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"Stupid clock." Mumbled a teen, as he sat up in bed.

The teen had bright, spiky blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and three unique whisker marks on each cheek.

This was Naruto Uzumaki.

Getting out of bed, Naruto went to the bathroom to take a shower, and get dressed in the uniform of his new school, Domino High.

Once he was finished, Naruto headed downstairs, where he saw his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Along with his little sister, Shio Uzumaki, who had the same red hair as their mother, but blue eyes like him and their father, were already up and having breakfast.

"Morning." Naruto said, getting his families attention.

"Good morning, birthday boy." Said Kushina, smiling at her son, with Naruto pausing for a moment, as he remembered that today was his Sixteenth Birthday.

"Happy Birthday, Nii-san!" Shio said, getting up and hugging her brother, which Naruto returned smiling at his sister, before she handed him a present.

"Here, I got this for you, I hope you like it." Shio said with a smile, while Naruto patted her head.

"If it's from you, then I'll love it." Replied Naruto, while opening the present, seeing that it was a long-sleeved dark blue jacket, with black stripes and edging, along with amber jewels on the elbows, shoulders, and on the high collar.

Naruto whistled in amazement at the jacket, as it was definitely a cool one, that he'll enjoy wearing.

"Thank you, Shio, this is really great." Naruto said, smiling at his sister, with Shio beaming that he liked her gift.

"Here's mine, Happy Birthday, Naruto." Minato said, while giving his son his own gift.

Taking the gift, Naruto opened it, and saw it was a small black case that he could attach to his belt. Opening it, Naruto was confused, when he saw it was filled with a bunch of cards.

"What're these?" Naruto asked, taking out a few of the cards, and seeing some that depicted various warriors and beasts, while some that were colored green or purple, only had scenes on them.

"They're Duel Monster Cards. It's a game that's becoming quite the hit with people, recently." Minato answered, figuring with how popular Duel Monsters has become, it'd be something that Naruto could learn to play, himself.

"Huh, it looks pretty cool." Said Naruto, putting the cards back in his case, and attaching it to the back of his belt.

"And of course, saving the best one, for last." Kushina said, while handing Naruto her own present.

Taking it, Naruto opened the case, and was surprised when he saw a golden ring resting within it, with a ruby in set within the center, and a few smaller ones around it. He could also see the Eye of Wdjat inside the main ruby, as well.

"Isn't this yours, Kaa-san?" Naruto asked, having seen his mother wear the ring a few times before, while Kushina nodded.

"It's actually a family heirloom, having been passed down through my family for generations. Now I'm passing it on to you, Naruto." Replied Kushina, Naruto looking at the ring, before taking it out, and sliding it onto his right ring finger.

Though the moment it was on his finger, Naruto's eyes widened for second, as the ruby on the ring glowed brightly for a second, before turning back to normal.

'What…was that?' Naruto thought, blinking in confusion, as he looked at the ring, wondering about the strange sensation he felt, when he put it on.

Looking at his parents and sister, Naruto smiled in thanks for their gifts, before sitting down to have some breakfast.

Once he had finished eating, Naruto had said his goodbyes, before leaving to get to school. Thankfully, it didn't take long, until he arrived and got his schedule, before heading to class.

After arriving, Naruto was told where to sit, by the teacher. Looking at who he was sitting next to, Naruto was surprised at seeing just how short his desk neighbor was. But the craziest part was his hair, that spiked and was colored blonde, black, and magenta.

"Hi there, my name's Yugi Muto." Said the tri-colored hair kid, while holding out his hand, which Naruto shook.

"Nice to meet you, Yugi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto replied.

"Likewise. These are my friends, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Téa Gardner, and Miho Nosaka." Yugi said, while gesturing to the four other teens.

"Hey, how's it going." Joey said, with a smirk.

"Hi there." Said Tristan.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you." Téa said, while smiling.

"Hello." Said Miho.

"Hi, nice to meet you all." Naruto replied, while smiling at the group.

"So, do you play Duel Monsters, Naruto?" Yugi asked, having noticed the Deck Case that Naruto has.

"I actually just got that, today, as a gift from my Tou-san, so I haven't played, nor do I really know the rules." Naruto answered.

"Oh, well if you want, I could teach you how to play, after class. My grandpa taught me how to play, so I know the rules and how to play." Yugi offered, with Naruto nodding in thanks.

"Sure, that sounds fun." Replied Naruto, before their attention turned to the teacher, when they started speaking.


After class had ended, Naruto and Yugi had gone over to a table, and pulled out their decks. While Joey, Tristan, Téa, and Miho gathered around them.

"So, do you know anything about Duel Monsters?" Yugi asked, wanting to see if Naruto had any prior knowledge of the game.

"No, I just learned about it, after getting these cards." Replied Naruto, with Yugi nodding in understanding.

"That's fine. It's actually pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. Each duelist first draws five cards at the start of a duel, then they each take a turn that's divided into their Draw Phase, Standby Pase, Main Phase 1, Battle Phase, Main Phase 2, and End Phase. The Draw Phase is where you just draw a card from you deck, at the beginning of your turn. The Standby Phase more or less a break, between the Draw Phase and Main Phase 1, though some card effects do activate during it. The Main Phase 1, is where you set up your field like summoning a monster and using Spell Cards. The Battle Phase, is where you attack your opponent's Monsters, though you can't attack on the first turn. The Main Phase 2, is where you set up your defenses, and prepare for your opponent's turn. And the End Phase, is where you end your turn, and then your opponent goes. Understand, Naruto?" Yugi asked, with Naruto nodding slowly, as they each drew five cards from their decks.

"Yeah, I think I understand it." Naruto replied.

"Cool, then all that's left, is to start." Said Yugi, as both boys smirked at each other.



Several months have passed, since Naruto entered Domino High, along with meeting Yugi and his friends, having become great friends with all of them, and since he started playing Duel Monsters. And Naruto had to admit, he's come to really enjoy the game, even having made some improvements to his deck, and added some new cards, as well.

