Donna, Emma, Bailey, Big Bird, Oscar, Barkley, Rocket, Groot and Animal were at Incheon International Airport with their luggage, waiting for the bus to the Korean LADUWS manor Not only were they there for another Let's All Dance Until We're Sick gig, but to also find the lost amulets of Prince Hodong and the Princess of Nakrang is."

"Amulets?" Rocket asked, "Where did you come up with this crootaken idea?"

"It was at that Australian farmer's market, Donna explained, "A mysterious owner told me about the legend of Prince Hodong and Princess of Nakrang through a scroll and told me to find them.

"I Am Groot(It's like Romeo and Juliet)"Groot replied.

"Something like that" answered Donna.

"Romance! Romance!" Animal shouted.

"Easy Animal!" Emma replied as she grabbed his chain, "The amulets can wait, now we have to get to the LADUWS mansion before the hosts find out we're missing."

In the road, they saw the bus that said LADUWS, and in the bus were two faces, they were Talos and Soren in the bus and in their human forms, "Talos and Soren Talosky" asked Bailey, "You're the drivers"

"Frankly" Talos answered, "We're the drivers, alien supervisors, and security default for the LADUWS dancers"

"Talos" Soren replied, "Don't give too much detail, Animal would get ideas."

"Bus Ride! Bus Ride! Bus Ride!" shouted Talos as he hopped in.

"This looks amazing" commented Big Bird, "I never thought I get to ride with some skrulls."

"Believe me" Donna replied, "I've rid with them before."

"The infamous Donalie Solo" replied Talos, "The Korean LADUWS dancers are going to love you."

"Season 40 of LADUWS and The Koreans has still got it" replied Donna, "I remember seeing footage of them dancing."

One hour later, they were at the Korean LADUWS manor where all the Korean dancers welcomed them. "Good thing I've been practicing my Korean thanks to those Mini Force bilingual tutorial videos."

As Donna was greeting the Korean guests, she spotted a Chollima, which is a Korean pegasus. Just as she barged out of the crowd, the Chollima disappeared like magic.