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Doctor Anspaugh was sitting in his office. His mood was as gloomy as the weather. The door opened and it was Doug Ross.

"Doctor Ross," Doctor Anspaugh said, "What can I do for you?"

"Well actually," Doug said, "I'm not here because of anything you can do for me. I'm here because of what I can do for you."

Anspaugh raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe you should sit down," he suggested.
Doug sat down.

"If this is some kind of business deal," Anspaugh said, "I'm not interested."

"No," Doug reassured him, "This isn't a business deal. I don't want anything in return."

"Well what are you talking about," Anspaugh asked.

"Let me explain," Doug said, "I got my bone marrow tested just in case I was a match for Scott. It turned out I am a match for Scott. I'm going to donate my bone marrow to him."
Anspaugh looked at Doug Ross in shock.

"You're donating your bone marrow to my son?"

"You heard me correctly," Doug replied.
Anspaugh was grateful but he couldn't help but wonder why. He and Doug Ross were friendly but they were never close and more than once Anspaugh had taken Doug to task for inappropriate behaviors.

"Thank you Doug," Dr. Anspaugh said, "I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for my family."

"It's nothing," Doug said, "I matched so I don't mind donating my bone marrow to Scott. I do find it interesting that you're not a match."

"Scott and Evette were adopted," Anspaugh said, "Evette was adopted as a newborn and Scott was adopted when he was four."

Doug nodded his understanding. His son was also put up for adoption eight years ago when he was born.

"So you adopted them at the same time?"

"We adopted Evette four months before Scott," Anspaugh explained.
Doug wondered for a brief second if Scott was his own son, but Scott was twelve so that wasn't possible. Still, he would do that for his own son in a heartbeat. Doing it for Scott Anspaugh was no different. It was still saving a child's life.