Hello all Storm here with a new chapter! Here we'll be continuing where we left off last chapter as Naruto, Rin, and Téa follow the stranger supposedly to where Shio's soul is being kept. But they'll see they were right to be on guard. So, without further ado.

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Naruto, Rin, and Téa followed the stranger through the island until they reached a cave, making them hesitate in entering since it seemed pretty obvious it could be a trap. But the Uzumaki's desire to save his sister made him continue on, with Rin and Téa following behind him.

Only for the three to be surprised, when they came out in what looked like an underground Egyptian temple, something they didn't expect to see on the island.

"Why would this place be here? Why would Pegasus even have something like on his island?" Téa said, confused as to the purpose of having a strange temple here, of all places.

"While I agree it seems strange for Pegasus to have built a temple like this here, it does make sense as well. Given the inspiration for Duel Monsters came from the Shadow Games and the monsters that were summoned through them, especially the ones that were summoned in Ancient Egypt." Said Rin, understanding why Pegasus would have a temple like this built on his island.

"Which is also where he got the Millennium Eye from." Naruto stated with a frown, with Rin nodding in agreement, remembering when he told her that Pegasus possessed a Millennium Item when they first met up, giving him the power to initiate Penalty Games and steal souls.

"Yep, so it's not surprising that Pegasus would construct something like this, as a tribute to his inspiration for Duel Monsters. And it'd make sense that he'd keep the souls he's taken here, as well." Rin said with a frown, seeing this would be a place where Pegasus would keep Shio's and Solomon's souls.

"The detail put into this temple is truly marvelous. It's a shame that Pegasus is our enemy Praetor, we could have commissioned him to build a temple in our glory, one far superior to this." Nero stated, admiring the effort put into the temple, remembering the temples of Egypt after it was conquered by her beautiful Rome.

"We're not building a temple, Nero." Naruto said lowly, so the stranger didn't hear them.

Before Naruto looked forward, when the stranger suddenly stopped, with them having arrived in a large antechamber.

"This is as far as we go." Said the stranger, turning to look at them, with the three still wary of him and any ulterior motives, looking around in case this was a trap.

"Okay, then where's my sister and the others souls?" Naruto demanded, looking at them with narrowed eyes.

"I'm afraid I have no idea where their souls have been taken to, or where they are now." The stranger revealed, much to their anger that their suspicions of this being a trick was confirmed.

"So you were just tricking us?!" Said Téa while glaring at the stranger.

"Yes, and you fools still followed me, anyway, even believing I worked for Pegasus. That was another lie, I only have one master." Replied the stranger, making them narrow their eyes at him.

"And just who is this master? Did they send you after us?" Rin questioned, only for the stranger to lower their hood, revealing a more fitting gray hood covering his head and a black mask over his lower face, revealing only his unique pupiless green eyes with red sclera and tanned skin.

"My masters identity is of no concern to any of you. All you need to know, is I am Kakuzu of the Rare Hunters and I've come for your Blue-Eyes White Dragon." Said Kakuzu while looking at Naruto, who merely glared at him, angry at letting himself be tricked by this guy and that he lied about knowing where Shio is.

"And what makes you think I'd give it to you?! Why would I even bother dueling you?!" Naruto retorted, since this guy didn't have any leverage over them to make him duel him, and he doubted that he could take on all three of them at once.

"Nothing, you are more than free to leave if you wish. But if you don't, then you'll lose your chance to get these." Kakuzu said before pulling out four Star Chips, surprising the trio that he had four Star Chips, the exact amount that Naruto needed to enter the finals.

"You didn't think, I didn't have a way to get you to duel me, did you? If you beat me, you'll get these Star Chips and a ticket to the finals, but if I win then I get all your Star Chips. Not only that, but this will be an Ante Duel, meaning the loser will also be handing over their rarest card, your Blue-Eyes White Dragon and my Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman." Added Kakuzu while pulling out the card, shocking them further at seeing the card.

"Where could you have gotten a card like that?!" Said Rin, knowing how rare that card is.

