"Yes! I caught a Ratatta!" Goh says excitedly as he picks up his Pokeball he threw.

"Nice work Goh!" Harmony calls out, her hand interlocked with Ash's.

Ratatta has been registered to your Pokedex!

"You know, it'll be awesome watching a movie being filmed!" Ash points out. Chu, Pikachu, and Raboot were walking behind their trainers, while Spiky was sleeping in Harmony's bag giving small little snores now and then.

"On top of that Kublock's is a world famous director!" Goh says rather excited.

"It's those twin Gardevoir, right?" Ash asks, "I think we've seen one of the other films they did on a date, right Harmony?"

Harmony nods, "Yeah that's the one, though it's not actually twin Gardevoirs, it's one and a ditto," she explains.

"I can't wait to see a ditto in action!" Goh says excitedly.

Once they got to the set and were let in they looked around excitedly. "Excuse us!" Ash calls out.

"Welcome! Profesor Cerise told us about you," A lady explains as she greets the trio.

"Thanks for the invite," Goh says.

"You guys are absolutely useless!" Came a screech of a woman came, "I'm a famous actress willing to grace your production with my name, get your director over here!" followed suit but before Harmony could hear anymore Ash tugged her away and the lady hushed them.

"It's about to start,"

The director clears his throat, "Quiet! And Action!"

The older Gardevoir twin arrives to save her younger sibling from a pair of Shiftry. As the twin sisters hold hands, Ditto is suddenly stunned and reverts to its purple gelatinous form making everyone gasp.

"CUT! CUT! CUT IT'S ALL WRONG!" came the yelling voice of the direction making the crew all sigh.

"Back to the drawing board" the crew groans.

Ditto, the Transform Pokémon. A Normal-type. Altering every cell in its body, Ditto can transform into a perfect copy of many different Pokémon.

"It should be perfect," Goh points out, confused why the Pokedex said one thing but it seemed this Ditto was unable to do that.

"Until now Ditto can't stop making mistakes," the lady points out.


This upsets Ditto who runs away crying causing the trio and the lady to gasp, with the lady rushing after Ditto.

"That Ditto has quite the reputation. It's transformation often look more real than the Pokemon it's copying."

"Of course I get why it wanted to run away," Goh says sadly.

"The director was laying it on pretty thick," Ash says sheepishly.

"That's an understatement. you wouldn't like getting yelled at and being told you're a terrible trainer every time you mess up would you," Harmony points out with a huff.

Ash's eyes widen and he shakes his head quickly, "No you're right, I would hate that. Poor Ditto."

"That's true, but the reason he's so strict is because he believes Ditto can do much much better than that," the lady explains. "You see the one who discovered Ditto in the first place is none other than Mr. Kublock himself."

"You serious?" Goh asks, baffled by it.

"Yes! This movie could end up being Ditto's big break! We have to get it back quickly," the lady explains.

"Well I'll be glad to help find Ditto!" Ash says immediately.

"Count me in as well," Harmony pipes up.

"Me too!" Goh says quickly.

"Thanks so much, then let's split up and start looking." she explains.

"I call going with Harmony!" Both guys call out tugging her arm in opposite directions.

"Hey! She's my girlfriend she should go with me!" Ash calls out.

"Yeah? Well she knows where cool Pokemon are on the way to search, she should go with me!" Goh pointed out.

Harmony pulls away from both of them. "Split up, I'm not going with either of you. We're splitting up to cover more ground." she says sternly.

The two sulk but nod knowing better than to argue and the three of them go in different directions.

The group kept looking all over the place for Ditto before meeting back up.

"No luck on my end," Harmony says sadly, with Chu giving a sad chirp, her ears falling down.

"Same, Pikachu and I had no luck either," Ash points out.

"I never thought we'd search this long without a clue," Goh points out sadly.

"Where could Ditto have gone?" Ash wonders.

"Good day, tell me why the long faces? What you need is a little magic, just the thing to put a zing in your swing." A lady dressed up as a magician came up to the trio. A couple of clowns flanked her as well.

Harmony glared a bit and moved a bit in front of Ash about to tell her off when "You won't believe your eyes as you watch your Pokemon perform a tempting taste of teleportation!" came one of the clowns. This seemed to spark Pikachu's interest as his eyes got big and excited.

"You want to give it a try buddy?" Ash asks.

"Ash I don't know about this-" Harmony starts to speak up before she was cut off.

"Perfect, then we'll put this cute Pikachu in the box here," The one clown says as they put a blue box over Pikachu.

"They're just boxes, believe me. And a one, and a two, and a three!" the magician calls out and the boxes fly off and Pikachu was in the red one.

"Woah that was so cool, how'd you do it?" Goh asks clearly in awe.

Harmony, Chu, and Raboot however glare at the 'Pikachu' that the magician was handing back to Ash.

" Now here's your Pikachu back safe and sound," she says.

"Now just a second, hmmm. Is this really my Pikachu?" Ash says as he stares at the 'Pikachu'.

"It's your Pikachu as far as I can tell?" Goh says, confused why it was taking so long.

Harmony let out a huff of annoyance, "No it's clearly Not-"

"No way, that's not mine!" Ash realizes.

It was then the magician finally uncovered herself making Harmony groan.

"I bloody knew it! It was off from the start!" she hisses as Team Rocket starts their motto.

"Team Rocket!" Ash growls out.

"Wait that Ditto?" Goh questions.

"Jealous? Ditto simply is our newest member of our team," Jessie brags.

"And look it nabbed Pikachu!" James brags as he holds up a metal container where Pikachu was.

