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Fourth Chapter

Usagi sighed, and briefly closed her eyes, nodding before she opened them again. The look on Luna's face was one mixed with happiness, worry, and a little anger. Perhaps because she thought the Princess was a Senshi, and made her one? Probably.

Luna started pacing, muttering to herself a little, and Usagi's memories told her that she usually did this when she was confused, annoyed, stuff like that. She was no doubt berating herself for not recognising the difference between a Senshi and her Princess. Usagi sighed, wondering how she would take it if she knew everything that was going to happen. Should she tell her? After all, she already knew about her remembering the past…

"Luna-san," Usagi said. "Please stop worrying."

"How can I not worry?" Luna demanded, though her ire still seemed to be self directed. "I turned the Princess into a Senshi. A Senshi! I was supposed to be able to recognise you for who you are, not think you were just a member of your guard!"

Usagi picked Luna up, halting her pacing, and hugged her. "Don't worry about it," she said, scratching her under the chin the way she remembered that she liked. "This is the way that it's supposed to be."

"How in any way are you supposed to be a Senshi?" Luna asked, though Usagi could tell she was calming. "You are the royal Heir to the Moon Kingdom, not a warrior. This… this… this is not how it's supposed to happen!"

Usagi sighed. She knew that she was going to have to tell her everything, if only because she had a feeling that it would be worse later, since she already knew this now. So she set Luna in front of her, looked her squarely in the eye, and said, "It is supposed to happen, Luna-san, because I don't just remember the past, I also… remember, I suppose… the future as well."

Incomprehension was written all over the feline's face. "Wh-what…" Luna cleared her throat and asked, "Could you please explain what you mean by that?"

Usagi sighed, and closed her eyes briefly, before saying, "When I remembered everything from a thousand years ago, I also gained the memories of a thousand years from now."

Luna stared at her for a while, then sighed, laying down and resting her paws over her head. "This is not what I expected when I came here tonight," she muttered. "It's not something I ever could have expected!"

Suddenly she sat up. "So this would mean you know who and where all the other Senshi are?" she asked.

Usagi nodded. "Sailor Mars lives at the Hikawa jinja with her grandfather, of this time," she said. "Her name's Hino Rei. And Sailor's Mercury and Jupiter will be moving here soon and going to my school. They're Mizuno Ami and Kino Makoto."

"And what of Sailor Venus?" Luna asked when Usagi fell silent briefly.

"She's with Artemis-san," Usagi said, and saw the wide, longing look at the mention of Luna's Mauian partner. "He awoke her about a year ago, and she's been posing as Sailor V. Her name's Aino Minako."

Luna sighed, and Usagi detected a bit of frustration. "Turning Sailor Venus into a manga character," she muttered. "Typical behaviour!" She let out a scoff.

"So," Usagi asked after a moment of silence, "what do you think we should do?"

"Well, for starters, you're going to tell me everything you know about the Dark Kingdom," the feline said. "Then… we'll plan from there."

Usagi stood, saying wait here a moment, then left the room, tiptoeing down the hall to the study. There, she had a lot of canvases and boxes of her art and supplies. Kaa-san and tou-san had converted it into a sort of studio for her once she started painting, it had just been a spare room slash storage room, before that. She opened the door quietly, then headed straight for a particular box. It was one she'd stored the bulk of her Dark Kingdom pictures in.

She took it back to her room, all the while trying not to wake anyone, though that bump into the door frame was almost loud enough to wake her light-sleeper mother. Once back in her room, she started taking out the drawings in them.

"Okay," she said. "I drew a lot of what will happen. Though, who knows what could change. But these," she pulled out a picture of the four shitennou, "are the Shitennou. They're currently brainwashed and fighting for the Dark Kingdom. I want to save them, but… I'm not sure how. Anyway, that's Jadeite-san, Nephrite-san, Zoisite-san, and Kunzite-san."