"Like I said, I'm a Rare Hunter, locating and taking the rarest cards from duelists I defeat. And from what I've seen of your deck, this one would be right at home with you, if you can beat me that is." Kakuzu said to Naruto, who frowned since that card would be perfect for his deck.

"So, what'll it be? Will you turn around and leave, trying to find more duelists, hoping to get enough Star Chips in time? Or will you accept my challenge and risk everything for a spot in the finals and a powerful card?" Questioned Kakuzu while waving the card and Star Chips tauntingly at the whiskered blonde.

"Well you aren't really giving me a choice, now are you." Naruto retorted, since he didn't really have a choice, not if he wanted to make sure he entered the finals, and knowing that card would be a valuable addition to his deck.

"And isn't that the best choice, where you have no other option but acceptance." Kakuzu stated with a smirk behind his mask before the ground opened behind him with a Duel Arena rising up.

"Good luck Naruto." Said Téa while smiling at the blonde.

"Kick his ass and make him regret messing with us." Rin added, wanting to see Naruto crush the Rare Hunter.

"Go forth to battle Praetor! Show this fool your power and that of Olympia's Pride!" Declared Nero pointing forward, with Naruto nodding at their words.

"Gladly." Naruto replied as he entered the red side, while Kakuzu entered the blue side of the Duel Arena.




"I'll be starting off." Naruto said, drawing a card, only to freeze when he saw it was Thunder Dragon.

His mind flashing back to his duel against Celenike and how he used them against her, along with how she laughed as his dragon was left helpless, along with whittling away his life points. Before then goingto how the duel ended and what she tried doing before he stopped her.

"I'm waiting." Kakuzu said, snapping Naruto out of his thoughts.

"R-right. I-I play Graceful Charity, to draw three more cards while discarding two." Said Naruto playing his Spell Card.

Graceful Charity

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards.

Drawing three cards, Naruto discarded his Thunder Dragon and one other card, not wanting to use them with the memories they'd come with at the moment.

"Th-then I summon, Warrior of Zera in Defense Mode." Naruto said, summoning his monster to the field with him kneeling with his sword held in front of him.

Warrior of Zera

Attribute: Earth

Level: 4

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Warrior

Card Text: A wandering warrior who seeks the sanctuary where he can gain the power of the Archlords. To escape the temptation of evil fiends, he fights solo day by day.

ATK/1600 DEF/1600

"I…end my turn." Said Naruto, not sure what else to do, while Rin and Téa frowned in worry at the rather weak move, having expected something more, while Kakuzu raised a brow.

"A Spell Card and a single monster in Defense Mode? And here I was hoping for a challenge from one of the duelists that beat the Kaiba Siblings. But it just means this won't take longer than I thought it would. I draw!" Kakuzu said, drawing a card and adding it to his hand.

"And I'll start by summoning Armored Zombie!" Said Kakuzu, summoning his monster to the field.

Armored Zombie

Attribute: Dark

Level: 4

Card Type: Normal Monster.

Monster Type: Zombie

Card Text: This warrior blindly swings a deadly blade with devastating force.

ATK/1500 DEF/0

"Next I play the Spell Card, Spell Absorption. Now every time a Spell Card is activated, I gain five hundred life points." Kakuzu said, placing the card on the field.

Spell Absorption

Card Type: Continuous Spell

Effect: Each time a Spell Card is activated, gain 500 Life Points immediately after it resolves.

"Lastly, I'll place one card facedown and end my turn." Said Kakuzu, putting a card on the field as his turn ended.

"Okay, then…my draw again." Naruto said, drawing a card an adding it to his hand.

"I'm gonna summon Rapid-Fire Magician to the field." Said Naruto, summoning another monster that appeared beside his Warrior.

Rapid-Fire Magician

Attribute: Dark

Level: 4

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Spellcaster

Effect: Inflict 400 damage to your opponent each time you activate a Normal Spell Card.

ATK/1600 DEF/1200

"Then I'll switch Warrior of Zera into Attack Mode, while Rapid-Fire Magician will attack Armored Zombie!" Naruto said, as his Magicians aimed his staffs at Kakuzu's monster before blasting it, damaging his life points a little.

