Hi y'all! This is a new idea I'm trying out. Most of the FTxHP crossovers I've found where Harry joins Fairy Tail start either way before Hogwarts, or after Deathly Hallows. I wanted a story where he gets transported in the middle of his Hogwarts years (with all the baggage that comes with it). And so this story was born. It takes place at the end of Order of the Phoenix and a few years before the Fairy Tail anime starts. Read and enjoy, and tell me what you think!


"Lisanna!" Mirajane's scream of grief cut the air like a knife. Her little sister, the one she'd sworn to protect, was gone. Vanished in a swirl of golden light. And she had no one to blame but herself.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Elfman sobbed beside her. Hurting Lisanna had brought him to his senses, and his Beast form had faded, leaving the grief-stricken boy in its place.

So lost in their grief, they almost didn't notice a soft groan coming from somewhere nearby. But they did. Sniffling, wiping their tears, they investigated.

About a hundred paces from where Lisanna had vanished lay another figure in a shallow crater. Mirajane—or Mira—reached them first, and she was shocked at what she found. It was a boy with raven-black hair, about the same age as—just a year or two younger than Elfman. He lay facedown, his right hand curled tightly around a broken stick, a few strands of something holding the two pieces together. It seemed to have broken when he fell. But where he came from was a mystery, because there had been no one else around during their job, and there was nowhere he could have fallen from.

The boy groaned again, beginning to come to. Slowly, he raised his head and looked around uncomprehendingly. His eyes were a startlingly vivid green behind the cracked lenses of his glasses, and Mira could just make out the faint outline of a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

Gradually his eyes focused. When he made proper eye contact, Mira expected to see confusion. She did not expect to see a fierce, burning anger. Nor did she expect the boy to leap to his feet and brandish his stick like a weapon.

"Who are you? What have you done to Sirius? Why did you bring me here?"

"I don't—" Mira began, but she stopped, the slightest inkling of fear trickling down her spine.

Elfman moved to put his hand on the boy's shoulder. He leapt out of the way, brandishing the stick again.

"STUPEF—" He stopped, suddenly realizing his stick was broken. And immediately, all the fight went out of him. He sank back to the ground, trembling.

"W-was there anyone else with me?" he asked with strained ferocity.

Mira and Elfman exchanged a pained look, then shook their heads. "Just you."

"No. No. I followed him here. He has to be here. He has to be. He can't—he can't be—"

They knew the exact moment that comprehension sank in. His fists clenched, his face fell. Then anger surged again.

"She killed him. She killed him. I'm going to kill her. I'm going to kill her! SIRIUS!"

He screamed the last word, and a blast of pure magic erupted from him. The sheer force of it sent both Mira and Elfman flying back several feet, where they landed with a grunt. A nearby sapling nearly bent double from the shockwave.

Cautiously—because that magic was at least as powerful as Natsu when he got really serious—they approached the boy again. His outburst seemed to have exhausted him. He knelt motionlessly where they'd found him, shoulders slumped, head bowed, arms hanging lifelessly at his sides.

"H-hey. It-it will be okay," Mira said, stumbling over her words as she realized that, wherever this boy had come from, he had clearly just seen someone close to him die. Just as she and Elfman had. She swallowed hard. It was time to be a big sister. "What's your name?"

"Harry," the boy croaked.

"Harry. Would you like to come with us?"


Mira almost smiled. "To Fairy Tail."