In a spaceship across unknown amounts of galaxies sat two teams of Power Rangers: The Space Rangers and The Galaxy Rangers.

18 year old Harry Potter-Hammond, the adopted son of Andros and Ashley Hammond, is the Red Galaxy Rangers.

The two teams are sitting/standing around after the latest mission. Harry looks at the other rangers: Andros the Red Space, Ashley Yellow Space, Carlos Black Space, T.j Blue Space, Cassie Pink Space, Zane Silver Space, Damon Green Galaxy, Maya (his fiancée) Yellow Galaxy, Kai Blue Galaxy, Karone Pink Galaxy, Mike The Magna Defender, Leo his co-pilot, Kendrix The Astro Megaship Mk 3 medic, and Alpha 6.

The peace and quiet was interrupted by a beeping noise. Harry turned around to look at the outline of his ship. Andros and Zane give Harry The Astro Mk 3, which is faster than Mk 1 and 2. (A.N: The Falcon but with The Astro paint job) after he got his wings.

As Harry is looking at the outline trying to find what's wrong, Maya went to the kitchen to help with her pregnant cravens. Harry cursed when he found out the problem was.

"Damon, get your green ass over here. Leo, take us to the closest planet. Mike, cut half of our weapons power and redirect to our shields. Kai take 25% of the overall power and apply it to our front shields." Harry ordered.

Harry didn't take time to reply to the three 'Yes Captain' As the lights dimmed and the outline of the weapon are telling him and Damon that they need to be charge soon because they are at half power.

"Maya I want you to-" Harry look over at the seat to his left where Maya always sat, now it is empty with an unforgivable smell coming from the Kitchen.

"Don't worry about her. The Girls and I will take care of her. Just get us to safety." Ashley told her son.

"Thanks Mom. Dad, can you cut our engine power to 50%? Uncle Zane, start to apply the extra power to the different parts of the shields." Harry replies to his mother while her, Kendrix, Cassie, Karone, and Alpha 6 left for the kitchen.

Andros and Zane nod at Harry, while he began the lockdown sequence.

"Damon, turn off our fuel line. I don't want to lose anymore than we have already." Before Harry could continue he saw trees coming at them pretty fast.

"Shite' Harry thought as he grabbed a mic for the ship P.A. system and said "Ladies please hold on to something, because we are doing a crash landing. This is not a drill, I'll repeat this is not a drill."

Harry put the mic back and its place and told Leo to put them in the water.

Zane told Harry that this isn't meant for water, but Harry replied saying he would rather test the water shields than try to fight an army of Ents. T.j and Carlos rolled their eyes at that comment because they know about Ashley and now Harry love of Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkin.

SPLASH! The Astro Megaship Mk 3 landed in a body of water.

"Is everybody okay?" Andros asked.

He got variations of yes, then they heard 'That was fucking fun. Can we do that again' from the kitchen.

"Bloody hell! Hammond, why do you have the crazy one?" Kai asked.

The guys laugh while Harry flips the Condor. As Kai and Harry begin to trade insults Leo got the Astro out of the water and onto land.

Harry gets up to check the damage of his ship, before he could move something tackle him to his seat while warping their legs around his waist while giving his kisses on his jaw.

The guys bar Harry looks at the doorway when the five girls walk back in the room while covered in some unknown and highly questionable substance.

"One joke Carlos and no sex from a week" Cassie theaten her husband as Ashley, Karone, and Kendrix did the same.

"Umm. What happened there and how big of a mess do I have to clean up?" Harry asks his mother in between kisses.

"Well Harry, you don't want to know what happened and on the mess. Maya cleaned it all up."

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Was heard when Harry was told Maya cleaned it all up, that ment they told her that Harry and herself will have sex later.

Harry turned around back to his computer to check on his ship while his friends and family were laughing at him. Very little damage to the Astro herself, but her power supply is dangerously low and needs a week to charge everything, the main thing is one of her fuel lines got destroyed during the dogfight in their last mission. Good news is that it is an easy fix, but bad news is they have to replace the whole line because they haven't gotten the updated version of it yet.

Harry told everyone his findings. Damon says he isn't sure if they have a full line kit or not. Harry asks Leo to search if there are any lifeforms nearby.

A few galaxies over sits a wonderful castle in Scotland called Hogwarts. Normally only Hogwarts students and staff are there, but this year isn't a normal year for Hogwarts because The Triwizard Cup is being hosted at Hogwarts.

Both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive early in the month. Now is the last dinner till the Champions are picked.

Hermione Granger is sitting with her only friends Luna, Padma, Cho, Fleur, and Fleur sister Gabby. Cho and her friend/mentor Penny Clearwater found Hermione in her first year almost being rape by a 7th Gryffindor because Hermione refuse to act dumb in her frommer house. Prof. McGonagall and Flitwick got Hermione resortted and she went to Ravenclaw where they not only helped her but pushed her forward.