Kakuzu-2000 – 100 = 1900

"And I'll activate my facedown, Solemn Wishes!" Said Kakuzu as his facedown card revealed itself.

Solemn Wishes

Card Type: Continuous Trap

Effect: Increase your Life Points by 500 points each time you Draw a card (or cards).

"Now every time I draw a card, I'll gain five hundred life points." Kakuzu said, making Naruto frown as that's now two cards he has that'll boost his life points.

Looking at his hand to see if there was anything he could do, Naruto sighed when he saw he couldn't do anything else.

"I end my turn." Said Naruto, which only further worried Rin and Téa at how little he's doing.

"Hmph, the least you could actually try to win." Kakuzu stated drawing a card with Solemn Wishes activating and boosting his life points.

Kakuzu-1900 + 500 = 2400

"I'm going to start by playing Pot of Greed, letting me draw two more cards, and granting me an additional thousand life points thanks to Solemn Wishes. And because a spell was played, that's another five hundred thanks to Spell Absorption." Said Kakuzu, playing his spell while his life points went up again.

Kakuzu-2400 + 1500 = 3900

Pot of Greed

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Draw 2 cards.

Drawing two cards, Kakuzu smirked behind his mask at what he had and what he could do.

"Then I play Allure of Darkness, letting me draw two cards again as long as I banish one Dark monster from my hand. While I also gain another fifteen hundred life points." Kakuzu said, playing another Spell Card as his life points once again went up.

Kakuzu-3900 + 1500 = 5400

Allure of Darkness

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Draw 2 cards, then banish 1 DARK monster from your hand, or, if you do not have any in your hand, send your entire hand to the GY.

"Finally, I play another Spell Card, Poison of the Old Man, and with it I either can twelve hundred life points or inflict eight hundred points of damage to my opponent. And lucky for you, I'm gaining even more points, since taking yours away will come later." Said Kakuzu, playing his third spell with his life points rising even higher, thanks to both Poison of the Old Man and Spell Absorption.

Kakuzu-5400 + 1700 = 7100

Poison of the Old Man

Card Type: Quick-Play Spell

Effect: Activate 1 of these effects;

Gain 1200 LP.

Inflict 800 damage to your opponent.

Naruto, Rin, and Téa's eyes widened in disbelief at how high Kakuzu's life points had risen, knowing it'd take forever for Naruto to win now. And they'd only keep rising with each Spell Card that's played and each card he draws.

"Now, I believe it's time I took care of those monsters you have. And I'll do it with this, rise Zombie Master!" Said Kakuzu, summoning his monster to the field as Zombie Master emerged from the ground.

Zombie Master

Attribute: Dark

Level: 4

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Zombie

Effect: Once per turn: You can send 1 monster from your hand to the GY, then target 1 Level 4 or lower Zombie monster in either GY; Special Summon that target. This monster must be face-up on the field to activate and to resolve this effect.

ATK/1800 DEF/0

"Now attack his Rapid-Fire Magician!" Kakuzu ordered, with Zombie Master raising his hands and blasting Rapid-Fire Magician with dark energy, destroying him, and lowering Naruto's life points.

Naruto-2000 – 200 = 1800

"Finally, I'll place a card facedown and end my turn." Said Kakuzu, placing a card on the field and ending his turn.

"I-I…I draw th-then." Naruto said, drawing a card and adding it to his hand, wondering what he was supposed to do, given his Solemn Wishes and Spell Absorption will make sure that he'll always gain more life points each turn and whenever a Spell Card his played, not to mention whatever his facedown was.

"I'll uh…place on card facedown. Along with putting a monster facedown in Defense Mode. Then end my turn." Said Naruto, putting two cards down on the field and ending his turn.

"Rin, does Naruto seem…off to you?" Téa asked, looking at the other girl, with Rin nodding with a frown.

"Yeah, usually he'd do more on his first turn, but all he did was summon a monster, no facedowns or anything. But…" Rin said before trailing off, making Téa look at her curiously.

"But, what?" Said Téa, wondering what she was going to say.

"The last time Naruto dueled; it was against Celenike." Rin said, making Téa's pale at remembering that crazy woman who kidnapped them and would have killed them, if it wasn't for Naruto.