"Who are the shitennou?" Luna asked as she seemed to memorise their faces.

"They're the loyal guard of Earth's Prince, Endymion," Usagi said. "They were sent forward at the end of the Silver Millennium just as we all were. But Metalia and Beryl found them already and took them to serve the Dark Kingdom."

Luna's face was twisted in concentration, like she was trying her hardest to remember them. "Earth's Prince," she muttered. "Earth's Prince."

She began pacing back and forth, muttering under her breath, before she stopped and sat back in front of the pictures. "I think… I remember a bit more now," she said. "Earth was a neutral planet, wasn't it? But there were riots and dissent among the general populace, weren't there?"

Usagi nodded. "The people of Earth didn't trust the Lunar Kingdom," she confirmed. "But they were also being stirred up by Metalia. She wanted to rule the Earth and conquer the Silver Millennium."

Luna sighed, then her ears pricked up as Usagi suddenly yawned. "Put the box away, and go to bed," she said. "We can talk more on this in the morning… Princess."

Usagi nodded and put all the pictures back into the boxes, then put those boxes into her cupboard. "Please just call me Usagi, Luna-san," she said. "I'm not a Princess here, okay? Just an ordinary teenaged girl."

"…Alright, Usagi-chan," Luna conceded. "Sleep, we'll talk more in the morning."

Usagi got into bed, closing her eyes and allowing herself to drift off. She smiled as she registered that Luna curled up next to her, and the two of them drifted off into sleep.


The next morning Usagi woke before her alarm to find Luna going through her pictures. She sighed as she got up, grabbing her uniform and heading into the bathroom. She could hear Shingo still snoring, but knew the annoying brat would be up soon. When she returned to her room, she found that Luna had put away the pictures and was waiting for her on her bed.

"You've got quite a comprehensive collection of art on the Dark Kingdom," Luna said. "There's… Well, there are a lot of youma here. Did you fight them all?"

Usagi nodded. "There was always at least two a week," she said. "Mostly at night at first, but then they showed up during the day, too. Jadeite-san tended to release them at night, Nephrite-san would mix it up, and Zoisite-san and Kunzite-san mostly worked during the day. I think by the time Nephrite-san was in charge of releasing the youma, they'd figured out that the Senshi and I were all still in school. We still managed to beat them, though we got into trouble a couple of times for sneaking out of class."

Luna sighed, but nodded. "Can't be helped," she said, then asked, "What of the ginzuishou? Do you know where it is?"

Usagi closed her eyes and sighed. "I have it," she admitted. "But it's locked away inside me. I… I really don't want to unlock it yet. It's too dangerous, and with it being one of the goals of the Dark Kingdom, it's safer where it is. I'm safer as well."

Luna sighed and conceded that point. "Very well," she said. "We'll concentrate for now on finding ways to defeat the Dark Kingdom. We'll need to discuss what you remember in more depth at a later point, find things to change from what you remember… And possibly things not to change. Is there anything different already?"

Usagi nodded. "I'm different," she said. "Before, I was… well honestly, I was lazy and not all that good in school. Plus, I never did jujitsu or art before. Also… You did tell me your name when you gave me my brooch the first time."

Luna 'hm-ed' thoughtfully. "We'll need to keep an eye on things," she said. "Even small changes could have a drastic effect, and we could lose the advantage of foreknowledge you currently have. But I think that's also a discussion best had for when we have more time. Should you be getting down to breakfast now?"

Usagi looked at her clock and saw that Luna was right. "Oh, I'd better do that," she said, and moved to start getting ready.

"So, how did we do this before?" Luna asked. "Was I staying here with you? If so, how did I integrate with your family?"

"You did," Usagi said as she put together her school things. "I brought you home after today, and asked kaa-san if we could keep you. She was in a really good mood that day… today, I suppose… for some reason, so she didn't even argue. But I think… Maybe I could ask her and tou-san this morning?"