Currently, the group were standing around a table, with Yugi and Joey going against each other in a duel, with Yugi having been teaching Joey how to play.

"Hey Joey! Earth to Joey! Hey, are you in there, man? It's your turn." Yugi said, given it's been Joey's turn for a while, and he's yet to make a move.

"Ummm..." Said Joey, looking at his hand intently, before gasping, when Tristan wrapped an arm around his neck.

"Oh, isn't he cute, when he's thinking?" Tristan teased.

"Hey Tristan, Yugi here's teaching me how to play Duel Monsters." Joey said, having wanted to learn to play, after seeing how much Naruto and Yugi played it.

"Drooling Monsters?" Tristan said, confused for a moment.

"Duel Monsters, Tristan, the game Yugi taught me to play, remember." Said Naruto, while standing beside Téa and Miho.

"Yeah, ya nimrod. Now be quiet, I'm thinking here." Joey said, while looking back at his hand.

"They've been at it for hours. Joey's starting to get the hang of the game, but Yugi's like an expert." Said Téa.

"Okay Yugi, get a load of this!" Said Joey, while summoning Kagemusha of the Blue Flame, in Attack Mode.

Kagemusha of the Blue Flame

Attribute: Earth

Level: 2

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Warrior

Card Text: Serving as a double for the Ruler of the Blue Flame, he's a master swordsman that wields a fine blade.

ATK/800 DEF/400

"Pretty good move, huh, Yugi." Joey said, while smirking, as Yugi nodded with a smile, before drawing a card.

"Yup! Pretty good move, but not, good enough." Yugi said, while summoning Blackland Fire Dragon.

Blackland Fire Dragon

Attribute: Dark

Level: 3

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Card Text: A dragon that dwells in the depths of darkness, its vulnerability lies in its poor eyesight.

ATK/1500 DEF/800

"What?! Thanks a lot. A card that powerful totally wipes me out." Joey said, knowing he just lost the duel, with that monster being summoned.

"Whoa, you stink at this game, Joey." Tristan commented, only for Naruto to whack him on the head.

"He's just started learning to play, while Yugi's been at it longer, than both of us." Said Naruto.

"Yeah, and you did fine, Joey. I just have better cards. See, my Grandpa owns a game shop, and I get all my best cards from him." Yugi said.

"Your own game shop. What're we waiting for? Let's go!" Said Joey, eager for the chance to get some new cards for his deck.

"Okay, maybe I could even get my Grandpa to show us this super rare card, he's got." Yugi said, having heard his grandfather mention his rare card, that he never took out.

Unknown to the group of friends, someone overheard what they were talking about. That someone being Seto Kaiba, the CEO of KaibaCorp. With Kaiba not caring about what a group of losers were talking about, only paying attention, at the mention of a rare card.

'Rare card? Could they have found the card that I've been searching for?' Kaiba thought, doubting it was the card he's looking for, but he also couldn't take the chance that it was, and he ignored it.


"Grandpa? I'm home." Yugi said, as he and his friends entered his grandfather's game shop, with his grandfather, Solomon Muto, standing behind the counter.

"And I see you've brought company." Solomon said, while smiling at his grandson, and his friends.

"Gramps, could you show my friends your awesome, super rare card?" Yugi asked, hopefully, with Solomon perking up at the mention of his most treasured card.

"Rare card? My special card? Hmmm..." Said Solomon, while thinking it over.

"Please! Please!" Said Yugi, while clapping his hands together.

"Pretty please?" Joey said, with a respectful bow, also wanting to see the card.

"Hmmm...Hah hah! How could I refuse?" Solomon said with a smile, not minding showing them his card.

"You kids are in for a treat. I don't take this card out, too often. Ready? Here it is. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so rare, so powerful, I never let it leave my hands." Solomon said, taking out his rarest card, and one of the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters.

"Awesome!" Joey said, amazed at the cards power.

"Wow." Said Naruto, after seeing how strong the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is.

Though to Solomon's horror, Tristan then grabbed the card out of his hand.

"It doesn't look all that special to me..." Tristan said, not seeing the big deal about the card, only for Solomon to quickly take it back, while Miho hit Tristan on the arm.

"Tristan! You shouldn't just grab something like that, especially when it's something important to someone else." Miho chastised.

"Correct, young lady. And this card is priceless. There are only four of them in all the world." Said Solomon, though that wasn't what he cared about, what he cared about was that it was given to him by his close friend.

"Speaking of priceless, I'm ready to trade!" Joey said, eager to see what other cards he had here.

"Not for this card." Stated Solomon, thinking Joey wanted the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"Huh? Nah, I didn't mean that card. I meant, show me some other cool cards to get me started." Joey clarified, not even thinking of wanting the card, after seeing how important it was to Yugi's grandfather.

Hearing this, Solomon nodded, and was about to pull out some other cards to show them. Though before he could, everyone's attention turned towards the door, and saw Kaiba standing there.

"Hello, can I help you?" Solomon asked, with Kaiba making a "Tsk" sound, now fully doubting that the card he was looking for, was here.

But on the off chance it was, he came prepared.

"If you can't, it certainly wouldn't surprise me." Kaiba stated.

"Seto Kaiba!" Yugi said, surprised at seeing him of all people, here.

"What's someone like you doing here?" Naruto asked, narrowing his eyes, while getting a bad feeling from Kaiba.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I came to see the card." Retorted Kaiba.

"Hey, are you into Duel Monsters, too? This is perfect. Maybe we could all duel together, sometime." Joey said, smiling at meeting someone else who plays Duel Monsters, as well.

"Me? Duel you? I'd have more of a challenge playing solitaire." Said Kaiba, scoffing at the idea of dueling any of them, as he walked into the shop.

"What?" Joey said, upset at how Kaiba had just brushed him off, when he was just trying to be nice.

