Ba Sing Se. I wish to never go near it after today, the worst conditions, the rudest people and dai li watching every Inch of this place!

Jin sighed. "I hate this place but the middle ring gives us enough to feed everyone during the winter. The Ladies here are especially the gems of the middle ring, sadly the princess is an unpolished gem and is always cooking anything on four legs." my's Translation. 'She's angry b-word, who eats rare animals.'

I sighed. "So Money is the only reason we're here?"

Hua interrupted. "Nope, there is this guy who can eat metal!"

Huan continued with. "And he's not a bender!"

Jin finished. "He also eats glass."

I lightly chuckled. "So, you just looking for someone to eat your bottles, aren't you?" Jin burst out laughing so did all who were in passenger carriage with them.

Jin stopped, taking a few breaths before speaking. "I might drink once in a while, but I'm not that bad, am I?" Most of the other Performers agreed and few of his drinking buddies

I shrugged, to be honest. "As long as I don't have to share my stuff, I'm fine, boss." She told him as they stopped at a field in the middle ring.

"Start setting up the tent!" He yelled and then stomped creating two pillars into the sky. The tent was draped over it as a few metal benders hammered nail at the edges of the tent to stabilize it.

In the matter of hours the tent was set and ready. "Zaya go to "the market" for the "Special order" and see if there are some worth while attractions." He said before a platapus bear hugged. "Haha JUJU! Stop I can't breath." The tubby, balding man said laughing at the playful platypus-bear.

I walked to the outer rings black market, carrying pouch with fruits and a few jerkies. The Dai Li had their ears everywhere and they were following Jin like a criminal yet his employees including weren't so I took my chance to look around.

I looked at the animals in cages and then saw the fluffy white dough ball with six legs. The owner of the beast walked "Oh did she get your attentio-" I punched him in the stomach and then held him by the color neck then held a fire blade in front of his throat. "Oh please, I don't sell anything illegal!" The other venders scoffed as they watched the blue fire bending preteen about to beat the man up.

She shoved the man on to ground and melted lock on the cage. Jin has a list, which he calls the legendary five. They're animals, either are endangered to a degree that people think they're completely extinct or can only be trained while they're still young. "He didn't hurt you did he?" I asked offering the baby a apple which was accepted with the baby flying bison taking half of her arm into into it's mouth. "Ow." Shivers went through her body but she gently removed her arm from the bisons mouth.

I the man a note from and he sighed Standing away from the Cage and me.

I opened the cage as slowly as I could, but the little beast flew as fast as physically possible! "Aaaaaahhh!" I screamed looking over the city as I held on to the baby bisons horns. The Baby Bison headed toward the sky and then it started moving toward the center circle of Ba Sing Se.

The bison landed and i fell off. After standing up I held my mouth not to throw up as my face turned green. "I wasn't expecting a guest." the man told and I watched him place a bison shaped whistle into his left sleeve. He looked at me and then my vision became blurry, I made blue fire blades before everything turned black.

authors note: So did iroh plan this? Does jin work for the white lotus? will I ever write something makes sense? read next time.