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We are Robin

Chapter 7: Who got shot in the heart?

Cyborg took a large spoon of sloppy joe and placed it between two hamburger buns. He smiled as he set the sloppy joe sandwich on a plate and handed it to a young girl. He repeated the action but this time he handed the second plate to a younger boy. They both said 'thank you' before running off.

He glanced at his left and sighed in relief; the line was finally empty. He looked at his right to see Raven handing someone a cup. He started to walk towards her as the person left that section of the table.

"Who knew that crime organizations were big on community service these days." He said as he leaned back against the wall next to Raven.

The information that Raven had on the group had led them to Montana. It appeared that the crime syndicate ran a nonprofit group under a different name, but the same logo, that worked with high-risk youth. They held community events and outreach programs each month under the disguise to improve the community youth.

Cyborg did a background check on the nonprofit group, and he had to admit that they were doing a good job. During the time that they had occupied this community, they had changed the trajectory of the youth involvement in crime as well as their future. Regardless of their good deeds, they were still a crime organization that had to be brought down.

"It's a great way to pick up new recruits," Dick responded to the statement as he smiled at the family that gave him a strange look. It appeared that he was talking to himself instead of his teammates via the earpiece in his ear as he stood at the information desk alone.

Normally, he wouldn't have been out during a mission; however, all the Robins had agreed that Damian should sit this one out. Since this mission called for good people skills, they thought that it would be best that Dick take over. Although, he promised Damian that they would switch if a fight broke out.

"You mean," Raven added, "they groom young people who are on the verge of losing hope by painting themselves as a beckon." Her eyes scanned the room, searching for any abnormities, yet so far everything appeared to be normal, including the five Titans in the room.

They were all using the holograph watch to change their appearance. They all looked like the individuals who they had knocked out and drugged so that they will remain at home, sleeping peacefully until the event was over.

She scanned the room, her eyes connected with Nightwing and immediately they went to where Starfire was located. She focused on her voice as she began to talk.

"On Tamaran, this is a common practice that we use to gain allies." She commented while her back was turned to the people that came to her booth for information about running a cosmetology business. She currently was searching for more pamphlets.

"We would observe our enemy attacking weaker planets before stepping in to save them. They would be so grateful for our assistance that they would sign treaties that were hardly beneficial to them. It's not one of my planet's greatest moments but it had helped us to win the war."

"Here, it is," She said, excited, as she turned to face the group at her booth.

Rat noises came through their earpieces. It was Changeling. He was the only Titan that was not in the room. His mission was to search the building for any suspicious activities.

"I don't know what you are saying, C, but use your human voice if you found something," said Cyborg.

They all listened carefully, waiting for him to talk, but he didn't say anything.

"Changeling, are you there?" Cyborg questioned. Rat sounds came through. "Are you okay?" More rat sounds. "Shoutout if you need help." Silence. "Okay, it sounds as if Changeling is doing good. How is it going with you, Signal?"

Signal, who was disgusted as an Italian boy, did a gesture to let them know that he was doing okay. He was talking with a red-haired woman, who they believed, based on their two-week research, was a higher up in the syndicate. They were hoping that Signal would be recruited into the group tonight or tomorrow.

"Okay, team. Even though I started this conversation, let's focus.'

No one said anything, but Raven saw them engaging more with the people around them. Her eyes briefly met Nightwing's again before he turned away to assist someone.

Suddenly, she heard a clicking noise from her earpiece. She stood up straighter against the wall that she was leaning on beside Cyborg.

"Relax," Cyborg said, causing her to look at him. "I turned off our mics" She raised an eyebrow, causing him to answer her silent question 'why'. "I wanted to ask if everything was good between you and Nightwing. The vibe between you two had been off since the meeting in Georgia."

Her mind flashed back to the moment that Nightwing had cornered her in the hallway after the meeting.

"Raven," Nightwing called out behind her. She turned and waited for him to reach her. Titus waited beside her. When he reached her, he was about to speak until he saw Starfire and Changeling walked by.

When they were farther away, she asked, "What is it?"