Before realization dawned on her at why Naruto was off his game, he's still affected by that duel and the outcome of it, as well as what would have happened if he lost.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Questioned Téa, worried if Naruto will be able to win the duel.

"We just have to have faith that he'll pull through." Rin stated, but also worried that he could lose if he didn't start playing more seriously.

"And I'll draw a card, along with activating my facedown, Robbin' Goblin! With it each time my monsters inflict battle damage to you, you have to discard one random card." Said Kakuzu, activating his facedown, while his life points also went up again thanks to Solemn Wishes.

Kakuzu-7100 + 500 = 7600

Robbin' Goblin

Card Type: Continuous Trap

Effect: Each time a monster you control inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, your opponent discards 1 random card.

"Well that won't happen this turn, because I activate my own facedown, Reinforcements!" Naruto said, activating his own Trap Card.


Card Type: Normal Trap

Effect: Target 1 face-up monster on the field; it gains 500 ATK until the end of this turn.

"With it, I can choose one monster on the field and they gain five hundred Attack Points for this turn, and I choose Warrior of Zera!" Said Naruto as his Warrior grew even stronger.

Warrior of Zera: ATK/1600 DEF/1600 – ATK/2100 DEF/1600

"Good job, you were able to save yourself for one turn. Now that it'll save you, as now I activate Zombie Masters ability! By sending one monster from my hand to the graveyard, I can special summon one level four or lower Zombie monster from either graveyard, and from my graveyard, and I choose Zombie Mammoth!" Said Kakuzu, sending a monster to the graveyard, while Zombie Master raised his hands before shooting purple energy into the ground, as Zombie Mammoth rose up from the grave.

Zombie Mammoth

Attribute: Earth

Level: 4

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Zombie

Effect: Destroy this card if you do not have a Zombie-Type monster in your Graveyard. When this face-up card is destroyed, inflict damage to its controller equal to its original ATK.

ATK/1900 DEF/0

"And because I special summoned Zombie Mammoth, I can still summon another monster and I'm summoning Goblin Attack Force!" Said Kakuzu, summoning a team of goblins to his field.

Goblin Attack Force

Attribute: Earth

Level: 4

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Warrior

Effect: If this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase, and its battle position cannot be changed until the End Phase of your next turn.

ATK/2300 DEF/0

Naruto's eyes widened at the sight of the goblins and how strong they were, with them being stronger than his Warrior of Zera.

"It seems I made a mistake; you didn't save yourself; you should have just left your monster in Defense Mode. Now go Goblin Attack Force, destroy his Warrior of Zera!" Kakuzu ordered, as the goblins charged forward and destroyed Warrior of Zera, lowering Naruto's life points.

Naruto-1800 – 200 = 1400

"And while my goblins now switch to Defense Mode, you now have to discard a card from your hand thanks to Robbin' Goblin." Said Kakuzu as his goblins laid down and went to sleep, while Naruto cursed before turning his hand over and shuffling it, before discarding a random card..

"I believe I'll end my turn there." Kakuzu stated ending his turn

"I…draw then." Naruto said drawing a card

"And I'm gonna reveal my facedown monster, Old Vindictive Magician!" Said Naruto flipping his monster face-up.

Old Vindictive Magician

Attribute: Dark

Level: 2

Card Type: Flip/Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Spellcaster

Effect: FLIP: Target 1 monster your opponent controls; destroy that target.

ATK/450 DEF/600

"And because he was flip summoned, I get to destroy one of your monsters and I choose your Goblin Attack Force!" Naruto said, as Old Vindictive Magician held out his hand and blasted Goblin Attack Force destroying them

"Then I…equip him with Black Pendant, boosting my Magician's Attack Points my five hundred." Said Naruto, equipping his Magician with the Equip Spell, boosting his power while Kakuzu's life points went up again.

Kakuzu-7600 + 500 = 8100

Black Pendant

Card Type: Equip Spell

Effect: The equipped monster gains 500 ATK. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: Inflict 500 damage to your opponent.