"I am the number one ranked duelist in the country, and the favorite to win the Duel Monsters Championship. Hah, you wouldn't last two minutes in a duel against me." Kaiba stated, with Joey now getting angry.

"Ooh, I'm shaking. Maybe you'd like to settle this with fists, instead of cards." Retorted Joey, now wanting to punch Kaiba in his face, before Yugi stopped him.

"Whoa! Take it easy, Joey." Yugi said, not wanting his friend to get in trouble, by attacking the wrong person.

"But Yugi, Kaiba's asking for it." Said Joey, before Naruto put a hand on his shoulder.

"Yugi's right, relax Joey. Besides, it's not worth it." Naruto said.

"Now does this shop have any worthwhile cards, or not?" Said Kaiba, wanting to get this trip over with, before more of his time is wasted.

Only for his eyes to widen, when he saw the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card in the case, on the counter.

"Can it be? The Blue-Eyes White Dragon in a dump like this?" Kaiba said, not believing he's actually found the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon, here of all places.

"Well, enough window shopping. Is there anything else I can help you with?" Solomon said, while closing the case, not liking how Kaiba was looking at his card.

Growling, Kaiba slammed his briefcase on the counter, startling Solomon, before looked in shock at the contents. With it consisting of rows upon rows of Duel Monster Cards.

"Listen to me, old man. Gimme your Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card, and I'll trade you all of these." Kaiba said, willing to give any amount of cards, as long as he got that Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"Whoa!" The others said, amazed at all the cards.

"Ahh, nice. But, no thanks." Solomon said.

"Nngh. Fine. If you won't trade, maybe you'll sell it. Name your price. I can pay anything, you ask." Said Kaiba, refusing to give up, until he had the card.

"I'm sure you could. But this card is worth more than you could ever offer. Not because of its power, or because it's so rare, but because of what it means to me. This card was given to me by a dear friend of mine, and so I treasure this card, as I do that friend. So parting with it is completely out of the question." Solomon said, knowing it wasn't the power or rarity of the Blue-Eyes that made it valuable to him, but because of who gave it to him, while Kaiba couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"No!" Kaiba growled.

"You'd feel the same, even if it were a common card, right Grandpa?" Yugi asked, with Solomon nodding at his grandson's words.

"Exactly. You see, this precious card has bonded with my heart." Solomon said, as Kaiba slammed his briefcase closed.

"Fine! I've heard enough of your nonsense. Senile old fool." Kaiba sneered as he left the shop, though swore he would get that Blue-Eyes.

Though Naruto watched Kaiba, leave with narrowed eyes.

'He's not going to stop, until he gets that card.' Naruto thought, knowing that someone like Kaiba was used to getting his way, and when he didn't, he'd lash out, until he got what he wanted.

But not if Naruto had anything to say about, as he'd make sure Kaiba wouldn't get that card.

*Timeskip-One Day*

The next day, Solomon had started cleaning up the shop in preparation to open for the day. When he heard the door opening.

"Good morning. Hmm?" Solomon said, while looking over his shoulder, only to frown when he saw three men wearing suits, and could guess their intentions weren't good.

"My master, Seto Kaiba, challenges you to a duel. You may come with us now." The short lackey said, with Solomon turning to face them.

"And if I were to, decline?" Questioned Solomon, but figured they wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

"I'm afraid I must...insist." The lackey said ominously, as the other two thugs stepped forward.

'Young Kaiba doesn't understand. But I'll teach him a lesson about the heart of the cards.' Solomon thought, refusing to be intimidated, and was more than willing to teach Kaiba a lesson about respecting the heart of the cards.

Nodding, Solomon went and grabbed his deck, along with the case containing his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Not wanting to risk Kaiba sending someone to steal it, when he leaves.

With that Solomon followed the three lackeys to their car, that drove towards KaibaCorp. When they arrived, they took an elevator to one of the top floors, where Kaiba stood, waiting for them.

"Ah, Mr. Muto, so kind of you join me for a duel." Kaiba said, while smirking sinisterly.

"Not like I really had a choice. And this is what you wanted, correct?" Said Solomon, while holding up the card case.

"Yes, but I like to think I'm a fair man. So rather than just take it, I'm going to win it a duel. You against me, with the winner getting the losers rarest card. In other words, the winner will have all four Blue-Eyes White Dragon Cards." Kaiba said, while pulling out the three Blue-Eyes White Dragon Cards he's recently obtained, with Solomon frowning at seeing the other three Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

"So, that's why you want my card. You want to make sure it can never be used against you." Said Solomon, given the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was one of the strongest cards in the game, and just having one could make a duelist nearly impossible to defeat.

"So do you have a brain old man, just not when it comes to a good deal, like yesterday. Now, show me the Blue-Eyes White Dragon." Kaiba demanded, wanting to make sure he actually brought it with him.

Nodding, Solomon opened the case, only to be shocked and worried when he saw that his Blue-Eyes White Dragon was gone, and instead was replaced by a note. Grabbing the note, Solomon opened it, to find out who stole his card.

Though when he read it, Solomon couldn't help, but laugh at seeing what happened.

"What're you laughing about old man?! And where's the Blue-Eyes?!" Kaiba demanded in anger, only for Solomon to hand him the note.

"It's for you." Said Solomon, as he grinned at Kaiba, knowing that his reaction will be priceless.

Snatching the note, Kaiba looked at it to see what it said, only for his scowl to darken at seeing who left it.

Dear Rich Brat,

If you're reading this, then I was right, and you tried to steal Yugi's grandfather's Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card. But if you want it so bad, you could always try dueling me, unless you're scared, Mr. Number One Duelist.


Naruto Uzumaki

P.S. Sorry for stealing your card Mr. Muto, but I didn't want you to end up losing it to Kaiba, and never seeing it again. I'll make sure to return it, after dealing with Kaiba.

"Uzumaki!" Kaiba growled, while crumbling up the note, while Solomon chuckled lightly at how Naruto outsmarted Kaiba.

