So this one is a preliminary story for Let's break the game, intended to have Bryzan (Or in this one... I didn't name him, did I? Eh, whatever) Basically be some sort of Aztec warrior, with a Macuahuitl that transformed into that spear-chucker thing. His whole schtick was that blood made him stronger, the scent and taste. The thing was, It wasn't supposed to be edgy, but more comedic and lighthearted, but it became all complicated in my head that I could turn this into something serious. So in the end, I kind of just trashed it for reasons at the end.

Deep in our blood

It's one thing just sitting in your car, falling asleep, and waking up in the morning with a ticket on your windshield because you were loitering next to a cliff edge all night. I mean, that's happened multiple times, nothing special at all.

But what is new is finding yourself in a new space that's completely empty, save for a smoking hot redhead sitting in a chair and reading what could probably be the largest book in existence right in front of you. Seriously, that thing is at least three feet thick, with the pages at least a foot in length.

"Uhh." I said intelligently. Look, I'm not great with women, especially if I think they're beautiful.

"You're probably wondering why you're here, Correct?" I open my mouth to respond, but am Cut off immediately.

"Don't bother answering that, I know your thoughts." I blank completely and say:

"Sooo do you mind telling me, I mean, I just kinda fell asleep in my car, If I got arrested then that would be kinda bad, I mean, my parents would kill me if they knew. Would they? Actually I don't know. They might just smack me upside the head and tell me not to do it again. Anyways, who are you?" Did I mention I talk fast? And a lot, especially if you really don't want me to.

"Ok, ok." She starts, already slightly annoyed. "Look, I'd give you this whole speech about how I've been waiting here for decades for you to arrive here to save a world, but I'll be honest, that's not the case. I'm just bored." She says, looking me dead in the eyes.

"Oh." Again, not the brightest thing to say, but being so blunt about this. Ugh. Wait… Am I…

"Maybe you're in a shitty fanfic, maybe not. Who knows. Not me. Anyways, have any questions yet?"

"Yes. What the fuck?" She rolls her eyes and closes the book, the sound echoes for a solid ten seconds before I say:

"Was that necessary?" She glares at me before standing up.

"Look, you're moving on in the universe, and I'm sending you away to live the rest of your life and maybe save the world once or twice. Good?" I open my mouth, but just nod my head at the increasingly scary feeling lady in front of me.

"Good. Now where, I'll let you figure it out."

"Hold on, Since I'm seeing you, am I dead? Oh god, If I'm dead that means I left my friends and family behind. Not to mention my dog. I didn't even feed my tarantula yet! Shit shit shit shit! I'm never going to see the end of my favorite shows, I can't even finish that book I was reading in the car! I can't spoil the book for my mom! FUCK!" I fall onto my knees and punch the ground.

"Kid, chill, chill. You're not dead." At this I immediately stop punching the ground and look up at her.

"Wha? Then WHY AM I HERE?!" I yell, getting slightly angry.

"Okay, you're not dead YET. That's why you're here. I'm giving you a chance. That and I'm bored." I open my mouth and close it, thinking for a moment.

"I can read your thoughts, by the way. You're here because you're about to die. The cliff you parked on is collapsing as we speak, well, its almost frozen seeing as time is relative, but that's not the point. Point is, do you want this or not?" How will this actually play out? I she being honest? Is this a deal with the devil that I have to resist. I've never really gone to church, so Is there something I need to say to get her away?

"The power of christ compels you!" I yell, making a crucifix out of my fingers. She deadpans and says:

"Look, your options are to die then, or take this offer now." I open my mouth and blow a raspberry at her, crossing my arms.

"Are you six?" She asks, eyes narrowing towards me.

"Add ten years to that and then we'll be talking. Fine. I'll do it. But what-"

"Your body won't be discovered. It'll be presumed that you faked your death and went on to live another life. Which you kind of are." so my biggest question was answered. Awesome. I stand there looking at her for a solid two minutes before I say:

"Did… Did you plan this before?"

"Kind of. I need your body, not just your soul. I'll revise it a little bit, make you taller, and ensure that you can actually survive in this new world. So your body won't be needed on Earth." She takes a pen and paper out of nowhere, and writes something on it, before she says:

"I'll keep in minor touch with you, just so you can run along and keep moving forward." She pauses after she says that, and finishes with:

"You'll be arriving soon." I put my hands up and say:

"Hold on, can I ask why me? Why out of everybody, why me?" She looks up and says:

"Wow. You're that conceited that you think you're special? I do this for everybody under the age of 25. Albeit, in less extreme circumstances. You're not all that special kid. It happens more often than you think." At this, I completely deflate, as light starts to outline my skin.

"By the way, Since you can fight pretty alright, I hope you don't mind a little more violence. Toodles." I look at her as light fills my vision.

"Well shit." I say aloud.