"The question that you were going to ask me in the medical bay. I want to answer it." Her body stiffened as she waited. "I meant what I know you thought that I meant." His masked eyes stared at her. "I'm interested in you. I know that my timing is off, giving the situation, but I wanted to let you know clearly."

Her mouth opened and closed. She repeated this a few more times before she fell on the statement. "I don't know what to say."

"Say that you are interested in me too."

"Nightwing." Raven stepped back that the sound of Starfire's voice. They both turned to face her. "Signal is up and hungry. I was wondering if you wanted me to heat up your dinner as well." She walked closer to them with a smile.

"Sure, I will come with you." He said before speaking directly to Raven. "Let's finish this conversation later."

It had been two weeks, and they haven't picked up the conversation yet. And she was confused by it. Not because she didn't know how to reply to him but because of his behavior. Sometimes, like today, it seemed like he was waiting for her answer. Other days, it was as if he was oblivious to the bomb that he had dropped on her.

A relationship between them could be a complication for the team since there were some who were unease about having him back on the team. There was also the fact that Starfire still had a crush on him. Then, there was his strange essence. All was a good reason to say no to him.

Nevertheless, she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be with him again, to actually date him.

She shook her head mentally. Her life was endangered; she didn't need the stress of a complicated relationship. She was going to tell him that she wasn't interested. It was for the best.

"No, Nightwing and I are fine."

Cyborg studied her for a moment. "Okay, that's good. But if for some reason your fine turn to bad, tell me and I will handle it."

Raven smiled at Cyborg. "Thanks for always having my back."

He smiled back. "No problem. Besides, I know that you have mine too."

"I'm in." Signal said. "It's going down tomorrow night." He was pretending to be on his cellphone as he waved to a group of kids his age. "Plan 'take-down' is officially activated."

"That felt wonderful," Starfire, who was back in her normal appearance like everyone else, declared as they walked back into the common room of the Montana hideout.

This hideout was similar to the one in Georgia. There were no windows or mirrors, and it was located underground. Yet, unlike the other one, this one had an Earthy feeling to it. The majority of the furniture was made out of wood.

They smiled at her as she pivoted on her feet to walk backward. "I think that when this is all over, I'm going to start my nonprofit. I had forgotten how it felt to give back to the community."

They all nodded in agreement. It did feel good to be of service to people directly and to interact with them. When they were team, they used to do community service in Jump City all the time. It was to let the people know that they weren't some unreachable heroes that they saw when there was crime.

"I think that would be a great idea, Star," Signal said. While he hadn't done much community service as Signal, he had as Duke Thomas, especially when he used to live together with his parents.

"As long as there are no kids involve, I will support your idea," Raven said dryly.

There was a small altercation between two children at her section of the table, which led to juice being poured in her hair. "I'm going to take a bath and mediate heavily." She walked around the group and headed to the bath area. Titus, who was waiting for them, followed her.

"Oh! Friend Raven, let us enjoy the wonderful spring together." Starfire said, flying to catch up to her. Another pleasant feature of the hideout was that there was an underground hot spring.

The guys watched them go until Changeling pushed through them and hopped over the back of the couch to sit down. "The game is about to start." He exclaimed as he grabbed the remote.

Cyborg and Dick moved to the couch to join him; however, Dick stopped when he noticed Signal walking toward the hall, where the living quarters were.

"You're not going to stay and watch the game."

"Nope. I was actually assigned homework after I told our beloved mother that I didn't want to eat his cucumber sandwich anymore."

"No," Dick's masked eyes and mouth widened in disbelieve. "You didn't."

"It came out by accident."

Everyone in the bat family knew that Alfred was sensitive about his cucumber sandwiches. They all ate it and pretended to like them even though they were truly awful.

"What is he making you do?"

"You don't even want to know, but I have to get it done by midnight, which is going to take me that long to complete it."

"If you need help, let me know."

"No thanks. I've seen your grades." Signal teased.

"Funny. Well, don't let me hold you up. I will bring you a late-night snack later on." They already had dinner outside before coming to the hideout.

"Thanks," Signal said as he turned to head to his room.

Nightwing traipsed to the couch and sat down on the right of Changeling. A commercial came on and Cyborg got up to get some soda and popcorn, leaving Changeling and him alone.

