Prompt - Beacon

Weekends at Beacon were often a fairly boring time. Unless there were exams to study for of course. But all the first years had caught an incredible break when not a single professor had given any of them assignments, let alone homework to complete over that weekend. It allowed everyone the time to do what huntsmen and huntresses in training did best. Actually, it was what all teenagers did best.

Laze around and only get up for food.

Yes, that was what the vast majority of students were spending their weekend doing. It wasn't like they were all lazy. No, it was just so rare to have free time like this. And their entire lives revolved around exercise and training and studying. A break, even for a day was greatly needed.

Ruby Rose was lounging around the Team RWBY dorm, book in hand. It was the second book that Blake had recommended for her and would be the book for the duo's second ever bi-weekly book club. That is, every other week. Blake herself was in her own bed reading the book as well, but while Ruby was nearly halfway through, Blake had only just started. She needed to allow the younger girl a head start so that they would finish at around the same time. Though both of them were sure that by the end of the day, Blake would have surpassed Ruby.

While Blake was sitting down cross-legged in her own bed, leaning over the pages of her book, Ruby was laying back on a pillow, one leg over the other, carefully balancing her book with her calf. What was strange, was that she was lying in Weiss's bed and resting on Weiss's pillow.

What was stranger, was that Weiss had suggested it.

Now, while the vast majority of first years were spending the day with rest and relaxation, very much like Ruby and Blake were, the two other members of their team had a hectic day ahead of them. Really, it was Weiss who had a hectic day ahead of her, while Yang was there to cause the mayhem.

Yang and Weiss were glad that Ruby had suggested the week before to have pair hangouts, where they would spend a day rotating with each other so they could all hang out and get to know one another on a much deeper level than if they were all there. That first week was the sister's night out, with Weiss and Blake spending their time in the dorm room. This week was Ruby and Blake in the dorms, for their newly started book club, which they both enjoyed more than they cared to admit, while Weiss and Yang were out. And the next week would be partner hangouts.

That was an issue.

Because Yang knew something about Ruby's partner that Ruby did not. And there was no way in hell that Yang was not going to milk that for everything it was worth.

"C'mon Weissy-Weiss!" Yang bellowed with a smile, hands on her hips as she sat on her motorcycle, bumblebee. "Time's a-Weiss-ting."

"I'm not getting on your bike," Weiss deadpanned, not even acknowledging the pun.

"Yes you are!"

"No. No way."

"Weissy, stop being an ice queen for one moment. You know the rules of today. You do what I say and-"

"Yes! I know! Sheesh. Okay, fine. Just… please drive the speed limit?" Weiss all but begged.

Yang laughed, "no can do! Now hop on."

Weiss scowled, but did exactly as the blonde said, straddling the bike and wrapping her arms around Yang's waist for support. She was glad however, when Yang offered her a helmet.

"Safety first. And please hold on tight! But not too tight. Don't want to get any ideas about where your heart lies."

"Just shut up and drive."

With another round of cackles, the two sped off at breakneck speeds. Out of Beacon and onto the singular road towards the city of Vale.

As much as Weiss hated to admit it, riding on Yang's motorcycle, seeing the trees and fields of wheat fly by in a blur of motion was exhilarating. She would almost go so far as to call it fun. Though, there may have been a greater reason as to why her heart was pounding so rapidly at the blurred sights and it had little to do with the speed, nor the woman she was hanging onto for dear life.

Finally, the sights of larger buildings came into view as they reached the city of Vale. Not only did that mean they were nearing their destination, but that Yang had to slow down and be wary of other cars.

"Ah, the truest joy of the day," Weiss said wistfully from under her helmet, "traffic."

After a half dozen red lights and not a single green, they stopped. Yang kicked down the kickstand and hopped off her bike, pulling off her helmet and giving her hair a gentle swish to ensure it remained as pristine as ever.

Weiss would not dare admit that she was jealous of Yang's golden locks.

"So, what'cha thinking about?" Yang asked with a leering smile.

"Nothing that concerns you," Weiss shot off, with a harrumph.

"Should I add no lying or sidestepping my questions to the list of rules for the day?"

"I was just thinking about how it was more pleasant than expected to ride on your… bumblebee." Weiss acquiesced. To be fair, Yang had not yet stated that no lying or sidestepping questions were rules for the day.

"You're totally lying, but I'll take it!"

Weiss cursed Yang's incredible eye for her tells.

"Whatever, what are we doing first?"

"Mani-pedis!" Yang squealed out, pumping a fist in cheer.

"That's… not so bad." Weiss raised her eyebrows, "I was expecting a lot worse, actually."

