I decided to call The Tramp "Butch" in this one because he needed a real name and I thought it suited him in the movie. Enjoy!

Lady didn't understand why her parents were acting the way they were. Sure she had heard rumors of parents treating their adoptive children in horrible ways but Jim and Darling were not like that. They were brushing her off, their tempers were short, Lady just didn't understand it. She at first credited it to their trip coming up but it wasn't just that.

She had been living with them for over half of her nineteen years now and they had never treated her that way. She was sitting outside under her favorite tree, careful not to dirty her favorite gold dress with the blue trim. She took such pride in it that she even had a matching blue headband holding back her wild, curly brown hair. She was sitting outside trying to read a book, but her thoughts were far away. She decided she needed a walk, so she did just that, strolling down the sidewalks in her neighborhood.

"Miss Lady!"

She turned around slowly, seeing two of her neighbors, Mr. Trusty and Mr. Jock walking up to her side by side.

"We saw ya walking lass. Mind if we join you," Jock asked. Lady shook her head politely.

"Not at all, please."

They fell into step on either side of her.

"You seem troubled, lass."

"I am, Jock. It's Jim and Darling."

"What's on with them now?"

Lady took a deep breath, her gaze focused on the ground beneath her and the edge of her dress. Jock and Trusty were her closest and only friends. They were much older than her and much wiser. She looked between the older wrinkled man and the short, moustached Scott.

"They've been acting very odd towards me. Their tempers are short and they are acting cold towards me. Like their minds are a mile away."

"How so, Miss Lady," Trusty asked, adjusting his hat.

"Well, Darling was knitting yesterday, some little socks much too small for her own feet, and when I asked her if she would like to go on a walk with me, she snapped that she wouldn't dare."

Lady watched her friends share a knowing look.

"Why, Jim and Darling are having a baby, lass," Jock exclaimed in excitement!

"A baby? Really," Lady asked. She looked eagerly between them. They nodded. Lady gave a little chuckle and a small hop of excitement. "Oh, a baby! I'm so happy for them! I can't believe it!"

"Congratulations, Miss Lady," Trusty gave her hand a small shake and Lady carefully embraced him, and then Jock.

"I must go talk to them immediately!"

And Lady did just that. She rushed home as quickly as she could while still behaving dignified. She walked in through the front door, immediately beginning to search the house for her adoptive parents. She heard voices coming from the parlor and she headed that way. She heard her name and she stopped dead.

"But what are we going to do about Lady, now that we have the baby," she heard Jim ask.

"We love her don't we?"

"But we love our baby too."

"You're right Jim, dear"

"She'll just have to find another place to stay."

Lady felt her eyes widen and her heart drop. Couldn't they have both? Didn't they love her?

"When will we break the news to her about the situation?"

"Jim, dear, she'll be crushed."

"Nonsense, she'll get over it. Besides, we need the room."

"Okay, we'll tell her after our trip."

Lady couldn't stay for the rest of the conversation. She rushed upstairs to her room, immediately beginning to pack up her things. Her dresses, her shoes, her gloves, anything that she couldn't bear to part with. She took all of her savings and stuffed them into her pocketbook. She couldn't stay there. It was clear they didn't want her. She didn't want to but she didn't want to wait until they had to force her out. Her mind was clouded with emotion and she most certainly was not thinking right.

She left the house without saying a word to Jim or Darling. She was an adult, she could brave the world by herself, or so she thought.

"There he goes, the Tramp."

Butch was used to hearing himself be called that. Especially by husbands and women of a particular profession. He adjusted his suspenders and pushed his hair back out of his face. It was so blond it was practically gray. He felt it made him look older. On this particular day he was looking for something to drink. He was especially parched after his previous evening spent with some of his friends.

He decided to go to a nearby bar, he knew the owner and she could hook him up with a drink. She owed him.

He walked into Peg's Bar and he sat down on the last seat on the counter. Peg walked up to him, blowing a piece of hair out of her face.

"What can I get for you, Tramp?"

"The usual. Put it on my tab," he gave her a suggestive smirk and she chuckled a little bit.

"Will do."

As she left to get his drink, Butch caught his reflection in one of the bottles on the shelves. He had a dirt spot on his cheek. He spit on his revealed forearm, careful to avoid his good blue shirt which was pushed up to his elbow, and rubbed at his cheek. There. All gone.

As Peg set his drink down, he heard the door to the bar open and caught the reflection of a woman in his glass. He turned sharply. He almost had to do a double take. She was beautiful. The most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Her brown eyes were massive, light freckles covered her face and her brilliant curly brown hair was held back out of her face by a blue headband. He had to check to make sure he wasn't drooling like a dog over her. She looked young but he knew she definitely wasn't a child. His years of sleeping around had taught him how to spot a minor. The girl looked rich judging by that dress she was wearing. She practically smelled expensive. She had a suitcase with her which caught him off guard though. Where was she going? And what was something that looked like that doing in his neck of the woods? The longer he studied her, the harder he could feel his heart beat.

She walked right up to the bar and began talking to Peg.

"Do you know where I'd be able to find a cheap place to stay tonight? I don't have much."

Butch felt his chest throb especially hard when he heard her voice. It was beautiful. He simply had to approach her.

He made his way next to her and interrupted Peg.

"Hey, Peg, get her one on me."

Peg rolled her eyes.

"Might as well have something, sweetie," she told the beautiful young lady. "He can help you. He knows this town better than anyone."

The girl sat down, setting her suitcase on the ground.

"Thank you, sir but-"

"Call me Butch."

She sighed.

"Thank you Mr. Butch but I don't need a drink, I just need to know a place to stay."

Butch sat down next to her. He leaned one of his arms on the counter, turning to face her.

"Are you knew here? Little Pigeon in the big city?"

"Ah no, sir-"


She stuttered for a moment as she collected her thoughts. He could tell she was getting flustered. He didn't know if he found it amusing or cute.

"Butch. I simply have no place to go and I need somewhere to sleep. Now that is certainly none of your business so if you could point me in the direction of a safe yet cheap place to stay, I would be very grateful and on my way."

Butch was just so fascinated by her. Clearly this place was new to her but she was definitely from around here. The accent and the clothing made it clear. For some reason, he didn't feel his usual urge to bed her and then leave before morning like he did with every other girl. Instead, he wanted to help this beautiful girl and keep her safe. So he did just that.

"Two blocks down, on the left, there's a pretty good inn. You'll be safe there."

"Oh thank you very much," she said cheerfully, grabbing her suit case.

"Stay safe, Pigeon."

She stopped.

"My name is not Pigeon. It's Laverne Archambeau."

Butch was shocked that she gave her name out so easily. He was more so shocked that it was Laverne Archambeau.

"Anything else I can call you?"

"Well..." she said as she began walking away, "my friends call me Lady."

As she left, Butch decided that he was going to stick with Pigeon.

"You take a liking to that one," Peg asked sarcastically. "Like all the others?"

"What are you talking about Peg," Butch asked.

"Come on, Tramp," the bar owner whined. "We all know you have a liking for ladies."

Butch couldn't help but feel like this one, this Lady, was different.