"You're still a big Stag fan?" Nightwing asked Changeling.

Changeling glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. He didn't want to talk with him any more than he had to. He wasn't like the others, who talked with him freely. Then again, they didn't know about the monster lurking underneath the surface like he did.

"Yeah." He gave a short answer.

"You need to switch team to the Tigers."

"I haven't been trying to tell him that." He was happy that Cyborg came so that he could ignore him. "Steele City Tigers are going to beat Star City Stags."

As he and Cyborg talked, Changeling observed him. He hated him because he broke their team trust as a leader. He wanted him gone from the team. He was not meant to be trusted.

The Next Night

The group watched as Signal shook the red-haired woman's hand and entered into the building. He was disguised as the Italian kid from yesterday.

"Signal, if you need help, give us the word and we will be there in a heartbeat." Cyborg said through their earpieces. They all were in a tall, abandon building that allowed them to see the other building that he entered. They all watched through the windows.

"I doubt that he would need help. This watch works like a charm and our plan is airtight." Changeling said with a confident that Damian didn't share.

Something in his gut was telling him that something wasn't right. It didn't matter how logical or illogical something may seem; he always listened to his gut.

"I should be in there too," he whispered. He would have been if he hadn't made a reticent agreement with Dick that he would listen to Cyborg.

"Don't worry. He will be fine." He turned to face Starfire. She was smiling at him. He was never a big fan of her like Dick and Jason were; nevertheless, he always found her smiles relaxing and reassuring. "I'm sure that he won't even need help.

"Well…." Signal's hesitant voice came through their earpiece. "I'm not saying that I need help, but…a little assistance would be nice."

"What's wrong?" Damian asked as the uneasy feeling came back to him.

"I just walked into a trap. They knew that we were coming."

"Impossible. Are you sure?" Changeling asked.

"About twenty-six guns were pointed at my head as soon as I walked in the room. I'm pretty sure."

"How are you-?"

"Wait," Signal cut Changeling off. "Their leader wants me to relay a message." They all were quiet, and their heart fluttered as they waited for the message.

"Wow, that was surprisingly short," Signal said. "Most bad guys have this long draw out speech." Pause. "Sorry," he said to the leader. I'm relaying the message now. So," he spoke to the Titans, "they want us to handle over Raven, and they would let the rest of us go. If not, they will take Raven by force, and the rest of us will die."

The team looked at one another. They weren't going to hand over Raven. That wasn't an option; however, they had to think of a plan to get Signal out of there.

"Signal, listen to me," Cyborg commanded. "We are-"

"Hello, guys." They all heard Signal speak in their earpiece. "Hello, guys. Can you hear me?"

"Signal, can you hear me?"

"Wait," Signal said, "I think there is something wrong with my earpiece."

Cyborg looked down at his arm to get information on Signal's communication device that was built inside of his helmet. From what he could tell, there wasn't a technological reason why he couldn't hear them. Cyborg lifted his head up. "He should be able to hear us."

"No," they heard Signal say, "I'm not toying with you. There is something wrong with my mic or something. This puts us in a blind…I mean, bind…if I can't deliver your message. "

Damian smirked at his purposely made mistake. He knew what Signal was planning to do. "Everyone, listen up. He is-"

"What do you mean that they got my message?" Signal asked the leader. "Oh, your spy that is in the same building that they are in can hear what they are saying. Oh, in that case…"

They heard shouting from their earpieces as they looked around the room that they were in. They were all in a circle with their backs toward each other.

"I don't see anybody." Starfire's eyes shifted side to side, searching for the spy in the room.

"Someone needs to help Signal," Raven commented. Her eyes were moving as well.

"He will be alright. He was trained to fight a myriad of enemies by himself." Damian was getting irritated. They had walked into a trap and couldn't find the enemy. This was not an ideal situation.

"I got a visual on him," Cyborg said.

"Where is he?" Changeling asked. He shifted his weight from the right to the left. Although he has been in several fights, he always got an unsettling feeling in his stomach just before one began.

"He is running down the stairs." Cyborg was using his RF-Pose technology to see the man run hurriedly down the steps.

