Hey everyone i'm back again with a new ideals as with this one where harry potter went to find Hermione alone after hearing about the troll and gained new power,and I have a ideal to have the weasely to become Harry's guardian in the first year,also this is going to be a harry x hermione fanfiction Why? Because harry and Hermione together warm my heart much more than harry and ginny not that I hate hinny or anything it's just that I like harmony better that's all, and plus I'm going make be ginny be a little sister to harry, also as some of you guessed harry new powers is to morph wolf warrior(the red Korrag from power rangers mystic force).

Dumbledore will be helpful in this

Admittedly I wanted do kamen rider ooo but it didn't feel quite right so I kept thinking about the what would work and I found the wolf warrior ranger was better choice,and harry also has a ancient mystic mode but won't be able to use until later.I have plans making Neville Longbottom the Solaris knight, Luna lovegood the Shinning moon warrior and, Hermione Granger as the snow/ice Sorceress (the white ranger from power rangers mystic force).Luna first form will the Shinning moon ranger made by Greencosmos80 and moon warrior as her ancient mystic mode.I may need some help trying find a ancient mystic mode for Hermione since white mystic ranger don't have one but I might use coven Lissandra design from league of legends for that(edit: channing it to ice queen from Yu-Gi-Oh)

Also here's little warning: Ron won't be a good guy in this story plus I'm giving him the power to morph into zeltrax(from power rangers dino thunder).I'm also going to tranform Voldemort into Imperious design and there is another student that well morph into Necrolai.

Also sorry making any characters too ooc

I may make this m rated later .

Disclaimer: i don't own power rangers or harry potter.

Let the story begin.

In the great hall of hogwarts 1991,OCTOBER 31.

"where's hermione?" Harry Potter asked his housemates as he didn't see the bushy haired witch any where at the table or anywhere in the great hall.

Neville Longbottom was the one answer "Parvati Patil said she won't come out of the girls bathroom and Parvati said she been there all afternoon crying."

Harry looks towards Ron with a face of concern, Ron look back at him still eating and shrugged his shoulders with no care and brought his focus on to his plate of food.

Harry also looked down on his own plate in deep thought as he thinks back to all the awful things that Ron had said to hermione despite the fact that she tried to help him in charms class, harry hung his head in guilt due that he never did anything too stop it despite knowing what it's like , but that stops now as he close his eyes and sigh, he got off his seat and reopened his eyes with new fire of determination in them.

"Hey mate, where are you going?"Ron said looking up to the unruly haired boy"the feast isn't over yet."

"I'm going check up on hermione" Harry said as he started make his way towards the entrance but stop when the youngest son of the weasely decided to be a git.

"But why?, no one is missing the friendless know-it-all, whose only good for doing some else's homework when they pretend to be her friends ."Ron said to harry as harry began to frown and glare at Ron along with the other gryffindor that he didn't seem to have noticed as continued say "come on mate, sit down enjoy the feast and hey maybe let's be friends with her so she can do our homework."

Harry continue too glare that red haired boy closing his shaking fist tightly"well Ronald," Harry spat"I'm going see if she's okay and apologize to her, also she does have friend,me!"

Before Ron could reply Professor Quirrell staggeringly ran into the great hall looking terrified he screaming "troll! Troll! Troll in the dungeon!" the stuttering professor muttered "thought you ought to know" than fainted on the floor. The students begin to panic until the the headmaster stop them "SILENCED!" Albus Dumbledore yelled at the students then calming told them" Now I want all students to follow your head of your house to your common room, I want the perfects to help their fellow students there while the other teachers deal with the situation at hand." with said the students and the treacher begin to do what the headmaster instructed.

'Hermione!'Harry thought very worried'she doesn't know about the troll!' Harry ran to the hallway to find Hermione'I have to warn her.'running as fast as he possibly can to the girls bathroom.

Ten minutes later in the girls bathroom

hermione was getting out wooden stalls sniffling and wiping tears from her red puffy eyes. Hermione eyes widened in surprise when the bathroom doors flung as harry rushed in the bathroom out of breath"Hermione! There you are." Harry said happy to see her safe.

"Harry what are doing in here and whats happened?" Hermione asked her housemate in confuse why he seems relived to her.

"their's a troll in the castle hermione and headmaster had instructed the students to go our dormitories while the other teachers deal with the situation and as for why I'm here i didn't see you during the feast so I asked if anyone had seen you Neville said you were here," harry explain what going on, then with a guilty look said "crying, so I kept thinking back about all the things Ron had said to you ,and I hated it but did not do anything about it." Harry looks towards her then sigh " because I was afraid of losing the first friend I ever made and when i hear you were crying it made me realised that Ron wasn't any better than my cousin dudly who treat me like a punching bag for as long as I can remember, so before hearing about the troll I was going to check up and apologize to you," the green eye wizard said as the bushy haired witch look at him with unreadable expression "and I was wondering if you were okay with me be friends with you?" Harry asked with a small hopefully smile but doubt she'll be his friend after doing nothing to stop Ron in first place.

To his surprise, Instead of words of rejection the bushy haired witch leaped towards him with a bone breaking hug"thanks you, harry it means alot that to me that you came here to warn me, I also accept your apologie, and yes I love to be your friend." Hermione said with big smile showing harry her teeth to him while her teeth were tad big but harry couldn't help but to like her smile and her hugs and hope to see them more often in future.

They separate after a few seconds"come on, we better get to the common room before something bad happens."Harry said happy that hermione forgive him and become his friend. as he made his way out of the girls bathroom with hermione to his right, but they stop in terror as they we're met by a twelve feet,Gray, thousands pounds troll with club at the exit looking right at them,Then troll then swing it's at them "Get down!"harry yelled snapped out of his frightened state as he pushed hermione and himself to the floor barely dodging the swing across.

"You ok Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, thanks harr-BEHIND YOU!"Hermione yelled as she sees the the troll's club swing downward towards them, our green eyes hero turn around and took out his wand and point it at the club in hope of something happening.

As the club was a just inches way from harry's wand "mysticum clypeus!" He yelled as the tip of the wand begin to glow as a red magic circle (a/n: think of Korrag's magic circle but red) appear between the two and sent the troll flying into wall next to bathroom entrance.

Hermione eyes widened in shock as she looked at harry who wand

this not the end of the chapter but i do want to tell you guys & girls somethings.

First of all is because I'm still trying to figure somethings out for the story like for the other characters and such.

Also Neville will not at first get the train Zord or magic lamp blaster he will get them later in the story.

I also have idea to make hedwig combined with hermione like Korrag and Catastros.

Codathewizard:first of all i would like to thank you for review especially for the suggestion about hermione and hedwig combined form and thanks for the vampire idea. harry will have the ancient mystic phoenix mode and Catastros, and yes when Voldemort is revived he will take form of Imperious, now for Ron will be able to turn into giant and have zeltrax ship to assist him in battle in sky and maybe later on combined together to form zelzord, also when Neville gains magic lamp blaster he will have jenji with it.

I'm also thinking about using the four founders of hogwarts items, like the Gryffindor sword , Hufflepuff cup, Ravenclaw diadem and, Slytherin locket as power ups, the sword for Harry, the cup for Neville, the diadem for Luna and, the locket for Voldmort, as for Hermione I might use something like book and quill and says it's from Dagworth-granger family.