Normally, he'd be angry over someone stealing his Blue-Eyes Card, like that. But he couldn't help, but praise Naruto for his quick thinking, and making sure Kaiba couldn't get his hands on it. It made him glad that Yugi has found such a good friend.

"Would you like us to go get him, Mr. Kaiba?" Asked one of the lackeys,

"Tsk, no. Tie up the old man, and I'll make sure Naruto is brought here, myself." Kaiba said, swearing to make Naruto pay for this humiliation, and get that Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

*Later-With Naruto and Co.*

After school ended for the day, Naruto, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Téa, and Miho headed for the Game shop.

"Hey Naruto, Yugi, Joey. Do you think you'd be able to teach me how to play Duel Monsters?" Miho asked, interested in learning to play Duel Monsters as well, since the game seemed really fun.

"I could teach you!" Offered Tristan, while smiling at the chance to impress Miho.

"You don't even play Duel Monsters. You didn't even say the name right, yesterday." Joey stated, with his words making Tristan faulter, while the others laughed.

"And yeah, sure Miho, we could teach you." Yugi said smiling, with Miho nodding in thanks.

It wasn't long, until they arrived at the Game shop, and went inside.

"Okay Gramps, I'm back to get more cards. Hey, hey Gramps!" Joey called out, eager to see what other cards he had, only for them to be confused, when they didn't see Solomon behind the counter.

"Grandpa, I'm home." Yugi said, thinking he was in another part of the building, but didn't get a response, making him worried of where his grandfather is.

"Maybe he...went out?" Téa suggested.

"Maybe. But why would he leave the door unlocked?" Joey muttered, while frowning.

Before anyone could say anything, the phone starting ringing, with Yugi answering it.

"Hello. Game Shop." Yugi said

"Ahh, Yugi. Perfect."

"Kaiba?!" Said Yugi, now suspicious of why Kaiba was calling, while his grandfather was gone.

"Your grandfather's here visiting, but he's not feeling well. Why don't you come by my office, and pick him up."

"Kaiba! What've you done, Kaiba?!" Yugi demanded, only for Kaiba to hang up.

Hanging up the phone, Yugi quickly ran out the shop, with his friends following after him, knowing Kaiba was involved in Solomon's disappearance, after that phone call.


After arriving at KaibaCorp, the group took an elevator up the floor, where Kaiba was waiting for them. Upon their arrival, they saw Kaiba and his lackeys waiting for them, along with Solomon tied to a chair.

"Grandpa! Kaiba, let my grandpa go, now!" Yugi shouted, angry at seeing his grandfather tied up.

"Fine, I already have what I want, anyway." Kaiba said, motioning his men to untie Solomon, who walked over to his grandson and his friends, once he was free.

"Grandpa, are you alright?! Are you hurt?! Why did Kaiba do this?!" Yugi asked worried for his grandfather.

"I'm perfectly fine Yugi. As for why Kaiba did this, he wanted my Blue-Eyes White Dragon. But your friend here seemed to have outsmarted him." Solomon said, looking at Naruto with a chuckle, making the other looking at the whiskered blonde, who pulled out Solomon's Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card, shocking them.

"Naruto, you stole that?" Yugi asked, though he wasn't really upset, since given the circumstances, Yugi realized that Naruto had predicted what Kaiba was going to do, and outsmarted him.

While stealing someone's cards is usually looked down upon, in Duel Monsters. They could understand that right now, it was a necessary evil.

"Yeah, given how Kaiba was trying to get it, I doubted he would give up until he had it. So I took it so he couldn't take it." Naruto said, since while Yugi, Solomon and the others weren't angry, he still felt that he needed to explain himself.

"You're right, I wouldn't stop until I get that Blue-Eyes. You taking it was just a minor setback. And you said if I wanted it, I had to duel you, then alright let's duel." Kaiba said, eager to get the Blue-Eyes card, and pay Naruto back for the humiliation.

"I'll duel you, but not for the Blue-Eyes, since it's not mine to wager." Stated Naruto, only for Solomon to put a hand on his shoulder.

"Naruto, I'm giving you permission to use the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. You're quick thinking is what made sure Kaiba didn't get it, and that makes you the best choice to show him the power of the Heart of the Cards." Solomon said, with Naruto looking at him in surprise, before nodding, as he looked at Kaiba.

"Alright, I hope you're ready to duel, Kaiba." Said Naruto, before Yugi stepped forward, as well.

"I hope you don't mind, if I join in." Yugi said, wanting to duel against Kaiba, as well, for kidnapping his grandfather.

"Hmph, fine. If you want a Tag Duel, then you'll have one. Meet my sister, Rin Tohsaka." Kaiba said, as a door opened behind him, and out walked a girl their age.

Rin had aqua-colored eyes, long wavy black hair in twin tails. Her attire consisted of a red turtleneck, a black skirt, and long black socks, under brown leather flats.

"Sister?!" Joey said, surprised that Kaiba had a sister.

"That's right, she was adopted alongside my younger brother and I, by the late Gozaburo Kaiba. She's also the number 2 Duelist, in the country. The only reason why our familial connection isn't that well known, is due to her refusing to take our adoptive father's last name." Said Kaiba, as Rin smirked at them.

"Hope you're ready to lose." Rin said.

"Bring it, sweetheart." Retorted Naruto.

"Yugi, take my deck and teach these youngsters what it means to respect the Heart of the Cards." Solomon said, handing Yugi his deck, with the tri-colored hair boy nodding in determination.

With that, Kaiba and Rin guided Naruto and Yugi into a large stadium, with the Tag partners both going to two pods that rose into the air. While Solomon, Joey, Tristan, Miho and Téa, stood in the stands, on the side.

"I designed this virtual stadium, myself. Impressive, hmmm? I think you'll agree, it adds a bit more life to the game. Given this is a Tag Duel, each side will have four thousand Life Points, and the team to hit zero first, loses. Are you ready to play, losers?" Kaiba said, while smirking.