"You mean, he is running away from us?" Changeling asked, confused.

"Yeah, he's-" Cyborg noticed a strong heat signal coming from his left, a floor under them. He gulped. "Oh, shoot. There's a bomb under us." They turned to look at him, unsure if they heard right. "Run! There's a bomb."

As they started to run, the bomb went off, and the floor collapsed. The original Titans fell four floors down. Rubbish piled on top of them.

Everything was silent. Dust clouded the room. Night sounds entered more freely into the building thanks to the large opening in it.

"Hi, guys," Signal whispered softly. "I was able to escape, but these people are no joke. I think, I can use that assistance now.

"Sorry, kid," Cyborg replied. "We got caught in an explosion."

"Is everyone okay? No one is dead, are they?"

Cyborg scanned the room. He detected heat signals and strong heartbeats from everyone. "I'm not sure if they are okay, but they are alive. If you can, find your way over here. If not, hide until I come and get you. We are on the defense now that we are four Titans down.

"Three Titans down," Jason grumbled, pushing the rubbish of him. He sat up on the damaged floor. One knee was propped up and the other was folded down, knee pointing to the right side. One hand rested on the knee that was pointed upward as he pretended to catch his breath.

"Are you okay?" Cyborg asked, looking at the disheveled Nightwing.

"Yeah. Body feels fine." He answered. One of the advantages of having multiple personalities was when one got knocked out, another one could take over quickly with new energy. Thus, the Robins were rarely left in a vulnerable state. "Three Titans downs. Three Titans up. You ok?" He nodded toward Cyborg.

"Okay enough to kick some butt."

"Good to hear."

Cyborg nodded his thanks before he started to talk in a hurry. "Listen, we have to try to wake the other sup. If we can't or if they are injured, then we have to be prepared to move them." He got up and started to remove the rubbish where he scanned the body heats and heartbeats. Jason got up as well to help. Cyborg pointed to another person to help.

"We have to move fast," Cyborg continued. "That bomb was meant, at maximum, to injure us so that we can't be mobile. If they want Raven, they will be back for her soon." As soon as the words left his mouth, they could hear footsteps coming.

"Great," commented Jason. He started to dig through his pile faster.

"Ditto, here." Signal said from his position. "It looks like I'm done hiding." They heard a series of noises and painful sounds.

"Kid, what is going on over there?" Jason moved faster. He didn't like their odds.

"Sorry, I can't talk right now. I can barely breathe with these guys coming after me. I-"

Silence followed and an eerie feeling settled in Jason's heart. "Kid!" He shouted as softly as he could. "Signal!"

"He's offline." Cyborg informed him. His worry for the kid was increasing with each second. And the sounds of footsteps coming closer wasn't helping. He took a deep breath and continued to focus on the rubbish in front of him. He hoped that Signal would manage on his own until they got the others somewhere safe.

Cyborg paused as he saw Starfire's face appear from behind the stone. "I got Starfire." He started moving the other debris off her when Nightwing came up beside him.

"Perfect," Jason said, kneeling down beside him. "You got our heavy hitter." He reached inside his pocket located around his wrist and pulled out a small vile. He placed it under Starfire's nose. They watched as her face bunched up and she slowly opened her eyes.

"How do you feel, Princess?" Jason asked.

Starfire smiled. She liked it when he called her princess. Focusing on the situation, she moved different parts of her body. "Good."

"Great!" He beamed at her, causing her heart to thump.

"They are already up." The trio turned to the voice at the door to see a group of people with guns aiming at them.

Starfire shot a green light out of her eyes, causing the doorframe to collapse. It created a temporary barrier between them and the group.

"You two handle this," Jason ordered. "I'm going to find Signal."

"No problem." Starfire stood and flew to where the group was.

Jason turned to Cyborg and handed him the vile. He stared into his eyes. "Please, don't let anything happen to Raven."

"I wouldn't dream of it."

Jason nodded before shooting a grabber through the building's hole unto the next building. He left as Cyborg worked on saving the next person.

