Before I start this, I took inspiration from a lot of different shit from this, such as the title, and One Punch Man. In essence, It'll be a lot about trying to become human, despite the fact that Izuku will never be such.

First chapter will be dedicated to backstory, and Hisashi's past with the new quirk I gave him, so… Yeah. Anyways, Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Hisashi

Hisashi Midoriya never really fit in to his environment, despite going to several schools over his lifetime, and always seeking friends, he never could really relate with people.

From a young age, It was Obvious that Hisashi had a gift for mathematics and science, since the moment that he learned the subjects, he couldn't get out of them. He never really intended to be a hero, despite the uprising of official heroes that could level buildings and protect people, It never interested Hisashi. Nobody found out his quirk until about Age ten, when Hisashi had a scan of his brain, to find that parts of his whole body are robotic, and grew along with him.

He always acted slightly odd, and was almost always ahead of his age group in terms of intelligence. As it turns out, his quirk allows him to have a boosted understanding of robotics, At age fourteen having created a fully functioning exoskeleton, although, it was quite the basic design, by modern standards at least. He was praised and even was recommended into Yueii's support course. It was there that his life got… Interesting.

Hisashi sits in his chair, at his own part of the Support course's lab, Pretty plain and gray in color, somewhat tidy with only a few scattered parts and pieces. Due to his up and coming nature, Hisashi was allowed to have his own time and space, as long as he produces results. He types something into his computer against the wall, starting a file. He then kicks against the ground, rolling his chair across the room, tapping onto another computer, starting a video camera.

"Is this rolling? Ahh, yes. Okay, so umm. This is the first in what will likely be a series of… Uhh. Damn I should make a program that filters out all the umms and uhh. The uhhs, yes. I'll do that tomorrow. Anyways, What I was saying before, This is the first of many, and oh so possibly many attempts at:" Hisashi quickly scribbles something on a whiteboard and presents it to the camera.

"Artificial Intelligence." He reads aloud. He puts down the whiteboard and looks into the camera.

"I'm kinda keeping this to document how this goes along and my… Uhh. Journey or progress as I make my way towards this goal." Hisashi hesitates for a moment, and says:

"I don't think I know exactly why I decided to do this. It's just a thought that popped up into my head. Like last night I was. Uhh, lying in bed, when it clicked: I should build the most advanced A.I out there!" He leans away, off camera and grabs a photo of Thomas Edison, presenting the photo to the camera.

"This man right here, he said that Failure is the mother of invention. That's the quote that I've gone by all these years, and that's what I'm looking for right now, Failure." He says, putting the picture back.

"Now, I know that people have made ' before, but this will be different, see I want to make an A.I that represents humanity as closely as possible, learning from the moment it was created, to the day it fizzles out, and well, dies. Now, I know that sounds pretty crazy and ambitious, and quite honestly, it is. But I guess That I can prove, that to an extent, that we, humans, are in control of everything on this planet, even life, and lack of such. Umm. Damn, what else do I want to say? I don't know. I guess I'll say that whenever I do one of these, It will probably consist of me putting together a computer capable of holding in the A.I. I guess I'll probably be rambling a lot as well… Ok, well I guess I should get started." Hisashi scoots his chair over to the other computer, and freezes.

"Where do I start?"

Months Later

Hisashi fires up his Recording again, this time, in the much messier lab.

"Ok, Log number 53. I think I'll just keep this log to record some things that I'm just outright working on, and The whole A.I thing will be the prominent thing. I can't really talk to people, like, at all. So I guess It's good to talk to something. Well, My doctor said I should probably talk to somebody, like a human, but Talking to people just really isn't in my array of abilities." Hisashi gets up, and pulls a cart over, carrying some sort of arm-mounted weapon. White in color, It's about six inches from the arm hole, in circumference. At the end, it has a white glove on it, with fingerless tips on the ends.

"One of the Hero students needed some sort of device to help with their quirk, which is apparently to expel air around him very quickly. He just needs something to help out with the airflow and to make it more concentrated. I really don't know how He got into the Hero course. Honestly. If you can't act as a hero without your equipment that helps your quirk, you shouldn't be a hero." Hisashi grabs two tools next to him and begins to poke around the weapon.

"Don't get me wrong, I respect him for wanting to be a hero, you know, Trying to better our Society. I can make him a weapon or a suit that will increase his survivability and overall usefulness, that's not the problem. The problem is that villains are too unpredictable, like they could have some sort of EMP-like quirk, at that point, the man is screwed." Hisashi connects a wire and realizes something:

"I should work on that. A device that's immune to Electromagnetic pulses. That'll be a bestseller. It'll also be useful, since people with quirks like that won't be deactivating and permanently destroying their phones and computers and things by mistake. After I'm done with this, I'll work on that." Hisashi installs another piece and closes it up. He walks across the room and lugs around a high-powered Vacuum. He Puts on the Air cannon, and attaches the vacuum to the Hole, expelling the air into the device.

"So how this works, well It's supposed to take the fast-moving air and it flows through the opening, kind of storing it up around the device. Fortunately, since this guy has an air-type quirk, it's air cooled, and won't overheat unless things REALLY go south." The weapon vibrates a little, indicating that it's full.

"Now that it's at maximum capacity, you just have to flex the middle finger with the glove-" Hisashi does so, triggering the release of the pressurized air. Hisashi then promptly flies across the room, flying offscreen and into a wall. A visible burst of air is seen exiting the end of the device, and it cracks the opposite wall, shallow cracks, but cracks nonetheless.

"I'm Okay!" Hisashi calls out to the camera. He gets up and limps into frame.

"I forgot about recoil… I think I can work my way around that, using the air expelled to push the device forward slightly, heavily dampening the recoil. It would also tone down the power of a shot from this thing. If it can crack concrete, it can break human bones, and that's not good for a hero."

Hisashi takes off the glove, setting it back down on the table.

"Anyways, About the whole A.I thing, I'm working on it. I kinda hit a roadblock-" Hisashi sits down in his rolling chair.

"See, most A.I.s are created by a long, long string of code that tries to mimic Human emotions and actions. As you know, I'm not trying re-create that, I'm trying to make something that Learns emotions and actions. That means I can't just create a huge block of text and algorithms that make something vaguely human. No, I need to invent my own method, and to pull it into fruition myself." Hisashi thinks for a solid minute, and types away at his computer.

"One thing I am slightly worried about is getting

Not going to lie, last time I even looked at this one was last year. (2019) Around this time. I don't even know what exactly this one is about. I mean, it's if Hisashi built Izuku instead of him being a real boy. I guess it was supposed to be like a Pinocchio thing. A robot wanting to be human, so he becomes a hero to know them better. I wanted it to be a lot of fluff with Mei, just learning how to be human, but I just stopped, due to lack of motivation.