After everyone ate, Headmaster Dumbledore stood up and walked to the Goblet of Fire.

"Champions, when you are called please stand at the Head table." The fire went from blue to red and give out it's first name "Durmstrang Champion is Vickor Krum!" The Slytherin table and one Ron Weasely cheered as Krum walked to his headmaster.

The fire went from blue to red again and gave out the 2nd name "Beauxbatons Champion is Fleur Delacour!" the Ravenclaw table cheer, but no more louder than the small group of friends.

Dumbledore raises his hand to quiet everyone down while the Goblet gives out the 3rd name.

"Hogwarts Champion is Cedric Digglory!"

The Great Hall exploded when the Hufflepuff table cheered as one.

Dumbledore began to speak again but the Goblet of Fire went blue to red as the final name came out of it. Dumbledore read the to himself first and was happy to see his plan was working.

"H..Harry Potter"

Everyone was surprised because The-Boy-Who-Live is thought to be dead.

"That's impossible. The Goblet can't pick dead people." Cho explained to her friends.

Luna smiled her dreamy smile while saying "I've been telling your guys that he is channeling a great breast."

Before any of the guys could say anything Dumbledore begins to speak again.

"Since we don't have a Potter here, *cue in Snape "Thank Merlin"* we have no choice but to summon him through the magic of the Goblet of Fire."

After Dumbledore finished her tap the Goblet with his wand and the fire went to the ceiling and covered all of it.

After a few hours of work, Harry and Damon change the line. Harry is thanking Merlin for small miracles, because they had just enough.

Now both rangers teams are relaxing around the common area. Harry walks in with a clean shirt in hand, before he could do anything fire begins to appear outta nowhere and wrapping around Harry.

They heard Harry said one thing before he disappear "I fucking hate being summon by magical people or items"

"Well mierda. Who's telling Maya" Carlos said in a fashion like the Tackless Wonder.

The Witches and Wizards are waiting for Harry Potter to appear at the Head Table, but a loud crash is heard followed by 5 screams.

"Damn it Uncle Zane. If I find out if you did this somehow I'll never get a cousin." a voice that has a trace of a british accent come from what was part of Ravenclaw table.

Everyone's surprise not only to see the young man went through a table at speed that would make the Dudley Boyz proud, but getting out of the pille.

Now infront of them is a 6'1 18 year old with jet black hair that goes to his shoulders. Harry spins a 360. When his back was to Cho she let out a scream and pointed at a knife that's sticking out of his back.

Harry turns around to face her and asks what's wrong and Cho tells him about the knife. Harry just grabbed it and pulled it out like it was a regular Thursday night.

"Okay, who has the fucking brass to kidnap me from my own ship." Harry asks after switching the knife into an ice pick grip.

Before Dumbledore could say anything Snape took the chance to attack a Potter.

"Shut it Potter. You are just like your father, nothing more than a glory hog. You and your father James-" Snape couldn't finish because Harry asked a question.

"Who the fuck is James. My Father is a brunch of things, but Glory hog isn't one of them. By the way my last name isn't Potter, it's Hammond and the next person who calls me a Potter will get this knife in their fucking shouder."

Dumbledore believed Harry was joking and addressed him "I need you to watch your language. Now Mr. Potter I'll-" Albus Dumbledore stops talking when a knife appear in his left shoulder.

Now every wand is trained on The Red Ranger, but he doesn't even look afaid.

"Now that's over with. Can someone tell me what the hell is going on." Harry stops when he realizes that Maya is going to kick his ass.

So Fleur told Harry everything. Them and the other champions went to a chamber to tell them the stuff like the 1st task is the 25th of November. Dumbledore tries to get Harry sorted but McGonagall stops that so Harry can go to bed in a private room.

A.N: Hey guys, I know that some of you are wondering if I going to do any of my other stories, and the answer is yes. I don't have a time period and I write was comes to my head. This story has been in my head for about 4 months now and it took me a month to get the first chapter do. Before anyone says anything about Harry being the Red Ranger and not Leo, I like Leo as a character but I don't really like him as a red ranger.

speaking of Red Rangers, who are your top 5 red rangers, please put down the season ex: Tommy: Zeo; Not Tommy.mine are

/Rocky: Mighty Morphin. I put together because it's the same ranger but to different people

4. Carter: Lightspeed. I like him as both a ranger and a character. I have said this before and I'll say it again, Lightspeed is the most human season

:S.P.D. Funny thing is, S.P.D is one of my favorite season but I hated everyone bar Z Kat, and Doggie. But the other rangers grew on me.

2. Connor: Dino Thunder: I've been watching power rangers for 22 years give or take but the first ranger I remember is Dino Thunder. They could've made it a Fanboy dream but they made the other characters perfect

: Wild Force. Wild Force was one the grew on me while I grew up. the final fight was one of the greatest. Wild Force took the Humanity the Lightspeed had and crack it to a 11.

my recommendation for this chapter is Harry Potter and the Lightning Curse by Justbored21