"Play-time is over, Kaiba." Yugi said, then to the surprise of Naruto, Kaiba, Rin, Solomon and their friends, Yugi's necklace, the Millennium Puzzle, started glowing.


'What is that?' Naruto thought in shock, when he saw Yugi was suddenly taller, and his expression has become more stern.

'That's one of the-' Thought Rin in shock, now recognizing what was around Yugi's neck.

"What the-" Kiba said, not sure what as to make of what he just saw.

"Now, Kaiba, prepare yourself, because it's time to duel." Yami said.




"My move! And I'll start by summoning the mighty Hitotsu-Me Giant!" Kaiba said, and much to Naruto and Yugi's surprise, Hitotsu-Me Giant suddenly appeared in the arena.

Hitotsu-Me Giant

Attribute: Earth

Level: 4

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Beast-Warrior

Card Text: A one-eyed behemoth with thick, powerful arms made for delivering punishing blows.

ATK/1200 DEF/1000

"Woah! Real Duel Monsters!" Joey said in shock.

"This is…amazing." Said Solomon, awed at seeing Duel Monsters come to life.

"He's brought the monster on the card to life." Said Yami, shocked at what he was seeing.

"This…just got a lot harder." Naruto said, with his eyes wide open, not sure what to make of this.

"It's my virtual simulator. It creates life-like holograms of every Duel Monster. And now, you'll experience dueling, like never before." Kaiba said, before ending his turn.

"Alright my turn! And I'll summon forth Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress!" Said Yami, as the blue dragon appeared on his and Naruto's side of the field.

Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Card Text: A dragon commonly found guarding mountain fortresses. Its signature attack is a sweeping dive from out of the blue.

ATK/1400 DEF/1200

"Now go Fireball Attack!" Said Yami, as his dragon unleashed a fireball, destroying Kaiba's giant, and lowering his and Rin's Life Points.

S/R-4000 – 200 = 3800

"Seto, Rin! Are you guys alright?!" Said Mokuba Kaiba, Rin and Kaiba's younger brother, as he came running out.

"We're fine Mokuba, just stay back." Rin said, before drawing a card, and smirking at what she had.

"First, I play the Spell Card, Heart of the Underdog. Now every time I draw a Normal Monster, I get to draw again." Said Rin, while playing her Spell Card.

Heart of the Underdog

Card Type: Continuous Spell

Effect: During your Draw Phase, when you draw a Normal Monster(s): You can reveal it; draw 1 more card.

"Now, I summon Ruby Dragon in Attack Mode!" Rin said, while summoning a large dragon, covered in rubies.

Ruby Dragon

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Card Text: A very beautiful dragon covered with ruby. It does not like fights, but has incredibly high defense power.

ATK/1600 DEF/1200

"No destroy their Winged Dragon!" Rin commanded, as Ruby Dragon roared, and unleashed a red blast that destroyed Winged Dragon, and damaged Naruto and Yami's Life Points.

N/Y-4000 – 200 = 3800

"I end my turn." Rin said, while smirking.

"Okay, my draw then." Said Naruto, while drawing a card.

"I play my own Spell Card, Graceful Charity letting me draw two cards, at the cost of sending two to the Graveyard." Said Naruto, as he played his own Spell Card.

Graceful Charity

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards.

"Now I'll summon Thunder Dragon in Attack Mode." Said Naruto, as the large green, serpentine dragon appeared on the field.

Thunder Dragon

Attribute: Thunder

Level: 5

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Effect: You can discard this card; add up to 2 "Thunder Dragon" from your Deck to your hand.

ATK/1600 DEF/1500

"Now, I activate the Spell Card, fissure, to destroy Ruby Dragon, and end my turn." Said Naruto, as a large fissure formed, with a hand coming out of it, before pulling Ruby Dragon into it.


Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Destroy the 1 face-up monster your opponent controls that has the lowest ATK (your choice, if tied).

"I draw!" Kaiba said, while drawing a card and adding it to his hand.

"Now I summon Saggi the Dark Clown, in Attack Mode!" Said Kaiba, as the large clown appeared on the field.

Saggi the Dark Clown

Attribute: Dark

Level: 3

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Spellcaster

Card Text: This clown appears from nowhere and executes very strange moves to avoid enemy attacks.

ATK/600 DEF/1500

"Saggi? But that monster hardly has any Attack Points." Yami said, while frowning.

"True, my clown might not be able to destroy your friend's Thunder Dragon, but with this, it will be. Go, Negative Energy Generator!" Said Kaiba, while playing a Spell Card.

Negative Energy Generator

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Select 1 face-up DARK monster you control. Triple its original ATK.

Saggi the Dark Clown: ATK/600 DEF/1500 – ATK/1800 DEF/1500

"Now, Dark Clown, attack with Dark Light!" Ordered Kaiba, as Saggi launched a blast of dark energy at Thunder Dragon, destroying it and lower Naruto and Yami's Life Points further.

N/Y-3800 – 200 = 3600

"Alright, my turn again." Yami said drawing a card, and adding it to his hand.

"I set one monster facedown, and end my turn." Said Yami.

"Then it's my turn. And look at that, I drew a Normal Monster, so that's another card for me." Rin drawing one card, then drawing another, thanks to Heart of the Underdog.

"Now, I summon Luster Dragon in Attack Mode." Said Rin, summoning a dragon identical to Ruby Dragon, but covered in sapphires, instead of rubies.

Luster Dragon

Attribute: Wind

Level: 4

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Card Text: A very beautiful dragon covered with sapphire. It does not like fights, but has incredibly high attack power.

ATK/1900 DEF/1600

"Now Luster Dragon, attack the set monster!" Rin said, with her Luster Dragon roaring, and blasting the set monster, which was revealed to be Big Shield Gardna.

Big Shield Gardna

Attribute: Earth

Level: 4

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Warrior

Effect: During either player's turn, when this face-down card (and no other cards) is targeted by a Spell Card: Change this card to face-up Defense Position, and if you do, negate the Spell Card's activation. If this card is attacked, change it to Attack Position at the end of the Damage Step.

