I don't own fablehaven. Set before Dragonwatch.

Vanessa headed down the dim stairs carrying a lantern she had grabbed off the wall. It's light flickered as it gently swung from the left to the right. The polished stone beneath her feet made every step feel slick and encouraged an accident.

Before Graulus had destroyed the main house at Fablehaven, these stairs were gritty and split. The brownies had included the smoothness as an extra safety precaution, so that any one who was trying to get away fast might slip. Now she felt like she was on the brink of getting a concussion.

She arrived at the end of the basement stairs, drawing in the musty smell of the dungeon. It didn't even have a new building smell despite it being repaired. As she got further down a new wretched smell filled her nostrils. Goblins. The food they made stank and it only added to the smell they gave off themselves.

Ignoring the smell, Vanessa reached the final door that opened into the actual dungeon. This door had also been placed as an extra safeguard, and was an inch thick and built of heavy metal. She put her palm on the door knob.

As her skin touched the cool metal her body began to buzz with a tingling warmth, and a churning sensation started building in her chest. In addition to the warmth, a feeling of bubbles rose. It started in her arm leaving her skin to prickle and it continued until it coursed throughout her entire body.

Vanessa shook and shook. Her head began to spin and she could no longer make sense of her surroundings. A deep knot formed in her stomach and it reached out with long tentacles. The first one reached her head and a burst of emotions and wild thoughts came with it.

The tentacles tried to seize control and it was all Vanessa could do to restrain them. She fought hard and time dragged on, every second ticking away. She didn't know what would happen if she lost, but she did not want to find out.

The other Vanessa battled right back with its crazy thoughts running through her head. It was as if two different Vanessa's were inside one, with each one determined to win.

After another grueling minute the feelings vanished. They smothered away in the blink of an eye and left her feeling empty. Vanessa sighed in relief, finally being free of the monster inside of her.

Her breathing hitched as she felt a lurch in her stomach.

Vanessa was Vanessa no more.

*Is this an actual story I see? Yes! Your eyes do not deceive you. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think. I'll try to update this every Monday so we'll see how long that lasts :). The rest of the chapters will be longer than this, this one's just a prologue so stay tuned*