrond said, his eyes wide. "Alex! Oh, Alex!" he cried.

"Galakrond..." she whispered, as she put her head on his chest. "Oh, Titans, I was so dumb. I'm not worth your time, but I do need you. Reality struck me so hard. I need you, so, so much." she sighed, tears falling lightly from her closed eyes.