After the giant war, things had changed, mostly caused by Tartarus.

Coming out of the pit, Percy was a different person, as was Annabeth, but not to the same extent. At first, his friends didn't notice really, he still laughed and joked like nothing had happened. Only Nico had sensed something was off. He knew what the pit was like, even if he didn't get the full experience.

Nobody comes out of there the same.

Annabeth was fine for the most part. A few nightmares here and there, and some bad memories of the terrible monsters that resided in Tartarus. She had Percy supporting her the whole time. She was the brains, and him the brawn.

With people, Percy didn't appear to have gone through any traumatic experience, his smiles still gleamed and his laughter was still contagious. Everyone thought he was ok, and chalked it up to Annabeth's mind being more active than his. Ouch, even his friends thought he was pretty dumb. Something snapped in Tartarus, all his pent up rage and anger, everything he had hidden away from friends and family. He was finally able to let loose.

He was the traumatic experience.

In the Greek hell, constantly being attacked, they had to adapt, and in a way, they did. Annabeth brain power had increased tenfold, on par with her own mother. Her mind forced to constantly work overtime, evaluating every situation in seconds, as well as coming up with routes and multiple plans. Her body had to evolve too, just to keep up with her brain. Everything grew stronger, she moved quicker, more agile than ever.

She was a super demigod, and yet, the pit would have crushed her without support.

Percy adjusted quickly, not even touching the ground of the pit before being forced change. No son of Poseidon had ever controlled the rivers of hell, yet here he was, bending them to his will.

He let go of the fear of his own powers. Nothing could go to waste in the pit, otherwise they'd both die. His control over water was unlike anything the world had experienced before. Compared to all water deities before him, they were drops of rain , and he was the entire water cycle.

Liquid bent to his will without question, the earth crumbled before him, storms summoned without effort and minimal thought.

The power he was afraid of once, locked deep inside, was now released, and wreaking unimaginable havoc on the residents of Tartarus, granted they were trying to kill him and his girlfriend.

On the battlefield facing the giants, Gods and demigods finally got to see what had become of the newest survivors of Tartarus. Olympus and it's children united to fight against its foes, facing an army of thousands of monsters, commanded by giants, only to watch as it was torn apart in seconds by two people.

A gray blur sped through the army of monsters, shredding everything in its path. Only the Gods could keep up with the impossible speed, and they couldn't believe their own eyes.

Annabeth was running through an army of monsters alone, armed only with a bone sword.

She returned to Percy's side, covered in dust and blood that was not her own. Smiling at her boyfriend, she leaned her head on his shoulder, watching as the remaining monsters charged the duo.

Percy looked down at her, a small smile gracing his lips.

"I can do better than that."

Athena stiffened, ready to berate the son of Poseidon for daring to challenge her daughter. It was an insult to her pride, as even she would have struggled slightly to do what Annabeth had done. Before she could move, he raised one hand lazily, holding an open palm out, before clenching his fist suddenly.

The monsters exploded in a cloud of blood and gore, before settling into golden dust.

Giants and Gods alike watched on frozen, they had never seen such power, it was comparable to the likes of Nyx and Ouranus. Beings that represented massive domains and commanded forces of nature that existed since creation first began.

The two started walking across the battlefield, towards the giants, who for the most part, faced them bravely, as if they had not just decimated all their forces.

Annabeth looked back at her comrades and called out to them.

"What are you waiting for? We have giants to slaughter!"

Line break

Years had passed since the giant war had ended. The seven heroes of the prophecy had been granted Godhood, and all of them accepted the gift willingly. As young gods, and renowned heroes, the group was allowed to remain at their respective camps and act as governing bodies. Being representatives of their homes, the seven were allowed more freedom as gods. Percy and Annabeth stayed around camp, helping with task and teaching newer kids.

Currently the pair was sitting in the arena at camp, watching as new demigods trained with an assortment of sharp objects. An older, grizzled woman was trying to show them how to hold the weapons properly, but was seemingly failing. She stood at least a head over the younger kids, and in her right hand she loosely held a sword.

"Oi! Jackson, you gonna help or just stare the entire time?"

Percy turned Annabeth with a grin.

"What do you say, Wise Girl? Do we help her, or nah. Personally I think it's too entertaining to step in."

Annabeth returned the smile before turning to the class instructor.

"Sorry Clarisse, but you're on your own for this one" she said, sounding not sorry at all.

Clarisse sighed before turning back to the struggling class.


