It was a brand new day when a small little Pichu was born, however when one usually would be greeted by its parents, this little one did not have that. It was all alone on Route 4 in the Galar region.

With the brand new Pich had known nothing and was scared it raced off through the grass, getting more scared by the minute trying to find something it could cling onto.

It was then that the Pichu spotted something else, a brown furry fox like pokemon cowering away from a few Meowths whimpering about them not to hurt her. Feeling something the Pichu raced to help out, letting off quite a powerful thunderbolt towards the Meowth's, scaring them off. However only being a hatchling the Pichu couldn't handle all that power and promptly fainted.

The pokemon Pichu had saved, and Eevee looked down at the little pokemon and nudged it nervously only to figure out something was wrong with it and made quick work to get it on it's back. She'd take the little female Pichu to her nest area, and hope that she could find an Oran berry around there.

The next few days the two pokemon got to know each other, and eventually were quite the pair. Pichu the brave little thing was always the one protecting the Eevee, and as the days went by the two got closer and closer, easily taking on trainers in a duo team, doing combos that no one in the Galar region had ever seen before.

It wasn't until Pichu finally had enough love and friendship from her best friend Eevee that she evolved into a Pikachu, and with that the two were basically unstoppable.

It wasn't until a girl with hair the color of fall leaves came up to them with a brimming smile and a Squirtle by her side, Scorbunny on her shoulder that they looked on in confusion.

"Alright Cinders! Blaster! This looks like a great spot to set up camp!" the girl cried out, being ten years old and getting sponsored with her best mate to start the Pokemon League was the best feeling ever. Her team only had four pokemon to it, a Scorbunny named Cinders, a Squirtle named Blaster, a small Yamper, that was much smaller than the usual ones on this route, and a Chinchou fondly named BrightLight.

As the two pokemon watched Pikachu got too excited and rushed off to challenge the water types to a battle while Harmony was making curry on her own. The girl spotted the enthusiastic Pikachu with a grin watching Blaster interact with it. She had always wanted a Pikachu , but she'd have to see if it wanted to come with her.

Not wanting to scare the Pikachu she calmed and sat down a few feet away, keeping an eye on the food of course, but also trying to see if the Pikachu would trust her.

The Pikachu narrowed its eyes, it's cheeks spanking until Balster growled and stood in ront of its trainer talking out to the Pikachu who tilted its head in confusion but nodded and stayed on the outskirts of her camp.

Once the curry was done the girl set aside another bowl for the Pikachu only to gasp when an Eevee came out from behind the female Pikachu making the girl grin and make another bowl.

"Here you go, don't worry it's just berries, I promise, there's plenty so if you want more let me know," she tells them backing away before going to take care of her pon pokemon.

I like her. The Eevee whispers to her best friend Piakchu, Can we please go with her? She seems really strong and cares for her pokemon

The girl laughs when her pokemon jump on her giving her attention. "Cinders stop! I know it's the best curry ever!" she giggles.

It's the best, it's amazing! I love it Harmony! The rabbit pokemon coos out hugging its trainer and nuzzling into her shoulder and his trainer gives him all the affection he wanted.

Don't you want that Pikachu? Because I do….

The Pikachu thought for a while before nodding, moving to alter the trainer, Harmony, that the two wanted to go with her.

That was how the pokemon met her, Chu her right hand Pikachu sat firmly on her shoulder as they glanced out of the plane, with Bubbles, the Eevee who was now a beautiful Vaporeon shaking in her ball making Harmony grin. Spiky the Pichu snoring on her lap, the little one had hatched from Chu and Pikachu's egg when they were in Unova and the two Pikachu's had been reunited after being away for months had run of somewhere on Cynthia's estate only to come back with an egg.

Once the egg hatched Harmony and Ash cared for the baby Pichu, gasping in shock about it's appearance with a spiky ear, hence the name, similar to the one they had met back in time with Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

It was weeks later when Harmony was having Ash watch the little Pichu that he got into trouble, finding an everstone and proceeding to swallow it making him sick until they rushed him to a Nurse oy after Clian couldn't figure out what was wrong with the little one. Nurse Joy reassured the two sixteen year old couple that everything would be fine,it would just never evolve and always be a Pichu.

"Almost there! Then we'll see Ash in the morning with whatever Professor Oak mentioned in our call last week, I can't wait to see him." Harmony says with a wide grin, having missed her boyfriend after being away once he had returned from Alola, only for her to have to go to Galar to start the season,the last one before a year hiatus as the World Championship would start up soon, meaning she was of the hook rom being Leon's assistant *cough* babysitter *cough* .

Chu let out a happy cry about seeing her mate after a few months.

"But no more eggs missy, this little one is enough work, I don't want you ttwo running off okay?" Harmony says sterly to her best friend who pouted but nodded nuzzling her human happily.

Upon arriving it was far too late to go see Ash as she got into the car with Professor Oak smiling.

"So, I'm super excited, I can't believe there's a new laboratory we get to see tomorrow!" Harmony says with a wide grin, earning a chuckle from the older professor. "I still can't believe you invited me to this,."

"After all the help you've done with other professors around the world, and with Ash praising you for everything you know I couldn't fathom why I shouldn't. Plus he's been in and out of my ranch asking if I had offered you to come visit." Processor Oak tells her making her blush at the thought of her boyfriend praising her so much.

"Thank you again so much Professor Oak, it really is amazing, Ash is the best." Harmony says softly, her hand moving to her neck where the promise ring sat on a chain, it was a ring with a pokeball in the center surrounded by many crystals. Ash had a similar one around his own neck, but more masculine as he stated that was what he wanted. The two ironically gave it to each other on their third year anniversary back in Alola before the finals. For the league that Ash had won.

"I'm sure that young man will be glad to see you, or all our sake you keep him at least a bit better in line," Professor Oak mentioned, "I know Delia like that you are able to keep her boy safe, and that's what matters,"

"And I wear that like a badge of honor, I love his Mum, she's the sweetest, I still can't wait to give him my present, that trip to Galar, in a few weeks that is."

"ANd I'm sure he'll enjoy that, now why don't you get settled in, I know it was a long flight, tomorrow will be exciting that's for sure.

"Awesome! Thank you Professor Oak!" Harmony says, grabbing her stuff with Pikachu letting out a happy cry to thank the older professor.

Their new Journey was just around the corner, and who knows what the journey will bring them, after all there's a whole world to discover.