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We are Robin

Who is Robin?

Damian Wayne

It was before sunrise when Damian woke up. He liked to start his day before the sun and end it after the moon. It was tricky to do, but he managed it somehow.

He rose from his bed and went to the dojo in the penthouse. There, he went through a series of training and meditations. He did this every morning when he had the opportunity to do so. He believed that strength and discipline were the keys to successfully conquer your enemies and sometimes your allies.

After his morning routine, he showered, fed his dog Titus, and grabbed a health smoothie as he read the Robin Log before going to work. He hated his job. He couldn't understand why Dick had chosen a career as a police officer, or why he and Jason continued to follow in his footsteps. Nonetheless, when it was time for him to go to work, he always arrived early and made sure that he did his job correctly. Regardless about how he felt, the taxpayers deserved the best service and protection cops can provide.

He entered the police department building and nodded to the people who greeted him. He listened to their comments as he walked by.

"He's in one of his mood again."

"I can't stand him."

"He thinks that he is better than us."

Damian didn't think that he was; he knew that he was. If they didn't spend their time gossiping like little old church ladies, they would have a half decent police department.

He stopped at his desk and sighed before sitting down. His desk was filled with paperwork that needed to be sorted and enter into the computer. Of course, they would leave all the paperwork for him to do. After all, he was the youngest.

He opened the first file and quickly entered in the necessary information. After fifteen minutes, all the paperwork was completed and he was left to his own devices. He waited thirty minutes for a new case to appear, but it seemed like a slow day for him and his partner.

Thus, to pass time, he searched the police department database and glanced over open and close cases. He saw three that struck his interest. He made quick notes of them and stood to leave.

"Hey, where are you going?" He heard his partner asked as he passed him in the hallway. He didn't answer and kept on walking as if he wasn't there.

He hated working with him. He hated talking to him. He hated talking to anyone. It was better if he remained silent.

By the end of the work shift, he managed to solve all three cases much to the dismay of the cops assigned to the cases and the frustration of his partner.

After work, he had an exquisite meal at home thanks to his chef. They had agreed to hire the chef due to his persuasive arguments. The chef was expensive, but they could afford him. He watched the news as he ate his dinner along with Titus, who ate his in the corner of the room.

Once he was done, he went to the secret room inside the penthouse. The room wasn't fully function as the bat cave, but it suited the Robins' needs.

He traipsed to where the Robin suits were kept and looked at them for a moment. He started with his, and his eyes traveled to the other three, even the one with the dark light to indicate that Robin was dead. His eyes traveled back to his. He would never understand what went through the mind of the others, especially Jason. He didn't want to understand him. But he understood that he, Damian Wayne, was the best Robin. He would happily admit that to the others.

He grabbed his uniform and put it on. He was ready for patrol.

Like his job, this night patrol was uneventful. So, he followed up on the cases that the other Robins were working on. He was able to wrap them up.

Around three in the morning, he headed home to sleep, but first he went to the secret hiding spot that he shared with Jason. He placed a letter in a secure box. He would come back later for Jason's reply.

Once home, he quickly logged in his activities for that day, minus where he placed the letter, and went to bed.

Jason Todd

The sound of the phone ringing woke Jason Todd up. Reluctantly, he answered the phone.

"Yes," he said with his head buried into the pillow.

"Where are you?" The voice of his partner yelled over the phone.

He yawned and the sound was muffled by the pillow. He picked up his head and looked at the clock. It was noon. "I'm out following a lead," he lied. "What's up?"

He rolled over and sat up in the bed before standing up and stretching out his back. He had completed his work out for that day.

He opened his door to his bedroom and was greeted by a whining Titus. It was way pass the dog's feeding time. He fed the dog and proceeded to the kitchen to feed himself.

Gin and gummy bear were a great way to start the day.

"Hey! Are you listening to me?"

"Sorry, a suspect caught my attention." He lied again as he briefly glanced through the Robin Log. But to be honest, he had forgotten about his partner being on the phone. "What were you saying?"

"Listen, we have a meeting with the mayor in fifteen minutes to discussed the case that you solved yesterday. You need to be here since you actually solved it alone. It's a good thing that she is running late or we would have been in trouble. Hurry up and get here."

"Hmmm." The mayor office was only seven minutes away from the penthouse. If he had binoculars, he could see it from here.

"Sorry, I won't be able to make it." He removed the phone from his ear and opened up his Instagram. It would take him ten minutes to go through the feed and stories that he liked. Then, he had to grab a shower, pick out his clothes, and grabbed a muffin and sandwich from his favorite deli. He just wasn't going to make it on time.

"Don't do this to me again." His partner begged.