At once, all the kids straightened up, holding their weapons as naturally as possible. An angry daughter of Ares with a sharp object in her hands was scary.

Percy snickered at the look on Clarrisse's face while Annabeth shook her head before pulling out a book.

Just then, a bright flash illuminated the arena. A man appeared, holding a caduceus. Everyone bowed to the new arrival, save for two.

"Hey, Hermes! What brings you here today" greeted Percy. He waved at the god with a smile on his face. Annabeth nodded at Hermès before returning to her book.

"Percy! My man, we still gotta go get drinks some time. Sorry for the sudden arrival, but Zeus has summoned you and Annabeth." The god scratched his head awkwardly, knowing these two had been through much, yet the Gods still called on them.

Annabeth sighed before closing her book.

"Seaweed brain, are we ever going to get a break?" She hadn't looked at Percy yet, so she missed the excitement in his eyes and sly grin.

"You never know wise girl, maybe it'll be a vacation to Fiji! Anyways, Hermes, zap us up."

Grabbing onto the duo's shoulders, they appeared in a large room, surrounded by massive thrones. Fourteen giant beings sat in them, staring at the newcomers.

"Dad! How have you been? I heard you and Amphrite are on better terms now? Uncle Zeus did you trim your beard? It looks shorter."

Percy greeted the gods causally, treating them like a normal family rather than the super powered individuals they were.

"Perseus Jackson, do you not respect the king of these lands enough to bow?" Zeus glowered at his nephew, maybe he'd intimidate the young immortal into respecting him for once?

"Sorry, my bones are fragile and my body isn't what it used to be. I can't hardly bend over anymore."

Aphrodite spoke up "you're like twenty six, and your body looks delicious" licking her lips and staring at him. Annabeth stepped between the two, glaring at the goddess of love.

"Back off, he's mine!" Ares was also staring at Percy, his flaming eyes trying to burn holes into him.

"Are you tryna steal my girl, punk? I'll kill you!"

Percy looked at them all like they were crazy.

What are they all going on about?

Before a fight could break out in the throne room, Poseidon intervened.

"Anyways, brother, you summoned them here for a reason?"

Zeus, who had been watching the situation escalate, blinked and looked at the pair.

"Ah, yes. The past wars have shown me - I mean us god's, that we are not what we once were. The mist has shielded us from mortal eyes, and we have been greatly weakened. Athena has come up with a plan that would bring us back to our rightful glory!"

Annabeth looked to her mother with her hands on her hips.

"So, what's this plan, mother?"

Athena looked at her daughter with what seemed like sadness and pity, but hid the inner glee of the plan she was about to lay out. She'd finally separate the sea spawn and her most powerful demigod child.

"I propose that we remove the mist, to show the mortals the world of the Gods, and then they'd have to worship us. But, before we can do this, I want to send a scout to another world where we once resided, but left as the mist dissolved. This person will give us information on the world without the mist, and see if it's viable for us to remove it, and the effect on the mortals."

Annabeth nodded her head in agreement, it sounded like a solid plan. She glanced over at Percy, who was focused on Athena. His face looked flat, but his eyes told another story.

They were bright, almost glowing. She knew he was excited, even if he was trying to hide it.

Poseidon spoke up, because knowing Athena, there was always another part to it, and the unsettling gaze of his rival was locked onto his son.

"You say you want to send someone to another world, who is this person?"

His heart dropped as she smirked at the water god.

"Why, your son of course."

Chatter and uproar broke the silence of the room as everyone started talking at once.

"What. No, we need him!"

"Get rid of the punk!"

"My drink he promised! What about the bars?"

"Absolutely not!"

Percy turned to Annabeth, ignoring the fighting gods for a moment.

"You know wise girl, it does sound like a fun adventure."

Annabeth was shocked, how could he do this to her? He promised they would stay together, no matter what!

"What are you talking about! It's dangerous! There's so many liabilities, you'd be alone! I'd be alone!"

A crack of lightning blast through the room, silencing all the occupants.

"SHUT UP! Athena, explain."

"Of course, father. Perseus, we know you want this. You have been craving conflict for years now. You've driven many friends away, weak monsters and nature spirits stay away from you. The younger children are terrified of you. Even Hestia has noticed it. This is your chance for the adventure of a lifetime, it could be the highlight of your immortality."

