Azula sat at a bar, waiting for her ankle biter. "Mom!" she heard. And she looked down and was given a bag. "They never notice me," she said, grinning, having done as her mom had asked.

Azula counted the coins and, she noticed her daughter not keeping eye contact with her. She already knew what that meant. "Little Lady," Replace period with comma she said in a half serious hyphen between these two words tone and replace with period Zaya showed her a hand full of coins, all copper. "You can keep it, but next time just tell me." The girl looked at the floor.

Azula looked at her daughter, until the girl spoke. "Sorry, mommy." Azula sighed and thought, "I was never like this." she touched her child's chin.

Zaya looked into her mother's eyes. "I'm not mad at you, dear. Just don't lie to me," she told her, because she knew that lies destroy and conquer, and Azula refused to be beaten by her own daughter.

They left the bar and walked through the City. Azula and Zaya were wearing special shoes to hide from a certain blind mud queen and were looking for a bounty, the head of the agni Kai triad.

Zaya and Azula hated the city! It wasn't open and free like the towns where Zaya would run around, and it didn't have the elegance that of Ba Sing Se or the Fire Nation Capital.

"This-place-is-too-loud!" the six year old Also, there should be a hyphen between each word moaned, not used to so many people walking around and making so much noise.

"I know Zaya, but we will only be here for a day or two." Zaya went limp while Azula held her hand and she just pulled the girl until she started walking again.

Azula had control of her daughter, not the kind her father had on her, or the kind that her mother had on Zuko, but the Kind most would read in a parenting book.

Strict yet fair was one way she would describe it. "Zaya? How about I find you a training grounds or a fire bending school? I bet you could beat the master there." Her daughter beamed anything to get off the streets.


"None..." Said the Little thief, devil, fire starter, Azulas daughter. They had looked at the maps and but all they had been able to find was a noodle place called Fire Noodles.

Azula was laughing a bit. A place for all yet no place to train. Even the other arts didn't have Schools! She started thinking that this place was for the non-benders of the world. "Made for all four nations? The bender Treatment here is equal to nothing." Zaya nodded and Azula decided to leave her at a restaurant.

Zaya sat and drank her third smoothie.

Azula was walking through a building, beating and electrocuting fire benders left and right. The blue flame, now a rarely used tool, was at full blaze, destroying her enemies with ease. When she reached the top floor, she was surrounded. Fire nation princess just grinned as an inferno was unleashed upon her.

Zaya had eaten a fruit pie and drank eight smoothies.

The triad members stared as the fire became a sphere before it turned blue and was as Azula unleashed it at the poor fire benders. They were either knocked to the ground or burned across their faces. "So? Where is your boss?" she asked. One of the henchmen pointed to a desk and she walked toward it and kicked it out of the way, revealing the Angi Kai Triad leader who was hiding under it. "Dead or alive?" she asked the man cowering in front of her.

Zaya had thrown up in the bathroom and now eating Komodo sausages, enough to feed ten men.

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