Old Vindictive Magician: ATK/450 DEF/600 – ATK/950 DEF/600

"I…I'll place one card facedown and end my turn." Naruto said, placing a card on the field and lowering his head, knowing how terrible he's playing, but he can't focus as he keeps going back to his duel with Celenike.

"I draw then and Solemn Wishes activates again." Said Kakuzu, drawing card while his life points continued to rise.

Kakuzu-8100 + 500 = 8600

"Then I play Hand of Destruction, with both of us sending two cards to the graveyard and then drawing two more cards. While I also gain more life points thanks to Spell Absorption and Solemn Wishes." Kakuzu said, playing his Spell Card as he and Naruto discarded two cards and drew two new ones, with his life points rising once more.

Kakuzu-8600 + 1500 =10100

Hand Destruction

Card Type: Quick-Play Spell

Effect: Each player sends 2 cards from their hand to the GY, then draws 2 cards.

"He has over ten thousand life points." Rin muttered in disbelief, never seeing someone's life points go that high.

"I really hope Naruto will be able to figure something out to win." Said Téa nervously, worried that with that many life points, it'd be impossible for Naruto to defeat Kakuzu.

With Naruto himself also being just as freaked out, knowing it'd take him forever to take out all of his life points.

"Now I activate Zombie Masters ability again, sending a monster to the graveyard to special summon a Zombie monster from the graveyard, and I choose Zombie Tiger!" Said Kakuzu, sending a monster to the graveyard while Zombie Master summoned Zombie Tiger, just like it did with Zombie Mammoth.

Zombie Tiger

Attribute: Earth

Level: 3

Card Type: Union/Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Zombie

Effect: Once per turn, you can either: Target 1 "Decayed Commander" you control; equip this card to that target, OR: Unequip this card and Special Summon it in Attack Position. While equipped by this effect, the equipped monster gains 500 ATK/DEF. If the equipped monster destroys an opponent's monster by battle: Discard 1 random card from their hand. (A monster can only be equipped with 1 Union monster at a time. If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle, destroy this card instead.)

ATK/1400 DEF/1600

"And now I summon Patrician of Darkness to the field, as well!" Said Kakuzu, summoning another monster to the field.

Patrician of Darkness

Attribute: Dark

Level: 5

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Zombie

Effect: You choose the attack targets for your opponent's attacks.

ATK/2000 DEF/1400

"Now Patrician of Darkness, attack and destroy Vindictive Old Magician!" Said Kakuzu, as Patrician jumped and slashed Vindictive Old Magician, destroying him and taking out a large chunk of Naruto's life points.

Naruto-1400 – 1050 = 350

"Don't forget about Black Pendant, since it was destroyed along with my Magician you take five hundred points of damage." Naruto said as Kakuzu's own life points took a hit, despite how he also had to discard another card thanks to Robbin' Goblin.

Kakuzu-10100 – 500 = 9600

"Like it'll make a difference. I place one card facedown and end my turn. Try to make your turn count because it'll be your last." Stated Kakuzu, placing a card facedown and ending his turn.

"This d-duel isn't over, not even c-close. I draw!" Said Naruto, drawing a card, while trying to hide how nervous he really was, along with wondering what he's even supposed to do now.

He didn't have any traps, spells, or monsters and any monsters that he did summon would just be destroyed by Kakuzu's own monsters. He couldn't even play any Spell Cards as it'd just give him more life points.

'What am I supposed to do?!' Naruto thought, doubting he'd be able to win this duel at all, that he was going to lose his Star Chips and his Blue-Eyes White Dragon, that he's going to lose his chance to save Shio.

"And I'll be activating my facedown, Call of the Haunted! With it I can bring back one monster in my graveyard and it's one you should be familiar with, rise once more Armored Zombie!" Said Kakuzu as he activated his facedown, while Armored Zombie burst out of the ground and onto the field.

Call of the Haunted

Card Type: Continuous Trap

Effect: Activate this card by targeting 1 monster in your GY; Special Summon that target in Attack Position. When this card leaves the field, destroy that monster. When that monster is destroyed, destroy this card.