Athena had painted a picture of Percy Jackson, one that he had tried to hide from everybody, especially his girlfriend. He kept up an image of perfection for the campers and world around him, showing he was happy and content with the life he lived. Annabeth had wanted to relax and take a break from all the fighting, maybe settle down peacefully. He would do that with her, even if all he wanted was to fight.

The goddess of wisdom had made Percy Jackson look like a monster, and Annabeth believed every bit of it.

"You lied to me, Percy. You said you were good, you were tired of it all. What else were you lying about, huh? Was our entire relationship a lie? Was 'I love you' a lie?"

The look she gave Percy absolutely crushed his soul. The hatred and loathing in her eyes told him all he needed to know. She was through with him.

The Gods, save Athena, looked on with pity as their most well respected and perfect couple broke up. Even Zeus, as much as he hated his nephew, felt something as he watched Percy's heart break.

"Wise girl … I'm sorry"

"Don't call me that, monster, my name is Annabeth" she snapped. Coming out of the pit, she was secretly terrified of Percy's new abilities, and now learning that all he wanted was to continue using them, it was too much.

Percy steeled his resolve, if he was truly alone in this world, then why not move onto the next. He couldn't afford to be hung up when his dreams were right in front of him. His mind was made up, and his excitement built up again.

"Fine then, be like that. I will accept this quest."

Athena was shocked, as were the rest of the Gods. They thought he would reject it, or at least complain about how they asked him to do so much. Even Ares, who craved conflict, needed a break sometime. Tartarus had changed him a lot more than they originally thought.

"Son… are you sure about this? Maybe your mind isn't in the best place right now?" Poseidon said tentatively, as his son was precious to him, and he just watched his heart get crushed.

Dionysus answered for Percy.

"I sense no madness in the boy, it is truly what his heart wants."

Percy smiled sadly at Poseidon, but nodded his head in agreement.

"Sorry dad, but this is like a dream come true. It's the ultimate adventure. A whole new world is calling out to me, and I'm drawn to it, I want it. Now tell me what I gotta do, Athena."

Line Break

I sense no limit to his power, he is truly the finest warrior this planet has to offer.

Boros watched with interest as a bald, yellow clad man bust through the door of his throne room. Nothing was remarkable about him, but Boros knew that this person would be the answer to his boredom.

The twenty year flight was totally worth it now.

"Are you the boss of this ship?"

The bald man looked at him nonchalantly, without a care in the world. Perhaps this fight would make him feel something.

"Before we fight, shall we exchange names? I am Boros, leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, the dominator of the universe!" He spoke proudly, he was seemingly the most powerful being currently, and he could back up his claims.

"I'm Cape- Saitama, hero for fun, and protector of this planet! I don't know what the denominator of the universe wants with earth though."

The purple alien stood up from his throne and strolled casually over to Saitama.

"What do I want? There exists a prophecy of a warrior that would fulfill my growing boredom. I have ravaged so many planets and galaxies that no one is able to match my power anymore. An old seer told me that on a faraway planet there is a warrior that would rekindle my passion for battle. My crew thought it was a lie, but am now certain it is YOU!

With a light punch, the alien was sent flying into a pillar, his golden armor falling off him.

"Dude, are you dumb? You can't just go around raiding planets cause you're bored. Even telemarketers wouldn't do that!"

Climbing out of the destroyed structure, the purple cyclops stepped out, his veins glowing bright blue.

"My armor, used to seal my immense, irresistible power, has been broken…"

With a flash, a streak of purple attacked Saitama, throwing kicks and punches, which he avoided by backpedaling away. Chasing after the bald man, Boros continued his relentless assault, which Saitama barely acknowledged.

Retaliating, Saitama sent a quick punch at Boros, landing a devastating hit in his arm, demolishing it, leaving him with a bloody stump. Looking down at the missing limb, Boros could only grin.

"That is the way, Saitama the hero!"

Sprinting at his foe, Boros drop kicked him through the walls of the massive ship, sending him flying. The purple alien pursued him, winding up his arm for a massive punch, which Saitama blocked effortlessly.

Boros was a pink streak as he blasted Saitama around. They were moving so fast their bodies weren't visible, just their energy. The alien landed a massive punch, sending Saitma flying up and out of the ship.

"The outcome of this battle is clear. My species has fought for survival on its home planet for centuries, only the strongest survived. My ultimate regeneration abilities made me stand out, and thrive in the hostile environment."

"Dude, twenty words or less. Are you done yet?"

A sinister grin made its way onto Boro's face as he charged Saitama.