"Pikachu!" Ash calls out.

"Raboot go on and stop them!" Goh calls out to his partner.

"Ditto go and transform into a scary Salamence!" Jessie calls out.

Just as Ditto was about to transform, the lady found the trio and spotted Ditto, "Ditto! You're here!" she calls out.

"Ms. Manager!" Ash calls out to her.

"I don't know what it is you're managing, but you'd better manage to butt out!" Jessie hisses out.

"Don't order me around. That Ditto is an actor with a future!" the lady points out.


"Come on Ditto let's go back, the director is waiting for you for one set. He says you're the only one who can do this. Nothing starts without you."

"Wait...I thought you were fired from that movie?" James questions.

"Ditto please," the lady begs.

"Ditto!" Ash calls out, which was just enough of a distraction for Raboot to rush in and kick the box out of James' hand.

"Ditto!" James calls out.

Ash carefully catches the box and lets Pikachu out with a grin on his face.

"Oh no!" James calls out knowing they were in trouble now.

"Whatever, let's go home!" Jessie says snatching Ditto and rushing off.

"Hold it!" Ash and Harmony call out quickly racing after them with Goh hot on their heels.

"Team Rocket must have kidnapped Ditto and forced it to do whatever they want!" Ash theorizes.

"Even to the point of imitating other Pokemon. They're the worst," Goh says with a huff.

"I...I think Ditto ran away and just found them?" Harmony says watching the two of them turn to her confused.

"The way James reacted when he thought Ditto was fired? I don't think Team Rocket even knew it ran away, it must not have told them." she explains.

Ash makes a face, "But who would willingly work with Team Rocket? And why the ransom?" he points out just as he was about to say more Team Rocket's laughter came from around them.

"It seems you brought everything as ordered!" James calls out, which makes Pikachu and Chu start to spark their cheeks out.

"Where are you?" Ash growls out.

"Right here," Jessie says as she steps out with Ditto in a container hanging.

"Ditto!" the lady calls out clutching the case to her chest.

"Stay there, you don't get your emotional reunion just yet. If you want Ditto back then you better hand over that ransom immediately," Jessie states.

"You're a bunch of cowards!" Ash hisses out to them.

This just causes them to laugh, "I guess you weren't just fully aware of who we are," James says ominously.

"When it comes to evil, love and sympathy go out the window. We're the team that put the V in Villain" Jessie points out.

"Super Team Rocket, that's our name and don't wear it out!" Meowth calls out.

"Now hand over your money!" James calls out.

"From this moment on, we live like royalty!" Jessie says fanning herself as if she were posh.

"We love the sound of jingling of coins!" Meowth calls out.

This makes Ash and Goh growl out in frustration, "You're making me really mad" Goh calls out.

Harmony wasn't really buying it, it seemed they were faking this whole thing, but she couldn't figure out why.

"Since this has nothing to do with twerps, just leave." Jessie says as they walk closer to the trio.

"You tell him Jess!" James compliments.

"But empty those pockets first," Meowth calls out.

"Pikachu! We're gonna get Ditto back!" Ash declares.

"Raboot, we're in this too! Now aim for the cag-HEY!" Goh says as he started to call out but Raboot ignored him choosing to go on his own using Ember.

"Show them who's in charge!" Jessie calls out and Wobbuffet uses Mirror Coat to block the attack. This causes Team Rocket to laugh as there wasn't even a scratch of damage done to them further angering Ash and Goh.

"Nothing short of a Thunderbolt will make us end up going boom," Jessie says, winking quite a few times making Harmony groan and shove Ash.

"Ash have Pikachu use Thunderbolt." she hisses.

"Huh?" Ash asks dumbfounded.

"We just said Thunderbolt! Do you not understand Anything!?" Jessie yells out.

"But even if you do it I can't guarantee it's effective," James says doing a weird dance.

"Sticks and stones might bust our bones, but Thunderbolts will never hurt us" Meowth rhymes out.

"Hey twerp what do you say," they say together making a face at the trio.

"What's wrong with those weirdo jerks?" Goh calls out.

"They're really gonna get it now!" Ash says in a fit of fury.

"Yay!" Team Rocket yells out.

"Kay! Pikachu use Thunderbolt!" Ash calls out.

"You do realize that's what they wanted you to do the whole time?" Harmony points out, "Gosh you guys suck and knowing when someone is trying to get something done. I was right about Team Rocket not knowing about this whole thing, hence the easy way to get Ditto back," she points out.

"Wait...that's why they were edging us on!?" Ash cries out as he holds Ditto. "Aww man, I thought they were just being mean."

"They were trying to edge you on love, though you are quite sexy when you get that angry," she murmurs, moving to peck his cheek as Ditto jumps into the lady's arms.

"My sweet Ditto!" the lady says cuddling it to her.

"We'll be rolling film on this one!" the lady tells Ditto as Ash, Goh, and Harmony stand to the side wanting to see it.

Ditto then goes and transforms into Gardevoir. This allows for Ditto and Gardevoir to reshoot the scene from earlier. The older Gardevoir twin defeats the two Shiftry before the sisters are reunited. Kublock proudly declares "And Cut!" and wraps the filming up.

"That is just what I wanted! Exactly what I wanted!" the director calls out excitedly.

Harmony beams and hugs Ash cuddling to his side. "That was incredible. I want a Ditto now," she muses.

Ash gives her a panicked look, "No! No Dittos! The last time you tried getting one it was so mischievous at that daycare, remember?"

Harmony sighs, "Yeah yeah okay fair point," she says with a pout. "Still want one though,"