'And now he has a full field! Even if I manage to destroy one of his monsters, I wouldn't even be making a dent in his life points and leave myself open for the rest of them to attack. What am I supposed to do?!' Naruto thought, seeing he's in a helpless situation.

"Do not give up now Praetor! No matter what the odds are, you may still defeat this Rare Hunter! Go and show him your power and might!" Nero said, encouraging Naruto, knowing he can still win the duel.

"How can I win? He has five monsters, even if I destroy one, the rest will simply attack whatever monster I summon, that's not counting his Patrician of Darkness that'd just redirect my attacks. Face it Nero, we've already lost." Naruto muttered, looking at his deck, wondering if he should just forfeit now, since how could he save his sister when he couldn't even reach Pegasus.


Naruto tensed at the sudden voice, one he recognized as Shio's.

'Now I'm losing my mind.' Thought Naruto, believing he's going crazy.

"You can still win Nii-san!"

Hearing the voice again, Naruto looked around only for his eyes to widen in shock and disbelief, when he saw Shio standing beside him.

"Sh-Shio?" Naruto asked, wondering if his mind was messing with him or if his sister was really here.

"Amazing. It would seem this temple is more than just a tribute created for Duel Monsters. Umu! It truly has some magical properties! This is truly a work of art!" Said Nero, smiling in amazement as she saw Shio as well and realized that the temple must actually have some kind of magic.

"Shio? That's really you?" Said Naruto, looking at his sister happy to see her again, while Shio smiled at her brother.

"I still believe in you Nii-san, and I know you can win! You're the greatest duelist in the world!" Shio said, giving her brother a thumbs up before she started vanishing, making Naruto's eyes widen.

"Shio!" Naruto said, reaching out for her, only for her to completely vanish.

Looking at where his sister once stood, Naruto heard her words echo in his mind, that she believed in him and believed that he could win this duel.

"Are you going to make your move, or have you given up?" Said Kakuzu, pulling Naruto from his thoughts as he clenched his fist and looked at the Rare Hunter in determination.

"Yeah I'm making my move and I'll be ending this duel now!" Naruto said, surprising Kakuzu at the sudden change in attitude, while Rin, Nero, and Téa smiled knowing Naruto's back to his usual self.

"And I'll start by getting ride of Spell Absorption and Solemn Wishes, with Twin Twisters! By discarding one card I can destroy two spell/traps on the field and you already know which are going!" Said Naruto, playing his Spell Card while discarding a card, with Kakuzu's eyes widening as both his cards were destroyed by two twisters.

Twin Twisters

Card Type: Quick-Play Spell

Effect: Discard 1 card, then target up to 2 Spells/Traps on the field; destroy them.

"And now I activate my facedown, DNA Surgery! By declaring one Monster Type, every face-up monster on the field becomes that type, and the type I choose is Dragon!" Naruto said, revealing his facedown while all of Kakuzu's monsters began mutating until they looked like mutated dragon monsters

DNA Surgery

Card Type: Continuous Trap

Effect: Activate this card by declaring 1 Monster Type. All face-up monsters on the field become that Type.

Type: Dragon

"But that's not all, because I'm also activating the Spell Card, Emblem of Dragon Destroyer to bring back to my hand the card I just discarded, Buster Blader!" Said Naruto, with Kakuzu's eyes widening at this, along with realizing what the purpose of DNA Surgery was.

Emblem of Dragon Destroyer

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Add 1 "Buster Blader" from your Deck or GY to your hand.

"Oh mighty warrior, he who bears the blade of dragon's bane, hear my cry! Descend upon this battlefield and slay all dragons who dare bar your path! Come forth, Buster Blader!" Said Naruto as he summoned Buster Blader to the field, with the dragon slayer also transforming into a dragon-like creature.

With Buster Blader roaring as he swung his blade, ready to slay all the dragons that stand before him.

Buster Blader

Attribute: Earth

Level: 7

Card Type: Effect Monster.

Monster Type: Dragon

Effect: Gains 500 ATK for each Dragon monster your opponent controls or is in their GY.

