Jade lay face down on a massage table. Her arms were to her side. Save for a towel that covered her butt, she was completely naked. Her eyes were closed as she tried to clear her thoughts. Relaxing music played. The door opened and she heard a familiar voice. "I see you're back Jade."

"I guess I just missed you too much Tori," said Jade. "I've been having a stressful week."

"I understand." Tori went over to the table and poured a bottle of massage oil all over Jade's back. The liquid settled on Jade's skin. "That bad?"

"Just the worst," said Jade. She groaned as she felt Tori's hands rub the oil into her skin. Her hands moved in a circular pattern, spreading the oil on Jade's body. Jade sighed as Tori kneaded her tense muscles. Her fingers were so soothing. Everything started to fade away. Her stresses. Her aches. Everything that had bothered her over the past week. All of it was gone. It was as if Tori had soaked them all up and threw them away. She felt like she was floating on a cloud. Tori's hands moved up her back and to her shoulders. She leaned in and kissed the back of her neck. Jade smiled. "You always know how to make me happy."

"Thanks sweetie," said Tori.

Jade was standing by Tori's locker when she got to school. "You don't look so good. Rough night?"

"Yeah, weird dream." Tori stood in front of Jade. She rolled her eyes. "So, can I use my locker?"

"Sure." Jade stepped to the side. Tori opened her locker and went to get her things. Jade continued to stand behind her. She was practically breathing down her neck. Once Tori put her things in her backpack, she turned to face Jade. "So, did you tell anyone?"

"No," said Tori.

"Good," said Jade. "You'll take that secret to your grave. You understand?"

"I understand," said Tori.

"Why would you even do that to me?" said Jade.

"You asked me to," said Tori.

"I was being sarcastic," said Jade.

"Yeah, and I was just joking around," said Tori. "I didn't know you would...well react the way you did."

Jade's eyes widened. She glared at Tori. "Don't even say it!"

"I wasn't going to," said Tori. "I think you're making something out of nothing. It's not weird to give other people backrubs. Gary gave my Mom one."

"Gary?" said Jade.

"He's my Dad's partner," said Tori. "He came over to drop off some files when my Dad wasn't home. He was going to leave, but my Mom had an ache in her neck, so he gave her a massage and-"

"I don't care," said Jade. "Just remember to keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine."

"Okay," said Tori. Jade began walking away from Tori. "And I'm sorry. I didn't realize you'd enjoy my backrub so much."

Jade turned around, glaring at Tori. "The only reason I enjoyed your backrub was because I've been having a dry streak since Beck broke up with me and I've lowered my standards when it comes to human contact."

"Beck gave you backrubs?" said Tori.

"That's none of your business," said Jade. She turned around again and walked towards Sikowitz's classroom. Tori followed her, but gave the other girl some space. She didn't want to agitate Jade anymore than she already was.

As Jade walked down the hallway, Robbie approached her. It looked like he was about to say something, but Jade glared at him and shoved him off to the side. As Tori passed Robbie she smiled at him and shrugged. Andre was standing with Robbie. He went up to Tori. "What's up with Jade?"

"No idea," said Tori.

"Robbie just peed his pants," said Andre. "She seems meaner than usual."

"How can you tell?" The two entered Sikowitz's class and went to their seats. Tori glanced to where Jade was seated. She noted that despite the two having broken up months ago, Jade and Beck were sitting near each other. If one didn't know better, they would assume he and Jade were still dating. Robbie came in and went over to Jade. She shot him a dirty look and he bolted for his seat, which he then moved so it was as far away from Jade as possible. Cat was the last person to enter the room. She skipped inside and hopped into her seat. She almost knocked over a few kids who were sitting down as she made her way to her seat. None of them complained. At this point, everyone was used to Cat's high energy.

Once the whole class was seated, Sikowitz stood up from his chair at the front of the class. "So yesterday I told you guys we'd be doing something special today. Does anyone remember what that was?"

The class collectively shook their heads. Beck raised a hand. "Were we going to learn about emoting?"

"We already learned about emoting," said Jade.

"At least I'm throwing out ideas," said Beck.

"Anyone else?" said Sikowitz. "Does anyone have an idea what we're going to do today?"

"I'm drawing a blank," said Andre.

"I remember," said Cat. "But I forgot."

Sikowitz sighed. "Well cards on the table, I spaced the lesson plan. So we're just going to be doing skits today. Is that fine with everyone?"

"Sure," said Andre.