Opening my eyes was a bit of a challenge, seeing as I was face up and the sun was beating down directly on my face. I get up groggily and squint at my surroundings. I'm on top of a hill, green grass and even greener forest probably as far as the eye could see. Or at least my squinting eyes. I turn around and get on my knees, closing my eyes again and putting my hands to my face.

'Alright, god. If you actually exist, fuckin lead me or something. Make sure my family doesn't miss me too much. Cause I know I'll miss them eventually. Let me move forward or something. Happy now grandma?' I finish praying and open my eyes, staring at my closed hands for a second.

'Are my hands more bronze than before?' Its true, looking at my hands, they're slightly browner, as If I had gotten a tan. Looking up at my arms, however, makes my jaw drop slightly. They're not only a little longer, but they're BEEFIER as well, with large biceps. Looking down at my attire, I notice a golden colored chestplate with pecs and a nine pack etched into the armor. Taking the straps off the armor, it falls in front of me, sinking into the grass.

'Aww. I don't actually have abs. Guess they're more trouble than they're worth, huh?' I think. I do, however, have the pecs, so its all good. I put my armor back on, and seeing as I don't have just a shirt. I stand up, and look around more. Taking a glance down at my shorts, brown with several pockets, are kinda boring compared to a gold colored chestplate.

'I don't even know which way is north. Or west. Actually, there are mountains over there. Those might be west. Or east. Man, this is confusing. Those mountains are far as FUCK. Not to mention I'll have to walk in this armor. Actually, why am I wearing a full chestplate? And why do I feel like I'm about to fall over.' I take a step forward, and fall flat on my face.

Pushing myself up, I look down at myself again. She did say she'd make me taller, but she didn't say anything about looking like a weightlifter. I get on my feet again, and walk forward a little bit.

'But how tall did she make me? I don't really have a good reference right now. Actually, where the hell am I? For all I know I could just be on some random place on earth.' I hop in the air for a moment, and land again. So gravity is normal. I could be on earth. Looking up, I'm left practically thoughtless as I see both the sun, and the moon in the same sky.

The moon is broken, fragments trailing off behind it.

'That is VERY familiar.' In my thoughts, I feel a slight buzz in my pocket, and grab a small device from there. Its a slim white and gold device, about three inches wide, and four long. I tap the little gold piece, and it extends in my hands. I jump from the sudden surprise, and nearly drop the device.

'Slightly familiar.' I think, looking at the small blue screen. It appears to be a phone, with a notification on what appears to be a messages icon. I tap on it and receive a message from " ". Or just blank, I suppose.

'Hello, this is the deity currently making sure you don't die within the first week that you're on this planet. I see you've already made progress finding where you are. This device you are currently holding is called a "scroll". Its basically the phone of this world.-' I purse my lips and inspect it a little more. The name is familiar as well. Its a world I'm semi-familiar with, so I'm not in some random-ass Isekai.

'-I will contact you on this whenever I feel a need to. You will not be able to reply, however. Your first hint from me will be to head directly in front of you now. About twenty miles away, is a town that can help you start out. Your second hint is to look in your photos when you get the chance, you'll need the blueprints.' Huh. That's all that's written. So Just start walking, huh? I pat my other pocket, and find a small lump in it. Taking it out, I see its a wooden skull-shaped object, with a small wooden piece sticking out the back of it. I shrug and put my mouth on the piece that juts out, and blow, hard.

An ear piercing shriek is let out of the skull, and I wince.

"Holy shit, that's an aztec death whistle!" I hear a small thud behind me, and turn around, finding a pair of gold eyes staring at me from the forestry.

"The fuck?" The scroll buzzes again, this time, the message only has one sentence:

'And my last hint for now, is this: Start running.' My eyes widen, as I take off, hearing a howl behind me as god know how many of those things started to follow.

"FUCK YOUUUU!" I shout. Even though I didn't look back, I could tell that whatever the hell those things were behind me, would oblige to eating me, especially since I've recently gotten beefier. Heh. puns.

Bad jokes aside, I'm tempted to look behind me, just to look at whatever the hell is chasing me. They sounded like fucked up wolves. They'd be no problem, I've shot those before. But hearing them bounding behind me, they sound about as big as BEARS. And a bear should NOT be moving as fast as they are.

Speaking of movement speed, I feel faster, despite obviously being around two hundred and twenty pounds of muscle. Now, the armor is weighing me down, yes, but If I'm going to have to fight those sumbitches, I'm not doing it without some extra assurance. The armor alone isn't slowing me down, but I have to look where I'm stepping, seeing as I'm fucking barefoot in the forest.

Honestly, I'm surprised by my stamina. Not only did that entity chick from before give me a more athletic body, but she increased my Stamina!

'Pause.' I almost snicker at my own childishness, but opt to concentrate on running rather than, ya know, get mauled.