"You… make me want to go ALL OUT!"

Leaping at the bald man, Boros unleashed a destructive combo, ending it with a massive kick, sending Saitama flying up.

And up more.

He disappeared into the sky, a shockwave booming off of him as he left the atmosphere. If anybody really focused on the moon, they would have seen a new crater that covered half of the surface.

Boros looked up to the sky solemnly, the greatest foe he had ever fought was gone, sent to space. He truly was a worthy opponent. Breathing heavily, he looked down at himself.

"This form is similar to anaerobic exercise. It places heavy stress in my body, shortening my lifespan. It should only be used to end fights quickly." The purple alien rambled to himself as his body calmed down.

Just then, the entire ship rocked, and a yellow clad man appeared.

He had a bored look on his face, but his eyes were slightly wide with surprise.

"Ah, I made it."

Boros looked at him with disbelief, before charging at him once more.


A massive laser shot out of Boros, aimed directly at Saitama.

I suppose it's time to get serious…

"Serious punch!" The bald man yelled out, winding up before throwing a devastating punch. A bright flash blinded them, and when they regained their vision, Boros was torn up laying on the ground. His once vibrant purple skin was now dead and gray. Only his upper half remained, and his arms were missing.

"I…. lost? You were too strong, Saitama the hero."

Saitama could hear the pity in his voice. Boros understood the inescapable boredom of being a powerful being.

"The only reason the fight lasted that long… was because you let it go on. I thank you, Saitama."

The bald man still had his back turned to the dying alien, and instead he gazed upon the destroyed city.

He started walking away as the ship began falling out of the sky. With Boros dying the ship lost its energy.

Just then, it righted itself perfectly in the sky. Looking back, Boros was perfectly healed, and was looking at his body with amazement.

"Impossible… I thought they were legends."

With that, the purple alien ignored Saitama completely, before jumping back into the ship, towards the throne room. The hero, now curious, followed after him.

Arriving back where they first met, Saitama could see the giant purple orb glowing brightly. Boros was on his knees in front of it, his jaw slack with amazement.

Saitama, thoroughly confused, asked Boros "Dude, you good? What's happening."

Not taking his eyes off the orb, he responded with wonder.

"The gods are returning…"

Just then, a single beam of light shot out of the orb, landing on the ground. The ray grew brighter and larger, until abruptly, it cut out.

As the two blinked away the spots in their eyes, they saw a man standing in front of them.

He was the definition of magnificence.

Everything about him was regal. The way he carried himself let the other occupants know one thing.

He was better than them.

Saitama observed the mystery man as he looked around the massive, but empty room. He was pretty tall, and pretty handsome. His angular face was a stark contrast to Saitama's round head. The man was fairly muscular too, his athletic shorts and plain green T-shirt couldn't hide much. Dark black hair covered his head, falling into his eyes before he swept it away.

His eyes stood out from everything. While his stature was impressive, his eyes were something else. Sea green orbs flowed with untold power as they finally landed on the other two occupants of the room.

"Uh, Dude, no need to bow, get up."

His voice was low and rich, like King's in a way, but much more authentic. Smooth like silk, yet commanding.

Saitama looked over to Boros who hastily got up.

"Yes, of- of course, milord. It is an honor to meet you. Your kind has not been seen in this universe since the first stars were born."

"None of that milord stuff, it gets old. Who are you two? Sorry about my presence, I'm trying to lock it back down."

The man's gaze fell onto Saitama, and he impulsively felt the need to bow. He could feel the power rolling off him in waves, even as his aura seemed to die down.

"I'm Saitama, a professional hero."

"I am Boros, milord. May I inquire which god you are?"

The man sighed before flopping down on the throne where Boros once sat.

"You talk so respectfully man, it's not that big of a deal. Anyways, I'm Perseus, God of liquids, adventure, and blue foods! Also some other random domains which I don't care too much for, but yeah. You can call me Percy though. Are you a cyclops? Where I'm from, they don't look like you at all."

"I am, milord. My appearance may be different from others because my bloodline had to adapt to harsher environments" Boros said proudly.

"Well that's cool. Normally Cyclopes are fat and tan, but you're kinda purple. How about you, Saitama, I can sense immense power from you."

All eyes turned to the bald man as he promptly said 'huh'.

"Oh, I'm just a human, but I trained for three years and now I'm strong."

Percy looked at him for a moment before shrugging.