ATK/2600 DEF/2300

"And thanks to his ability, he gains five hundred Attack Points for each dragon monster you have on the field and right now I count five." Said Naruto with a smirk as Buster Blader grew even stronger

Buster Blader: ATK/2600 DEF/2300 – ATK/5100 DEF/2300

"But that's not all, because I'm equipping Buster Blader with Dragon's Treasure and Rush Recklessly, giving him an added bonus of one thousand Attack Points." Naruto said, equipping his monster as he grew more powerful again.

Dragon's Treasure

Card Type: Equip Spell

Effect: A Dragon-Type monster equipped with this card increases its ATK and DEF by 300 points.

Rush Recklessly

Card Type: Equip Spell

Effect: Target 1 face-up monster on the field; it gains 700 ATK until the end of this turn.

Buster Blader: ATK/5100 DEF/2300 – ATK/6100 DEF/2800

"Now before I do anything else, I play the Spell Card, Card of Sanctity, allowing us to draw until we have six cards in my hand." Said Naruto, playing his spell and both of them drawing cards until they each had six again, with the Uzumaki smirking at seeing just what he drew.

Card of Sanctity

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand.

"And I just got exactly what I needed to end this; I play Double Attack!" Said Naruto, playing another Spell Card.

Double Attack

Card Type: Normal Spell

Effect: Discard 1 Monster Card from your hand to the Graveyard. Select 1 monster on your side of the field with a lower Level than the discarded monster. The selected monster can attack twice this turn.

"Now by discarding one monster card that's a higher level than my Buster Blader, he can attack twice. And wouldn't you know, I have just the monster right here, the one you wanted to so badly, Blue-Eyes White Dragon." Naruto said as he sent Blue-Eyes to the graveyard, with a spectral image of it appearing over Buster Blader, before being absorbed into his blade empowering it.

"Now attack Patrician of Darkness, Destruction Sword Flash!" Said Naruto with Buster Blader charging forward and slashing Patrician of Darkness straight down the middle, taking away a large part of Kakuzu's life points, while Buster Blader's Attack Points went down with one less dragon on the field

Kakuzu-9600 – 4100 = 5500

Buster Blader: ATK/6100 DEF/2800 – ATK/5600 DEF/2800

"Attack again, send Zombie Mammoth back to the grave, Destruction Sword Flash!" Naruto said, as Buster Blader then turned his attention to Zombie Mammoth and slashed it as well, taking away more of Kakuzu's life points while it's ATK lowered once again.

Kakuzu-5500 – 3700 = 1800

"And you remember Zombie Mammoth's ability right?" Questioned Naruto rhetorically with a smirk, while Kakuzu's eyes widened knowing what this meant

Kakuzu-1800 – 1900 = -100

"Alright! Way to go Naruto!" Téa cheered at seeing Naruto managed to win the duel.

"That was amazing! You really pulled through in the end!" Said Rin, while smiling at the whiskered blonde.

"Umu, Well done Praetor! You have brought great honor onto yourself, your Emperor, and Rome! Now let us claim our prize for victory!" Nero said, pleased at how Naruto was able to pull through in the end, and seemed to be back to his normal self as well after hearing his sister's words of encouragement.

"Thanks guys, and yeah, I'll be taking my Star Chips and card now." Said Naruto, looking at Kakuzu, wanting his prizes for winning the duel.

Though without warning, the Rare Hunter lunged at the trio once he was close enough, refusing to uphold his end of the bargain. Only for Naruto and Rin to take advantage of his large frame and void his attack, instead managing to get behind Kakuzu and grab hold of him. Kicking his legs out from under him to force the Rare Hunter down onto his knees, while they held his arms behind him.

"Let go you damn brats!" Shouted Kakuzu, trying to break free, only for Naruto and Rin to hold onto him tightly.

"Why do bad guys always say that when they know it's not going to happen? And do you even know how many sore losers we've had to deal with on this island, several already." Naruto said, not surprised he went back on their agreement.

"Téa get the Star Chips and card off this asshole." Said Rin, wanting to knock him out and tie him up.

"Happily." Téa said, going over and grabbing the Star Chips and card off of Kakuzu.

"Great, now we can-" Rin said, only to be cutoff when Kakuzu suddenly slumped forward, much to their confusion, only to freak out when he lifted his head and his eyes were rolled into the back of his head.