"So, we walked into a trap," Changeling recapped. "Got hit with a bomb, lay unconscious under a pile of rubbish, and got up and still beat the bad guys' butts. Did I mention that we were outnumbered?" Changeling smiled as he told the shortened version of the events to a beautiful, female cop.

Signal turned his head from Changeling to observe the scene. His eyes briefly drifted to Cyborg and Starfire, who were also talking to two cops, before taking in the whole scene.

Cops were everywhere. They moved to collect evidence from the crime scene and questioned the criminals. The majority of the criminals were captured; unfortunately, the red-haired woman Chelsea wasn't included.

"We were lucky." He commented as he stood in the middle between Jason and Raven. They already gave the cops their statement.

"We were." Raven agreed. Had they not woken up or were injured in the explosion, this encounter could have turned out differently.

After Cyborg had woken them up, they were able to defeat the group that had entered into the building before going to search for Nightwing and Signal, who were able to control the situation before they had arrived. They were able to apprehend many of the criminals. However, they weren't able to gain any more information about the group. They were back at square one.

"Because they knew that we were coming." Jason added as his eyes traveled over the other Titans. Someone was leaking information. That was the only explanation. Dick and Damian didn't think so, but he did. This was why he hated working in teams that he wasn't used to or didn't have a strong connection to. You never knew who you could trust.

"Raven," Jason addressed to her. "Have you noticed any strange behavior from the others since you came back from Metrion?"

Her eyes narrowed at what he was implying. She trusted her friends. Although they weren't close as they were when they were younger, they still had a solid friendship, unlike the one they had with Nightwing. Besides if she had to answer honestly, Nightwing was the person who had been acting weird the most. His weirdness was subtle; nevertheless, the change in his essence always alerted her when a difference was likely to occur.

"No," she answered. "I know that you have been disconnected from us for a while but everyone who is on the team is trustworthy."

"I just had to-" His words were swallowed up in his throat as he fell to the ground. When he glanced up, his world slowed down.

Where he had been standing, now stood Signal with a hole in the middle of his chest. Blood poured out of it. He watched as Raven caught him as he fell backward. He heard feet running and people screaming as he moved his head along the trail where the bullet could have come from.

There, it was. A glimmer on the window.

Jason stood up. And as his world moved slowly, his brain worked fast. He used to hate spending time in the Batcave because Batman used to leave him there when he wasn't the 'original' Robin.

He would spend time there, wishing, hoping, and praying that Batman would let him join him. That Batman would accept him as Jason. He never did.

Nevertheless, while he was waiting in the Batcave for Batman's acceptance, he spent his time going through villains files on the computer. And the file that currently came to mind was the one on Mirror Master.

How to stop Mirror Master: Stay away from mirrors and windows. If you couldn't, find the mirror that he would likely appear from next. As he came out, destroy the mirror so that it would take him a while to reform himself back together. During that time, capture him.

The hardest part of that plan was finding where he would appear from. Yet, it seems that luck was on Jason's side.

He spotted it easily. He could see the window that Mirror Master was going to appear from. The window was off to the side of the building, where no one would look. He waited for Mirror Master to get halfway out of the window as he continued to look straight ahead. When he was halfway out, he turned, drawing a gun from his back and shooting the window, shattering the glass.

He ran to where he struggled to reform himself. Once he got there, he pointed his gun at a wide-eyed Mirror Master's face.

"I hope that you realize the mistake that you just made," Jason said, "and understand the choice that I'm making." He pulled the trigger. But his shot missed as he was knocked off his feet.

"What's wrong with you?" Changeling yelled over him after morphing from a ram.

Jason ignored him and observed the spot where Mirror Master should have been. He was gone, and his world moved at normal speed once more.

He got up and pushed Changeling aside, running toward Signal. "How is he?" He asked, almost choking on his word at the sight of his friend.

"He can make it, but we need to get back to the hideout now." Raven said with Cyborg and Starfire standing next to her.

Changeling came up behind him as he said, "Let's go." Raven created a wing of black light to cover them, and they were transported to their hideout's medical bay.

Starfire observed Nightwing pacing back and forth in front of the medical bay, where Cyborg and Raven were trying to save Signal's life.