"I've heard weirder, besides, I couldn't detect a lie. What were you two doing before I popped up?"

Boros looked away for a second while Saitama stared blankly into the distance.

"Well, we were fighting. Boros was bored so he blew up a city looking for a challenge. I beat him, but then he revived or something."

Percy gave Boros a hard look, before pointing at him.

"Seriously dude, you should have picked up another hobby." With that, Saitama's best fight since he became a hero exploded into fine red mist.

"Anyways, Saitama, I'm new to the world. You mind showing me the ropes?"

The bald man's eyes flickered between the god and where Boros once was.

"Uh, sure. Can we get out of the ship first?"

"Oh yeah, my bad."

Line Break

Meanwhile, on the ground, heroes cheered on Tatsumaki as the ship seemed to fall once more. Unbeknownst to them, it was not her doing at all. The small esper gazed at the ship with trepidation. She could feel a new presence, and it wielded immense, untameable power.

Suddenly, it disappeared.

What in the world was that?!

Floating down to the ground, she inspected the ship carefully, ignoring as her fellow hero's were confronted by Amai Mask.

Everybody went silent as a massive hole exploded on the ship. Preparing for another attack, it was tense and silent for a moment, before a recognizable bald man walked out.

"Sensei, you're ok!" Genos called out as he rushed Saitama.

"Yeah dude, I'm good."

"Did you defeat the leader of the aliens?"

Saitama paused for the briefest moment, and Genos only noticed it because they'd been living together for months.

"Yeah, he was the strongest I've ever faced. Ready to go? I'm hungry."

Genos didn't question it, and followed after his master, before they were interrupted by a flying esper.

"How'd you get on the ship? You're a B-Class nobody! Baldy! Octopus! Avocado head!" Tatsumaki continued rambling off insults as the two walked away.

"Oi, Genos! Ignore her, we gotta go."

At once, Genos fell in line with Saitama, following him. As the two moved away from the other heroes, the cyborg finally questioned him.

"You paused for half a millisecond when I asked you about the leader, sensei. I analyzed the situation, and it appears that you are hiding something. What else happened on the ship?" He asked in a low voice, just loud enough for the two of them to hear.

Saitama responded quickly, his famous poker face not betraying any emotion.

"I did beat the leader, but he magically healed, and another guy showed up. He called him a god. He might be stronger than me. He just pointed at Boros and he exploded."

Genos took this information carefully, his mind scrolling through information he found on the internet and other sources.

"You can't tell anybody about this, Genos. He wants to lay low for a bit."

"Yes, Sensei. Did you happen to learn his name?"

"He said his name was Perseus, but he wanted me to call him Percy."

In Genos' computer brain, he looked up all legends of the Gods and if any of them were named Perseus. He couldn't find anything though, there was barely any info on the Gods, just stories passed on by word of mouth and ancient legends.

"I do not recognize any god by that name, nor do I have much information on anything. Forgive me, sensei!"

"It's all good dude. Let's go home, I'm hungry."

The pair rushed back to City Z, to Saitama's small, dingy apartment. But hey, it was affordable and got the job done. His grumbling stomach prompted Genos to start cooking immediately, but as soon as they unlocked the door, their noses were assaulted by the scent of food. Humming could be heard from the kitchen.

Someone had broken in.

Genos charged in, his arms ready to fire, his eyes locked onto the person in the kitchen.

"Who are you, and why are you cooking in sensei's kitchen?"

The man in question looked up, gazing at Genos, before his eyes widened.

"Woah! Robots are real! Or are you a cyborg. I read a comic once with a cyborg…"

Saitama followed quickly after Genos, hoping he wouldn't blow up his room. He recognized that voice from somewhere…

"Percy? What are you doing here?"

The god smiled awkwardly and waved at Saitama.

"Well, I read your mind and found out where you lived. You did say you'd show me the ropes, so here I am."

Genos observed the man carefully. He was quite impressive, more so than many of the heroes in the association.

"You are the god that sensei spoke of?"

The green eyed man began fanning his face wildly and the pitch of his voice rose.

"Aw that's sweet, you already talked about me. But yeah, I am, I hope you don't mind me crashing your crib."

Genos looked confused for a moment.

"A crib? Sensei does not have a baby."

Saitama sweatdropped.

"Not that kind of crib dude. He means my house. It's slang."

"Ah, I understand now. I have not been programmed to speak in such manners."

Percy shook his head exasperatedly.

