chapter 26

Hannah was doing her studies with her medical work. She was doing much research on how the pressure points in every transformer can help heal. Healing like to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, to help one sleep, to reduce nausea, help with fever, and metabolism. She found out different body types on Transformers tend to have pressure points in certain places that other bots don't have.

She would show her work to Red alert, Sawblade and Ambula. "Hannah this work is very good. You are doing well." Red alert said.

Hannah also made charts of the different body types of Transformers and where the pressure points are on their body type what kinds of pressure points are only on their body type and the ones they have in common. She also studied different techniques on how to stimulate a pressure point to allow it to help the body get better. There was massaging the areas, acupressure and acupuncture.

"There we go now I must organize my notes," Hannah said and started to organize them.

Red alert was out along with Ambula and Sawblade. So Hannah was left in charge of the medical bay they felt she was ready to take on some responsibility. Scavenger came in he was rubbing his shoulder.

"Hello Scavenger how may I help you?" Hannah said.

"My shoulder, I was training by myself and I hurt it and now it's really sore," Scavenger said.

"Okay now let's see if this technique I came up with will work." Hannah said and took Scavenger's hand the applied firm pressure. "You should feel a mild ache," she told him.

"I'm starting too," Scavenger said.

"Now count to five," Hannah said.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5," Scavenger counted.

Hannah release and applied pressure again. She did it a few more times. "How is your shoulder feeling?" she asked.

"It's starting to feel better but it feels kind of tense still though," Scavenger said.

Then Hannah started to massage the spot on his hand then work her way up his arm and his shoulder. "Now try moving your shoulder Scavenger slowly," she told him.

Scavenger moved his shoulder. "It feels as good as new," Scavenger said. "Thank you so much," he told her.

"No problem," she told him. "But I still want look at your shoulder to check for damage," she said.

"I understand that," Scavenger told her.

Hannah examined the shoulder and found no damage, just a stretched pulley. "Okay Scavenger one of the pulleys is stretched a bit so just rest it for a couple of days until it heals," she told him.

"Okay," Scavenger said and left.

Hot shot came in a bit later. "I am about to go out for intense race and work out with Wheeljack and Side swipe so I need a puff from my inhaler before I go," Hot shot said.

"Okay then, here you go," Hannah said.

Hot shot used his inhaler and left.

A bit later Cyclonus came rushing in his arm was badly damaged. Hannah was unsure what to do. "Red alert come in," Hannah said over the com.

"What is it Hannah?" Red alert asked.

"Cyclonus has come in from a training accident and his arm is damage badly it has a large crack and there are wire sticking out and some of them are sparking and he is in a lot of pain." Hannah explained.

"Okay Hannah Amby, Sawblade and I will tell you what you need to do," Red alert said.

"First give him something for the pain and then clean the area around the crack," Sawblade said.

Hannah gave Cyclonus a pain killer and then wiped the area clean. "Done," Hannah said.

"Now gently push the wires and circuitry back in and put the sparking ones back in place where they popped out of." Amby said.

Hannah ever so carefully pushed the wires back in and popped the sparking ones back in place. "There, next?" she asked.

"Now use a welder and fuse the metal shut." Red alert told her.

Hannah the fused the the large crack shut. "Done," she said.

"Next use sand paper to smooth out the weld site." Sawblade said.

Hannah rubbed the sand paper on the weld site.

"Now use a buffer to clean and polish the area," Amby told her.

Using the welder Hannah carefully cleaned and buffed the scratches. "Okay it's buffed now," Hannah said.

"Your finished now, all Cyclonus has to do is rest," Red alert told her.

"Hear that Cyclonus you are going to be fine now just rest," Hannah said.

"Thanks Hannah," Cyclonus said. "My arm feels so much better." he told her.

Red alert, Ambula and Sawblade returned and saw everything had run very smoothly in the medical bay. "Hannah you have done well you are moving up the ranks as a medical student soon you will be a full fledged medical bot."Red alert told her.

"Remember to keep up with your studies and keep turning them in you have a couple more weeks left until you finals are due and then the really hard training begins because you are out of the school for the students who want to be one and now you will be ready for the extra hard stuff." Ambula told her.

Hannah finished up her final and sent it off and she passed with flying colors. "Well done Hannah you are ready to start the really hard medical training." Sawblade told her.

"Thanks guys," Hannah said.

To be continued.