"Really Weissy? How could you doubt me so?" Yang mock-pouted.

It was nowhere near as cute as Ruby's.

The two went inside the salon. It was a nice little boutique, though nowhere near as high class as Weiss was used to. But for a day out, all expenses paid and chosen by the one Xiao Long, it was a lot better than she was expecting.

"Ah! Miss Xiao Long! A pleasure, a pleasure. So happy to see you." Came the voice of a woman with long, straight hair, clutching her hands together in a much too big smile.

"Yup! Great to see you too. I'm going to have the usual, if you don't mind. But my good pal here is going to have the special we discussed by scroll."

Yang pulled Weiss into a less than reassuring side hug.

"Yes, yes. I remember. I do remember." The woman's attention then turned to Weiss, "would you like to start with your hands or feet first?"

"She'll be going with feet. Much more relaxing that way." Yang replied for Weiss.

Weiss shrugged then nodded. It was Yang's choice after all.

The event started with a gentle foot massage which Weiss could only describe as heavenly. Yang sat beside her, getting very much the same treatment. It was followed by a quick rinse in warm water mixed with rose smelling oils, then a scrub.


"Hmm?" Was all Yang could respond with.

"This was a lot nicer than I expected. Thank you so much for this."

"Mhm. Anything for a friend. And don't worry, the day's just getting started." Yang mumbled, as the manicurist moved to massage her ankles. "Feel free to nod off, I know I will."

Weiss couldn't help but to agree. It was beyond lovely. There was no harm in taking a little nap. She was with Yang. If Yang trusted these strangers with her sleeping self, then Weiss should too. And it was just so relaxing. So soothing. The way their fingers and palms worked on her feet, removing knots and tightness she had not even realized were there.

It was heavenly.

Just so heavenly….

And then she woke up.

Looking around, she realized she was in the same spot she had fallen asleep in, with Yang beside her reading a fashion magazine. She stretched out her arms, enjoying the tingles of her spin loosening and cracking from sitting in one position for so long. She let out a quiet yawn before she had her blonde-haired friend's attention.

"Oh, hey. Good morning there. How was your time?"

"Lovely. Truly lovely."

"Like what I got?" Yang showed her, her nails. They were a golden yellow, matching her hair with a golden sheen. On each of them were a painting of a small red dragon, tailed curled in and almost ready to pounce. It was classic Yang, though the base colour always changed with each trip to the salon.

She hummed and looked at Yang's toes, seeing very much the same thing, only this time with a ruby red base and yellow dragon.

"Looks nice," Weiss approved.

"Check out your own," Yang said, her smile growing wicked.

It was only then did Weiss realize something felt… off.

She looked at her fingernails. They had once been clipped short, allowing for very little excess nail. She preferred it that way. Better for holding a weapon with after all. But now.

Now they were long. Much too long. Jutting out from each finger tip by almost two inches, they were each a different shade of an ungodly mucus green. Each nail had a different animal on it as well. And not a cool or cute one. But a skunk, raccoon, platypus, pigeon and a full assortment of other beasts.

As bad as her hands were, her toenails were worse. Similarly multicoloured, they each were a different colour of the rainbow. Thankfully, they weren't any longer, but the nail polish had made her nails look cracked and unseemly. The artwork looked faded and dull, as if she couldn't afford a new coat of polish.

Weiss groaned in annoyance as Yang hopped up cackling loudly.

"And you've got to keep it on all week!" Yang cheered. "Don't worry, already checked with Rubes and Goodwitch. You don't need to do any fighting this week. I'm annoying, not evil."

Weiss scowled as she stood up on wobbly feet, "But oh, how annoying you are."

"And we've only just begun! Thank you! Come on Weiss, onto the second stop of the day, we're getting you some brand new clothes."

After the nail trick, Weiss was concerned what was going to happen next.

How right she was. They had been in the store for an hour and a half, and she was still being forced to try on clothes. Now Weiss liked clothes just as much as the next girl, but there was something very wrong about being forced to try on clothes that were purposely picked to look terrible on her and be either one size too small, or one size too big.

She wasn't yet sure which was one preferred.

Though having just looked in the mirror at the tiny crop top and short shorts she was wearing, her mind was starting to consider favouring the latter.

"Ice Queen! I want to see you rocking your stuff! Let's see what your momma gave you! Wooh!" Yang howled from outside the changeroom.

Weiss grumbled and clenched her fists as best she could before throwing open the curtain. Yang was lazing around on the bench, her pile of nice clothes beside her, ready to be purchased, while an even bigger pile of shoddy outfits that Weiss had yet to try on lay on her other side.

