Demigod/Soul here. I want to give a shoutout to tapselly1 who guessed my WWE references last chapter when Gabby Super Kicked Fleur like H.B.K did to Hunter at Survivor Series (2009), then the next night on Raw Michaels said 'What! You know I have the dodgy eye thing. If it makes you feel better, I was aiming at Cena'. Now onto the First task.

Harry woke up feeling weird without Maya in his arms. These last few weeks flew him off his game and the fact he's going to be a dad soon.

Harry opens his bag that all Lost Galaxy Rangers carry on them thanks to Carrie Delacour; the bag can grow and shrink with a touch of a rune. The bag has clothes to last a month which is close to ending.

Harry looks in the mirror to check his outfit which is camouflage shorts, a pair of blue Converse with pink laces, a simple red tee, a silver jacket the his parents give him last Christmas (In Space jackets), and a bandanna which is red and yellow mix perfectly with a yellow wolf on the red side and a red lion on the yellow side howling at the moon and/or whatever a lion does. Maya gave him his bandanna two years ago during the Forever Red mission. (Both the lion and wolf are going at the moon.)

Harry heads down to Great Hall instead of the kitchens because a thing named Dobby kicked him out when he called them a Hobbit.

On his way he heard a hiccup mixed with crying, so he checked it out to find a (not) Hobbit drinking something under some stairs.

"Umm. Hi there, is everything okay?" Harry asks unsure because the Hobbit looks drunk.

"Winky *hiccups* helps *hiccups* mast- *hiccup*" "Winky" said while hiccuping, making Harry miss a whole lot of information because he made the mistake of offering to help.

Winky eyes widen at what Harry just offered without knowing it, 'Any free House Elf would take the new Master known offer'. A bright light and a pop later Harry is standing under some stairs alone now.

"Now that was weird even for me. Whatever, I hope they have pizza at the tables.

Harry finished his walk to the Great Hall and sat between Fleur and Gabby and across from Hermione and Luna. Before anyone could say anything a book would pop in front of Harry.

Harry picks up the book and read the title to his friends

"How To Take Care Of Your New House Elf: Rules and ect. What in hell is a House Elf? Why would I need this?"

Cho looks at Harry and begins to tell him about the House Elves, not Hobbits. "The only reason you would need that if you offer to help a free Elf."

"Umm. All I did this morning after leaving my room was offered to help a thingy named Winky, which I can't tell if that's her real name or not because she was pretty drunk." Harry replied with a shrug.

"Great. Good job for getting a slave. huph '' Hermione began before Dobby popped in and hit her with a rolled up newspaper.

"We's not slaves, Miss Brushy. We's die quicky without the bond. Miss Tigress asks the same things."

"Did you just get scolded by a House Elf?" Padma asks after Dobby popped out of the Hall, while the two sisters and the two other Ravenclaws began to laugh. Hermione join in until they heard:


"What did I get myself into this time? Between Maya and myself, we help more animals and other races than any others." Harry said the begin with each hit then the 2nd half while his head is on the table.

Fleur stood up before she spoke with a hint of panic in her voice because of the first task, "I'm going to do some last minute study and working on my plans"

As Fleur left, Hermione asks Harry what his plan is.

Harry looks up from his meat lover's pizza with chocolate pudding, Hades Pepper Hot Sauce (A.N: It's a creation of my just from the top of my head. I'm pretty sure that it isn't real), ranch and french dressing on top of it.

"What? I like this, besides why do I need a plan?" Harry asks before he begins to eat the good pizza combo.

"First that's gross, second the 1st Task today. I gotta go guys, I promise to help Cedric to finish his plans." Cho said while getting up with a green face. Harry just shrugs and finishes eating his pizza as he goes outside to draw.

Harry is sitting against a tree while drawing the Galactabeast as the beast not the zords.

"Young Hammond what's on your mind." Simba asks with worry for his cub.

"It's Maya. I hope she and our baby/babies are okay. It has been almost a month, what if they got attacked, what if." Harry said while a panic attack is happening to him.

"Harry. Harry. HARRY!" Simba tries to get Harry's attention before he yells his name on the third try, be he continued on "It's perfectly normal to worry about your mate and cubs while you're away from them. Now finish this drawing so I can brag to Monsoon how I look better than him."

Harry chuckled at his Galactabeast and gave him silent thanks as he finished the drawing.