"Check your email. I just sent you something." He quickly opened his email using the app on his phone and sent the email that was in the draft section before going back to Instagram. "That's all the information you will need to talk with the mayor. I'll see you later."

"Hey, wait." He hung up the phone and lit a cigarette as he continued to scroll on the gram.

He arrived to work later than planned, thanks to some unexpected events.

When he went to the deli, he met a beautiful woman. They had an interesting conversation that led to a heavy make-out session in the back of her car in an alley, away from public view. He fingered her as she jerked him off. They had scheduled to meet later for a more satisfying session, after she got a medical check-up. He had been burnt once.

Feeling relax and full from the food he bought at the deli, he was heading to work when his chef had called him. The chef had wanted to know what he wanted for dinner tonight. He hadn't received Jason's text, and he was going to the farmer market soon to pick up fresh products.

Jason decided to joined him at the market since he had free time and was picky about his ingredient. The trip had taken longer than expected.

Soon, he had one hour left for work. He hurried to complete a case that he safe at times like these. The cases were neither big or dealt with people that were harmful to others. However, they were cases that were important and needed to be completed.

After spending two hours at work, pretending to be dedicated to his job, he returned from work to find his dinner ready and Titus fed. He had asked the chef to feed the dog. He would never admit to Damian that the chef was an excellent choice. He was a cool person and an excellent cook.

After dinner, he headed to the hidden room, and observed the Robin suits behind the glass doors. He clicked his teeth in disgust. It was no doubt that he was the coolest Robin. He told the others that all the time.

Suiting up, he headed out on patrol. Patrol was different for him compare to the other Robins. After a general comb of the city, he would spend the night fighting crime while doing other criminal activities.

For example, he was currently smoking weed with a drug dealer who sold several narcotics to high school and sometimes middle school students.

After he finished smoking his blunt, he was going to kick his butt as well as the people that he worked for and send them to jail. But only after the blunt. It was good stuff. The best that he had in a long time.

He spent the night chasing down most of the drug dealers in that gang. He even packed little souvenirs to take home. It was really good stuff.

He headed to his and Damian secret spot before he headed home. He hated the spot but it was the only way that they could communicate without Dick knowing. Dick could be anal about things sometimes.

He opened the box and read the letter inside. He smirked at the content of the letter. The kid really hated the life that Dick had created for them. While he didn't disagree with the kid, it wasn't their choice to make. After Tim died, they had agreed for Dick to take the lead and they would follow and support. He wasn't necessary happy with their lives but he was content. Besides, they were doing better compare to other people with their condition, or rather circumstances as he liked to call it.

He returned the letter back inside the box. He would leave a reply later, because he knew that the kid hatef waiting.

He returned home and recorded his activities for today while smoking one of his souvenirs before falling asleep.

Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson blinked as he woke up. He had an hour and a half before he left for work. He got out of bed and opened the door. There, he was greeted by Titus. He patted the dog then walked over to his bowl to feed him.

He smiled at Damian's dog before heading to the gym. He did a workout to clear his head and prepare his heart for the day. After all, being free and being prepared mentally prevented others from high jacking his emotions.

After a good work out as he cooked a light breakfast as he listened to the Robin Log. He shook his head at their comments and activities. He didn't agree with their actions, especially Jason's. He didn't agree with how they handled situations, again, especially Jason; however, he was happy that they remained under the radar and didn't get fire from their job.

He took a quick shower after breakfast and headed to work. He had arrived there on time and greeted everyone that he passed. He even stopped and spoke to some of his colleagues.

His work relationship with his colleagues was interesting to say the least, thanks to their circumstances as Jason like to call it. Some of his colleagues detested him while other like him. However, all most everyone didn't know how to take him. Heck, he didn't blame them. He didn't know how to take himself.

He sat at his desk and booted his computer. He was working for five minutes when his partner arrived. Dick quickly held up a bag of food and a cup of coffee from his partner's favorite coffee shop.

His partner grabbed the bag and grumbled, "You know, I hate you, right?"

"I know." Dick said with a smile.

For the next ten minutes, he listened to his partner's rants about why he hated him. It was eventually cut off by the ringing of their phone. They had a new case.

His work day was spent investigating a series of home invasions and robberies, which included interview people in the neighborhood, and paper work.

He was happy that the day ended. He liked his job but he hated the process and regulations that the department had to follow. It was easier to stop crime as Nightwing.

So, when he got home, he unwound by cooking. Unlike the other Robins, he didn't like to used the chef. He preferred to make his own meals, unless Alfred was the one preparing them.

When he was finished cooking, eating, cleaning, and feeding Titus, he headed to the secret room. He scrolled inside of the room. His eyes immediately went to the Robins' uniforms as they always did when he entered.