ATK/100 DEF/2600

"Not so fast, My Gardna's Defense is higher than your dragons Attack. So he's safe." Said Yami, as Gardna's shield withstood the attack, while Rin and Kaiba's Life Points lowered.

S/R-3800 – 700 = 3100

"Tsk, maybe, but now he's forced into Attack Mode." Rin stated, as Gardna stood up from his kneeling position.

"Okay, my draw." Said Naruto, drawing a card, and saw what he had, before smirking.

"I play the Spell Card, Silver's Cry." Said Naruto, Rin and Kaiba's eyes widening at the Spell Card, and knew what it did.

Silver's Cry

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Target 1 Dragon Normal Monster in your GY; Special Summon that target. You can only activate 1 "Silver's Cry" per turn.

"And with it, I'll bring back Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Said Naruto, as the mighty dragon appeared on the field, giving a loud roar.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Attribute: Light

Level: 8

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Card Text: This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.

ATK/3000 DEF/2500

"What?! When did you send that to the Graveyard?!" Rin said, before her eyes widened, remembering the two cards Naruto sent to the graveyard for Graceful Charity.

"I see you remember the cards I discarded with Graceful Charity, with Blue-Eyes was one of them. But that's not all, now I play the spell card Sharing the Pain, do you mind Yugi?" Naruto asked, as he played the spell card.

Sharing the Pain

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Tribute 1 monster; make your opponent Tribute 1 monster (for no effect).

"Not at all, Naruto." Yami said, knowing that with Big Shield Gardna now in attack mode, they were now open to take major damage.

With that, Naruto and Yugi tributed the Big Shield Gardna, forcing Kaiba and Rin to tribute one of their monsters. With them choosing Saggi the Dark Clown.

"And since I special summoned Blue-Eyes, I can still summon a monster, and I choose my Alexandrite Dragon." Naruto said, while summoning a Dragon with dark-green, almost black, multicolored jewel-covered scales, a white under belly, grayish-violet wings, and amber eyes.

Alexandrite Dragon

Attribute: Light

Level: 4

Card Type: Normal Monster

Monster Type: Dragon

Card Text: Many of the czars' lost jewels can be found in the scales of this priceless dragon. Its creator remains a mystery, along with how they acquired the imperial treasures. But whosoever finds this dragon has hit the jackpot... whether they know it or not.

ATK/2000 DEF/100

Now go, Blue-Eyes, attack Luster Dragon with Burst Stream of Destruction!" Naruto said, as Blue-Eyes roared, before unleashed a blast of energy that destroyed Luster Dragon, and dealing significant damage to Rin and Kaiba's Life Points.

S/R-3100 – 1100 = 2000

"Yes! Well done, Naruto." Yami said, glad at the amount of damage he dealt, but knew they weren't out of the wood, yet.

Even if they now have two powerful monsters, on their side of the field.

"Grr, you'll pay for that Uzumaki!" Said Kaiba, furious at seeing the Blue-Eyes White Dragon be used against him like that, especially by someone he considered a third-ranked duelist.

Though he soon smirked wickedly, when he saw the card that he drew.

"If you want to make this a battle of dragons, then I'll give you one! Come forth, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Said Kaiba, summoning his own Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"Now go destroy Alexandrite Dragon! Burst Stream of Destruction!" Said Kaiba, his own Blue-Eyes unleashing a blast that destroyed the weaker Dragon, and dealing even more damage to Naruto and Yami.

N/Y-3600 – 1000 = 2600

"I end my turn." Kaiba said, smirking, while Naruto and Yami grit their teeth, and steadied themselves from the powerful attack.

"Alright I draw! And I'll summon the Giant Soldier of Stone, in Defense Mode!" Said Yami, while summoning the bulky golem onto the field.

Giant Soldier of Stone

Attribute: Earth

Level: 3

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Rock

Card Text: A giant warrior made of stone. A punch from this creature has earth-shaking results.

ATK/1300 DEF/2000

"I end my turn." Said Yami, knowing there wasn't much he could do, against Kaiba's Blue-Eyes.

"My draw, then." Rin said, frowning since it wasn't a Normal Monster, so no extra card.

"I summon Luster Dragon #2 in Attack Mode!" Said Rin, while summoning a giant dragon covered in emeralds.

Luster Dragon #2

Attribute: Wind

Level: 6

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Card Text: This dragon feeds on emerald. Enchanted by this monster even when attacked, few people live to tell of its beauty.

ATK/2400 DEF/1400

"Now attack their Stone Soldier!" Rin ordered, as her Luster Dragon #2 roared and unleashing a green beam against the Giant Soldier of Stone destroying it

But thankfully, their Life Points were spared, due to Giant Soldier of Stone being in defense mode.

"Okay, back to me, then!" Said Naruto, drawing a card, while smirking at seeing what he drew.

"Hope you aren't too attached to that Blue-Eyes, Kaiba, because it's going straight to the Graveyard." Said Naruto.

"Tsk, you're stupider than you look. If you attack, you'll destroy both our dragons, leaving yourselves wide open." Said Kaiba, with Naruto's smirk not leaving his face.

"Not with Mist Body equipped to it." Said Naruto, while equipping his Blue-Eyes with Mist Body.

Mist Body

Card Type: Equip Spell

Effect: The equipped monster cannot be destroyed by battle.

"Now go Blue-Eyes, attack Kaiba's own Dragon!" Said Naruto, as both Blue-Eyes White Dragons roared and unleashed blasts that collided with each other, causing an explosion that rocked the stadium, with Kaiba's dragon being destroyed, while Naruto's dispersed into mist, before reforming itself.

"Now, I'll set one card and end my turn." Naruto said, as he placed a card face down in the Spell & Trap Card Zone.

"You'll pay for that!" Said Kaiba, while drawing a card, angered at his dragon's destruction, at what he drew.

