I tried on this! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Numbuh 4 was in a verbal fight with Numbuh 3. "Rainbow Monkeys are stupid!", Wally (Numbuh 4) shouted. "No they're not!", Kuki shouted. They walked away from each other, angry as flip.

Kuki sat in her bedroom. She wanted to make Wally stop yelling at her. She looked at a bottle on her nightstand. She took it. It was a spray bottle. "It's worth a try…", she said quietly.

She walked into Wally's room. He looked at her. "Get out of my room!", he shouted. She sprayed the stuff onto him. He coughed. She walked away.

Later, she heard crying coming from Wally's room. She and the rest of Sector V ran into his room, to find a crying newborn Wally.

I'm so sorry that it's short, I didn't have much time. I hope you enjoyed!