In the sunny skies, Donna was on an NSA plane, cleverly disguised as a LADUWS private jet. "I get to guess star on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick: Australia" exclaimed Donna, "This is going to be the best Australian trip ever.

Accompanying her was, Big Bird, Barkley, Rocket, Animal, Baby Groot, Emma, and Bailey "Australia! Australia!" shouted Animal as he ate his giant peanut bag.

"Easy, Animal" replied Emma, "Save some peanuts for the rest of us."

"Come on, Em" replied Bailey, "We got pies and we all know Animal will just gobble them in one bite."

Donna had a key lime pie, Emma had a lemon meringue pie, Bailey had a chocolate cream pie, Rocket had a blackberry pie, and Big Bird had a banana cream pie.

As they were enjoying the pies, one of the agents carried a trashcan, "Looks like we have a stowaway" he said as a familiar green Grouch popped up

"Oscar?" asked Donna, "What are you doing here?"

"I heard you guys were going to meet the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra on the set of Let's All Dance Until We're Sick."

"Being on LADUWS is not the only thing" Donna replied, "Before I left, Princess Celestia and Cresselia told me that the Rainbow Serpent has been missing. Over the past few days there has been a drought in Australia."

"I hate to burst the crootaken dehydration lecture" replied Rocket rudely, "But what the crootaken is a Rainbow Serpent?"

"From what I know" answered Donna, "The Rainbow Serpent is a magical snake that bonds with the sun and it controls the waters around Australia, dating back to the aboriginal days Down Under. It had four colors representing each season. Blue for winter, red for summer, yellow for spring, and orange for autumn."

"What about green and purple?" asked Rocket."

"For me" answered Donna, "I guess it represents the balance between seasons"

"I Am Groot(Me too)" Groot replied.

"We all know that the wielder of The Amulet of Harmony can handle these sort of things" Emma replied, "She told me that Lilo once saw Fenghuang in China and Kaguya Hime in Japan."

"That's right" replied Donna, "Now we better sit down, we're about to land soon"