"Kakuzu, you complete fool! Not only have you lost, but you've exposed the Rare Hunters to the friends of the Pharaoh's vessel!" Said "Kakuzu" in someone else's voice, making the trio freak out as they quickly backed off.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?!" Naruto demanded as he and Rin got ready in case this stranger also attacked.

"I am Marik, the leader of the Rare Hunters. The one who sent Kakuzu to infiltrate Duelist Kingdom to collect rare cards. But it seems he couldn't control his greed and went after your Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Naruto Uzumaki." Marik said, making their eyes widen at learning that this was the leader of the Rare Hunters.

"Be on guard Praetor, whoever this Marik is, they wield a Millennium Item, one of the original Egyptian ones. That is how he's capable of controlling someone, miles away." Warned Nero, being able to sense that Marik possessed a Millenium Item as well.

"You mentioned a Pharoah's vessel, you're talking about the Nameless Pharoah sealed within the Millennium Puzzle, aren't you." Rin stated, narrowing her eyes, while Naruto and Téa looked at her in confusion.

"You are quite perceptive Rin Tohsaka, yes, that is the Pharaoh I speak of." Marik replied.

"Wait, is that what happens when Yugi duels, he switches places with this Pharaoh?" Said Naruto, remembering how Yugi seemed to become a different person, when he dueled.

"Yeah, I had my suspicions when I first saw the Millennium Puzzle before our duel, along with seeing Yugi seemed to transform. Marik, here, just confirmed it." Said Rin, having been suspicious and now knew that Yugi's Millennium Puzzle did contain the spirit of the Nameless Pharaoh.

"Huh, so that's what happens." Téa muttered, having felt like Yugi seemed different when he dueled, having thought it was just him becoming way more serious and determined with how much he likes dueling.

But now she's hearing he actually becomes a completely different person when he duels.

"What do you want Marik?" Naruto said, narrowing his eyes at Marik, wondering what his goal was beyond just collecting rare cards.

"All in good time. For now though, it's time I punished Kakuzu for his failure and prematurely exposing the Rare Hunters. And I'm sure you know there's only one punishment that we wielders of Millennium Items can bestow. A Penalty Game!" Marik declared, before to their shock and horror, Kakuzu screamed in agony as he spontaneously combusted right in front of them.

The three backing away as Kakuzu burned alive, not believing what they just saw, despite having seen Penalty Games before, this was the first time seeing one initiated with the wielder nowhere near by.

Not only that, they also now had to worry about a new group of enemies, one that they may be having to go against sooner rather than later.

"It seems like no matter what, we're encountering new enemies every day." Téa stated, given first it was Kaiba and Rin before Yami Yugi banished their inner-evil, then Pegasus stealing souls, then the spirit of the Millennium Ring, and now these Rare Hunters.

"Yeah." Said Rin while nodding in agreement, also getting that feeling, while wondering what else they could end up having to deal with.

"Let's just worry about Pegasus for the time being, along with getting you your last two Star Chips." Said Naruto, putting in the last for Star Chips in his gauntlet and adding his new card to his deck, while Rin and Téa nodded in agreement.

They can worry about the Rare Hunters another time, for now their main focus was getting Rin's last two Star Chips and getting into Pegasus's castle.

So, what did you think, good. Yep we see it was in fact a trap while the stranger is revealed to be Kakuzu of the Rare Hunters, who's after Naruto's Blue-Eyes White Dragon, while offering four Star Chips and Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman should Naruto defeat him. Leading to a duel between the two, with Naruto being off his game due to his duel against Celenike, leading to him nearly losing. But some encouragement from his sisters soul, with her appearing thanks to the temple possessing a form of magic, Naruto's able to pull through in the end and win the duel. With Kakuzu attempting to attack them, only for Naruto and Rin to be ready given their past experiences on the island, before they're surprised when Marik takes control of Kakuzu, giving them an early introduction to him and learning about Yami Yugi's true identity before he kills Kakuzu, with the trio deciding to worry about Pegasus for the moment and worry about the Rare Hunters later. So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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