Screen Title #Jonah'sBack

It's a normal day at Apartment #22, Sam and Cat are watching TV with Dice and Freddie

"Freddie it was nice of your mom to let you stay here for a few days." Sam says.

"Yeah. It took me a few tries." Freddie said.

"Is she really over protective?" Dice asked.

"Oh yeah. She always liked to embarrass me in public." Freddie says.

Doorbell Rings

"Dong ding." Cat said.

"Other way." Sam says.

"Ding dong." Cat said.

"Better." Sam said.

Sam opens the door and standing behind was Jonah from the iCarly episode iHate Sam's Boyfriend

"Sam?" Jonah asked.

"Jonah?" Sam said.

"What are you doing here?" Jonah asked.

"I should be asking the same thing." Sam says.

"I moved to Los Angeles to go to college." Jonah said.

"If you want to get back together, forget it." Sam said.

"Yeah she's taken." Freddie says.

"Relax Fredbarf." Jonah said.

"It's Freddie." Freddie says.

"Whatever. Hey who's the hot red girl." Jonah said.

"She's Cat." Dice said.

"That's a nice name." Jonah says.

"I have a boyfriend." Cat said.

"Yeah you do." Jonah said.

"Please stop hitting on me." Cat says.

"Jonah I think you need to go." Sam said.

"Alright. I'll talk to you later cupcake." Jonah says.

He leaves

"Who was that guy?" Dice asked.

"Sam's ex boyfriend." Freddie says.

"He's a jerk." Sam said.

"How?" Dice asked.

"He tried cheating on me with Carly. Plus our friend Spencer was working on a movie and Jonah ruined it." Sam said.

"Didn't you wedgie bounce him?" Cat asked.

"Yes." Freddie said.

"Don't let him get to you Cat. He may seem nice but he's a real asshole." Sam says.

"I already have a boyfriend and his name is Robbie." Cat said.

"Good. He may be weird but he's better for you." Freddie says.

The next day, Cat is walking to the mall

"Hey beautiful." Jonah says.

"Ugh." Cat said.

She walks away but Jonah stops her

"Go out with me." Jonah said.

"I told you yesterday that I have a boyfriend." Cat says.

"And he's standing right here." Jonah said.

"You are not my boyfriend. Stop hitting on me." Cat said.

"Come on. At least let me take you shopping." Jonah says.

"Fine. But if you try to seduce me, I'm calling the cops." Cat said.

"Alright cutie." Jonah said.

Back at the apartment

"Hey where's Cat?" Dice asked.

"She better not with Jonah." Sam said.

"She said she went to the mall to get Robbie a gift." Freddie says.

"As long as she's not with you know who." Sam said.

We now cut back to the mall

"This looks nice." Cat said.

"Yeah." Jonah says.

"I'm going to go pay for this." Cat said.

"Okay but first. Officer that girl is trying to steal those clothes!" Jonah yelled.

"What?" Cat asked.

The officer comes to Cat and puts her in handcuffs

"Little girl you're under arrest." The officer said.

"Jonah why?" Cat asked.

"I'm a bully. It's what I do. Have fun in jail." Jonah said.

We now cut back to Apartment #22

"How long does it take to shop?" Dice asked.

"Patients kid." Freddie said.

There's a knock at the door

"Who could that be?" Sam asked.

Sam opens the door and it's Jonah

"Oh it's you." Sam said.

"Yeah, yeah." Jonah said.

"What are you doing here?" Freddie asked.

"I came by to tell you Cat's in jail." Jonah says.

"WHAT?!" Sam yelled.

"How is she in jail?" Dice asked.

"I framed her at the mall." Jonah says.

Sam is furious with Jonah and she grabs him by the shirt


"How could you frame Cat?" Freddie asked.

"I'm a bully. Duh." Jonah said.


"And what if I don't?" Jonah asked.

Sam gives Jonah a dirty look that scares him

"Okay okay." Jonah said scared.

"Freddie go start up your car. We're stopping at Elderly Acres to get Cat's Nona." Sam said.

"On it." Freddie says.

"GET WALKING!" Sam yelled.

"Okay." Jonah said.

"Man I never seen her this mad before." Dice says.

"I have." Freddie said.

At Elderly Acres, Sam forced Jonah to tell Nona what happened

"You what?!" Nona yelled.

"I got Cat arrested." Jonah says.

"Why would you do that?" Nona said mad.

"Because he's a bully and it's apparently what he does." Dice said.

"I never should have trusted you." Freddie says.

"Alright get in Freddie's car so we can get Cat out! And after that, we're going to make sure you get locked up." Sam says.

At jail

"I can't believe I got thrown in jail. Sam and Freddie were right. Jonah is a terrible person." Cat said.

Sam, Nona, Freddie, Dice, and Jonah arrvied

"TELL THEM!" Sam yelled.

"Cat didn't steal anything. I set her up to get arrested." Jonah says.

"Well that clears it up. Valentine you're free to go." Officer said.

Cat is let out

"Cat." Jonah says.

"Don't talk to me you son of a bitch." Cat says.

"Cat normally I would yell at you for cussing, but he is one." Nona says.

"Since you framed her, you're under arrest. Get in there now." The officer said.

"Yes sir." Jonah said.

"Officer can I have 5 minutes with him?" Sam asked.

"Sure." The officer said.

"What are you going to do?" Freddie asked.

"You'll see." Sam says.

Sam starts beating the crap out of Jonah

"Ow." Jonah says.

"This is for flirting with Carly! This is for cheating on me! And this is for framing Cat!" Sam yelled.

"Dang." Dice says.

"He got what he deserved." Cat says.

"Now lay there and die you bastard!" Sam yelled.

They walk out of jail

"Sam I'm sorry." Cat said.

"There is nothing to be sorry about. He's a big skunk bag." Sam says.

"Now he's lying in jail bleeding." Dice said.

"I hope he dies in there." Freddie says.

"Yeah. That jerk framed my granddaughter. He should get sent to the electric chair." Nona said.

"Thanks for bailing me out you guys." Cat says.

"No problem." They all say.