"Fine with me," said Beck.

"Good." Sikowitz point to Tori and Jade. "You two are up first."

"Okay." The two got out of their seats and went to the front of the class. Tori turned to Sikowitz. "So what's this skit about?"

"I was thinking you two could be roommates," said Sikowitz.

"Cool," said Tori.

"Cool," said Jade, using the southern accent she used to mock Tori.

"Anyways," said Sikowitz. "Jade's just gotten back from a hard day of work and you try to comfort her by giving her a backrub."

"Excuse me?" Tori's eyes widened. She could hear a few suggestive whistles.

"You give Jade a backrub," said Sikowitz. "She's your friend and she stressed, so you want to help her relax. Is that too complicated for you?"

"No," said Tori. "Not at all."

"I'd explain it to her again just to be safe," said Jade. "Talk slowly."

"Let's begin," said Sikowitz. He took two chairs and placed them next to Jade and Tori. The two sat down in the chairs. As they sat down, Jade shot Tori an angry look. Tori didn't have to ask what that meant. She subtlety nodded.

Jade cleared her throat. "Oh my god. You will not believe the day I had."

"That bad?" said Tori.

"Uh-huh," said Jade.

"Do you want to talk about it," said Tori.

"Why not?" said Jade. "So you know that big project we have to do?"

"Yeah," said Tori.

"Well I feel like I've been carrying the whole team," said Jade. "I practically did the whole project all by myself. It's like I'm the only one at the office who can think."

"Are you sure?" said Tori. "Maybe they had their own ideas, but you just ignored them?"

"Oh I listened to their ideas," said Jade. "But they were all stupid."

"Are you sure?" said Tori. "I can't believe all their ideas were bad."

"Well they were," said Jade.

Tori sighed. "I know what will make you feel better."

"What?" said Jade.

"A backrub," said Tori.

Jade looked back at Tori. This time she didn't look angry. Instead she looked nervous. Tori gave her a nod, which she hoped would look reassuring. Finally, Jade turned back to the audience. "Sure, that sounds relaxing."

"Good," said Tori. She moved her hands to the back of Jade's chair and placed them above her shoulders. "You know, I think you're being too hard on your co-workers. I'm sure they're trying their best. Maybe you have standards that are too high?"

"No," said Jade. "If anything, I think my standards are too low. Everyone else is just useless."

"Well that's your opinion," said Tori.

"Um Tori," said Sikowitz.

"Yeah," said Tori.

"What are you doing?" said Sikowitz.

"Giving her a backrub," said Tori.

"You're barely touching her." Sure enough, Tori's hands were hovering above Jade's shoulder. She moved them in the air to make it look like she was giving Jade a backrub, but she wasn't actually touching her.

"I'm giving her a stage backrub," said Tori. "You know, like stage fighting. It looks like you're hitting the other person, but you're not actually doing it so the other person doesn't get hurt."

"Jesus Tori," said Sikowitz. "How intense are your backrubs?"

"I was just thinking that maybe Jade might not want to get a backrub," said Tori.

"Who doesn't want to get a backrub?" said Sikowitz. "I'd kill to act out a scene where someone gives me a backrub. Besides, you need to give her an actual backrub so her reactions are authentic."

"My reactions are plenty authentic." Jade proceeded to act as if she were receiving a backrub from Tori.

"You look like you're being electrocuted." Sikowitz pointed to Tori. "Touch her for real."

"Fine." Tori placed her hands on Jade's back. She bit her inner cheek and began rubbing Jade. Jade shuddered as she felt Tori's hands touch her, but she was subtle enough about it that the crowd didn't seem to notice. "How's that feel?"

"Oh yeah," said Jade. "That really hits the spot."

"See, was that so hard?" said Sikowitz. He turned to the rest of the class. "You should all be comfortable with touching each other."

The resulted in a roar of laughter from the class. Cat began poking Robbie. "Ow!"

"I don't think Robbie's comfortable with touching other people," said Cat.

"Alright, let's move onto the next skit," said Sikowitz. "Beck. Andre. You two are playing cops who are investigating a murder. Jade. Tori. You can go back to your seats."

"Great," said Jade, who stood up and went back to her chair. Tori did the same. As she sat down, she glanced over to Jade, who was also looking towards her. Tori caught her gaze. Instead of anger or nervousness like before, Jade's eyes seemed to convey a feeling of relief or even gratitude. Tori quickly turned away from Jade and watched Beck and Andre as they tried to act like cops.