"Mr. Hammond you need to come with me." A Scotish voice get Harry's attention.

"Prof. McGonagall right?" Harry asks and continues when he receives a nod "What's going on?"

McGonagall told Harry it's time to go to the tent for the 1st Task and yes Bagman knows to say Hammond and not Potter.

Gabby, The Four Ravens, and Penny Clearwater are sitting in stands waiting for Fleur and Harry (or Cedric in Cho case) to kick ass, when Padma notices The Astro Mk. 3 not knowing that she knew the name flew overhead and landed nearby.

"Guys a blue ship thingy just flew over and landed." Padma informs the group with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"Don't worry that's The Astro Mk. 3 which is Harry Megaship and his friends and family are on it." Luna said with her eyes glaze over until she shook her head.

The two Ranger teams join the same group with only Gabby and Luna notices.

Harry walked into the tent without his bag because Winky took it back to his room. Harry looks around and is surprised to see the other three wearing battle robes or whatever they are called.

"Harry what in Merlin's name are you wearing?" Cedric asks while he and Krum eyeing him.

"Sorry lads I'm happily taken. Clothes I hope. I like red, my rival/my best friend gave me my Converse, My Folks gave me my jacket last Christmas, and my then girlfriend gave me my bandanna after she made it."

The judges plus Rita enter the tent and all of them raise an eyebrow at Harry's outfit compared to the other three.

"Okay. The 1st Task is getting an egg from a Dragon!" Bagman said while clapping his hands.

"That should be easy. Just ask Steamboat for an egg boom Task over." Harry said while shrugging like he doesn't care yet while Fleur did a facepalm as the other magicals are looking at Harry like he grew a second head.

"What! You guys telling me that you never heard of Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat former WWF IC Champion, WCW U.S. Champion, and NWA World Heavyweight Champion?" Harry asks as he counts the championships on his hands while Fleur told him that they mean dragons from myths.

Bagman was opening the neck of the purple silk sack.

"Ladies first," he said, offering it to Fleur Delacour.

She put a shaking hand inside the bag and drew out a tiny, perfect model of a dragon - a Welsh Green. It had the number two around its neck And Harry knew, by the fact that Fleur showed no sign of surprise, but rather a determined resignation, that means: Madame Maxime had told her what was coming.

The same held true for Krum. He pulled out the scarlet Chinese Fireball. It had a number three around its neck. He didn't even blink, just sat back down and stared at the ground.

Cedric put his hand into the bag, and out came the blueish-gray Swedish Short-Snout, the number one tied around its neck. Not knowing what was left, Harry put his hand into the silk bag and pulled out the Hungarian Horntail, and the number four. It stretched its wings as he looked down at it, and bared its minuscule fangs. Oh fun.

"Well, there you are!" said Bagman. "You have each pulled out the dragon you will face, and the numbers refer to the order in which you are to take on the dragons, do you see? Now, I'm going to have to leave you in a moment, because I'm commentating. Mr. Diggory, you're first, just go out into the enclosure when you hear a whistle, all right?"

Harry went out of the tent to go pee.

Harry walked back to the tent and saw Cedric emerging from it, greener than ever. Harry tried to wish him luck as he walked past, but all that came out of his mouth was a sort of hoarse grunt.

Harry went back inside to Fleur and Krum. Seconds later, they heard the roar of the crowd, which meant Cedric had entered the enclosure and was now face-to-face with the living counterpart of his model...

It was worse than Harry could ever have imagined, sitting there and listening. The crowd screamed...yelled...gasped like a single many-headed entity, as Cedric did whatever he was doing to get past the Swedish Short-Snout. Krum was still staring at the ground. Fleur had now taken to retracing Cedric's steps, around and around the tent. And Bagman's commentary made everything much, much worse...Horrible pictures formed in Harry's mind as he heard: "Oooh, narrow miss there, very narrow"... "He's taking risks, this one!"..."Clever move - pity it didn't work!"

And then, after about fifteen minutes, Harry heard the deafening roar that could mean only one thing: Cedric had gotten past his dragon and captured the golden egg.

"Very good indeed!" Bagman was shouting. "And now the marks from the judges!"

But he didn't shout out the marks; Harry supposed the judges were holding them up and showing them to the crowd.

"One down, three to go!" Bagman yelled as the whistle blew again. "Miss Delacour, if you please!"