"If you think that's best," Luna said, leaping up into Usagi's arms as she headed down for breakfast.

When they were downstairs, Usagi called out, "Kaa-san! I found a neko-chan yesterday! Can I keep her?"

Her mother poked her head out of the kitchen, spatula in hand, and eyeballed Luna. "Ooh! What a cute little kitty!" she cooed, scratching Luna under the chin. "Of course you can, sweetie!"

Usagi grinned smugly at how easy her mother was to win over. Once Tsukino Ikuko agreed to something, the rest of the household followed, or else.

"Oh, thank you!" Usagi said. "Her name's Luna-chan, and I promise I'm gonna be a good pet owner, you'll see!"

"I know you will, dear," her mother said, returning to the kitchen. "Now, come and get breakfast."

Usagi shared her breakfast with Luna, watching in amusement as her father tried to argue Luna's presence, giving in under a combination of Usagi's puppy-dog eyes, and his wife's glares. Shingo's only complaint was that he wanted a pet too, and kaa-chan promised to take him to a pet store, though the line was toed at dogs (because tou-san was allergic), and anything dangerous or gross, like snakes, bugs, and other things like that.

Time came for Usagi to go to school, and once she was out the door, Luna snuck out to catch up, leaping up into her arms. "While you're at school," she said, "I'm going to search for the other Senshi. Since you gave me their names last night, it should be much easier than it has been already."

Usagi nodded. "If you want, we can go to the Hikawa jinja after school," she said. "We can see Rei-san, and maybe talk to her about being Sailor Mars?"

Luna nodded. "A good idea," she said, but before she could say anything else, she was interrupted.


Usagi's heart thumped a bit loudly for a beat or two, and she turned to see Mamoru coming her way. "M-Mamoru-san," she stuttered slightly, then smiled shyly up at him.

"Can… can I walk you to school?" he asked, and Usagi nodded without even needing to think about it.

Then he noticed Luna. "Oh, you have a cat, Usagi-chan?" he asked.

Usagi nodded. "Her name's Luna-chan," she said. "She followed me home yesterday, and kaa-san said I can keep her."

Mamoru pet Luna at the top of her head and on her cheek. Luna purred into it, and Usagi made note of how much she seemed to like that sort of pet.

"Hello Luna-chan," Mamoru greeted her as the cat nuzzled his hand.

But then, Luna had always liked Mamoru's scratches, Usagi remembered, pouting and feeling a bit left out.

"So, school?" she said, and Mamoru withdrew his hand.

As they walked, that same hand came up to grasp hers, and they travelled in silence, even past the point he usually broke off to go to his own school. He walked her all the way to the front gate of her middle school, ignoring some students who spotted them holding hands and began whispering and pointing, then reluctantly let her go.

"See you this afternoon, Usagi-chan," he said, smiling down at her, then he turned to go to his high school.

"B-bye, Mamoru-kun!" she called, daring to change the san, to kun.

He turned and waved to her with a grin, then was gone. Usagi sighed dreamily, only to shriek in surprise when she was glomped by Naru. Luna hissed and jumped down out of harms way.

"Usagi-chan!" she squealed. "Mamoru-san was holding your hand! Are you two dating now?"

"I-I don't know," Usagi admitted, beet red. "He hasn't actually asked yet. Not officially."

Naru sighed dreamily. "But I bet he will," she said wistfully. "Man. I wish I could have a cool, upperclassman as my boyfriend."

Naru floated into the school yard on a cloud of wishes, even as Usagi stood there, still quite red, watching her go. "Usagi-chan," Luna said, and she looked up to see the feline on the brick fence. "That boy… I recognise him from your drawings. He's Prince Endymion, isn't he?"

Usagi nodded, and Luna sighed. "Go to class now," Luna said. "I have a lot of research to do before we meet up afterwards. See you this afternoon, Usagi-chan."

"Bye, Luna-chan," Usagi said, and headed in to class.

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