He was tired of being one of three. He just wanted to be completed, healed as one person. As one Robin. No. As Nightwing.

He wanted his own identity. He wanted a change. However, he knew that the others wouldn't allow it, not after Tim. In fact, they would do everything in their powers to stop him if he tried. He wouldn't be surprise if that included killing him.

He sighed and put on his mask and outfit. It was no doubt by him or the others that he was the original Robin. They reminded him of it all the time, because it was his failures that led to the creation of the other Robins.

Tonight patrol was over eventful with criminal activities. Then again, it was rare that it wasn't. There was always a plethora of crimes in Blüdhaven. Damian had luck up the night before.

When he had returned back home, only after going to his secret location that the other Robins didn't know about, it was close to five in the morning. He knew that Damian would be mad that he messed up his morning routine once he woke up.

Nevertheless, he rushed to enter his activities in the Robin Log and went to bed.

Duke Thomas

Duke Thomas wasn't a Robin; his code name was 'The Signal'. He was the only friend of all three Robins. That was an honor for many reasons.

One. Dick and Jason rarely shared the same friends. When he said, 'rarely', he meant never. Their personalities and interests were too different in their opinions. Duke personally thought it was to prevent confusion. But what he did know.

Two. Damian didn't do friends. He was his friend due to circumstances rather than choice. However, he like to think that Damian really liked him, at least more than Jason. But Damian would probably kill Duke before he admitted that he liked anyone.

Three. There wasn't suppose to be three Robins. There was only suppose to be one and that was supposed to be Dick Grayson.

But there were three Robins, or rather three identities of Robin trap in one body. The two other identities were created by Dick to cope with all the torture that he suffered at the hands of madmen. The other one, the dead one, was to cope with something else entirely different.

He didn't know all the details of the events that led to the birth of the Robins, but he knew that it had left a huge effect on him and Batman. The other sidekicks from other superheroes laughed at him because of how much the Bat babyed and protected him. Even the other members of the Bat family pitied him because of Batman's over-protectiveness. They often took him out on patrol with them so that he could have more freedom.

They would be more understanding of Bruce's side if they knew what had happened to Dick. Heck, he was okay with Batman being overprotective if it meant he wouldn't end up like the only other ward that Bruce took in.

"Let me guess, you are Jason." He said from the kitchen door. He had traveled from Gotham to Blüdhaven to spend time with his friends and mentors as well as deliver a message to him from Bruce.

"Look around you, kid. What do you see?"

He looked around the kitchen to see groceries spread out on the counter and cooking utensils in his friend's hand. Next, he noticed the way he was dressed.

"You're Dick. Man, I was sure that I had it right this time."

He chuckled. "You've got to pay attention, kid."

He nodded as he grabbed a seat at the kitchen island. He had been sure that Robin was Jason today. He had stared at him for a minute before coming to that conclusion.

"What brings you to Blüdhaven? You miss my face or is Bruce getting on your nerves?"

"More like I was getting on his. He probably wanted me out of the cave to plan something top secret."

Dick chuckled. "He could do that with you in the cave."

Duke smirked. "I have gotten better at sneaking around. But seriously, he wanted me to deliver a message to you, and I missed your face."

Dick smiled. "I knew it. You can't stand being away from me."


"What's the message?"

"The League needs the original Titans back for a mission. Bruce wants-"

"No, thanks." Dick turned his back to him and started to cut up the carrots.

Duke sighed. He knew that would be Dick's answer. He knew that the Titans was a sore topic for him. He even told Bruce that, but he said that he might change his mind if he knew the next part.

"Brother Blood has been targeting Raven. It's similar to that incident from before." Duke didn't know what that incident was but it caused Dick to freeze for a moment.

"The others can handle it," he said as he started cutting the carrots up again.

"I told Bruce that you would say that."

"Enough about Bruce and the Titans. Come and help me cook dinner."

"Okay." Duke got up and off the stool. "I'll go wash my hands in the bathroom." He figured that Dick needed a moment.

Jason shook his head as Duke left. The kid really needed to follow his instincts more. He was right the first time. He was Jason, not Dick. He was only wearing Dick's clothes because he forgot to wash his.

He grabbed the Robins' phone and messaged his hook-up from the deli and told her that his little brother had shown up unexpectedly. He had to cancel. He ignored her when she texted back.

Next, he texted the chef and told him that he didn't need to come back. The chef had stepped out to go buy wine for his dinner date.

He didn't know what Dick's or Damian's replies to Bruce's message would be giving the history of what happened on the Titan, but his answer was yes. He was going.

"What do you need me to do?" Duke came back into the kitchen.

Jason looked up from his phone. "I changed my mind. Let's go out and catch a movie after grabbing pizza."