"Don't get excited Uzumaki, I summon my second Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Said Kaiba summoning a second Blue-Eyes in place of the first before ending his turn

"Now I play Mystical Space Typhoon, and destroy Mist Body!" Kaiba said, playing his Spell Card, and destroying Naruto's Equip Spell.

Mystical Space Typhoon

Card Type: Quick-Play Spell

Effect: Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.

"Now, I attack with Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Kaiba said, intent on destroying Naruto's Dragon, and proving that he is the sole master of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

On command, Kaiba's Blue-Eyes let out a blast of Blue Energy, which Naruto's met with its own.

"I thought you would do that, which is why I activate Reinforcements!" Naruto said, activating the trap card, as a battalion of soldiers appeared on the field, before dispersing in, multiple flashes of light, when flew straight to Naruto's dragon.


Card Type: Normal Trap

Effect: Target face-up monster gains 500 ATK until the End Phase.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon: ATK/3000 DEF/2500 – ATK/3500 DEF/2500

With the Soldiers from the trap card adding their energy to Naruto's Blue-Eyes White Dragon, its attack was able to tear through the blast that Kaiba's dragon unleashed, destroying it and bringing down the sibling's life points even further.

S/R-2000 – 500 = 1500

"And with that, I end my turn." Naruto said, as his Blue-Eyes White Dragon's Attack, returned to normal.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon: ATK/3500 DEF/2500 – ATK/3000 DEF/2500

"Calm down Seto, we can't afford to have any more mistake, in this duel!" Rin exclaimed to her brother, as Kaiba took some breaths to calm down, knowing that his sister was right.

"Alright, I draw." Yami said, frowning, since while they managed to keep the lead, he knew that Rin and Kaiba could still make a comeback.

Especially since he was sure, that since Kaiba had two of the four Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, he most likely had a third in his deck.

"I activate Swords of Revealing Light, stopping any of your attacks for three turns." Yami said, knowing that while it may seem like a waste of a move, it would give them time to strategize a means to maintain their lead in this duel, and win.

Swords of Revealing Light

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Flip all monsters your opponent controls face-up. This card remains on the field for 3 of your opponent's turns. While this card is face-up on the field, monsters your opponent controls cannot declare an attack.

"My draw." Rin said, smirking as she drew another Normal Monster, and drew another card, before ending her turn, since she couldn't do anything at the moment.

Swords of Revealing Light: 1

"And back to me again." Said Naruto, drawing a card.

"And I'll equip my Blue-Eyes with Dark Pendant, increasing its Attack Points by five hundred." Naruto said playing another Equip Spell, as a pendant appeared around his Blue-Eyes' neck, restoring it's 500 point ATK boost.

Black Pendant

Card Type: Equip Spell

Effect: The equipped monster gains 500 ATK. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: Inflict 500 damage to your opponent.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon: ATK/3000 DEF/2500 – ATK/3500 DEF/2500

"You're really starting to get on my nerves, Naruto!" Said Kaiba, drawing a card, only to smirking wickedly at seeing the cards he had in his hand, and knew he'd be able to win this, after those swords were gone.

"First I'll summon my third Blue-Eyes to the field." Kaiba said, summoning his final dragon.

"Next I'll play Monster Reborn bringing back one of the Blue-Eyes you destroyed." Said Kaiba as one of his destroyed Blue-Eyes returned to the field

Monster Reborn

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Target 1 monster in either GY; Special Summon it.

"Then I play Premature Burial and at the cost of eight hundred Life Points, I can bring back my third Blue-Eyes." Said Kaiba, now having all three of his dragons back on the field.

Premature Burial

Card Type: Equip Spell

Effect: Activate this card by paying 800 LP, then target 1 monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target in Attack Position and equip it with this card. When this card is destroyed, destroy the equipped monster.

S/R-1500 – 800 = 700

"But that's not all, now I activate De-Spell, destroying your Black Pendant!" Kaiba said, as he played the Spell Card.


Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Target 1 face-up Spell, or 1 Set Spell/Trap, on the field; destroy that target if it is a Spell. (If the target is Set, reveal it.)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon: ATK/3500 DEF/2500 – ATK/3000 DEF/2500

"While you may have gotten rid of my Dragon's power boost, Kaiba. Don't forget that that you now take five-hundred points of damage, by destroying my Blake Pendant!" Naruto said, as the burn effect from his equip spell activated.

S/R-700 – 500 = 200

"Seto! We only have two hundred points left!" Rin hissed, angered at how overconfident and reckless her brother was acting.

"Relax Rin, by the time it's my next turn, we'll have won." Said Kaiba, assured that they'll win.

Swords of Revealing Light: 2

"Alright, my move." Said Yami, while drawing a card, and frowned, at seeing he still didn't have anything.

"I set one monster facedown." Yami said, wanting to boost their defenses, just in case Naruto's dragon was destroyed, after Swords of Revealing Light expired.

"My draw then." Rin said, drawing a card, and was relieved at what she drew.

"I activate Dian Keto the Cure Master." Said Rin, while playing her Spell Card.

Dian Keto the Cure Master

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Target 1 monster in either GY; Special Summon it.

S/R-200 + 1000 = 1200

At least this way, they'd be able to survive an attack from Naruto's dragon, if he was able to once again, outsmart her brother, and whatever strategy he had. Rin then ended her turn, and with that, Swords of Revealing Light vanished.

Swords of Revealing Light: 3

"And with that, this duel will be over, on my next turn. So, go ahead, and draw your last pathetic card, Naruto." Kaiba said, having exactly what he needs to win.

Gritting his teeth, Naruto placed his hand on top of his deck, hoping that he'll draw a card, that'll help them win the duel, this turn. Drawing a card, Naruto's eyes widened, when he saw the card he drew, before he smirked at the siblings.

"You're about to regret having all those dragons. Because now, I summon the dragon slayer, Buster Blader!" Said Naruto, while summoning forth the legendary warrior, with Buster Blader appearing, while swinging his large sword.