Its not long, however, before I came across a dilemma. I stopped for a brief moment, having slightly outrun the creatures behind me. To my left, was a cave. Now, I could keep running, and eventually tire out and they catch up to me. Or, I could run in the cave, possible corner myself, and fight my way out. Or, they might not notice my presence at all.

"Hide it is!" I say, running into the cave. I'm not very careful on the inside, but for one reason or another, Its not dark at all. Honestly, I didn't question it at all, being grateful for the fact that I can rest for a moment before having to fight for my life. I dive behind a large stalagmite rising from the cave floor. I lay my back behind it and try to control my breathing, covering my mouth as I do. I stay still, before I heard a low growling from the entrance of the cave. Its that of a wolf's, again. But it doesn't just sound fucked up, Its PISSED for one reason or another.

I make the mistake of peeking around the stalagmite. That's when I saw what was chasing me.

It looked like a werewolf, matted black fur with bone plates around it, and a bone white mask covering most of its face. I resisted the urge to scream at the horrifying creature that looked directly at me.

It growled and turned around, walking away from the cave. I close my eyes and lean against the stalagmite again, taking a deep breath out.

"Thank Fuck." I whisper.

'That creature. I recognize it. Its. Goddamnit I can't remember what its called. I'll remember once I catch my breath again.' I sit in silence for a minute, before I feel something… Warm. Then, a snort. I almost sigh as I open my eyes to find a giant mask, and an even more massive bear like creature behind it.

Honestly, one's first thought would be either to scream or faint at the sight of a bear the size of a small elephant in front of them. But for one reason or another, my first thought was:

'Wow, that's a big Ursa…. Ursa. Beowulf. Okay. I see what you did there.' Now, I screamed. And the Ursa Roared. Now, keep in mind that this Ursa was massive, its mask was cracked all over pretty much battle scarred. Its roar rang in my ears, shaking up the very cave around us. I'll be honest, and say I would've pissed myself If I had to piss right them. I didn't waste any time in getting the fuck out of there, jumping out quickly, and running, no bolting out of the cave.

Running from this ursa gave me more time than I'd really needed to figure out I was in RWBY. The moon, the fact I was being chased by Beowolves, and a massive fucking Ursa, It should have been fairly obvious as well, seeing as RWBY is the show I've most recently watched. The signs should have been obvious. There could be worse places to be, since RWBY is pretty fair with their power levels. Like I'd probably kill myself If I was reincarnated in fucking DBZ or Marvel, seeing as my exsistence could be wiped away with a literal snap of fingers. Anyways, where was I?

Oh yeah, the big ass bear chasing me. Honestly, Situations could be worse. The beowolves could still be running me down. That's probably the only good thing I have going for me right now. The downsides are that Ursai are based on Bears. And most people don't think about his, but bears can be FAST. For instance, a polar bear's top speed is 35 miles per hour sprinting, and around 20-25 just running. An Ursa is apparently faster. Humans, typically run 20 TOPS, unless you're built like a sprinter, and you sprint your whole life.

This new body, and quite frankly my old body, are NOT. I had one HELL of a head start on the Beowolves. The Ursa, not so much. I had a small head start, and that was it. Its then that an Idea blossoms.

I look behind me at the Ursa Barreling in my direction, and take a small left, just passing by a tree.

Now, my thought process would be that A. The ursa would keep heading forward, and smack into the tree, or B. The Ursa would slow down to avoid the tree. But The ursa Chose option C and decided to barrel through the tree like it was made of Balsa wood.

"Oh Come on!" I shout, still running. Its now, that I get another Idea, this one more insane than the other one, but could have a better outcome… Probably.

I Jump directly at a tree and grip it as tight as I can, and shimmy up. I make it to the lowest stable branch, just as the Ursa rams into it. I jump onto another low branch on a different tree, but it snaps under my weight.

"SHIT!" I reach out towards the tree, and… Don't fall? I open my eyes to find that my fingers are digging into the tree, and long claw-like marks are trailing about an inch and a half from my fingers. I don't question it, since I'm not in the maw of an Ursa yet. I gingerly attempt to take one of my hands off the tree, only to end up prying it off.

Looking at my fingers, I find cat-like claws coming out of little slits in my fingernails.

'I can't tell if I should be shocked or disgusted.' I think, looking down at the Ursa that's trying to paw at the tree.

That's all I wrote for this one. Last time I edited it was September 26th, 2019. So It's been a while since I thought about this one. The reason I stopped writing this one is because I couldn't exactly see where to go after what I intended for the end of this chapter. It's a somewhat preliminary for Let's break the game, with Bryzan's personality (Kinda) Being there, but not him or the presence I wanted or intended. Besides, having an Aztec warrior, who's likely to be latino, a white dude seemed a bit bad taste, even for me.