Fleur was trembling from head to foot; Harry put his hand on her shoulder as she left the tent with her head held high and her hand clutching her wand. He and Krum were left alone, at opposite sides of the tent, avoiding each other's gaze.

The same process started again..."Oh I'm not sure that was wise!" they could hear Bagman shouting gleefully. "Oh...nearly! Careful now...good lord, I thought she'd had it then!"

Ten minutes later, Harry heard the crowd erupt into applause once more...Fleur must have been successful too. A pause, while Fleur's marks were being shown...more clapping...then, for the third time, the whistle.

"And here comes Mr. Krum!" cried Bagman, and Krum slouched out, leaving Harry quite alone.

He felt much more aware of his body than usual; very aware of the way his heart was pumping fast, and his fingers tingling with fear...yet at the same time, he seemed to be outside himself, seeing the walls of the tent, and hearing the crowd, as though from far away.

"Very daring!" Bagman was yelling, and Harry heard the Chinese Fireball emit a horrible, roaring shriek, while the crowd drew its collective breath. "That's some nerve he's showing - and - yes, he's got the egg!"

Applause shattered the wintery air like breaking glass; Krum had finished - it would be Harry's turn any moment.

He stood up, noticing dimly that his legs seemed to be made of marshmallow. He waited. And then he heard the whistle blow. He walked out through the entrance of the tent, the panic rising into a crescendo inside him. And now he was walking past the trees, through a gap in the enclosure fence.

He saw everything in front of him as though it was a very highly colored dream. There were hundreds and hundreds of faces staring down at him from stands that had been magicked there since he'd last stood on this spot. And there was the Horntail, at the other end of the enclosure, crouched low over her clutch of eggs, her wings half-furled, her evil, yellow eyes upon him, a monstrous, scaly, black lizard, thrashing her spiked tail, heaving yard-long gouge marks in the hard ground. The crowd was making a great deal of noise, but whether friendly or not, Harry didn't know or care. It was time to do what he had to focus his mind, entirely and absolutely, upon the thing that was his only chance.

As The Rangers and The Group saw the dragons Kendrix snorted then noticed 17 pairs of eyes on her.

"I believe Harry would make a comment about Steamboat before learning about what they are. Now he might have some fear that will turn into stupidity." Kendrix answered the glazes she was getting.

As they were watching the Champions there was a different reaction for each Champion, Cedric got worried from Cho and Ashley; Fleur got proud looks from all of them; Krum got a cuss out by Luna and Maya.

As Harry steps out they notice his outfit.

"I just notices that he's wear all seven of our color, me/T.J and Karone/Cassie for his shoes, Damon for his shorts, Andros/himself for shirt, Carlos/Mike for his sunglass, Zane for his jacket, and Andros/himself again and Ashley/Maya for his bandanna," Kai pointed out.

Harry looks up at the dragon and simply asks

"Hey Ricky, can I have the golden egg?" Every magical heard, more than 50% laughed at him.

Drago (Harry's dragon.) answered with a firestream towards Harry. Harry rolled to the left but some of the fire burned his jacket got which got Harry pissed.

"Hey Asshole, this was a Christmas gift. I was not going to fight you but now, I'm pissed and I want to fight you now."

Harry threw the remains of his jacket to the wind when he asked "Ready" Harry looked back because he forgot that his team wasn't with him when he heard 11 cries of ready from the stands and he looked and saw his team and his parents' team.

"GO GALACTIC" Harry yells out while he turns some of the thingy on his arm which most of the magicals that it was a fancy watch but it is his Morpher.

A red light appeared around Harry and left as fast instead of wearing his outfit he's now wearing a weird suit. The body is white with a black zig zag across the front; his arm and legs are red with gloves with the same pattern as his front and wearing a red lion like helmet.

Harry stood in a stance to a lion while he yelled "GALAXY RED" while red smoke appeared from nowhere behind then an explosion happened.

Harry reaches for his Saber when Bagman regains the power to speak again.

"Our youngest Champion used some unknown magic to give him some armor and a sword."

Harry Saber is in his right hand by his head while the saber is pointing at Dago while his other arm is fully out and his thumb, index, and middle figuers are out as well as he says "Hello There"

"Did he just copy Obi-Wan's way of holding a sword and quoted him" Hermione asks the Rangers while she's trying not to fangirl out.