Yang guffawed. "That looks so terrible on you, I love it!"

"Yang, I look like a stripper." Weiss folded her arms over her chest.

"Hey, that's cruel to all the strippers out there. You look much worse than they do! If we pass by a strip club on our way to our next destination, you're going to need to apologize to each and every one of those girls."

At that point, Weiss was certain Yang was not bluffing.

"Fine, just give me the next outfit!"

Yang grinned wickedly. "You're going to looove this one. It might be our keeper."

She handed Weiss something and shoved her into the changeroom. With a sigh, Weiss began removing those extremely tight shorts and crop top, letting herself breath more freely. Then it was time to look at the hopefully final outfit. It was ugly. A baby blue and frilly nightmare of a dress, maybe fifty years out of date. How in the hell Yang had been able to find something so cruel and unusual was beyond her, but it made her look simultaneously like a toddler, and also someone more comfortable prowling the nights and standing on street corners. It was revolting, Beyond revolting. There was no way Weiss was going to wear something so horrid. So embarrassing, so…

"How. Do. I. Look." Weiss gritted out between clenched teeth.

"It's perfect," Yang squealed. "Let's go. Stay in that by the way. You can't take it off until we get back to the dorms. Don't worry, I'm paying for everything."

Like it was the money that Weiss cared about.

Walking through the streets was beyond embarrassing for Weiss. Having decided that their next location was fairly close to the store, Yang had decided that the two of them should walk instead of taking the bike. It meant walking back to pick it up when they were done, but it wasn't like Yang was wearing anything so horrid, unable to clench her fists for fear of breaking untenable and disgustingly long nails. Weiss could feel the blush on her face throughout the entire journey, as each head turned her way to wonder what she had done with her life to warrant such a disgusting wardrobe. Not that she could blame them. She was wondering the same thing as well.

As they reached the next spot, Weiss paled.


"Oh yes," Yang replied helpfully.

"No, please no. Anything but this. Th-this is cruel. Beyond cruel. Crueller than everything else so far. I-I'll do anything else, just please not this." Weiss took a trembling step back before feeling a strong hand on her shoulder.

"C'mon Weiss. You know what this is about. We can stop the day right here if you want. Or we can continue. Up to you. You know the rules of the day though. So what do you want to do? Finish the day? Or lose out on-"

"Enough! I get it. I despise you right now." Weiss stomped forward, throwing open the door to the hairdresser. "Let's get this crap over with."

An hour later, Weiss walked out with electric green hair.

The two walked back to Yang's bike in silence. As they arrived, Yang turned to her friend, looking sheepish, rubbing her elbow with her hand. "Weiss… I-"

"You went too far."

"I-I know. I'm really sorry."

"You went way too far," Weiss repeated. She looked up into Yang's eyes, tears filling her own. "I-I look like a complete disaster. I look horrible and gross. I can't believe I put up with all this. With you. I can't believe-"

"I can't believe you had the guts to do all of this," Yang chimed in, holding onto Weiss's shoulders carefully. Staring down at her sister's partner with calm, reassuring eyes that held growing traces of respect. "You did everything I asked of you today. And don't worry, it's over. There wasn't a single thing you didn't do. I thought you would have broke after the nails, but no. You tried on each and every outfit I could find. And boy, did I look for the worst possible outfits. Did you know I had them ship in some of those clothes special? No, that's a story for another day. But more than clothes or nails, look at your hair! Your Schnee white hair is electric green of all things. I remember in our first year at Beacon, you didn't let anyone touch your hair -not that I could blame you- let alone dye it a normal colour, let alone green."

"If you hold up your end of the bargain, it'll have all been worth it."

"And that's just it. You did all this admittedly horrible stuff. Because-"

"-Because of Ruby."

Yang nodded respectfully, "because you think my sister is worth it. So Weiss? I give you my blessing to ask out Ruby. I always knew that you cared about her, but as her older sister and stand-in mother, I had to be one hundred percent sure. Trust me when I say this, nobody could love her more than you do, after today."

Weiss's head dropped, leaving her to sniffle softly, hidden by her ugly hair. "Thank you. Thank you so much. I-I won't let you down."

She peered back up, "C-can I take off all this stuff when we get back?"

"Only if you ask Rubes out while still wearing it." Yang laughed, hopping onto her bike. "Don't worry, no matter what you wear, I'm sure Ruby will say yes. After all, she's worth the embarrassment"

"Yes she is."

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

As for this one, the idea came to me when I thought about what I would do if one of my friends wanted to ask my siblings out. The obvious answer is: torture them as much as possible, because nothing is better than having blackmail material if it doesn't work out. :)