Buster Blader

Attribute: Earth

Level: 7

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Warrior

Effect: Gains 500 ATK for each Dragon monster your opponent controls or is in their GY.

ATK/2600 DEF/2300

"And that sword's not just for show. Thanks to my Blader's ability, he gains five hundred Attack Points for every Dragon-Type monster you two have on the field, and in the Graveyard. And right now, I count six in total. And you know what that means, Kaiba." Naruto said, while smirking at Kaiba, as his eyes widened in shock at Buster Blader's Attack Points, increasing dramatically.

Buster Blader: ATK/2600 DEF/2300 – ATK/5600 DEF/2300

"Wh-what?! That's impossible!" Kaiba shouted, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

"Oh, it's very possible. Now Buster Blader, destroy Kaiba's middle Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Destruction Sword Flash!" Naruto said, as Buster Blader charged forward and leapt into the air, before bringing his blade down on Kaiba's dragon, slicing it straight through the middle, destroying it, and wiping out the last of Kaiba's and Rin's Life Points, as the siblings cried out from the powerful attack.

S/R-1200 – 2600 = -1400

"AH! But, Seto and Rin never lose!" Mokuba said, shocked at seeing his siblings lose a duel.

"You play only for power, Kaiba, Rin, and that is why you lost. But if you put your heart in the game, there is nothing you can't do." Yami said, amazed at Naruto's attack, and glad that he was able to duel, alongside him.

"But...but how? How could we have lost to you two?" Rin said, not believing they actually lost the duel, while they were slumped over the Dueling Panel of their pod, in shock at their defeat.

'How, how could I have lost to a couple of amateurs, that haven't dueled in a single tournament?! I had three of the four Blue-Eyes White Dragons on the field, while they only had one.' Kaiba thought, unable to comprehend what happened, while looking at one of the cards in his hand, Polymerization.

With it, he could have combined his dragons into a beast, that would have crushed Naruto and Yugi!

"If you truly want to know...open your mind! Penalty Game: Mind Crush!" Yami said, as the Eye of Wdjat appeared on his forehead, and threw his hand towards the siblings.

Rin and Kaiba gasped as Yami banished the evil within them, before they fell to their knees.

"There, maybe now, you will both begin to see..." Said Yami, before allowing Yugi to regain control.

Naruto and Yugi exited the Duel Arena, where they were greeted by their friends and Yugi's grandfather.

"Oh man, that was a sweet duel, you guys!" Joey said, smiling in amazement at the duel.

"Yeah! That was awesome!" Said Tristan.

"Indeed, you both believed in yourselves and your decks. Well done, both of you." Solomon said, while smiling at them.

"Thanks grandpa, but we couldn't have done it, without your help." Yugi said, knowing they were able to win, thanks to his deck and Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"Yeah, thank you for letting me use your Blue-Eyes. I couldn't have done it, without it." Said Naruto, while holding the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to give it back to Solomon.

Only for them to be surprised, when Solomon smiled, and pushed Naruto's hand back.

"After seeing the way you used the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, being able to use to defeat multiple copies of itself, and keep it on the field. I believe you are more than deserving to keep it." Solomon said, much to their shock.

"But grandpa, that's your most treasured card!" Yugi said, with Solomon nodding.

"It is. But it's also a powerful card and deserves to be used in duels, not collecting dust in a box." Said Solomon, knowing that he can entrust Naruto with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, just as how Arthur had entrusted it to him, when he saved his life.

"I…I don't know what to say." Said Naruto, shocked that Solomon was letting him keep the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"Don't say anything. All you have to do, is use it, and use it wisely." Solomon said, with Naruto nodding in thanks.

"I will and thank you." Said Naruto, while smiling at the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, swearing he heard it growl in approval.

With that, the group left KaibaCorp triumphantly. Though unknown to them, Naruto and Yugi's duel had been recorded and monitored by an unknown third party. With the person paying particular attention to Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and Naruto's ring, as well.

'Well now, isn't this an interesting turn of events.' Thought the person, smirking as their golden eye glinted in the darkness.

So, what did you think, good. Yep Naruto has gained not only a Duel Monsters deck for his Sixteenth Birthday but also a mysterious family ring, with a very familiar symbol on it. We then see Naruto befriending Yugi and the gang and learning how to play Duel Monsters. We then skip to see Yugi teaching Joey as well before they all head over to the Game Shop to see Solomon's Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card, with Kaiba's attempts to take it, with Naruto also making sure Kaiba doesn't get his hands on it. We then see Solomon being taken to KaibaCorp to duel against Kaiba only to see Naruto has taken the Blue-Eyes and left a note explaining it. The gang then arrives at KaibaCorp themselves and learn what's happened, with Naruto and Yugi dueling against Kaiba and his adoptive sister Rin Tohsaka (there will be no Grail War) with Solomon giving Yugi his deck and allowing Naruto to use his Blue-Eyes. It takes some time but Naruto and Yami manage to come out the winners, with Naruto using Buster Blader and Yami banishing the evil from Rin and Kaiba, the latter of whom would have brought out his ultimate monster had Naruto not drawn Buster Blader. Finally Solomon has allowed Naruto to keep the Blue-Eyes White Dragon seeing how well he used it, along with Pegasus having seen the entire duel but had his attention on Yugi's puzzle and Naruto's ring. Now before we end the chapter, here's an alternate note Naruto had made for Kaiba.

Naruto's Alternate Note:

"It's for you." Said Solomon, as he grinned at Kaiba, knowing that his reaction will be priceless.

Snatching the note, Kaiba looked at it to see what it said, only for his scowl to darken at seeing who left it.

"It just says, "Dear Rich Brat", and has a picture of a butt..." Kaiba said with a scowl, which only got darker, after he read the note.





"ALL OF YOU! SEARCH FOR THE BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON CARD, OR YOU'RE FIRED! NOW!" Kaiba exclaimed in pure, unadulterated rage!

"Can I see it?" Rin asked, as she entered the room, while trying to keep a straight face.

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