"Yep." all was said

Harry swings his Saber at Drago claw but it bounced off harmlessly.

"What that attack did nothing to Drago. What does our Young Champion need to do to get his egg."

"Cub, call me. If this lizard wants to play with fire, I will show him who the true master of fire is" Simba told Harry.

Harry put his Saber in his left hand as he raised his right in the sky.

The crowd is now confused even the Rangers until a red light appears and leaves a tooth like weapon in Harry's right hand.

Harry gives his Transdagger some swings before he looks back up at Drago.

"YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH FIRE? I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT A BEAST OF FIRE CAN DO. SIMBA THE GALACTABEAST, ARISE!" Harry yelled out while pointing his Transdagger to the sky as fire came out of his dagger to foam a Fire Lion until it roared then it became a red and gray lion that's 20 to 30 feet tall.

Harry backflips onto the lion head before he speaks to Drago.

"Drago meet Simba, a true beast of fire. Simba don't kill him or smash his eggs."

Simba nods his head.


Drago swung his claw at Simba's head and Simba took it like the king he is.

Harry took the chance to jump on Drago's arm and run to the back. Harry grabbed a back spike when Simba hit Drago with his own claw and the threw Drago from his eggs.

Harry continues down the back hitting a back spike with his Saber or dagger, sometimes he grabs on to one when Simba hits Drago.

Drago is getting pissed (can dragons get pissed?) and let a breath of fire out onto Simba face only for Simba to walk fuckin through it. Simba got face to face then he nailed Drago with a headbutt that would make a Pachycephalosaurus jealous and knocked Drago out cold as Harry jumped and rolled then walked towards the egg to grab his egg and walk out of the area without giving the judges a look.


Harry gets into the tent when he gets slapped by Fleur and is told that was reckless, but a good job.

Harry shakes his head but he was tackled safely because of the baby/babies, and got many kisses all over his face.

Harry whispered something in Maya's ear to get her off of him. Krum and Cedric are surprised to see Maya because they honestly thought Harry was lying.

"Do you want to know the points, My Lion?" Maya asks so low it almost sounds like she's purring.

Harry shakes his head and tells her he doesn't really care.

"Come Maya let's go to our friends and family before we go to my room"

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Onwards to the top 5 Yellow Rangers like always please give me a reason and season.

Mine are

5: Chip and Dustin: Mystic Force and Ninja Storm. This might be cheating but my list my rules, I put them both as one because 1.) They are the only guys in yellow (I haven't and won't wacth RPM, or the Nick Era. I honestly don't remember Overdrive besides the team up) 2.) they bring something to the team; Dustin brings a fun loving guy who's a kick ass nerd. Chip is a magic nerd who brings the heart (in my opinion) plus they care for their team.

4: Trini: Mighty Morphin, as much as I love to put her as 2 but I have others I don't really like more but have more for the Ranger overall. Trini started the tomboy Ranger because Pink is normal The Girl Next Door. Trini was one of my two first crushes (Three guesses who the other one is) I remember one espiedo where her cousin gets turned into a cardboard cutout by a clown. Plus she could speak Billy.

3.) Z.: S.P.D, honestly I almost paired her up with another yellow. I like Z. because she only wants to help people like Sam until the Nova Ranger shows up. When Z. was given the chance to S.P.D just jump on it like Hogan on a WWF push. Z., Kat, and Doggie were the only reasons I like S.P.D.

2.) Maya, Taylor, and Kira: Lost Galaxy, Wild Force, and Dino Thunder, I know I hate myself for this, but all three are tied for 2nd. They pushed the tomboy thing even more as an kick ass animal lover who wants to save her home; an Air Force Pilot who was being a Ranger roughly about before Wild Force and didn't give Cole the leadership easily or peacefully, plus Eric and her makes a cute couple. Kira was a crush during my later years. I think she set the groundwork for Lily even if Tori came before. What I love about all three of these ladies is that they are different from their teammates.

1.) Ashley: Turbo and In Space, Trini might have set the groundwork of who the Yellow Ranger is, Ashley set the groundwork of all future Yellow Rangers yes even Dustin and Chip. She chip (pun wasn't meant) away the ice from Andro's heart and allows him to love again even being lest cold to everyone. Plus she helps the O.G. Yellow Turbo Ranger while being a Civil.