She knew for a fact that this was the version of Nightwing that Batman had spoken of. He wasn't like the normal Nightwing who was calm and collective, even under the direst of situations. This Nightwing was a ball of emotional baggage. The emotion that he appeared to favor was anger.

Starfire jumped at the sound of Nightwing slamming his fist into the wall again. He had done that several times since they had returned. He would pace up and down the hall, sometimes yelling at himself or mentioning the things that he would like to do to Mirror Master. When he wasn't pacing, he was punching the wall. He rarely stood still.

"Dude, chill. You are scaring Starfire, and you are giving me a headache." Starfire turned her green eyes to Changeling, who was beside her, leaning against the wall as he sat on the floor.

She didn't think that it was a good idea to speak to Nightwing in the state that he was in. She didn't know what this Nightwing would do.

"You should be lucky that you have a headache and not a bullet through your skull for letting Mirror Master escape." Jason stopped punching the wall to address him. Outside playing video games and watching movies, Changeling had always been his least favorite Titan.

Changeling stood up from the ground, ignoring the pleading look from Starfire to remain quiet. He was tired of pretending to be nice to him. Tonight, he had shown his true face. He was happy that everyone was there to see the monster that he truly was. Hopefully, he could kick him off the team.

"I would like to see you try." Changeling walked towards Nightwing.

"Oh, that won't be too hard to arrange." Jason met him halfway, letting his anger and frustration rule him. He pulled out his gun and pointed at him.

"Friends, please, let's calm down." Starfire entreated.

"Starfire," Jason said, "I suggest that you back up. The way that I am feeling now, I might point this gun at you as well."

Starfire and Changeling were both shocked by his statement. "You would really point a gun at Starfire.

Jason tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. He would point a gun at anyone, except for Alfred. He meant the cat, not the person. "Starfire, back up." He pronounced each syllable carefully.

She backed up, unsure of how to deescalate the situation.

"You're crazy. And when did Batman start hanging out with people who carry guns."

"First, thank you for the compliment, and second, Batwoman and I carry guns. Although, we use foam baton bullets." While the other Robins hated the use of guns, sticking to Batman rules, he didn't mind them. He preferred them over other weapons. However, all Robins took the other Robins' choice of weapon with them when they were on the field. It allowed everyone to fight comfortably encase of an emergency.

"Any projectile bullet can be harmful, if not deadly, at the right angle and range."

"Good. Then, I don't have to explain to you how painful this will be if you don't back down." Changeling stared at him. Jason smirked and turned off the safety. "I hope your insurance policy is good."

"What's going on here?" The trio turned to see Cyborg at the door of the medical bay.

"Nothing." Jason turned the safety back on and placed the gun back on his back. He traipsed to Cyborg. "How is he?"

Cyborg's eyes were filled with sadness. "Nightwing, I'm sor-"

Jason pushed pass him to entered the room. But he stopped as memories bombarded him.

How many times have he seen this scene? A friend, a loved one, or himself lying on a hospital bed. Machines attached to their weakened body.

He blinked. He saw his younger self on the bed. Bones and joints broken. Bruises all over. It was the night that Joker had left him for dead.

He blinked. Bruce was on the bed as Alfred attended to him. He wasn't sure if Bruce would ever get up on his own again because Bane had broken his spine.

He blinked. Barbara was on the bed, crying in silence. Joker had taken her legs and clipped her wings. She would never be the same again. Just like him.

He blinked. Raven's tortured body appeared to be lifeless on the bed. After being kidnapped for so long, she returned like this.

He blinked. Sheila Haywood. A woman that had connected with and touched Dick's soul. She was like a second mother to him. And even after she betrayed him to the Joker, he loved her still, they loved her still. She lay in the bed, barely breathing.

"Nightwing," He blinked and saw Signal on the bed. He turned to Raven, who had placed a hand on his shoulder. A worried expression graced her face. "We did the best that we could. He is stable but I don't know how long he will…. remain asleep."

"Thanks," he choked out the words. "Can you give us a moment?" He didn't wait for an answer. He allowed his feet to carry him to Signal's bedside.

