Chapter three: Hyre

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Warren and Tanu sifted through the papers in front of them. Nothing. They couldn't find anything useful in the old journals of previous caretakers. Some of these guys had strange names and it took Warren a lot of willpower not to laugh. He could have been reading Patton's but Kendra and Seth had been assigned those since Kendra had read most of them anyway.

"What are we supposed to do?" Dale asked. His voice came from the hallway with an edge of irritation.

Warren leaned over so he could see them through the small crack in the door.

Stan shook his head. "Our best bet is trying to find something useful. I've tried contacting you-know-who but the telephone wires are out." He frowned. Warren didn't know who you-know-who was and he didn't know what happened to the wires, but it didn't sound good. Why would they keep that to themselves?

Warren hadn't noticed Ruth until she spoke up. "The poor girl. What if something bad happens to her? What if we can't get her back to normal?"

"We'll have to hope it doesn't come to that."

Warren snapped back to reading as the group shuffled into the room.

"What's the plan?" Warren asked.

Stan glanced at Ruth. "We're not sure yet." Warren raised his eyebrows.

"May I suggest something?" Bracken asked, walking in. Stan nodded. "I could consult my mother on this and—"

"Hold on." Stan said. "Wouldn't you have to go to the shrine for that?" Bracken answered yes and Stan continued. "If I'm correct then you won't be able to spread it to us, but what about other magical creatures?" Bracken frowned.

"Tanu?" Bracken asked the large man. He looked up. "Do you happen to have anything of use for this situation?"

"I'm afraid I don't."

"So," Dale said. "Let me get this straight. We have no way of contacting anyone, no outside help, we probably shouldn't leave the house, we know nothing about what is going on, and we're not sure if it kills or damages in anyway." Everyone grimaced.

Warren cleared his throat. "Excuse me I need to use the bathroom." He stood up and walked out of the room, everyone's voices pressing against each other as they tried to find a way out of this mess.

Warren sighed and ran his hand through his hair. What were they supposed to do? They probably wouldn't find anything useful at Fablehaven. Well, maybe not. When Seth and Kendra had cleared out Stan's office, they hadn't taken any books with them. Those books probably contained the information they needed. They might not, but right now it seemed like their best bet.

As Warren sped up, a plan started forming in his head. He quickly did his business because he did actually need to go. Afterwards he crept into Seth's room. He and Kendra must not have been searching in here. Warren crossed the room and looked under Seth's bed where Warren knew he kept all sorts of important things. He dug away a satchel, and a few strange looking boxes, until finally arriving at the thing he hoped to find. An amulet. Silver in color and shaped like an Egyptian ankh with its tear drop shaped head planted on a cross. This should do the trick.

He stuffed it into his pocket and snuck downstairs. The adults were still busy arguing. Warren dashed across the room, hoping that no one was noticing him. He continued down the hallway until he reached Stan's office. The tricky part would be moving the couch and making sure that Vanessa didn't escape. For all he knew she could have started being contagious. He would be fine, the others, would not.

Warren slipped the ankh into his hand and slid the couch. He hoped luck was on his side. He had to at least get a break some time, right?

As he opened the door he held his breath. Now was go time.

"Hyre wor ren" Vanessa greeted. She was sitting cross-legged on the desk. Warren clutched the amulet tighter, and stepped in.

*well guess who was an idiot and didn't start writing until Sunday? In my defense I was reading. And it got really good. Also sorry it's short. I was aiming for 1000 words but I couldn't really do anything and I wanted so bad to keep my streak. I hope it's acceptable :) And of course, thanks Jayla*