"Anyways, that's cool you're a cyborg. I hope you two are hungry, I made burgers."

Three plates appeared, stacked with juicy burgers and perfectly crisp fries. Only, there was something off about them.

"Uh, why is everything blue?" Saitama asked. Based on the color of the food, it looked mildly unsafe.

Percy laughed, as if expecting this.

"I'm the god of blue food, it's my thing. I swear it's safe though, see."

With that, he took a giant bite out of his burger, and his face relaxed as if he just tasted elysium.

Saitama followed suit quickly, along with Genos.

His features sharpened and he sighed happily. Such a good burger was bringing out the serious side in him.

"Dude, this is the best burger I've ever had. It's also the first one too."

"This is your FIRST burger?! No other burgers will taste the same now, I'm sorry. My aunt Hestia taught me how to cook, and she's a master chef."

"Is she a god as well." Genos asked.

"Mhm, well technically she's a goddess, but yeah. Goddess of the hearth, she carries on hope." Percy had a wistful look on his face, as if remembering something pleasant. Then, in a childlike manner, he shot up.

"Oh, wait, I just thought of something. Do you need to eat to survive? Being a cyborg and all?"

"I do not need to eat. When my body was destroyed, so was my stomach, but the man who built me installed a system that allows me to take in food. I only eat to fit in."

Saitama's eyes widened comically.

"You mean this whole time all the food you've been eating is getting wasted?"

"I pay the rent, sensei."

"Oh yeah, I forgot."

Percy snickered at the interaction, and prepared to hurt Saitama's feelings more.

"Gods don't need to eat too, we just do it cause it tastes good."

Saitama groaned, all his groceries had just been wasted by two people who don't even need food.

"If it makes you feel any better, I can summon food whenever I want, cause I'm cool like that."

The bald man brightened and sat up, freed from his moping.

"Woah, really?"

Percy smirked as he planned a funny prank. At least in his mind it was funny.

"Yeah, Dude. Watch this."

With a wave of his hands, he summoned a magnificent blue cake. No bakers in any of the cities could ever come close to making something as gourmet as the cake in front of them.

Saitama looked closely at the cake, admiring every detail on it. From the light blue waves to the perfectly swirled icing on top. His face got closer and closer until he was inches away. Wait a sec, why was he getting so close?

Suddenly, his face was slammed into the cake.

Normally, no person could have moved saitama against his will, he was just too strong. But this wasn't normal, this was a god, and that god was Percy Jackson.

Laughter broke out as Percy sat back rocking his chair so far he fell over. Genos looked miffed that someone would do that to his sensei, while secretly impressed that the god had pushed Saitama.

All while the bald man's face was smothered in the cake.

Well, at least it tastes good…

"Ughhhh, man was that necessary? This is gonna take forever to clean up."

Percy righted his chair, still laughing as Saitama had a blue cake mask on.

"It's fineeeee, see look."

With a wave of his hand, the mess on Saitama's face disappeared, leaving only a mushed cake with an oddly circular indent in it.

"Anyways, I'm going out for the night, I want to explore the city a bit. I'll be back tomorrow morning probably."

"Percy, what about sleep? Do you have a place to stay?" Genos questioned.

"Nah, Gods don't need to sleep really. Besides, I'll just crash in another apartment here."

With that, the god dissipated in a spray of mist, waving goodbye to the pair.

For a moment, nobody spoke before Genos broke the silence.

"What do you think of him, master?"

Saitama's bland face showed disinterest, but the twinkle in his eyes told otherwise.

"I think he's cool, he's really strong. Maybe someday we can fight or something."

"Do you trust him?" Genos asked curiously.

"He hasn't done anything bad to distrust him."

"If he's so strong though, should we be keeping tabs on him?"

Saitama thought for a moment before answering.

"I'm not sure, besides, he'd be more likely to keep tabs on us."

Genos nodded in agreement.

"I will follow you on whatever you decide , sensei."

Saitama didn't even acknowledge Genos' statement as something else took hold of his mind. Groaning, he started standing up and walking to the kitchen.

"We still have to do dishes!"

Elsewhere in the city, a god snickered and snapped his fingers, cleaning all the kitchen utensils instantly and putting them back where they belonged. Back at the home, two men watched in amazement as all the dishes floated to the cabinets and places where they belonged.

"Well, that fixes things I guess." Saitama said with wonder.

Genos could only muster an "Uh huh". His days as a maid were coming to a close.