There, he grabbed Bruce's hand. He grabbed Barbara's hand. He grabbed Raven's hand. He grabbed Sheila's hand.

He blinked. He was holding Signal's hand.

"Hi, Kid." He gulped. "That was a crazy thing that you did back there. Real crazy. You are making me look bad here." He took his free hand and wiped his face. "But that doesn't matter right now. What matters is that I owe you. Since Dick is getting you a car for your birthday, I will buy you your own boat. I know what you are thinking: A boat. Who wants a boat? I'm telling you, kid. You want a boat. It will be a great place to escape from Bruce and your cousin when they get on your nerves. You can also take the ladies there. Trust me; a ride in a foreign car plus a ride on a boat will make any woman want to spend more time with you. Trust me; I know from experience. So, I need you to wake up so that we can pick out a boat that matches your style. We need to order it before your birthday, so wake up."

He felt himself squeezing Bruce's hand. Bruce squeezed his hand back. Barbara squeezed his hand back. Raven squeezed his hand back. Sheila's hand laid limp in his hand, just like Duke's. He heard the buzzing noise as her heart stopped beating.

"Hey, kid!" He yelled. He dropped Signal's hand and grabbed both of his shoulders. "I said wake the heck up. Don't you want me to buy you a boat? If not a boat, a car or anything else you want. Just wake up."

He was shaking Duke furiously just as he had shaken Sheila. He couldn't understand why they wouldn't wake up.

"Nightwing, let him go." Somewhere in the dark tunnel that he was in, he heard Raven's voice, but he couldn't let him go. Signal had to wake up. He just had to. If he was gone, who would he call 'kid'? Who would he talk to as only Jason? Who would he steal the Batmobile with to go on joy rides? Who would be his friend? A friend whose was Jason, not only Nightwing's?

"Kid, wake up." He shook him until he felt a pressure on his neck and his world went dark.

When he came to, the other Robins were standing over him in the library of Wayne's Manor.

"What happened?" Damian asked. "Were we able to get them?" He was curious to find out what happened after the bomb exploded.

"Jason." His eyes connected with Dick's soft blue eyes. "What's wrong? Did something bad happen?"

Tears poured down his eyes as he answered, "I killed Duke."

Raven rolled out of the bed. Her feet touched the floor, causing Titus to stir. "Go back to sleep." She told the dog. The dog's eyes remained open, tracking her movements, but he didn't get up to follow her out the door. She headed to the kitchen for a cup of tea. She needed it after the dream that she had.

The dream was full of sadness. She had observed Nightwing, the guy with the white patch of hair, and the guy with green eyes mourning. They were all in a huge library. The green-eyed man had sat on one couch by himself. His arms held his legs to his chest, and his eyes peeked out from over his knees. He watched as Nightwing comforted the other guy, who rested his elbows on his knees and hands were in his wild hair.

She could hear Nightwing telling him at someone named Duke was going to pull through and that he wasn't going to be like Sheila. He shook his head and told Nightwing that he didn't know that for sure. He said that it was all his fault just like it had been with Sheila.

Their pain had been too agonizing to watch. She was happy to wake up.

Raven paused on her journey to the kitchen in front of the open door of the control room. She moved closer to look at the live footage of the medical bay. Nightwing was sitting in a chair similar to how the green-eyed guy in her dream had. He watched over Signal.

She was happy that he was still like this compare to earlier before she had forced him to sleep. She had been surprised at his behavior. She had never seen Nightwing like that. And the fact that he had pointed a gun at Changeling was out of character for him. She along with the others had a meeting to vote if he should remain on the team. It was voted three to one that he would stay as long as he would apologize to Starfire and Changeling.

She sighed and continued her journey back to the kitchen, wondering what had made Nightwing behave differently.

Damian stared at Signal. He was an idiot. He was going to make sure that he was aware of that when he woke up. If he woke up.

He had listened to Dick telling Jason words of positivity earlier, but he wasn't sure if he believed them. He had looked at Signal's chart. He was lucky to be alive. If it wasn't for Raven's magic, he would have been dead.

He just prayed that he would wake up.

His head lifted up and he twisted his head to the sound of the opening door. Raven walked in, carrying two mugs in her hands.

