Donna, Tina, Luci, and Emma were out and about in New York City, "Thanks for coming to my birthday party, Don" smiled Luci, "I don't know where I would be without your enthusiasm"

"No prob Donna replied, "I would do anything for my New York City friends."

"I Am Groot(You can say that again)" Groot replied.

By the corner of Manuel and 181, they spotted a shop, "This is the bodega you told me about?" asked Donna.

De La Vega Bodega

"That's the one" Tina replied, "They serve the best guava water ice in Washington Heights."

Inside, they met a biracial Indian girl with brown hair and green apparel working the shop, "Hey there" the girl replied, "You must be the world famous Donalie Solo, Tracey has told me all about you. I'm Toyah Aldrin"

"I know you" recalled Donna, "You competed on Season 2 of Let's All Dance Until We're Sick and your one of Tracey's younger sisters."

"That's me" admitted Toyah; "I've been mastering dancing and gymnastics since I was a little girl."

Later as they were enjoying their guava water ice, Donna spotted a picture of De La Vega Bodega with a young Toyah and four other girls. One was of a young Tracey, one was of a Chinese girl in red, one was of a British girl in pink, and one was of a biracial Indian girl in blue, "Hey Toyah" asked Donna, "Are those your sisters?"

"Those are my sisters" answered Toyah, "Tracey is my biological one, Koo Wong is adopted, Lysette is step, and Jerri is half."

"Didn't we met Jerri Aldrin at the Backstreet Boys' tribute concert years ago?" asked Luci.

"Yeah" Donna recalled, "Faith came out as a lesbian during Season 3 of the show on Hometown Week, where they had their loved ones visit.."

Just then, Donna realized something, "Wait a minute" she said, "Not only your one of the daughters of toy tycoon Sherwood Aldrin, but your also a member of The Lightning Cats. A group of Voltron/Thunderbird like heroines who stop evil aliens and robots from taking over the world."

"That's us" Toyah replied, "And we knew the likeable original owner of this place, "Usnavi" he was a friend of my real father in the late 60s."

"When was this photo taken" asked Emma.

"A long time ago in 1997" explained Toyah, "It was during a three day event in this little Dominican-American community."