Tribe is many families all together in one tree. Elders, parents, children. What has been, what is, and what is far.

Ket Halpak knows this well. She was one of the lucky ones, she'd been born free from cages and pool stink and fear cries. Her husband, Jara Hamee was as well. Jara's father was Seerow Hamee.

Seerow the Free Maker.

Seerow learned the Way of War from his father, Dak Hamee who was seer. Dak Hamee who saw it from the dust demons and the evil arn and the yeerk slavers. Her second father believed that Dak's soul weeps among Mother Sky's flowers because the path he saw was filled with pain for their people. If her second father-father did weep, Ket Halpak had no sympathy for his sadness. She'd heard her Jara tell the story many times; Dak was a seer, yes, but he'd been a child who knew little of life before the war. Dak had never been a healer like her mother Toth Halpak or her mother-mother-mother-mother Kin Nipak and seen the terrors that plagued the tree people. Many terrors almost as bad as the dust and the cages.

But Seerow was not bothered by the what ifs of a seer.

The yeerks took him as a child, surrounded by dust and screaming his sadness, as the story goes. But he escaped by the time he was grown. He watched. He listened. He freed others.

Jara and Ket will watch. They will listen. They will free their people.