"Here." She handed him a mug. "I thought that you can use this."

He looked down at the mug of hot chocolate before taking it. He watched as Raven used her magic to relocate a chair beside him. He sipped his drink while she sat down.

"Are you here to scold me for what I did earlier?" Jason had informed him and Dick about his behavior earlier. They both weren't pleased, but they knew how Jason expressed his emotions.

"No." She sipped her tea. "Maybe tomorrow. Right now, I think that you can use a friend."

"You are right; I can use a friend." He placed his mug on the table before dropping his head to his knee. "However, my best friend is in a coma. My only friend is in a coma."

Like Batman needed a sidekick, the Robins needed Signal. He was the only true friend that all of them had. A friend who saw each one of them as an individual and accepted them for who they were.

"I didn't realize that you two were close, giving the age gap."

"Age doesn't matter when you are a part of the bat family. Having someone that you can trust to watch your back was all that matter, along with someone that can keep your secrets."

"We may not know all your secrets, Nightwing. However, we are your friends. No matter how much time passes or how many guns you point at us."

He chuckled, watching her. "I'm sure that Changeling would disagree with you."

"Maybe, but you are my friend and you always will be." He frowned, causing her to frown. "What? You don't want to be my friend?"

He uncurled himself from his ball and sat up straight. "Raven," he said in a serious matter. "Ever since you handed me my fifth cup of hot chocolate, I never thought of you as a friend."

His words hurt her. After all that they been through together, how couldn't he see her as a friend? Besides, he said that he liked hot chocolate.

Maybe, he didn't. She thought, glancing at the mug on the table. He had only taken a few sips.

"I don't want to do this to a friend." He grabbed the back of her head and gently pressed his lips to hers. He pulled back and panic at the sight of a wide-eyed Raven. "Sorry, was that weird?" He asked. "Of course, that was weird." His face turned red. "I kissed you in front of my friend, who is in a coma." He stood up from his chair. "Sorry." He grabbed his mug and left the room.

A shocked Raven stared at the closed door. "You are weird," she whispered, "but the kiss was nice." Her fingers touched her lips. His lips were as soft as she remembered. She sighed. Nightwing didn't play fair.

He walked into the room where the three supervillains were with two of his followers. His eyes observed the hatred in each one of them before they landed on Mirror Master.

"Mirror Master, I heard that you shot a young kid today and that he might die." Blood and Chang looked between the two, wondering where this was going.

"Sure did. One of Batman's kids. I caught them by surprise although I was aiming for Nightwing. Nevertheless, I got one. But I have to admit that I was surprised when he pointed a gun at me."

"I see." He walked closer to the villain. "Well, I'm surprised as well that you didn't obey my orders."

"What's the problem? A bat clone is gone. It will make our goal easier to achieve." Mirror Master shrugged.

He smiled. "The problem was that wasn't my order." He quickly pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. Blood and Chang didn't flinch. They had seen this before with others that didn't obey his orders.

"Sorry for the disturbance, Brother Blood and Professor Chang. Please, continue to enjoy your evening." They said nothing, preferring not to talk with him.

He left the room, unbothered by this, with his two followers, carrying Mirror Master's body. They took an elevator and walked up stairs to the rooftop where a helicopter was waiting.

"Wallers, I hope that you are having a better evening than I am." He greeted the director of the Suicide Squad as his followers loaded Mirror Master into the copter.

"I haven't had a good evening since I started serving my country. Too many fires to put out. Is the bomb already implanted?"

"I'm sure that you will find that it's in place when you check." He smiled at her.

"Good, you can expect your followers to be released in a month or two. Any quicker, the League and the government will be breathing down my neck. But I can only release half."

"I figured you would say that." He reached in his coat pocket, but she didn't flinch. She had been working with the man for a while now. He would never harm her. If he did, however, a very fascinating email would be sent out to a man that would be highly interested in him.

"Here." She took the paper that he gave her and read over it. She looked up at him when she was done and placed it in her pocket. "If this is true, I will make sure that all of your followers are release."

"I will be looking forward to it. Have a safe flight." He waved good-bye as she walked to the copter.